Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fuck EU

The European Union is the most repulsive political creation in a long, long time. Nothing but a Socialist Organization of fuckwits, champagne-Socialists, muslim-appeasers, thieves and general fascist scumbags.

As you may have guessed, I'm anti-EU. The EU itself labels its opponents (particularly those of us in the UK) as being 'Eurosceptic' or 'anti-Europe', which is bollocks. The EU isn't Europe and vice versa. I love Europe. France, Germany,'s all cool. I just hate vast beaucratic organizations that sap freedom and spend peoples hard earned taxes on fucking those same people over by reducing their freedom and inflicting Marxism-lite on them. And that's what the EU is. And that's why I hate it.

It's also far from Democratic. France and Denmark held referendums as to whether they wanted their leaders to sign the EU Constitution. They said 'No.' It was clear people in Britain, Ireland and everywhere else would say the same. So the constitution was titled a 'Treaty' and passed through anyway, even though it was pretty much the same. The shithead Labour Party in the U.K. had promised a referendum on the Constitution, but now got out of one because it was now called a 'Treaty.' Only the good people of the Republic of Ireland got to vote on the matter as it was written into their existing constitution; they said 'No.' This prompted much angry mutterings amidst the Socialist heads of the EU. How dare anyone not go with the programme! It is expected there'll be further referendums in Ireland until its citizens provide the 'correct' result.

I recall reading some brochure issued by some EU propaganda department bragging about how great the EU was because it ensured the rights of women. In other words, it encouraged abortion, economy-wrecking, hypocritical 'equal opportunities' policies and welfare handouts for single-mothers.

The anti-US and inexplicably pro-Muslim streak within the EU and it's supporters is almost as virulant as their hatred of freedom of expression, as shown in particular by the banning of a demo against the Islamification of Europe on September 11 last year (compared to a multitude of Islamic demos across the EU - like this one in London - which are seemingly just fine and dandy and perfectly legal.)

So fuck the EU.

The reason I bring up the shitty EU is because of this.

Yes, it appears the E.U. wants to force bloggers (like yours most humbly and truly) to have their exact identities known; not necessarily to readers, but certainly to The Authorities. It seems some of us in the EU aren't all that pro-EU, or pro-Feminist, pro-Jihad or pro-Marxist, and as such it seems our identities have to be known, our credentials scrutinised and our interests examined (specficially to see whether they're in line with the EU leaders.)

Interesting how it's a woman pushing for the ban on anonymous blogging too; women - feminists in particular - seem to love restricting freedom. Men's in particular. The vote's tomorrow.

A recent internal European Commission report, leaked three weeks ago, found that the EU was losing the battle for hearts and minds online.

"Blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative," it said.

That's 'cos we can see that you're all worthless, pig-headed, tax-payers money consuming cunts.

Fuck the EU.


Cornholio Mangus said...

Come to Western America, Duncan. Europe and the UK are slowly dying, and you don't want to be the last man to try to get to a lifeboat; there won't be a seat for you. Hell, I'd put you up in my own home and help you find work.

Your only real votes in life are to vote with your wallet and to vote with your feet. Might I suggest the latter?

Anonymous said...

The US economy is crashing because a bunch of fucking greedy bastards figured out how to create wealth in the most ingeneous ways. No doubt their wives encouraged it. Secretly, women have awe for men with lots of power and money. Fuck 'em. I would rather be a slacker and do whatever the fuck I want. Women also encouraged this situation because they want bigger houses, fancier cars, better shoes, new clothes, new tits, etc, etc.

Lawful Neutral said...

Cornholio Mangus:
As an American, I think it's pretty clear we're dying here as well. Alaska might be worth a try, perhaps, but the rot has set in on all of Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

I was recently in Italy for the second time in a few years and I was not only suprised but apalled at how horrible the EU and Italy has become. The anti-US attitudes and pro feminism drivle. The Italian men are pussies. They are totally controlled by women and bend over backwards to cater to their every whim. They are absolute whimps and they think they are so smart. They think they have all the answers and are so arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Here is video footage from where that one picture of the muslim protests was taken.

Anonymous said...

saying moderate muslim is like saying moderat NAZI!

Cornholio Mangus said...

Lawful Neutral:
I agree that all Western Civ is in decline. Unfortunately, men now are left to choose the Leper With The Most Fingers. Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico are all significantly less bad than the eastern part of the US or any of the UK.

I have spent some time in Alaska on business, and have seen a fair bit of the territory (which, considering its size, is saying something). The kind of economic and social collapse we are facing will make most of Alaska undesirable, simply due to its short growing season.

I don't want to worry about food (don't laugh). With irrigation, we have THREE full growing seasons in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your pro American and anti Islam opinions. It is not consistent with your anti feminism. America is both the home and progenitor of feminism. There is no 'other' America. There is only one real America and that is a feminist America. As for Islam, if you think about it you might see that Islamic countries are the only places on earth where feminism has been resisted. Indeed their anti western stance comes exactly from their resistance to feminism which they are well aware of.

How can you argue against English divorce courts when an Islam court would be much more to your taste? Either you are anti feminist or you are not. If you are than you need to be consistent and not attack with invective the few peoples that have resisted feminism.

Xaver said...

Makes sense, that they are a little concerned about blogs having more credibility and potentially more influence than their propagandist outlets. I’m not surprised and suspect the EU’s endeavor, intimidating bloggers, stems from a greater scheme to strangle free speech. They will probably target “extreme” blogs initially and then suppress nonconforming viewpoints after gaining further control. Anything deemed as “hate speech” would be subject and of course, hate or "negative" speech falls under whatever definition suits their agenda.

They cannot compete in open discussions, so governmental imposition (censorship) is their only retort. Blogging is perhaps the last true refuge for voiceless people; hence, the final frontier for tyrannical fiends like the EU.

From my own observations and experiences, feminists and assorted leftwing nuts generally suffer humiliating defeats in online debates. It’s always some feminist nitwit pummeled in an open, unscripted debate, isn’t it?

The European Union wishes to regulate blogs for some of the same reasons pseudo liberals and corrupt, overbearing politicians want the so-called Fairness Doctrine imposed on talk radio.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

nevo said...

As a EU citizen I disagree with your view. The Union was born out of a desire to stop killing ourselves for reasons of "IDEAS OF SUPERIORITY".
It may have created a big beaurocatic European Parliament, but, the benefits for the people of Europe are just too inmense to describe it in a short paragraph.
Furthermore, I happily subscribe to champagne-socialism, because is a much better way to relate to each other than the swaggering hubris of arrogants British Gentlemen/wimin, which you so clearly have shown in your comment over a divorcee woman getting paid for her pet horses, and their stuffy posture which are alien to the great majority of EU citizens.
As fuckwits are concerned you should look at the judges who are making moronic judgements in the "FAMILY COURTS" throughout England and the indiference they have shown to the Human Rights Convention, even though there is in force the a "HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998", the utter contempt they are showing and reluctance to implement it, is solid proof that there is a lot of that superiority hubris rampaging through the courts of England and, the European Parliament will se to that it is kept under tight control.

Cheers NEVO

Duncan Idaho said...

I don't understand your pro American and anti Islam opinions.

Fair points.

I wouldn't say I'm strictly pro-American, I'm just not anti-American and find myself baffled by the unconditional animosity the EU seems to have towards the US, especially when the EU, in turn, seems happy to appease Muslims. Plus I think it's fair to say that the US is as much a hotbed of anti-feminism as it is feminism; the former is just more underground than the latter.

As for Islam, it may be hostile towards feminism but it's also hostile towards anything non-Islamic (like me, and what remains of my country) so I want nothing to do with it, and I regard Islam to be as wholly incompatible with freedom and the tradition of the enlightenment as - ironically enough - feminism.

Anonymous said...

I take your points Duncan. One advantage of the EU which you wont be aware of if you have stayed all your life in England is how easy it has made moving to another EU country. So it has made Going Your Own Way and moving away from feminism easier. Of course you could move from the frying pan to the fire or you might get into a better situation if you choose carefully.

The point about Islam is that it depends who you see as your biggest enemy. If feminism is the worst enemy by far then anything else is better. If feminism is only tolerably bad than of course other things may seem worse. I know which side of the argument I am on.

Anonymous said...

(Not anonymous from 27 September 2008 03:27)

“Plus I think it's fair to say that the US is as much a hotbed of anti-feminism as it is feminism; the former is just more underground than the latter”.

I don’t know Duncan? I live in the U.S. and I certainly see the latter, but virtually none of the former? The only real opposition to feminism we seem to have is on the few anti-feminist blogs that are out there, but they seem to be rather anemic when compared to the U.K. Blogs such as yours or others like “Angry Harry,” and as such do not have the same impact. You will rarely if ever hear anyone publicly or through the media ever state opposition to feminism, at least not in more recent times, and this is true of our so called “conservatives” over here who will not go anywhere near the issue but would rather talk about how “sexist” Middle Eastern men are? This leads me to believe that feminism is not quite as tolerated by men in the U.K. as it is here in the U.S. and the comments that I have read from the blokes on your site reinforce that belief.

I guess deep down I had already known that feminism had pretty much triumphed over here, but when John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate and when I witnessed the frenzy that the feminist neo-cons had worked themselves up in to over her and his popularity shot up to about ten times what it would have been had he picked a man who was ten times more qualified (Which he most certainly and easily could have done!) I realized that we had thrown in the towel over here and that it’s all over with for us as far as the battle against feminism goes!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Communism isn't so bad after all:

"Chinese Space Mission – Still Without Women"

Funny too how the Soviet Union had less time for Feminist Cultural Marxism than the West did any point from the 1960s onwards.

The Feminist West - epitomised by the EU and the USA - have taken Cultural Marxism to the nth degree.

jbgood3 said...

Interesting, although not surprising, to note that its some Estonian feminist MEP commie twat behind the demands for this to happen. The usual suspects it seems!

Anonymous said...

You might be surprised to learn, Duncan, that Islamic law allowed women to own property and divorce their husbands long before the "Enlightened West".

If feminism has any major part in the "Western" vision, then I see no value in the West, and I am happy to see it pillaged. Feminism is the core of Western society today, nothing trumps it, that shouldn't be forgotten.

Islam does have some positive points though, for example:

The belief in set sex roles (e.g. male financial provider and prime authority, female caregiver with family as prime occupation. Feminists hate this as they believe all sex (or as they call it gender) roles are interchangeable.)

Sexual restraint and a strong emphasis on sex inside marriage, not outside of it (feminists prefer sexual anarchism)

Though its promotion of polygamy (normally a function of Matriarchal society) is dubious. Though I believe this occurs to a small extent, probably less in fact than currently occurs in young Western society.

On the whole, I'm not opposed to Islam and its belief system. It's certainly preferable to the Western Feminist Order.

Anonymous said...

Yes the anonymous post of the 28th is exactly the way I see it. There is only one enemy and that is feminism. Also feminism is not some malfunction of western society but is in fact the essence of it.

For me it is impossible to look at any aspect of say English history and celebrate it since all that history lead only to one place and that is the feminism we live under now. I don't see how a person can argue differently.

Masculist Man said...

The belief in set sex roles (e.g. male financial provider and prime authority, female caregiver with family as prime occupation. Feminists hate this as they believe all sex (or as they call it gender) roles are interchangeable.)

Except when it comes to divorce court then the gender roles are not interchangeable,also thanks to feminists.

SFG said...

It may have created a big beaurocatic European Parliament, but, the benefits for the people of Europe are just too inmense to describe it in a short paragraph.
Naaah, let me try: No more WWII. Seriously. As a moderately left-wing American it's pretty obvious why you guys decided to go all Kumbaya: after you lost 10 million dudes in WWI and 50 million in WWII and left rulership of the world to retarded cowboys, war began to seem like a bad idea. So if you can keep the Froggies and the Krauts from going at it again, more power to you. (Incidentally, America has many more people of German descent than French. Maybe that's why we like war so much?)

But yeah, there should be more respect for freedom of speech. What's this bunk about it being illegal to say racist or anti-Semitic things? Heck, over here in the US you can say anything you want and you don't see Jewish kids getting killed in the streets like in France. And when is there going to be a West Indian British head of state, a Turkish German head of state, or a Moroccan French head of state? Feh, never, that's when.

but hey, if you're a rightie, come over here. This country's way to the right of Europe. ;)