Sunday, 19 October 2008

Women are all lesbians, according to unattractive men, according to a scary looking woman journo

It's Sunday, and time for some man-bashing from the previously well-respected Times

In my experience, men always assume women are into them and if not, they assume she must be a lesbian.

Talk about projection. Most guys, when finding and approaching a woman they desire, only to be knocked back, will either change their tact or move on to another equally desirable woman.

On the other hand, as many readers will know, a man rejecting a woman's advances or simply declaring that he's rather happy not being in relationship - as such, rejecting women in a more general sense - will be buried under an avalanche of accusations of gayness, a mixture of shaming language on behalf of women, mixed in with their genuine conviction that any man happy to not be tied to some money-consuming harpy STD-ridden cunt long past her prime is obviously a screaming poof.


Anonymous said...

funy how you never see the holywood version of lesians in real life, one's got a luber-jack shirt & smokes a pipe.

tegz said...

What a ramble this woman writes!She contradicts herself and has little insight into male thinking other than they have no awareness of HER.
The first commenter(Chubb-USA} on her piece says one "can learn from women friends" if you 'pay' attention... butI would suggest the 'attention' bit should be left off -as one would just be paying for a pointless lesson.
Don't pay for anything!
D.Idaho is truly a free service- and of infinitely more use to modern males!!

darkbhudda said...

The usual badly constructed crap female article that doesn't make sense. It sounded like she was too lazy to write a full article so just smushed together a couple of unfinished articles instead.

Women assume all men in the same room as them are trying to crack on to them. And they absolutely hate it when you don't crack on to them and they wanted you to. Even when they gave you no signals. I love it though. Being called a womaniser and a slut because I didn't sleep with someone is hilarious. I don't think she realised the implication of what she said. That I would shag anything with a pulse yet I drew the line at her.

Anonymous said...

A shocking number of women here in America are closet lesbians, if not openly so. But there is a bright side to this for men Ameriwhores minds consider unattractive. Namely they can count on being left alone and thus remain safe from harm at their hands.

Anonymous said...

Femi-twats always love to co-opt men's issues and project their miseries onto men. Another example is the marriage strike. Not too long ago, some fem-cunt journalist wrote that empowered women are now swearing off marriage - they are on marriage strike.

Who does the shaming when not getting a ring and who buys the bridal magazines?

Bobby.N said...

It's a typical snide feminist article designed to give most women relief over their own neurosis.

As Dave Sim once said:
"To women - men are either dates, potential dates, or date substitutes."

Thats a pretty accurate assessment in my mind.

And what makes feminists like Ariel Leve think they knows anything at all about relationships? All they know about, is what they 'want'. Nothing else.

Their incessant need to ask why (along with a complete resistance to a logical answer) in relation to anything about men is irritating. Everything/one on this planet (with few exceptions) must be a mirror to women... or they just switch off.

It explains their lack of interest in sciences and mathematics pretty well I think.

Women are a holiday. Don't live there.


Anonymous said...

If a man is rejected by a woman, he automatically assumes she's lesbian? Jesus almighty... It's been the other way around for ages. How many of us have been labeled gay because we weren't letting women walk all over us or desperately trying to please them? On top of that you will be called a fag by other men if you don't have tits and ass on the brain 24/7. So no, that's not how men operate, woman. Get your facts straight, no pun intended.

Martin said...

If men ignore women, women hate it. In a pub women will often stand in front of the footy screen to get attention or start making a fuss.

There should be bars that don't allow women in unless they are serving behind the bar in tight fitting tops.

Anonymous said...

In a recent research that was made about two years ago, it was found that about 50% of women have strong lesbian inclination.

Women are naturally homosexual: they are attracted to their own sex, basically because of a deeply implanted narcissism.
Women are basically in love with themselves and anything feminine.

It's just the way things are.

Benedict Smith said...

try turning a girl down for sex and start the countdown to "fag"... T-Minus 3, 2, 1.....

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada. I find most women in western cultures so full of anti-male hate its incredible and disgusting.

Most modern women will end up alone with many many cats.
With articles like this in the Times it shows poetic justice works in mysterious ways.

Case in point: my neighbour moved up here to canada becausee she was one of those 'I hate the USA and Im a feminist' idiots. So she worked for underground feminist rags and slowly grew old. She lives next door and has alot of cats. I see her spying on me sometimes when I walk to work passing her house. I always give a hearty middle finger up towards her and she just starts cursing. But one day she started crying and said "Ive lived my life as a fool and now Im paying for it" --I told her (gently) "good now you know the truth now go to hell and die already." She burst into tears. Boy it felt good. The bitch broke after all these years she broke. Next day I hung a large LARGE american flag in my window 9remember this is Canada). She knew why. That was my final kick to her dying carcuss. God bless america I was saying and curse you.

I moved and now I am married to a woman who literally believes: "Woman is created for the man not the other way around" --of course she is from a country on the otherside of the world but it was worth finding her. When I described 'feminism' to her she burst out laughing and said: "these are women or men dressing up as women?" (referring to transexuals she would see on the streets in San fran where we visited once).

NEVER feel sympathy for them gentelmen feminists HATE you and your maleness.