Wednesday, 24 September 2008

...and the horse she rode in on.

Ex-wife given £50,000-a-year maintenance for her three horses as part of £1.5m divorce deal

A wife has been awarded £50,000 in maintenance for her horses as part of a £1.5m divorce package in a landmark case that could spark bitter disputes over pets.


Lawyers believe the case could break new ground in divorce cases with couples claiming maintenance for their pets as well as themselves and their children.

Jeez, so we've gone from women - strong, independent beings that they supposedly are/were - getting a shedload of man's hard-earned cash in divorce settlements to support themselves and 'their' children to them getting more of a man's hard-earned cash to support their frigging pets!

The woman, who has not been named, was awarded the yearly sum after appeal judges agreed her three horses were a key part of her life.

She isn't Catherine The Great is she?

(Yes, I know it's an urban legend that Cathy croaked it getting a portion of equine-knob, but that doesn't stop it from being funny.)

Seriously though, just when you didn't think divorce courts couldn't get any more messed up and women couldn't get even more greedier. The judge actually agreed that this goldigging cunt shouldn't have to take up a '9-to-5 job' because that would take her away from her hobby. So her ex-husband has to stick to his job to ensure the bitch doesn't have to do a day's work ever again.

Fuck EU

The European Union is the most repulsive political creation in a long, long time. Nothing but a Socialist Organization of fuckwits, champagne-Socialists, muslim-appeasers, thieves and general fascist scumbags.

As you may have guessed, I'm anti-EU. The EU itself labels its opponents (particularly those of us in the UK) as being 'Eurosceptic' or 'anti-Europe', which is bollocks. The EU isn't Europe and vice versa. I love Europe. France, Germany,'s all cool. I just hate vast beaucratic organizations that sap freedom and spend peoples hard earned taxes on fucking those same people over by reducing their freedom and inflicting Marxism-lite on them. And that's what the EU is. And that's why I hate it.

It's also far from Democratic. France and Denmark held referendums as to whether they wanted their leaders to sign the EU Constitution. They said 'No.' It was clear people in Britain, Ireland and everywhere else would say the same. So the constitution was titled a 'Treaty' and passed through anyway, even though it was pretty much the same. The shithead Labour Party in the U.K. had promised a referendum on the Constitution, but now got out of one because it was now called a 'Treaty.' Only the good people of the Republic of Ireland got to vote on the matter as it was written into their existing constitution; they said 'No.' This prompted much angry mutterings amidst the Socialist heads of the EU. How dare anyone not go with the programme! It is expected there'll be further referendums in Ireland until its citizens provide the 'correct' result.

I recall reading some brochure issued by some EU propaganda department bragging about how great the EU was because it ensured the rights of women. In other words, it encouraged abortion, economy-wrecking, hypocritical 'equal opportunities' policies and welfare handouts for single-mothers.

The anti-US and inexplicably pro-Muslim streak within the EU and it's supporters is almost as virulant as their hatred of freedom of expression, as shown in particular by the banning of a demo against the Islamification of Europe on September 11 last year (compared to a multitude of Islamic demos across the EU - like this one in London - which are seemingly just fine and dandy and perfectly legal.)

So fuck the EU.

The reason I bring up the shitty EU is because of this.

Yes, it appears the E.U. wants to force bloggers (like yours most humbly and truly) to have their exact identities known; not necessarily to readers, but certainly to The Authorities. It seems some of us in the EU aren't all that pro-EU, or pro-Feminist, pro-Jihad or pro-Marxist, and as such it seems our identities have to be known, our credentials scrutinised and our interests examined (specficially to see whether they're in line with the EU leaders.)

Interesting how it's a woman pushing for the ban on anonymous blogging too; women - feminists in particular - seem to love restricting freedom. Men's in particular. The vote's tomorrow.

A recent internal European Commission report, leaked three weeks ago, found that the EU was losing the battle for hearts and minds online.

"Blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative," it said.

That's 'cos we can see that you're all worthless, pig-headed, tax-payers money consuming cunts.

Fuck the EU.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Breakfast-time Misandry

I rarely bother with TV but I did a spot of channel hopping this morning before heading off to work.

I caught a bit of BBC Breakfast, which used to be an early-morning news show but, being the BBC, is now a big wank-fest hosted by a duo of interchangable manginas and plastic bitches.

I caught a bit of an interview with an Australian guy, and it seemed to be about stereotypes of Australian men or something. Before I caught much of what the Ozzie gentleman had to say, the simpering ponce of a male co-host turned to some gormless bitch and asked her 'So (gormless bitch's name), what do you think is wrong with men in this country?', her main qualification to answer this being that she was a gormless bitch.

'Well, you know, they take themselves too seriously,' she replied - in an English accent, so she wasn't offering an international view on the subject - 'and they're too caught up in work and the rat-race.'

I turned it off. I can't stand such drivel.

But those few moments of watching it still had me growling angrily as I stomped off to work.

For starters, there was the tosspot mangina fuck of a male presenter. He's meant to be a man - and in the good 'ol days a man on a news show was a bloke who told the news in the form of facts delivered in an firm and formal manner.

Now, it's just a self-loathing fuck who enjoys inviting women to denigrate his own sex in the hope of getting a shag.

Also, the BBC seems to think that despite all the major (and often rather alarming) events in current affairs at the moment, it's worth spending a good chunk of a breakfast news programme on deciding to ask women what they hate about us men this week.

Then there's the woman's comments themselves.

Us men take ourselve too seriously? Isn't that a bit of projection? At least us men can laugh at ourselves and take criticism (so long as it's fair and not just some random misandry.) Women are the ones who huff and sigh and call for their castration sheers if any mere male dares to poke fun at them.

And we're caught up in the rat-race of careers? First off, in any man made the same criticism at young British women, he'd be labeled a woman-hating psycho who wants women bare-foot and pregnant. Secondly, the reason many men are dedicated to their careers - aside from the fact that we have no choice because we have to support our-fucking-selves, not rely on a spouse/the state - is that most men want to sleep with women, and as women invariably sleep with men with lots of money and good careers, it stands to reason that - due to women's selfishness and shallow materialism - many men, driven by the desire to shag women, dedicate themselves to their careers.

It's the usual lose-lose situation. If you like a laugh and enjoy video games, women don't stand in awe of your ability to not take yourself seriously. They denigrate you as an immature perpetual adolescent. And if you don't care for the career ladder and take it easy, doing an easy job for just enough money to get by on, then you're a loser not worthy of a woman's approval.

Not that I give a shit about women's approval. Nor, I believe, should any man. But still, if you want women's approval, you're out of luck. They're never happy. You're either an immature slacker, or a career-driven git who takes himself too seriously. If you fall into the first category, no woman will marry you. If you fall into the latter category, many will marry you but then divorce you on the grounds that you are who you are. And they'll take all your fucking money, obviously.