Thursday, 14 August 2008

Feminism solves all!

Why feminism should be taught in schools

"'Men are all: (a) bastards, (b) rapists, or (c) bastard rapists.'
Hmmmm. Oooh, I know this, I know this!"

The only reason a modern teenager is likely burn her bra is to emulate underwear-dodging celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Our daughters are in dire need of lessons in women's rights, says a feminist author.


We need feminism more than ever, not just to address all the myths that have grown up - we're still a long way from living in an equal society, despite girls' much-vaunted success over boys in exams - but to counter the pervasive influence of the commercial sex industry on young women.

How dim-witted are feminists?

They don't even know their own movement, or it's aims and 'achievements.'

Feminism is the primary reason young women are pretty much viewed as sex-objects. Beforehand, in the Evil Old Patriarchy, young women were taught modesty and discouraged from sleeping around and indeed urged to only sleep with their husband and only after the wedding.

Then came the fembots who encouraged young women to whore about until their twats split, and woe betide any man who tutted in disgust at the 'loose women', who would be condemned by feminist as a prudish misogynist who wanted to restrict women's 'sexual freedom' and who probably had a small dick too.

Girls used to be pretty much groomed for marriage, in order that a man would view her as a potential companion for life, a devoted housekeeper and a good mother to their children. Feminism urged women to get all bitchy and angry, to sneer at the idea of doing anything that constituted 'domestic slavery', and to have abortions and shove the kids they didn't have killed in daycare centres, and to hell with any such thing as 'fathers rights' - children now belong to women.

Having largely become too bitter and angry to make good companions, unwilling and unable to run a home (but still wanting a man to bring home the bacon - and the SUV, plasma-screen telly, expensive dresses, etc) and not the sort of women you'd figure would make good mothers to their children, men see sex as the only real thing many young women have to offer. And they'll happily offer it before marriage too. After all, they're liberated grrrls.

So men increasingly just see women as sex-objects, because more and more, thanks to feminism, sex is all they have left to offer.

Yet feminists can't seem to see the results of their own fucked up ideology and it's insane application to the Western World. Girls are acting like sluts, so it must be because feminism hasn't gone far enough, they think, when in fact it's because of feminism. Duh!

Feminism can't let go of women's monopoly on victimhood, and still screech on about wimmin's issues and problems, even though many are actually thanks to feminism. Take the bemoaning about how single mothers and their kids are more likely to live in poverty, especially in harsh economic times. Well of course they're going to be in poverty, if they don't have a man as the breadwinner! But it was feminists who encouraged the removal of men from families. Don't blame us for the effects of your social experiment you daft lezzers.

In the article, the author complains about young girls being forced into prostitution. Sure, I'll agree that that's really shitty for the girls, but does she think for one moment about these girl's family background? I very much doubt if girls raised in a two-parent family with a big strong father there to protect her are the ones being lured into the sex-industry. More likely it's the girls from dysfuctional (read: no father) 'familes.' Once again, fatherless families was the aim - and the result - of feminism, and now the problems caused by fatherless families are rampant, those who encouraged this not only refuse to accept blame but still insist they know what to do about it.

Whether it's single mothers in poverty, girls being viewed as sex-objects and the rise of slut-culture, or the increasing numbers of women unable to find a man stupid enough to marry them, feminism is the primary cause of the problem, yet once again the answer to this problem - according to feminists - is more fucking feminism.

The author also comments:

"I'm amazed at how much we achieved - many feminist ideas, such as the right to maternity leave, have become mainstream - but I'm also horrified by the casual misogyny of 21st-century life. Since my book, Misogynies, was first published in 1989, it has got much worse. "

There's no evidence supplied by her to imply misogyny is getting 'worse' - after all, what do facts and evidence matter to a feminist? - but she may have a point. I do notice that, whilst men my age tend to be somewhat apathetic towards women (which to many women is the same as hatred), a lot of young men tend to be outrightly hostile towards women.

Yet if this is the case, feminism is to blame in a big way. What the fuck did feminists think would happen to generations of boys raised by man-hating bitches in schools, raised by single-mothers who often don't hide their whorishness from their kids, seeing stories of ridiculous divorce rulings in favour of women and surrounded by media-images and politician's drivel that implies men are worthless and women are virtual goddesses, beyond criticism? Why, you'll have a generation of men who don't really care much for women, and may even think 'Hey, if I'm supposedly a woman-hating brute and total shit, I guess I might as well act that way!'

Some woman in the comments sneers:

these last few comments illustrate that men still do and will always hate women.

Actually, men used to love women. And many still do. Love is what drove men to work to provide for a woman, to die on battlefields to save not just an individual woman but the mass of women in his invaded country. Not any more. Fuck that. Provide for yourselves, pay your own fucking mortgages, and fuck off if you think we're getting shot to save you and 'your' children.

Feminists indulge heavily in projection. They hated men and presumed we all hated women back. Given that contempt has an alarming ability to boomarang back, feminism and it's incessant hatred of us men - and it's political lackeys eagerness to make men socially redundant (except as tax-mines in peacetime and cannon-fodder in wartime) and remove any investment men have in society - has made many men either contemptous of - or at least apathetic towards - women. Oops! How ironic.

Yet feminists just think that the best thing to do is to continue to force their twisted ideology on kids even more, even though this is the same ideology that helped turned girls into sex-objects and helps foster resentement and contempt amongst boys towards the girls. Yeah, well done grrls, great logic there.

Furthermore, like any feminist, she makes a living through 'highlighting' and drivelling on about misogyny. Of course she's going to claim it's getting worse! The same way domestic-violence charities will never say that domestic-violence is decreasing; their livelihood would be over otherwise.

A feminist in a world without misogyny - real or imagined - is a nothing but a woman who has to get a proper fucking job.

Here's one last sentence that caught my attention:

Young women need to know that there's nothing wrong with liking clothes, shoes and boys (or other girls), but they're also in urgent need of a language and ethics that allow them to be themselves.

Well, yes, there's nothing wrong with liking clothes and shoes, so long as you accept that there's nothing wrong with being a fucking airhead with no life outside shopping.

More significant is the latter half of her sentence, whereby the brainwashing nature of feminism is made clear; she talks of giving girls 'language and ethics' that allows them to 'be themselves.' In other words, the 'language and ethics' of feminism.

Feminists will only allow girls (and boys for that matter) to 'be themselves' if it corresponds to what feminists want them to be.

And never mind that feminism is, at it's heart, nothing but a hate movement which has caused (probably irreversible) damage to those societies that didn't violently stomp it out as soon as possible.

The comments at the article (and this surprisingly similar one today) show feminist's hatred of dissenting opinions perfectly; howls of anger that any man dare criticise feminism. Indeed, feminism's emptiness and stupidity is personified in the fact that those who follow it never listen to - and logically break down - criticism. Knowing there is no logical merit to their ideology (and logic is an evil Patriarchal tool of oppression anyway) they have no weapons to fling other than insults and abuse. Even calling someone 'anti-feminist' seems be classified as some sort of shameful label to be flung around, even though being anti-feminist is a label any sane man should any embrace.

Some women even try to backpedal, insisting feminism was about equality. The author of the article even claims feminism was about human rights. Yeah right! Maybe it was concerned with the rights (ideally without responsibility) of a certain 50% of humans, but not the other 50%.

Most pathetic of all are the many accusations that any man who criticises feminism is a misogynist, even though feminism is just an ideology, and therefore - like any ideology - has no immunity from being questioned and rejected, or even loathed. Claiming that anyone who criticises feminism hates all women is as absurd as saying that anyone who criticises Maoism hates all Chinese people.

By its very nature of being a hate-filled ideology closely linked to Marxism, feminism allows no questioning or individuality. If it's taught in primary/elementary schools you can imagine any boy who maybe questions the teacher ('Miss...I mean, Muzzz?I don't think it's true that I want to rape women just because I'm a boy, and I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't regularly beat up my mum.') being marked down or even reported for counselling for 'inappropriate behaviour.'

The only thing dumber than the first, second and third wave feminists who fucked-up our society in the first place is a fourth wave one who thinks that more feminism will magically unfuck-up everything.


Anonymous said...

Of course feminists need to brainwash another generation of women. That's what happens when you slaughter your own babies en' masse in the name of choice - it means you have to indroctinate someone else's kids to propigate your beliefs. Unfortunately, modern teen and twenty something women are some of the dumbest human beings on earth, good luck teaching them anything.

Bobby.N said...

One of the best pieces you've written lately... bravo.


ramzpaul said...

You are a talented writer. You should write a book concerning feminism.

Anonymous said...

Once Sharia law is imposed on a country with feminists, feminists will learn real quick how good they had it back in the good old patrarchy that they wail, whine and gnash there pearly white teeth about now. Of course, they won't be doing that much longer thereafter when the islamic courts order said feminist to be hung by her neck in a public square for being a whore or having a "sharp tongue." Then they'll whine for men to save her. Bring fucking popcorn and smile as she is strung up, she got what she fucking wanted.

Hmh said...

Hmm. How about teaching some counterpoint views in our schools, then?

1) Fat women are insecure women, they will nag you and need constant consolation and reassurance.
2) If you aren't turned on sexually by any of the women around you, this does NOT mean that you are closet gay or neuter or something. It probably just means that you are surrounded by fat, fugly, boring, whiny female arseholes.
3) Your subconsious mind is constantly trying to look after you and to give you guidance. If you don't feel, somehow, that getting married is a plus, perhaps you're right.
4) Treating some idiot with contempt because they deserve it is not mysogyny, it's equality in action.
5) YOU ARE SOMEBODY. Yes, it's pop psych, but the number of guys around me who think they're worth jack shit because 'they can't get a date' with the substandard women around them boggles the mind. Guys if they're fat, boring and a pain in the arse then they are priviliged to date you, not the other way around.
6) Out of a hundred guys and a hundred girls, about five are doing about fifty of the girls. Everyone else is getting what's left over.
7) Being who you really are is what makes a man complete. Nothing else.

I could go on but you get the idea.

Alexis Chervony said...

I spotted a minor error: "...and politician's drivel that implies men are worthless and men are virtual goddesses, beyond criticism?"

I know you meant to say [wo]men are virtual goddesses but oh well, awesome blog about the hate movement! Very insightful for me.

Duncan Idaho said...

Well spotted alexis. I've corrected the error.

Anonymous said...

I must say, this one is spot on! Definitely saved in my file of "Duncan Idaho's Brilliant Anti-Feminist Brain Food".

Mik3_D said...

Well done good sir. You're always a good read but this is one we should print in every major news paper across the world. It should be read in every school.

In fact... That gives me an idea...

B.R. said...

Good post by Duncan as usual.

I get a strong sense of deja vu every time I read a topic like this, because feminists keep trying to pull this sort of garbage. They make things worse, then insist that what would help most is that which screwed things up most in the first place. They're incapable of acknowledging or taking responsibility for anything, and don't seem to think that any woman should have to either.

I also liked HMH's post about counterpoint, well done.

I'm particularly tired of how we're expected to see fat, ugly women as being "big beatiful women" or some such euphemistic nonsense, when many of them are, in fact, quite repellent (yet incredibly arrogant due to the way they are given a free pass by men and women alike).

I hate being told what to think.

Can a woman be big and beatiful? Yes, some are very much so. Does it happen often? Hell no.

And of course, if you're a fat guy, forget it, you're just considered to be a pig. Fat women who get all up in arms about how "round is beatiful" are often strangely silent when it comes to showing any love for their male counterparts, who don't get to hide behind any such euphemisms.

Point 5 is definitely worth repeating as well: You are somebody.

We can't and shouldn't equate our self worth in terms of female approval, or the ability to get laid.

tweedburst said...

"The only thing dumber than the first, second and third wave feminists who fucked-up our society in the first place is a fourth wave one who thinks that more feminism will magically unfuck-up everything."

Duncan - This echoes something Thomas Sowell says in his book "The Vision Of The Anointed" (although in more obscene terms, ha, ha). In it, Sowell describes how liberal "elites" have for a hundred years or so identified an alleged crisis in the social order, applied an incredibly destructive "solution", then proposed that the solution to their demonstrably stupid, toxic policies is even more of the same policies, but implemented more aggressively! As demonstrated via feminism (and other "isms"), it's a vicious circle of selfish, malevolent idiocy.

Anonymous said...

All feminism is based on sexual anarchism. You are absolutely right, Duncan.

The Celt said...

"Liberalism is a Mental Disorder."
Michael Savage, PHD.

The Celt said...

At work the other day a group of women walked past me. One of them turned to her friends, (they were talking about some other fellow) "He makes so much money," she said. It was such an honest moment. She had stars in her eyes. I almost laughed. Keep up the work Duncan.

Anonymous said...

BBW doesn't stand for Big Beautiful Women it stands for Big Blue Whale.

B.R. said...

Regarding my earlier post: I don't know how I managed to misspell "beautiful" that many times, heh. Must have been sleepy or something. My apologies.

Old Stager said...

Quote "We can't and shouldn't equate our self worth in terms of female approval, or the ability to get laid."

I couldn't agree more. It should be tattoed on the hands of all teenaged boys to remind them forever that they should never allow themselves to think they are worthless just because they are unable to "get laid". I cannot abide the attitude (which is widespread among men and women) that the only measure of a man is how many women he has slept with, and how often.

A man can achieve many great things in his life, from acts of utter bravery (in war and peace), to the creation of new inventions and processes that benefit all humanity, to the creation of businesses that employ thousands profitably, to just living a quiet life supporting himself (and if he wishes) a family. None of these are related to the over sexualised culture we now live in, where a man's only worth is the "hotness" of the "babe" on his arm.

It's taken me to my mid 30s to work it out, but this is definitely one Man Going His Own Way. If I happen upon a woman of substance who fits into my life, all well and good. But I won't hold my breath..............

Anonymous said...

Sexual anarchy means girls gone wild, with their sexual urges running amok without remorse or restraint while men's are severely restricted due to the fact women ignore most men to chase the "alpha males." In short, a few percent at most of the men monopolizing the vast majority of the women of child bearing age. It also means polygamy is the norm, with most men being used as cannon fodder to benefit a few debauched powerful men who monopolize everything and condemn the rest to brutal violence, poverty and tyranny. A society like that will be overthrown by legions of angry young men with no future and no hope. They will do this by bloodletting that would make Vlad the Impaler look like an amateur, and he killed tens of thousands. All because the lil' womyn don't want to exercise any control over their sexuality. It would however be a great society for a woman to be a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Best dissection of feminist bullshit speak
I've ever read.

This is indeed something that should be taught in school: "A feminist in a world without misogyny - real or imagined - is nothing but a woman who has to get a proper fucking job."

Keep up the good work, Duncan