Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The rise and inevitable fall of feminism

This article has a comment by a guy called Fred Kite that neatly summed up the reason for feminism's success:

Feminism is not the problem here. Its proponents have neither the brains nor the talent to advance this far on their own - high-status elite managerial men have allowed this to happen.

Men run the world. Men always have. Just a small number of alphas though. But that white technocratic political elite realised that in feminism they had found an unbeatable tool for cowing and demoralising lower status males who will always be potential usurpers.

Feminists are no problem to high status bosses. Women are wired to treat them with adoration and give them a pass whatever the transgression - see Bill Clinton (or even George W Bush being invited to slap a female gymnast on the rear "for luck."
If a low status male suggested that he try that he'd be lucky to escape with just being fired.)

Even feminist women are totally loyal to their male bosses, and reserve their wrath for peers and subordinates.

Feminism is part of the new class war whereby the right wing authoritarian elite have found they can use left wing dogmas to shore up their power. That is why elite managerial white alpha men like Tony Blair, David Cameron and Brown are so keen on it - it does not threaten them.

Feminism has finally achieved what Mrs Thatcher could never quite do - destroy workplace solidarity and ensure that collective action is largely a thing of the past. And it did not take billy-club wielding strike-breakers or labor camps. It took a generation of victimhood obsessed, unhinged females, who knew they could get away with saying and doing anything.

It is a theory I've long since subscribed too; if the Wimmin's Movement had been orchestrated and acted upon by women solely - and every man was either neutral or dead against it - those whining lezzers would have been bitch-slapped back into the kitchen so hard they'd smash through the wall and into the dining room with their burning bras round their neck.

Yet they seem to have been rather successful in inflicting their shitty ideology onto Western Society; and it does seem rather suspicious that virtually every man in mainstream-politics licks the unholy arses of feminisms. David Cameron forever being associated in my mind with his leadership acceptance speech when he bemoaned the horrors of the lack of women in his party, thus losing the vote of many men at a single stroke. The ponce.

Then there's the Labour Party in the U.K. As it's name suggests, it was meant to speak for the common man, the worker. The guy who does dirty and dangerous work to try to support himself and his wife and kids. The families who are almost on the breadline. The powerless. Now it's just morphed into something that rubs the faces of common men into shit, enforces feminist ideology, encourages single-motherhood, taxes the workers to support the lazy and feckless, and as side-project manages to tear the shit out of British culture in the name of diversity. What the fuck happened? All they wanted was power, and what better way to wield power than to sideline men by encouraging their removal from families, and make women subservient to the government by hooking them on benefits and governmental support.

Feminists and their powerful male allies seem to have failed to have taken one thing into account; when someone is made redundant, they don't work any more. And us men have been declared redundant.

This is what is happening in British Society and, no doubt, in other Feminist infected nations. In Britain there are millions of young men who don't work, who aren't in full-time education, who do fuck all, who basically don't have any interest or motive in contributing to society. And who can blame them? They've been declared redundant. They're not needed. Or, rather, they are needed, but only as wage-slaves to be taxed and, from time to time, as cannon-fodder to be fed to enemy cannons whilst the elite and their ho's relax. And even many guys (like me) who do work only work the bare minimum, avoid marriage and other traps to transfer what wealth we have to women, and who plot to emigrate. Or just vent our spleens on blogs.

In Britain, a single woman can nip to a sperm clinic, get a sample, get pregnant and then get on welfare, the idea of a father - or a step-father, or any man whatsoever - being part of a family now officially a 'sexist' idea and one to be rejected. In the workplace, women get priority in promotions and then get to all but choose their hours (usually very few) if/when they have kids. And if a guy works, he'll be taxed to buggery to pay for hordes of single mothers, effectively forcing him to pay for other men's offspring.

"Why bother?", sayeth us men in our almighty multitude. "Fuck this," we add.

If there's a war, many men won't fight to save this country. I fucking won't. Why bother? Most of us men don't have any attachment or any investment in what this country has become. Given that you'll never hear a feminist cry for 'equality' when it comes to the draft, why the fuck would any man be willing to get his head blown off to protect some whining, ungrateful, abortion-happy women and the powerful men, all safe at home? Fuck that. We might as well join the invaders and wreck some stuff for laughs.

The gravy train of feminism won't last long. What women call 'independence' requires a hell of a lot of funding; the single-mothers on benefits, the working mothers who barely work at all and consume taxes with their 'free' daycare, the Women's Shelters, the NHS-funded abortions for slags who can't keep their legs shut, the Ministry of Bloody Women, the endless non-jobs in the female-dominated all needs paying for through taxes. Taxes predominantly paid for by men, who increasingly shrink from the work-force thinking; 'Why bother?'

Similarly, it is men who do the real-work; refining oil, building buildings, logging trees, laying roads. And fighting wars of course. Rendered redundant, devoid of any incentive or investment in life, many men will stop doing this, and the powerful men and their harem of 'independent' wimmin will be left terrified in a society with no proper work-force and dwindling tax-reserves.

And a hell of a lot of seriously annoyed men with nothing to lose.

Maybe that's a bit of a nihilistic vision. But I can't see things getting any better, and the one thing that can keep us guys who, individually, have very relatively little or no power in society is that, collectively, we keep it going. So we can make it grind to a halt with very little effort at all.


Anonymous said...

Great article, Duncan. It's just a shame that it seems to take the destruction of a nation to put society back to a reset position.

There must be a better way.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Duncan, you've more or less hit the nail on the head. Of course it is redistribution of wealth, communist-style. The goal is to disenfranchise the biggest potential threat to elitist power and consumerism. Men. The government has deliberately used collectivist methods to shift power away from British men and onto other groups, who's loyalty is to themselves or whatever country they came from.

We even have the Marxist schooling system actively removing children's allegiance to Britain or 'Britishness' in favour of globalism and the EU.

The state is trying its very hardest to make the people dependant upon it for every little thing, as it manoeuvres itself into the center of society. Of the workplace, of the family, of the media, of the economy, positioning itself to regulate everything, as these selfish liberal fascists desire.

Consider the epidemic of useless, ignorant state-dependent single mothers and their broods of uncivilised mindless monkey-spawn. The results of a bunch of slags sleeping with a bunch of apes will inevitably create a generation of extra dumb slaves. Cannon fodder and the like. The increasing crime rate as a result gives the Marxist government the excuse to expand the government, its surveillance of the people, its illegal actions, and of course, tax the working people MORE.

It is only the working people that have any independence from the state, that is why they are the enemy of these fucking arseholes wrapped in suits.

Still, a throwback of all this social destruction is that more and more people are smelling bullshit everywhere, and finding out for themselves what is really going on. Something in this country is going to snap and soon.

Anonymous said...

When feminism comes crashing down it will more than likely be due to a french style revolution that takes place.

I just hope I get to use a guillotine when that happens. Heh Heh Heh Heh!

Anonymous said...

We in the US still take our lead from Britain, even if most of us don't want to admit it. When you guys finally get rid of feminism, I have a feeling that here in the US, we'll soon follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Sir, you are the one thing I still like about Britain. Well, apart from Scotch Single Malt.

Anonymous said...

I think you've got it all wrong on one key point. All those men are not going to merely refuse to fight in wars to save the country that declared they redundant. They will rise up and destroy it in a very violent and bloody revolution, and those "Alpha males" are either going to be brutally put to death or forced to flee from the hordes intent on killing them on sight. it might not happen for quite some time, but inevitably the governments of the west, like the populations they oppress, are going to become vulnerable from both within and without. That will be when the "Night of the Long Knives" comes for these fascists. You can bet well before then, feminism will have few takers and these "Alpha males" will be using more and more force in an attempt to prevent the inevitable. But each time they fire upon crowds or otherwise try to use violence against the population, the more they accelerate their own demise. When a people gets shit on and their faces rubbed in it for a long enough time, all the guns in the world will not stop the "redundant people" from taking over after a bloodbath that will the one that stained Russia's soil with during WW-II.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving my job next week. The place has become infested with power hungry women. Salaries are out of proportion. My woman replacement will make way more than what I make because they can't find anyone smart enough for my shitty pay. There's only a couple guys left, one who got shafted but can't leave because he's got a wife and kids.

The woman at the top strut around like they are hot shit. I don't take it, though. They can piss all the money away cause I'm not going to be there for them, like I always have.

Here in the US, the only way to get affordable healthcare is to work. If you had a serious illness it's next to impossible to get cheap health care if not from work. I think this is a government strategy to keep us enslaved to our jobs. It's fucking inhuman the richest nation in the world can't even provide basic healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Very good post, Duncan. Even if it sounds like a '1984'esque conspiracy theory, the support of powerful men for feminism is entirely motivated by their own desire of power. If the men at the top hadn't encouraged this, widespread feminism would have never occured.

You should immigrate to the U.S., Duncan. America is huge and varies quite a bit between states. More conservative states are relatively untouched by feminism and taxes/cost of living are low. Even here in relatively liberal Colorado, we have much lower taxes than in the UK and the laws have to be entirely taken over by political correctness.

Anonymous said...

But that white technocratic political elite realised that in feminism they had found an unbeatable tool for cowing and demoralising lower status males who will always be potential usurpers.

Fight fire with fire. Demoralize men. Fine. Men will gradually withdraw from females (dating, mating, marriage). And DEMORALIZE women. Then the entire society will fall down. And DEMORALIZE the "white technocratic political elite".

Anonymous said...

The welfare system in the USA sucks balls also Duncan. I love working overtime in the spring to pay what I owe to the IRS just so the single mommas at my factory can take trips to Vegas and the electronics store to spend their EIC. Earned Income Credit.

Yes, these bastard makers get back everything they paid in to the gov. PLUS a few grand they didn't pay in courtesy of us working men who get to foot the bill.

Yes, the thug babydaddies only come back sniffing around in the spring like dogs in heat to help blow the EIC handout and knock up the babymommas again for an even bigger party next year.

As soon as I can save enough scratch for a simple retirement I'm stepping off his crazy ride to enjoy my limited healthy years in peace and quiet.

The liberal and feminist politicians and media have ruined our once great women making them unsuitable for marriage and children so saving beyond what I need for retirement is pointless. No wife or children to pass down wealth, tradition, or values. Why would I give a flying fuck about the distant future? I'll be worm shit in 30 years or less.

Why help keep the gears turning in a society that takes what we create and uses it against us for further destruction.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that the civilisation that men built with our sweat, blood and very lives is being taken away from us?

From hunters, farmers and builders to office bitches tip toeing around to avoid pissing off our female bosses? "Is there anything else I can get you, Ms. Jones?"

How long must we accept this humiliation? Until we collectively strike back.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok so this cunt, Sarah Palin, the 44 year old alaska governor who McCain has picked for vp, had a child at age 44, four months ago, who was down syndrome! Gotta love those 44 year old genes and the healthy babies they produce, she returned to work THREE days later, and with 18 months experience as a governor of the least populace state, and ten years as a mayor of a city of get this, 5000 people, she is going to be vice president of the united states.

And Mccain is old and could die in office. She could actually be president within four years this cunt.

Anonymous said...

Superb post Duncan. I'm convinced a book on this would hit a barely subconscious nerve of realisation and be a huge hit.
Excellent contribution from Field Marshall Watkins too.
I'm Fred Kite by the way. I got the original idea for that Telegraph post from the daily reading of an inspiration blogger a year ago - his name - Duncan Idaho!

Anonymous said...

Fight for this country....why? Your dead right. Men in Britain generally fight for their regiment and comrades.

The country is a mess and in its present form definitely not worth saving.

Slightly off-topic, but i saw a police professional magazine which highlighted that female police officers in the uk take an average 50% more sick leave than their malle colleagues.

Needless to say, it had to be the fault of men. The usual crap was rolled out... hard working in a 'male dominated environment'.. women have to do more primary care of children etc.

Next time you moan about inadequate or insufficient policing, bare this in mind. The male officers (fewer in number than before due to promotion of a gender balance) are having to work harder to cover their female colleagues absence. Or rather i should say some male officers are working harder, the elite will be looking after themselves, away from the hazards of the frontline. Men at the bottom getting the raw deal again.

Anonymous said...


Yes and her feminist colors are already starting to shine through as she throws around such statements as “Glass Ceiling Shattering,” Old Boys Network,” “Anniversary of the 19th Amendment,” and the praising of Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro as feminist firsts and heroines and vice versa from them to her, (I smell a feminist rat here boys!). Women in positions of power are feminists first and politicians second and that’s the reason women can never be trusted with power!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin

Hmm, let’s see,

Until Friday I have never heard of this feminist or her absolutely “perfect political record”? She is said to have done something that apparently no man in the state of Alaska, a state comprised almost entirely of men could do? This woman is the most qualified leader in a state full of men because all of the men were corrupt and only this “honest female politician” could straighten things out? Why is she being portrayed as the “perfect conservative” by the Republicans who prior to this woman, have never credited any of their members with such “political perfection”? (Reagan would probably be #2 to this woman and not a real conservative either in my opinion) Why are the Republicans trying so hard to sell this woman in way they have no others among their ranks? If we are to believe what we hear, this woman can end all of the world’s problems within one term limit? Well, then it would appear that super woman is real and has appeared to save us all?

Something does not add up here? (And once again I smell that same elusive feminist rat!)

As much as I despise the Democrats, (The equivalent of your Labour Party in the U.K.)
It would serve the Republicans right to lose their asses off over this bullshit feminist stunt!

Anonymous said...

Although she's not a bra burning militant feminist Sarah Palin is a feminist-lite. How is she going to have time to bond with her children, especially the baby with downs, if she's running around the world playing politics?

Are there not millions of conservative American men, many of them bachelors with leadership experience who could have played the role of Vice-President?

Anonymous said...

See this, Duncan.

The way it should be done:

Anonymous said...

Yo Duncan,

Great stuff, as per usual. You're the George Orwell of our times. (I'm referring not to his fictional works but to his journalism.)

Moving from complaining to getting results: it's state taxation that's keeping the whole matriarchal ship afloat.

Take away their money (or rather, their access to men's money) and the whole rotten ship sinks.

Maybe some of your readers out there can find some tax loop hole to do with the concept of 'legal residency', the way rich folks do.

Step one might be as follows: Find some other nation (group of Pacific Islands, perhaps? Maybe Andorra or San Marino?) to accept you as a citizen. New national anthem, new passport, new football team to support (it's not like the curent lot are any good)... the whole works.

Step two: get yourself appointed as part of their amassadorial staff, so that you are always legally 'resident' on their soil -even though you stay in the UK.

End result: you pay your income and other direct taxes to your new, adopted nation - and not the GB.

Anyone got any ideas on making something like the above a reality?

It seems a win-win: men get to pay lower taxes, none of which feeds the matriarchal state. And some lucky little nation somewhere gets lots of new citizens (and ambassadorial staff) and their taxes.

I'd sign up tomorrow.

Semper fid

Anonymous said...

So the U.S. will have either a feminist woman with a retarded child (does this have anything to do with having the baby at 43, I wonder...) as Vice President or a White-hating, communist closet Muslim as President. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves!

Anonymous said...

Western Civilization is headed for a big fall; I can only hope that after the first few of our countries collapse, the rest will get the picture and shape up. I doubt it, though. At least we'll be a cautionary example to the great Chinese-derived nations of the future, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Night of the Long Knives"

Ya the marriage strike is the best way to achieve that, also the best weapon and defense shield.

I enjoy dating many women and love to see them squirm when I tell them about the marriage strike, as the women I date are in the 29 - 38 age group and the clock is ticking very loud, they only have themselves to blame.Funny thing telling them this works to my advantage, as think by getting me in the sack I will change my mind!
No pussy is that good!

Anonymous said...

Look at this from the uK

Out of control, listen to the tory fuckwad agree with her.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 31 August 2008 17:44,

Either way, screwed for 4 more years, it's just how hard will the screwing be, if it is too hard the sheep might revolt.

Anonymous said...

Well it's official! The term "Conservative" is now officially a joke here in the U.S.

Since when is an admitted feminist considered to be a conservative?

Answer: When your a radio or Fox news "feminist conservative"?

I agree with the one poster about the feminist politicians and media ruining the women over here. McCains latest stunt has advanced feminism twenty years! We really needed that now didn't we?

As far as areas in the U.S. that are void of feminism, well I tend to doubt that? Look at Alaska, here is a state of what is considered to be the strongest, most rugged men in the country, yet they are feminist enough to led like a bull through the nose by a strong feminist women, and they enjoyed it? And btw, not buying the argument that only this one "honest feminist politician" in a state full of "corrupt men" could clean up Alaska?

Anonymous said...

You have never been more eloquent.

Anonymous said...

The police are worthless anyway. They look the other way when women do anything, and generally just go around giving tickets and citations for stupid bullshit reasons.

If there's an actual crime, they will make every excuse possible not to show up, to be late, or to not do anything. If they do eventually show up, they'll tase a wheelchair bound person to death for parking in a handicap spot, or something equally ridiculous.

I say get rid of the lot of them, and go back to having a sheriff. The current lot are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know in USA, but in my Europe, feminism is doomed. Muslim people have a far higher birthrate than European people. In a century, as projections go, not that feminism won't exist, it's that Europe won't exist. Culturally we will be part of the Magreb.

For a society, embracing feminism is a suicide.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix called it right concerning the police,

At least I know this to be true as far as the police here in the U.S. are concerned. 50+ years of pro-police propaganda has convinced the majority populace that even as the police are becoming more and more violent and forceful, they are to be respected and loved all the more? According to the “conservative” talk show circuit here in the States, (A joke as none of them are real conservatives and they’re all feminists to boot!) only America hating, Military hating, ACLU loving Communist, liberals disrespect the police? After all, the poor police have their hands tied; those rotten liberals are keeping them from doing their job effectively and they constantly have to fear being prosecuted for doing their job? BULLSHIT! Yes, so much so that not a week goes by that they are shooting, tasering, billy clubbing, forcing some poor pregnant lady down on her stomach or breaking some girl’s leg in two at a peaceful protest because she did not snap to attention fast enough! Now none of these above mentioned incidents are hardened criminals, they are ordinary citizens who somehow in the eyes of the police were presenting a “problem”? These are not simply “anti-police” media stories, a good deal of these incidents were caught on tape or have had several witnesses to attest to their authenticity. The scary part here is that the people who consider themselves to be “conservatives” (Again, were not talking about real conservatives here, merely brainwashed, feminist neo-con ideologues!) will mindlessly defend such actions as it is the Patriotic American thing to do? Scary! Very Scary!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the only thing an admitted feminist has to do these days is tack on a few tenets of traditional conservatism such as Pro-Life and Pro-Gun, and presto! Instant conservative! And all of the “feminist conservatives” will fawn all over you like a teenybopper at a Miley Cyrus concert, even though you were unheard of the day before? Hell, you will even get more press than any candidate in history, and you’re bulletproof to boot! You can slam the opposing parties nominee all day long, but if they say anything about you, well then it’s “sexist”?

You know you’re in trouble when you’re cruising the Internet blogs and you see the feminists praising the Republican Party over the Palin nomination?

Make no mistake about it; this nomination was a pander to the feminists. At the very least it was a pander to the feminists and then to the Evangelicals (I know, who would have thought?) in that order, otherwise McCain could have easily picked a far more qualified Pro-life, man.

If you thought feminism was bad before this latest stunt of McCain’s, well, in the words of BTO, “You aint seen nothing yet”!

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton: Palin's Pick 'Great Accomplishment'

Another reason why feminists can never be trusted! Even so called "Conservative" ones!
Clue#1: When a left wing feminist is praising an alleged "Right Wing feminist" you know you're in trouble!

Anonymous said...

To everyone who is critical of Sarah Palin. Keep in mind all of the feminist groups solidly support Obama because he is a Marxist and will advance the feminist agenda. Also most of the single mothers will vote for Obama so they can get the biggest welfare check possible. Even if she is a woman,feminists hate Sarah Palin. Like most men in the U.S I will proudly vote for Mccain/Palin.

Anonymous said...

To Jay Fink,

"Fink, that's a Jewish name?"

Masculist Man said...

The U.S. is no better. In the upcoming elections we have a choice between pro-feminists Barrack Obama and Joe Biden for the Democrats. Biden is the author of the Violence Against Women Act that discriminates against men in domestic violence cases and other areas. On the other hand we have John McCain and Sarah Palin for the Republicans. McCain is old and has had health problems in the past. Anything happens to McCain,if they are elected,she gets the nuclear remote controls. Combine that with the monthlies and you have a recipe for disaster. That's why I'm voting for Ron Paul.

Masculist Man said...

As much as I despise the Democrats, (The equivalent of your Labour Party in the U.K.)
It would serve the Republicans right to lose their asses off over this bullshit feminist stunt!

The other choice for a lot of people would be Obama/Biden. Do you know about Joe VAWA Biden? The feminists have stacked the deck against us. Vote for Ron Paul.

Masculist Man said...

Jay Fink,

Vote for Ron Paul instead.

Anonymous said...

ha! i found that very amusing. especially the part about women being incapable of earning high powered jobs for themselves. in Australia, the majority of students at university are women... and you can only get in on how well you did in high school... if that suggests anything, its that women are smarter. but god forbid you consult any actual facts.

Anonymous said...

ha! i found that very amusing. especially the part about women being incapable of earning high powered jobs for themselves. in Australia, the majority of students at university are women... and you can only get in on how well you did in high school... if that suggests anything, its that women are smarter. but god forbid you consult any actual facts.

Anonymous said...


Apparently, repeating one's self is analogous to making a cogent argument.

Good marks in school aren't the only way to get into college, honey. Gender and racial quotas play a huge part in it as well.

Anonymous said...

The sadest part is that i have 2 young daughters who do all the girly thing dollys ,prince charming etc,but thanks to the lesbian feminists i see a unhappy life for them.
on the up side these hags who deem themselves so smart,are actually deleting themselves from the gene pool,so to me that makes them probably the dumbest creatures on the planet.

Michelle Therese said...

I fell for the Feminist Lie and went out into the Big Bad World and into "Male Dominated" jobs. Why was this "falling for the lie"? Well... sorry folks but WOMEN CANT DO EVERYTHING MEN CAN DO. I've been there, done that, and I have the t-shirts to prove it. Women CANNOT do everything men can do. End of story.

Anyhoo, I digress...

So anyway, I was a helicopter mechanic in the US Navy. I was a firefighter/EMT in Alaska... and you know what? Although I had to live with the humiliation of realing I could only do about 50% to maybe 60% of the hard physical labor of a man, (and I'm a big, strong lass!) I totally LOVED working with men and for men and HATED working with/for women.

Men are normal and sane. They set up this pecking order, you see? Kinda like a wolf pack. And the Alphas rule and the Betas and Omegas are usually quite happy to take their place and stay there while being loyal to the Leaders Of The Pack. I'm talking real loyalty too! And the coolest part is that although you might not be an Alpha yourself, the Alphas tend to treat you decent if you earn it. If you act like an ass, the Alphas act accordingly. And the "superior" men sure can be downright protective of their "lesser" pack mates which adds a lot of security to the situation. Sure, they rib and tease their pack mates half to death but I hardly ever saw *real* abuse taking place amongst my male co-workers. They were always very tight-knit and NORMAL. It was nice and sane and, well, if I could find my place in the pack I did very well and life was gooooood. (But usually I was always the "Lady" and treated thus and hey, I didn't mind that one bit! Call me old fashioned...)

Women on the other hand never set up a sane pecking order where everyone knows their place and abuse is rather rare. Abuse is everywhere instead! And it's insane!!! It's all about the b*tchy Queen Bee ruling her court via nastiness, gossip, backstabbing, and a variety of mind games that would drive even GOD HIMSELF to the brink of insanity. Any time women came onto the scene in my nice safe "male dominated" job all hell broke loose. The majority of them were always so NASTY to me because I just never wanted to play along with their demented reindeer games. I wasn't a Feminist either. And I didn't want to drink like a fish and sleep around like a slut either. THAT was a capital crime in the eyes of my fellow women and they NEVER let me live it down!! And like... since when is it ok to ask co-workers all sorts of personal questions at work? Or say, out loud at work, stuff like, "YOU MUST THINK SEX IS DIRTY!!" just because you're chaste?? Excuse me but that's not anyone's business... I hardly ever saw/heard this kind of crap from the male "wolf packs"...

The worst of all was female bosses. OH LORDY!!!!! Don't get me started. When *I* was a bos (Petty Officer Third Class in the Navy... ran our shop for a while after we ran out of superiors...) I totally acted like a lady *but* I modeled my leadership after the Alpha males that I had seen ~ with a nice, feminine twist just so I didn't come across as a nasty ol' She-Man. (UGH) My lads were TOTALLY loyal to me and I to them!!!! By the grace of God I managed to organize a wolf pack. WHY CANT OTHER WOMEN BOSSES DO THIS???????

Sadly, no matter where I went I always had fellow women as co-workers. I couldn't escape my own gender. It totally burned me OUT.

Is it any wonder I left the work place and became a very happy barefoot-and-pregnant housewife married to a farmer on a remote island in the north of Scotland?

And a recluse to boot???