Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Breakfast-time Misandry

I rarely bother with TV but I did a spot of channel hopping this morning before heading off to work.

I caught a bit of BBC Breakfast, which used to be an early-morning news show but, being the BBC, is now a big wank-fest hosted by a duo of interchangable manginas and plastic bitches.

I caught a bit of an interview with an Australian guy, and it seemed to be about stereotypes of Australian men or something. Before I caught much of what the Ozzie gentleman had to say, the simpering ponce of a male co-host turned to some gormless bitch and asked her 'So (gormless bitch's name), what do you think is wrong with men in this country?', her main qualification to answer this being that she was a gormless bitch.

'Well, you know, they take themselves too seriously,' she replied - in an English accent, so she wasn't offering an international view on the subject - 'and they're too caught up in work and the rat-race.'

I turned it off. I can't stand such drivel.

But those few moments of watching it still had me growling angrily as I stomped off to work.

For starters, there was the tosspot mangina fuck of a male presenter. He's meant to be a man - and in the good 'ol days a man on a news show was a bloke who told the news in the form of facts delivered in an firm and formal manner.

Now, it's just a self-loathing fuck who enjoys inviting women to denigrate his own sex in the hope of getting a shag.

Also, the BBC seems to think that despite all the major (and often rather alarming) events in current affairs at the moment, it's worth spending a good chunk of a breakfast news programme on deciding to ask women what they hate about us men this week.

Then there's the woman's comments themselves.

Us men take ourselve too seriously? Isn't that a bit of projection? At least us men can laugh at ourselves and take criticism (so long as it's fair and not just some random misandry.) Women are the ones who huff and sigh and call for their castration sheers if any mere male dares to poke fun at them.

And we're caught up in the rat-race of careers? First off, in any man made the same criticism at young British women, he'd be labeled a woman-hating psycho who wants women bare-foot and pregnant. Secondly, the reason many men are dedicated to their careers - aside from the fact that we have no choice because we have to support our-fucking-selves, not rely on a spouse/the state - is that most men want to sleep with women, and as women invariably sleep with men with lots of money and good careers, it stands to reason that - due to women's selfishness and shallow materialism - many men, driven by the desire to shag women, dedicate themselves to their careers.

It's the usual lose-lose situation. If you like a laugh and enjoy video games, women don't stand in awe of your ability to not take yourself seriously. They denigrate you as an immature perpetual adolescent. And if you don't care for the career ladder and take it easy, doing an easy job for just enough money to get by on, then you're a loser not worthy of a woman's approval.

Not that I give a shit about women's approval. Nor, I believe, should any man. But still, if you want women's approval, you're out of luck. They're never happy. You're either an immature slacker, or a career-driven git who takes himself too seriously. If you fall into the first category, no woman will marry you. If you fall into the latter category, many will marry you but then divorce you on the grounds that you are who you are. And they'll take all your fucking money, obviously.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful summation of the sheer shallow,vacuous and vapid arid wasteland which passes for female minds.Duncan's last paragraph should be put up on every British billboard and force men to read and digest the info.They'll never kowtow and slaver before the foul mousehole again.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Duncan...I hope everything is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Many Asian cultures have patriarchal, Confucian cultures.

This does not mean that Asia is paradise; Confucians tend to tolerate grotesque abuses of power by those who have traditional legitimacy.

However, it does mean there are quite a few wives in Asia who defer to their husbands' authority.

Confucian cultures also tend to respect men who work to support their families, although many men have a problem supporting a stay-at-home wife.

None of this helps the BBC fools, but one can turn off the BBC entirely and move to a more patriarchal culture.

Anonymous said...

It is good to have your new post. The most important remark that men should know but don't is that it is impossible to win a woman's approval. There whole way of thinking and operating is through disapproval and criticism. I was married for thirty years until I finally broke free. In all that time I came to understand that women are a disease like a malignant cancer. It too me thirty years to get the strength to free myself. The effort almost destroyed me. But I was not destroyed and whatever else I think I can tell you with absolute truth that escaping was the best thing I have ever done.

Anonymous said...

What disturbed me the most over the last week.

I had a guest over and they bought the wank-paper, the News of the World. Now I hate his paper with a passion, one of the reasons is; it panders to the female sex and makes men out to be retards, women are always in this paper (& the metro may I add) made out to be holier then fucking ho!

Now the thing that royally pissed me off, was an article with some women dressed in virtually nothing and I mean virtually nothing, a pair of underpants and a push up bra exposing her cleavage, underneath the picture of this attention whore, was a face of a sad looking man. The article then went on the explain that the guy had ‘cheated’ on the women, so to pay him back she went out and got a boob job on ‘HIS’ fucking credit card for the bargain price of £4500.

The point is, the ‘wank of the world’, made out as per-fucking-usual that this was a good thing, clearly robbing your BF because you’re an attention whore to buy a boob-job so you can appear spread-fucking-naked for the world to see, is commendable in the world of ‘news-of-the-shit’.

To tell you I was fucked off would be an understatement, I was going to ritually burn the dam paper, but I instead choose to ram the thing directly into my bin & I swear if anyone decides to bring that piece of shit so called news paper even close to my front door, I will Ban them like a Nu-Labour smoking ban (cunt’s they are), I may even pay for a bouncer to make sure no one sets foot with 5 yards of my house with the ‘News of the Cunt’s’.

The worst thing though, the thousands of mangina pricks who would look at this attention whores picture and get excited over seeing some worthless fuck appear in nothing but under-wear in a poor-mans-wank-mag, also the sad simp who said (of being robbed for £4500) over his final comment about it which was; “I know I earn ok money but this was no excuse to steal from me”, but choose to not take it further. If some bitch did this to me I would drag the attention craving, breast exposing for the world ho! Through as many courts as I was able to make her realise acting like a brat and spoilt fucking princess should not be tolerated, never mind some shit paper encouraging the cunts to do these things.

This country is awash with shit like this, no wonder its far better to stay single when papers encourage Ho’s! Attention Whores who desire to expose-themselves for the world to see; to rob you.

Hide your credit cards.

BBC is also the biggest pile of crap ever to appear on a TV screen, but this is no surprise its run by females, hence that’s why there is absolutely nothing worth shit watching on it.

nevo said...

Most women are feckless and witless. Do not waste your time in understanding them. The manginas you see on telly in the morning are deliberately put there to satisfy the female audience (and I believe you refer to the one wearing a pink shirt with a pink tie).
Why only female audience?
Because most men are already commuting to their places of work at that time of the morning, so the BBC figures that there's no need for "MACHO" newsreader.
On the subject of the Ozzie gentleman In would like to quote an Australian prime minister. He asked, whatever happened to our Australian bloke? and the answer is that they have turned themselves into "metroman" to be able to have siblings of his own.
Australian women bargain very hard on this point, their list on who will be a father is as tasteful as rancid butter.
Men do have execellent sharp wit /sense of humour. The problem arises when in their shallow female mind do not understand and, consequently, dismiss them as inadequate.
Eventually they end up procreating with an incosidarate tramp.
The "PUCHIS & CUCHIS" we have to see on telly is not the real world.
That is the reason why wimin hate men.
Fortunately, this still is a ma's world, despite the efforts made by obtuse feminists telling us the contrary.
All you have to do is to stand your ground and, most important of all, never to get married.


Schpengle said...

That just about sums up why ive been living in a caravan in Glastonbury and cycling around the place intermittantly and hanging out in festivals for the last year or so >:)
Mind, I did just dabble in teh land of the pink love pouch.....
well, here I am again :D

cheers for still being here Duncs, its cheerd me up no end.

right, off for a rediculously long run , in the middle of the day, for no better reason, than I can, and, I want too.

Anonymous said...

And obviously, given you have to support yourself, I have no right to be pissed off that there is only one post a month at this blog.

Believe me, here in australia, every fucking man is just as ball-less as the cunt licker host of that program, we have WORSE morning tv male hosts here...

there is this piece of work called David Koch and he hosts this fucking show 'Sunrise' with this god awful cunt 'Mel' who put her kids in childcare just days after giving birth.

If an asteroid was coming to wipe out all trace of man, I would hot foot it to the studio, and you don't want to see what I would do.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the 70's here in Southern California. When I was a kid, I frequently watched the local news. It was the same cast of characters every day. But the weatherman was always a man. No doubt he graduated with a scientific degree and knows what millibars and atmospheres measure. Now, forget it. It's all big tit bimbos who can't even scratch the surface of the knowledge those weathermen had.

Hmh said...

Women never will be happy with men - absolutely true Duncan! So, whether married or not, single or not, if you're with a woman and there's something you want - DO NOT GET HER APPROVAL. Just do what you were going to do anyway.

If she gives you gyp about it then find a woman who thinks what you've done is great and go out with her instead.

Zarathushtra said...

^^ Yeahh, then she'll accuse you of rape, and then it's over

Martin said...

Most of the men at the BBC ar either blatant homosexuals or are so camp they wouldn't be out of place in a field at Glastonbury.

It seems to be a pre requisite these days to get a job in the media that you have to "mince" on TV.

Anonymous said...

You are all rather scary.

I'd rather die than let a man support me and expect me to gratefully put up with his bullshit for the privilege. Your generalisations will feed your life of misery.

Stop being so angry for christs sake!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself why I'm perfectly fine with leaving loudmouthed feminist women to their cats, brats and "careers." For me, working for a legal living and having a time and money to do a couple of hobbies is how I'm going my own way. I've come to realize how futile it is to bother with women, at least the ingrates that are everywhere here in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the others, but I'm not angry at women. I merely and reluctantly accepted the fact that relationships with women are a lost cause and a no-win situation for me. I'm tired of being like the bad guy just because I'm white and male. I'm tired of women expecting me to be something I am not. I'm tired of women only seeing me as a meal ticket and not as a person. Sorry ladies, but I've had enough of being treated badly too. When someone treats me badly, that leaves me two choices. Respond in kind and risk all manner of repercussions to myself, or walk away and safeguard my reputation and freedom. I choose the second option and besides to most women I don't even register on their radar anyway. If you're wondering where all the men are, we're in plain sight but your ilk do not even see us.

Coffee Catholic said...




Holy smokes EB, ya just made my evening with that one... I can't WAIT to tell the husband!

Benedict Smith said...

Chris Rock said it best: "I've never met a happy woman in my life".....thus attempting to dedicate your life to being with one, and/or making her happy is the most stupid of ideas.