Thursday, 14 August 2008

Privileged Patriarchal Fiend

Yeah, that's me, a Privilege Patriarchal Fiend. According to feminists anyway.

The silliest thing - and there are many - about feminists is their constant use of the word 'privilege' and hurling it at men. Why? Just because some of the most powerful people in the world happen to be men?

They only represent about 0.0001% of men. I certainly don't have any power. Yet because I'm the same sex as those in charge, I'm 'privileged'.

Furthermore, most men 'in charge' care more about women than men. David Cameron, the Conservative Party Leader, bleated in his opening speech about how horrified he was at the lack of women in his party.

How many times have you seen a woman in power give one iota of a damn about men? Never. Yet powerful men do, because it's often in their interests (in the grand scale of things, feminism wouldn't have gotten so far as to name itself if there weren't men to support it. But there were; the Socialists, for whom the destruction of the family and neutering of men was vital to their totalitarian vision, and - at the opposite end of the spectrum - Capitalists, who would be raking it in with the female half of the population joining the male half in wage-slavery.) It's not in the interests of the majority of men though, or women for that matter.

Yet feminists still declare us men - even the most humble of us, like me - as being somehow Almighty Privileged Man-Bastards just because we share the same downstairs plumbing as the tiny number of individuals in charge upstairs.

That's as stupid as a non-British person assuming all of us Brits are privileged on the basis of the luxury the Royal Family are enshrouded in.

King Idaho IV checks his e-mail

"Gee, all you limeys are so Goddamn privileged, with your big castles, your retinue of servants and your Crown Jewels!"

That sounds silly, but this is basically what feminists do all the time. A tiny, tiny proportion of men run big companies and governments - and invariably care more for women than men anyway - yet us men are expected to never, ever criticise feminism and women in general on the basis that we're all living privileged and luxurious lives, no matter what our actual fucking lives are like and no matter what daily shittiness assails us, and despite the fact that 99.9% of us men have as little power as women do, if not less.

It's the easy way out of an argument I guess. Feminists hate arguments. That would force them to realise the emptiness and stupidity of their ideology and make them realise they've devoted their miserable lives and their few brain-cells to something that's as silly and as pointless as a frog in a fez. It's so much easier to dismiss someone who questions them as a loser, a woman-hater, gay, or just someone who is 'unable to see how privileged he is' - which is connected to the accusations flung at non-feminist women; 'you don't see how oppressed you are due to Patriarchal brainwashing.' See? No logic, facts or even common sense required! Hooray for feminist tactics!

Given that women live longer than men, they're allowed to denounce us as 'bastards' and 'scum' whilst we're silenced into submission for implying they're not perfect, that they get pretty much automatic custody of the kids (and the house, furniture, savings, etc) in divorce cases, are allowed Women's Studies, have the right to kill a man's baby and call it 'the right to choose', have their own fucking government department, I think women have got a fucking cheek squealing 'you over-privileged bastard' should any of us guys dare object to their cat-like mewling and say 'Hang on a fucking minute...'


phoenix said...

At the rate feminism is going, .01% is going to be the rate of male employment. The government hands women jobs, there are no men in many government departments. Corporations are forced to hand women jobs by the government. Women are handed promotions, after which they simply just hire more women.

Since everything is run extremely inefficiently because women make up pretty much the entire work force, taxes have to be raised to cover the useless crap women demand. No assistance goes to men, who don't even want it if they can help it, but since there are such huge hurdles, all that results in is even worse problems as the men are shunted off, women eat up huge amounts of resources, and everyone is taxed to holy hell.

And then our governments spend most of their time denying recession and unemployment figures, which they just doctor up anyway to keep it from looking as bad as it really is.

Meanwhile, the group that allegedly is benefiting from this the most, can't stop bitching and complaining because they don't even want to show an appearance of working, and would much rather leech off some man. But since they pushed all the men aside, they can't do that.

I don't see how living in the US or UK makes any sense anymore. I'm thinking we should all pick some new place, either Asia, South America or Africa, and just expatriate en masse.

Bobby.N said...

I remember a quote once that went something like:

"Women wanting equality had better be willing to give up quite a lot."


Anonymous said...

Phoenix is right,

I can't tell you how many females I know with no particular talents or qualifications very easily landing very high paying corporate positions?

We are all told that it's the men that have all the good jobs, but all the guys I know who are far more qualified than the above described women have to bust their arses just to land a job that pays almost as well as the jobs these women are easily handed?

The expatriate idea may not be so bad, but I would research it well before making the move. Like a deadly virus has Western feminism spread and thus has now reared its ugly head in many countries that up until not so long ago, were fiercely patriarchal!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad we can't expatriate to another freakin' planet with women who do want to be women and leave these feminist wenches to their own devices. I'd gladly climb aboard the starship and never look back. Feminists are never satisfied, and you can bet they would wipe out all men and boys if they could, with women being little better than Borg drones or those odious human form Cylons from the new Battlestar Galactica series.

Anonymous said...

I shudder every time I phone any company up and get the voice of a female, why?

Is it because I am a man brute a misogynist?

No its because every time and I mean everyfuckingtime, the quality of service you receive is completely crap, from bank problems, to sorting out cable TV to arranging anything, if I get a female on the phone its just an experience in total mental frustration as the daft bint cant seem to comprehend her own job.

I wish I was making this up, granted this does not apply to ‘all’ women, some women can actually do a job, but 95% of the time, guranfuckingteed if I get a women on the phone or have to deal with a member of the opposite sex in relation to anything business orientated, its going to be an experience in dumb.

I have seen women come into places of work at high positions and create new systems of working practices and when their contract expires, they leave and what is left is a complete cluster fuck, they don’t improve anything, its just an episode of ‘new improved complications’ all ground up in a nice ‘equality’ bubble.

Many a time I encounter the most stupid questions one can imagine in relation to working practices from higher ups, always 100% guaranteed ‘women’, no men phone asking such stupid crap as women seem to do on a daily bases, we are talking about things that an kid at 12 could figure out, but no, these high profile career women cant figure out stuff a monkey could work out given the same problem.

I have seen females come in, with there oh so superior sense of ‘empowerment’ into the work place, contribute absolutely fuck all and still have an attitude that they deserve it all, the sad thing is, work places bend over backwards to pump training, resources e.t.c to these types of females, that don’t seem to do jack shit, but walk around with a sense of self-importance, then I sit back knowing the girls are either going to take maternity leave, or jump ship at the first opportunity. At the worst when push comes to shove and some man actually needs some guidance, help or a problem sorting and he rings her, all he is going to get is an experience in frustration.

The older I get, the more I am inclined to just put the phone down as soon as I hear a female voice.

Don’t believe me, try phoning your local gas supplier, BT or any other company or your bank and speaking to a female, then speak to a male, you will see the quality of service from the male shoot through the roof compared to the women. If your not passed around 3 to 4 times, told a load of irrelevant crap or just tied up whilst she asked a colleague, you have managed to find the 5% that actually know how to do the job, or ‘it’ is a job a monkey could do. Speak to a guy 95% of the time, he will sort out the problem there and then.

Hmh said...

Damn good point about presumed male privilege vs actuality, there. The number of times I've had to put up with some emotional woman bitching on about 'the patriarchy' (whatever that is; I've never seen it) - anyway I can only conclude that they really do believe that men have some kind of freedom or privilege that females just don't.

If we do, I'd be quite keen to know what it actually is. Anyone?

tegz said...

Duncan, get real mate :)
You are right in your opinion of the current situation.. but wimmin haven't changed over the years.
Remember the battlefield hags stripping dead soldiers as of old? The easier life situation around us (+men) has allowed them to proliferate cod philosophy and rip the arse outa the lovely soft life technology has given most of us,for now anyway.
If you want to change something- then you must first change oneself- and that includes attitudes.
Big question..can men in general change from pussy worshiping macho war mongers ?
No -But that is the job needed..or wait for some catastrophe to come along, like Nibiru +2012 ??- and shake the rotten tree till the apples, good and bad- fall out.
Men will soon get respect again then...
Great post all the same!

Anonymous said...

In one department of the company (in France) I have worked for, this year, there is nearly 95 % of women. And in other departments, it's the same thing. Scary.

Anonymous said...

What shocks me most about women is there complete lack of foresight. They don't seem to be able or willing to see that there actions will have horific consequences in the near future. Men will do what we have always done adapt to the situation as it changes and I don't think women have that same cappacity.

Anonymous said...

In every country, one has to test, test, test. Of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women I knew in the States, I have only been able to produce a list of six totally sane women.

Of the approximately 40 women who live near me here in rural Mexico, at least 3 are totally sane, after knowing them for a long time. That is 7.5% and is a very high percentage.

At the same time, that means 92.5% are not totally sane.

However, the 37 rejects almost all cook; clean; scrub; take care of the kids; and give their husbands sex once in a while.

Here, men don't tolerate sexless marriages. And, women know it. I have had women actually shudder when they learn my wife has gone to the States for two months. They say they wouldn't leave their husband for more than a day or two.

They have marital rape laws here, passed by the Marxist party, but women understand if they try anything, they and their kids will be starving within a week. Ditto for DV laws.

Where men get into trouble in foreign countries is thinking they can select a woman by her body and face. Then, they run around telling us FW are just as bad as AW.

Some months ago, on Filipina Hearts, Filipinas were telling the old man they married proposed marriage the first time they actually met. Akkkk!!!

I have had a physically mature 14 year old girl who fell in love with me. Scary, since they have jailbait here, too. I treated her like always, and it eventually went away.

And, a mutual friend asked me if I wanted a gorgeous 20 year old woman as a mistress; they well know I am married. I pretended I did not understand her Spanish.

This life is not for everyone. One big objection is the lack of material goods. Men who move to Mexico soon learn with a good woman, one doesn't need a 48 inch TV set or big car.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

This situation will not only persist but will get worse until enough men "let go" and decide to go their own way.

As long as men will be willing to live inside the Matrix they will remain enslaved.

I feel strongly that men must change their lifestyle and live a life closer to their own aspirations.

If and when that time comes, feminism will not longer be relevant.

We must never lose sight of the fact that Patriarchy benefits women so much more than it benefits men.

We always seem to think that there are ony two alternatives: patriarchy or matriarchy...

Well, there's now a third option that's specifically well suited for men: MGTOW.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Feminists are quite barmy. They could learn a lot from female gorillas.

Anonymous said...

Overheard a female colleauge talking to her female supervisor the other day (she was loud and i couldn't help but hear).

Supervisor was turning her down for some annual leave the woman had requested. It was turned down on the groundfs this woman had already used up all her annual leave. Fairly straightforward i thought.

Not for this woman though, entitlement goes beyond fairness. She was actually arguing that SHE should have more leave because SHE has children.

Supervisor spent a while trying to calm the woman down, continually explaining that it would not be fair for her to have more leave than anyone else just because SHE had children. In fact the supervisor pointed out that she herself had children and had to abide by the same rules.

Anyway, this woman came into the office and immediately rang her husband and had a major row on the phone with him in front of me. I heard the suggestion that they use her father and that prompted another blast from the female volcano !!

This woman has an ex-husband who looks after the children and a current husband who does similar. She has her own special shift arrangement to suit her, which pisses people off and shirks jobs with ease. And yet still thinks she is hard done to.

I did sympathise with her, telling her as a lone single parent with no ex-wife or current wife to help. I have done the 'man' thing by making arrangements with a bit of foresight. If i have to take additional time off, i expect to lose a days pay and am continually thanking my bosses for consideration they give me from time to time.

Could you imagine a ship sinking and one lifeboat full of women and one full of men. Thank god i am a male.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone, just found this blog, and I think it's great! Keep up the good work work, Mr Idaho!

I would like to make a comment which relates to this piece, as on Tuesday (Giro day, which means all the Scrotes come out of the woodwork to withdraw their 'benefits', here in Manchester, UK), I observed that all the women with kids (probably single-mother, wastes of space) out and about all either fat, ugly or both with bad attitutes. I wondered to myself, who the hell is shagging these? What self-respecting man fucks these revolting bints? It isn't rocket science that two low-lives produce low-lives themselves. It dawned on me that only the scrotes appear to be breeding. Hence only the 'bad' gene pools are spreading. These kids, with no chance are our future! Added to the threat of Radical Islam (Russia too have started flexing their muscles again), Western Society's days are well and truelly numbered.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the number of posts you receive on this site are shrinking. Perhaps if you restored all of the old content, you would receive more hits.

Anonymous said...

Electronic cuffs planned for dads

Illinois has joined a growing contingent of states to adopt a law that will put electronic GPS tracking bracelets on men who have not been convicted of any crime, but might be involved in a messy divorce.

Wanna get married in Illinois?

Anonymous said...

It is men who are oppressed and who will always be: ever seen a woman being forced into the army?

It is only men who go to war and until this changes no woman can tell us, that she is oppressed.

Anonymous said...

idiocy: Universities pay women to study science

you'll like this, duncan!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great if someone can invent a machine that can turn a woman into a man all the way the molecular level. Then use it on some of these butch lesbian feminists who stupidly think men are privileged just because we are men. It would be wonderful to send them to fight in a nasty, brutal war someplace where cluster bombs, nerve gas and even ballistic missiles are used. Let them learn the hard way that there are far more drawbacks to being male than female.

Anonymous said...

“Idiocy: Universities pay women to study science”

I have noticed for about the last two decades now that the feminists have been railing hard to get women in to the fields of science and engineering. This has not resulted in any increase in technology (The feminists were arguing that “half of the countries talent was being wasted”) as it’s still the men as always who have been developing the technology!

They have argued that there is some “subliminal plot” in the education system that keeps girls from pursuing these fields along with the over aggressiveness of the boys (Must be the few aggressive boys remaining who have not been medicated in to submission at the suggestion of their feminist schoolmarms?) dominating the learning environment and keeping the “poor girls” from being able to participate properly. The irony of the former argument being that it is the far left element that has controlled the education system for many decades now? These people cannot even get their own arguments down right?

It just keeps getting worse and worse, short of a complete societal meltdown I do not see feminism as something that will just go away, they will not be happy until they have destroyed every remaining element of the nuclear family!

Anonymous said...

tracking bracelets for men, In my opinion the bullshit has gone too far with this one and I wouldn't shed a tear if some man got the balls to actually gun down any offical that ordered such.

Anonymous said...

That "privilege" crap makes me want to puke. I recently had some fruitcake on a woman-firster blog tell me unabashedly that "men don't understand the male psyche" (I am not making this up!) because we can't see our own "privilege."

I guess she thinks SHE understands the male psyche.

Of course she's unable to see any of HER "privilege," but naturally that doesn't invalidate her opinions, only mine.

Reminds me of studying Freud back in college. If you think it's all a pile of shit, then that's because you're "repressed." Even the prof had to laugh about that, as he did have some common sense.

From what I've seen on fem blogs, I doubt that the fems who indoctrinated them don't chuckle at the absurdity of holding their dogmas unquestionable due to "brainwashing" or "privilege."


Paul said...

Love your Blog.

I made a video concerning your classic Fembot Bingo post. Hope you like it.

Hmh said...

A newspaper article I noticed today... the Mayor of Mt Ida, an isolated mining town in Australia, is being publicly critiscised for inviting ugly women to settle in his town, to try to improve the male-female imbalance (5 to 1). The rest of the article featured the usual open critiscism of men from the visually attractive late-20's female singles they'd found to interview. Yep, the usual... "The odds are good, but the goods are odd.." "The guys here aren't romantic..." etc etc.
What it's notable for is what it does not say.

Not one word about what positives these women are bringing into a man's life. And that is indeed the question: What positives, exactly?

For fuck's sake, ladies. Five men to one of you, and most of them aren't making an effort to dress sharp, to be funny and nice, to wine and dine you like you insist. What are you giving the guys back in return? And why are most of the guys not making the effort? Just how obvious does it have to get??

Captain Zarmband said...

With the current credit crunch all this bending over backwards for women, who still think they are hard done by, will end. The feminist Labour commies have well and truly screwed up the British economy in order to create a female dominated underclass guaranteed to vote Labour. Trouble is it's the taxpayer who has to cough up to pay for it and tax revenues are plumutting as the recession bites. So where are New Labour going to get the cash from to pay all those single mummies and female civil servants? All these expensive, low productivity, high demanding female workers are proving too costly, so who do you think employers will get rid of first - a man who does as he's told or a whinging female who wants to turn up when she feels like it and does jack shit when she gets there? Think it through chaps, women will be the first out the door and men will be in demand because we do as our employers tell us and not the other way around. The gravy train is well and truly derailed afraid!

Anonymous said...

Capt's dead right.
Further in order to put the 'squeeze' on- us men will have to do the dirty- and start to shun companies that don't give a truly fair chance to men and women alike.
If they can't provide good service, and have token women loaded in their system to such a degree, then shunning such services, as of right, will do a lot to bring an end to this utter rubbish ideology flowing through society- after decades of political warp mongering.
About time men fought back, I reckons...- a boycott is needed.
The Govts' new crackpot idea of positive discrimination for women recruitment will prove hopelessly expensive to business IMO- so on all these fronts working together reality may ,just- kick back in? 5k

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would kill mercilessly anyone trying to put one of those electronic bracelets on me, just because I am a man. These fascist ideas are one more reason why I'm staying single.