Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Critics of Womens Studies are nasty and selfish. And racist too!

Lawyer Roy Den Hollander plans 'jihad' against university feminism

The article itself is mildly interesting, but more worthy of my infinite derision are a couple of wimmin's comments; one within it, one beyond it.

But Kim Gandy, president of the National Organisation for Women, said: “They have a men’s studies department: It’s called ’history’, ’politics’, ’business’. It’s the entire university. It’s all about men’s studies. It’s like asking why there isn’t a White Studies department.”

Okay, for starters, Muzzz Gandy, you're the prez of a bunch of man-hating fucking lezzers - closeted and otherwise - so you're opinion is clearly not going to be (a) objective or (b) logical.

Secondly, 'history', 'politics' and 'business' departments cannot be regarded as "Men's Studies" in the same way "Women's Studies" is because:

  • They do not focus on men. They focus on the study at hand.

  • If men feature prominently amongst the individuals who crop up in those studies, it's because they founded and put into effect the primary theories of them. Women could have done so, but they either didn't feel the need, or couldn't (oops, controversial!)

  • They are founded on either proven facts, or theories that are rigorously tested and questioned, not on the whacked out ideas of a demented ideology like feminism that is clearly demented on the grounds that it makes 'the personal political'

  • These subjects teach, they don't indoctrinate

  • If you disagree with a theory the lecturer in a history or business class personally holds, you may raise your hand and say so, and get a fair hearing, not a scowl and an accusation you're a traitor or rapist (if you're a female or male respectively) as in Wimmin's Studies

  • Ask a Business Studies or History professor what the point of his/her subject is, and what application it has in the real world, and - so long as you ask politely - they'll explain why, give examples, and be open and even welcoming to any sensible objections. Ask the same question to a Women's Studies "professor" and, no matter how polite you may be, expect to be accused of having a small cock, of being a virgin, of hating women, etc, etc.

And why the reference to a 'White Studies' department. Why the fuck do feminists try and drag race into everything?

Now onto some comment from some bitch appropriately named 'Nancy':

This "man" forgets that women in America STILL make far less money than men, STILL are far less likely to get hired-promoted than a man! The lawyer sounds like a selfish, neolithic neo-conservative, to me.

He probably wants to make blacks sit at the back of the bus again, too.

Note the word man being in inverted commas, implying no Real Man (C) questions women's superiority complex or right to spew hatred.

Then there's the whining that women still - sorry; STILL - make less money than men. Yeah, guess why; that's because - on average - they don't deserve to. Yet, addicted to the victim-mantra of modern Western Fucking Women, it's all boo-hoo-hoo, evil men being evil to women, and so on and so forth.

I personally make less money than Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Alan Sugar. Is this fair? Sure it is. They work harder than me, took more risks than me, were more innovative than me (or better at marketing crap products; that's a matter of opinion of course) and furthermore are older than me so had more time to earn money. On top of that, I only care about making enough money to keep going; I wouldn't mind a huge mansion but I don't want one enough to bust my balls 100-hours a week for years on end to get one, as these guys did.

It's not a case that it's unfair or unjust that these millionaires earn more money than me; we just have different priorities and different abilities.

Yet, to femshits like Nancygirl there, it's all dreadfully unfair that men dare to work hard enough to earn more money than women, or to get these frightfully unjust promotions, and that - in her and other feminist's opinions - this money needs to be stolen from the labours of men and handed to women, and men should be shoved out of high-ranking jobs to make way for women, regardless of whether they're equally qualified, or even can be bothered to turn up for more than a few hours a day.

And this cunt has the nerve to accuse the guy of being "selfish"?

A typical attempt at an argument with a feminist goes like this:

Feminist: Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me...
Man: Erm...excuse me but...
Feminist: Oh, right, typical man, it's all 'me me me!'"

Finally, in her last sentence of crazy shaming language, she brings in race.

Yes, indeed, it seems that objecting to feminists getting carte blanche to indoctrinate young women into some messed up, illogical, amoral cult of man-hating claptrap on University campuses means that - by some bizarre form of logic known only to feminists - you advocate racial apartheid against black people.

I get a headache just trying to figure out how feminist's trains of thought work (although - to extend the rail-based metaphor a bit further than necessary - I dare say they usually end with multi-carriage pile-ups with lots of confused wailing.)

Give it a rest you pampered femorrhoids. Go and put another Starbucks on your daddy's credit-card, sit quietly in the corner surrounded by shopping bags and gulp down a big frothy cup of shut-the-fucking-fuck-up.


Bobby.N said...

The reason feminists so often use the ‘race’ card as a knee-jerk response when they’re cornered, is because feminism usurped the American civil rights movement from the blacks for their own cause in the late 60s/early 70s, and so use it because its one of the pillars of their (so called) legitimacy as a movement and saying differently makes you equivalent to a racist. It’s a shaming tactic. Women & mothers are great at this. Its about the only skill that’s passed on.

Think about it. If you’re black… aren’t you just a little annoyed that women equate the real oppression your race endured – with their boredom in the household?


Anonymous said...

My head would explode if I tried to comprehend what retarded morons with vaginas, errrrr feminists, think and spew about. I think I'll go back to flow charting my MMORPG now.

My god are these feminists so fucking irratating, i'd rather be in a room with someone scraping a blackboard with 12D galvanized nail than fucking listen to them. SHUT THAT FUCKING HORIZONTAL CUNT UP YOU FUCKING CUNT! GOD I CAN'T FUCKING STAND THEM!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this lawyers activities were not given more coverage in the MRA blogs. Its about f-ing time someone took these lunatics to court, they violate just about every principle of free society I can name.

Anonymous said...

So, Kim Gandy is saying men do all the important things? Sounds like it to me when I parse through her statement about all the things they teach that only men did. Heh, heh.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

Here's a little piece about Phelps' missing father. Typical comments from idiotic women. All the praise went to the obese mother while the father, who probably supported the family after the divorce (and supplied some good genes) gets insulted. Notice all the fat, ugly American slags compared to the lithe, sleek Chinese women. NO COMPARISON.,102215

paddybrown said...

Hi Duncan. I've written a piece on my new blog, The Disillusioned Liberal, that argues that women earn less than men, not because they're discriminated against or "deserve it" - that would imply they're suffering in some way - but because they can and because they can afford to.

Women actually have the better of the deal on the work and money front.

Hmh said...


Nice one, Mr. Idaho.

Anonymous said...

Why do feminists try to bring up race? Simple, join the bandwagon, it's a logical fallacy. You normally learn about how to have a logical conversation or piece together logical thoughts in your freshman year of college. I guess they fucked, slept or boozed their way through freshman year.

Anonymous said...

Actually women of virtually any sort will accuse men of being selfish. It is one of their weapons that they bring out whenever they are having a argument. The interesting thing is that it is quite effective and men feel instinctively wounded be the accusation. May be now it is time to stop being hurt and just tell them to piss off.

Norseman said...

Take it from this academic: apart from mathematics and the hard sciences, pretty much any curriculum at a typical Western university has bent over backwards to accomodate the cunt perspective on pretty much anything. History, to say nothing of sociology or anthropology, is by now so thoroughly marinated in intellectual menstrual fluid that only a first-class feminist cunt would even try to deny it, let alone continue to bitch about how every subject is men's studies.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for a genuinely sterling contribution by any female scholar to any of the subjects they have invaded with their glorified nagging.

Bhanu prasad said...

Great article duncan. Last 3 articles have been knock out's.

Kim Gandy's statement does not stand even a single instance of logical analysis. All the departments she mentions were studies of individual and powerful men. There is study on Male sex as a whole, leave alone powerful men.

Feminists are akin to my 3 year old sister. Incapable of logical thinking, devoid of commonsense and head filled with intense male hate.

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is that women instinctively go for men's jugulars -- they'll immediately criticize his sense of fairness, which all men carry around with them. That is, accusing a man of being racist will hurt his sense of justice, which of course all men have. Since women are not saddled with concepts like justice and fairness, they can easily play men that way. As Bobby N. said, it's a shaming tactic. Why men are concerned about what women think is beyond me, but then again I'm well-past marrying age (Gott sie danke!) I think the best thing about getting older is that women (finally) start to ignore me.

What I also find revealing is the following: I live in the U.S., where 73 percent of all middle-managers, supervisors and administrators are women (which may explain our present recession, but I digress). That means the odds are two to one or better that your boss will be a woman, and I've never worked for a boss who made less salary than I did.

Since when have our bosses been considered the oppressed class?

Anonymous said...

Fucking slut. I hope she is raped with race hate.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 20 August 2008 23:29,

Good call on noticing the fat slags vs. the sleek asian females. I am married myself to an asian woman, she's honestly everything that a woman should actually be and a bit more which is a pleasant addition to the package. Chicken breakfast with rice, the breakfast of champions. I wasted most of my youth trying to gain the attention of slags but can honestly say this. I am glad no slag expressed interest in me. The divorce that comes after the slag has her babies is a give me in such a relationship. These slags care little for anyone other than themselves not even the children who they babble about how bad the father was yet more than likely it was the cunt who went around fucking everything she could play toss her cunt onto.

Captain Zarmband said...

The idea that women earn less than men is a total myth. They may receive less per week but that is because on average they work 25% shorter working weeks than men. If two people do the same job on the same hourly rate it's not surprising that the one who works 50 hours gets more than the one who works 30 is it? If you're a man try asking your employer if you can work job share or flexible hours. You've no chance and even less chance that your wife will accept you picking how many hours a week you want to work especially when you tell her that your wages will drop 50% because you don't feel like working every day. Bet she calls you all the lazy bastards under the sun. Of course she will feel entitled to please herself whether she works at all, what hours she'll work and at which cushy office job.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article, lezzers demand to have fertility treatments so they can have a baaaaaayyyyyybbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy!

Nothing like lezzers wanting a guys conception custard installed in them for their own self centered whims. I pity the male child born to a batch of male hating hussies. A good reason for men not to donate sperm under any circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Womyn's studies, eh?
They study what?

1)Of the millions of inventions made on this planet, name five that were invented by a woman.

2)Of the thousands of scientific discoveries made on this planet, name me three that were made by a woman.

3)Of the twenty thousand religions that exist on this planet, name me one that has been thought out by a woman.

Too hard?
Let's make it simpler, then:

Of the trillions of things that men came up with, can you name one that MIGHT have been the product of a woman?

Still too hard?

Then try this:

Is there something, anything good to say about women's creativity?


...I thought so.


Anonymous said...


Women can't think. Never have. Never will. No evidence throughout all of recorded history. They feel. They use guile, deception, manipulation. Feelings. The Emotional Arts. That's it. Logic, honesty, decency doesn't register with them. Your appeal to reason will NEVER work with them. Why? Because they don't have the capability of reason. Or honesty.

Like dealing with a babbling baby, if getting harangued by a woman I do 2 things: (1) agree with her ("Yes dear", "You're so right"); (2) then ignore her (go off and do whatever I want to do).

It dissipates the storm. Burns off all her energy. If she continues I talk to her like she is a little baby. Maybe even give her a baby doll or pacifier. Eventually they get frustrated. Give up and walk away.


You have to get down to their level. They are not children. They are worse than that. Children have some capacity of understanding reason. Women have REGRESSED into infants. Baby's only understand being treated like babies. You don't reason with a baby.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there Deadlynightshade. We most definitely do not owe them our sperm, let alone our money too. Western women are willfully forfeiting access to either one because of their uncouth, amoral and bad behavior. You hear them say all men are useless, bastards, yada yada......but what these nitwit feminists are really doing is incriminating themselves. These harpies no nothing about racism. I am a Slav who knows what real racism is all about.

Anonymous said...

Well done deadlynightshade. I've admired Asian women all my life. I find them to be healthier (mentally and physically) to the fat, ugly bitches here. Watching the Olympics has been a real treat, especially seeing them in hip-hugging cheongshams. I could watch one saunter around all day. What does the West have in comparison to a beautiful Chinese woman in a traditional cheongsham?

Anonymous said...

Feminists always try to bring race into these arguments because feminism, multiculturalism, and socialism are all just three heads of the same hydra. All three of these belief systems are based on the notion of absolute equality and entitlement.

Christianj said...

Go to Doc Hollander's site and give him some money. The more he has the more battles he will fight on our behalf. It's worth $ 20 just to make those feminist bitches squirm..

Gorilla Bananas said...

The only real feminists are female gorillas.

Anonymous said...

You should see the tattooed up slags that actually participated in the olympics, can you show me one Chinese woman who had a fucking tat on her arm? Those western skanks made the olympics into the skank olympics with those tats they sported. What a bunch of scum.

Woman With An Opinion said...

Looks like this blog and it's participants are still crazy as ever.

Anonymous said...

The only white angles I met are 20-dollar hookers.

Nilk said...

OT but not off-blog.

Sink your teeth into thisone, Duncan. :)

Anonymous said...


Read this awful article by "pro-feminist" sociology and women's studies professor (yes, a "male" women's studies professor) about "Guyland." It is the American version of the Lads culture in the UK and Australia, which the article also mentions.

Just as we have discussed on this board previously, this horrible mangina manages to tie in racism, classism, and "homophobia" to sexism, and also implies that all of these young men inhabiting Guyland are really just closet homos. Prof. Kimmel's notion of being a "real man" is becoming a slave to your wife and children (if you're not a sodomite, which is fine with him), and doing exactly what society wants of you.

Here is this pussy's bio.

It says that he is a "spokesperson" for an organization called NOMAS, The National Organization For Men Against Sexism.

Hmh said...

Guys you are going to laugh your arse off at this...

Aust merc has no regrets about kidnapping girls
AAP | Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A former Australian soldier who was tortured and served time in a Lebanese jail for helping kidnap two girls to reunite them with their mother, says he does not regret what he has done despite the trauma.

Brian Corrigan, 38, of Wollongong in NSW, and New Zealander David Pemberton were part of a five-man team of mercenaries hired by Melissa Hawach to snatch her children from their estranged Australian-Lebanese father Joseph Hawach in 2006.

Mr Corrigan successfully helped reunite the girls with their mother in December of 2006, but he and Mr Pemberton were caught at Beirut Airport and served three months in a Lebanese jail.

Mr Corrigan said he was tortured during the interrogation but not in prison.

The father of two young sons said he did not regret what he did, despite the personal trauma, being deep in debt and receiving no gratitude from Ms Hawach.

"We originally were approached in late November and early December and we decided to take the job because the father had actually taken the kids to a war zone," Mr Corrigan told the Nine Network this morning.

"There was a kitty we used for expenses. There were five to six team members but in the end I came home with a six-figure debt."

Mr Corrigan, who has written a book titled In Harm's Way about his experience, said Ms Hawach never made any attempt to contact him after the ordeal.

"No, we haven't (had any contact with Ms Hawach). That's a given, we don't expect contact or anything like that, but the phone call my wife made to her to see how the girls were doing, there was nothing there. No, she didn't ask to see how we fared.

"We always wanted that outcome for the girls to get back to their mum and they now have communication with their father as well by phone. I have no regrets.

"We knew what we were doing. Originally the plan I had in place was to wait for a legal outcome but that went south, it didn't work, so we decided to stay back and go with a plan that was a lot riskier."

He said Ms Hawach displayed little emotion when she was reunited with her girls in Beirut.

"There was not a whole lot said. She put them directly in a vehicle, drove out, changed vehicles. . . she talked to the girls in the back and they dropped them off to Beirut."

Mr Corrigan was close to boarding a plane home to his family when he was detained.

"The interrogation involved physical abuse which is known as attention slapping, which is a form of torture," he said.

- and now my take. What a pack of Captain Save-a-Ho's. Or money-grubbing mercs, or just absolute fucking idiots, whatever way you'd like to put it.

The only bit about it that gets me is that he's got sons of his own and presumably knows what it'd feel like, as a father, to have strangers grab and steal his kids.

Three months jail and a six-figure debt... and not even a fucking 'thankyou for being a sucker in shining armour'... My own guess is that she spun him some story about how bad the father is and he couldn't or didn't cross check.


Guys. Don't be this man. Just don't. SO MANY WOMEN will spin you a yarn, get you in that shining armour, sitting on that white horse, proudly going into combat for her... to smash over honourable men who she's already fucked over, men who you'd probably be mates with if you went out for a beer with them.

Anonymous said...

I have not met a woman worth suffering through torture, imprisonment, being maimed or dying over. Never have, never will. If I'm going to suffer that fate, it would be because I had no choice but to take up arms in self defense or defense of my family. Sorry lasses, you're on your own when the barbarians you whelped show up at the gate.

Anonymous said...

EB, your comments on this one had me rolling on the floor.

Aren't women just a fucking joke!!!

Men created 99.9 percent of every fucking material thing that exists on planet earth. That's why they are in the history books. And don't give me this garbage that women never had the opportunity. Women havent been slaves for the last 2000 years like they have you believe and they certainly have had all the opportunities that men have in the last 50 years and still men created virtually everything from computers to medicine to machinery, etc. etc.

Colombus discovered American not Catherine. Edison made thousands of discoveries and inventions that we all use today. Edith didnt create the light bulb. It was Edison you losers.

Take your hate filled attitudes about men and shove them where the sun dont shine.

Anonymous said...

One of the primary reasons for the existence of “women study dept." is peer review; the quality and research methodology adopted would not be tolerated in any other dept say History (oops! Herstory) or Science. So feminist have found it easier to publish and research!!! thru a network of these "women study dept." for which the taxpayer is paying thru his nose, particularly in a country like mine were literally half the population is living below the poverty line.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say that yes some femanists are unreasonable and sexist but many are just people who are interested in the sociological aspect and historical aspect of women's role in society. Using words like "cunts" does not make your point strong but instead makes you sound childish. It is unreasonable to claim that men make more on avergae than women because they simple deserve it more because there is absolutly no way for you to know this. It would be considerably less hypocirtical and more effective if you chose to avoid sexist terms and generalisations in your argumnet against sexist women.

Xaver said...

Anonymous 18:04 said...I would like to say that yes some femanists are unreasonable and sexist but ‘many’ (Who/where are they and how are they relevant to anything?)are just people who are interested in the sociological aspect and historical aspect of women's role in society.” Blah, blah…

Specify what you’re talking about and make an addressable point please.

Anonymous 18:04 said... “Using words like ‘cunts’ does not make your point strong but instead makes you sound childish.”

They neither strengthen nor weaken points. Bachelors usually say these things while blowing off steam, not for strengthening points or claims.

Anonymous 18:04 said...“It is unreasonable to claim that men make more on avergae than women because they simple deserve it more because there is ‘absolutly no way’ for you to know this.”

Wrong, it is reasonable because there are in fact ways to know. Reasons men earn more than women range from working more hours to having higher qualifications. The keyword here is “reasons.” There are indeed legitimate reasons and they usually involve choices, not sexism. You’d be hard-pressed to demonstrate most women earning less due to sexism in WS. It’s a myth.

For critical thinking, contemplate which sex disproportionately dies at work and what logical conclusions follow. Use your brain and do some homework, ignoramus.

Anonymous 18:04 said...“It would be considerably less hypocirtical and more effective if you chose to avoid sexist terms and generalisations in your argumnet against sexist women.”

Again, sexist terms, even those amidst arguments, have no bearing whatsoever on the validity of said arguments. You seem to use sexist terms and generalizations (?) to shift attention away from real issues.

Your accusation of hypocrisy is also paper-thin. Most so-called sexist language used at EB is appropriate when viewed in context. Furthermore, I wouldn’t care less if women used sexist terms to belittle say, a serial rapist or any other lowlife, providing the disparaging term applied.

Where’s the hypocrisy?

Anyway, you’d do better to stop nitpicking and instead focus on getting your facts straight, woman.