Thursday, 14 August 2008


I was walking down the high-street the other day and before me was a big-bottomed woman.

I know she had a big bottom because most of it was on display.

Now I'm not sneering contemptously at this woman for having a fat arse. I'm of the libertarian belief that one's arse is one's own, and one can let it be as fat as one desires.

No, I'm sneering contemptously at her for having jeans that hung almost a third of the way down the derriere in question. Two great big spotty cheeks jiggling menacingly at me, like two acne-ridden Zeppelins engaging in frottage behind a low wall made of denim. Beneath a silvery tramp-stamp.

She was pushing a pushchair too, and the kid was crying and wailing, and she seemed to think (incorrectly) that the best way to comfort her child was to take the cigarette out of her mouth and scold the child for being 'stupid.'

It's fair to assume she's a single-mother on benefits; after all, it was noon on a weekday and she was strolling around the shops, and no father was in sight. The kid was about two and, although it was hard to tell, I don't think she was beyond her teens.

My initial disgust grew greater when I realised that the taxes that are taken from the salary I earn at the shitty job I was briefly taking a break from at the time no doubt supported this fucking wretch.


Bobby.N said...

This type of grungy 'anti-fashion' that came around in the nineties (and has morphed into piggishness), is reflective of how far men have been brainwashed into thinking that a sloppy-looking sow wearing jeans 3 sizes too small is still considered 'attractive'... and men believe it?!

I often see many young guys fawning over women with rings in a variety of places on their bodies, tattoos, flab hanging over their jeans, 'pornstar' t-shits, etc.... (basically looking like un-kept men) - and guys still think that whats between her legs will ALWAYS outweigh any of her willfull shortcomings.


Anonymous said...

Haha, pale acne jiggling zepplins. That's pretty gross.

Anonymous said...

If your rear end looks like two full grown raccoons wrestling in a 50 pound sack of feed corn, say no to Spandex and those dreadful jeans that shows half of your great white whale of an ass!

Anonymous said...

Call Green peace the next time you see one of those beached whales.

phoenix said...

That is the power of the female. She has overwhelming power over the male, yet, or maybe because of this, she will make illogical demands and complaints.

Women like to claim men demand an impossible ideal from them, yet, clearly, men will chase after any fat,ugly bitch, usually with the only requirement that she be under 40. After a woman passes 35, an additional requirement that she is not a complete bitch is added, yet this requirement does not exist at any age below that.

Feminism and old hags want to erase even this requirement, and are having great success, as the mangina population is angered if an intelligent man refuses to chain himself to a fat, ugly, old skank with children, in this hostile environment. Clearly, many of the manginas want nothing more than to do so.

Men have never liked rail thin females. Men have always liked curvy females. Look at anything done by men, the women are curvy, and the average woman considers that curvy figure men like as "fat." Look at artwork, video games, etc., things men have created without women, and you see healthier looking women than what is in the women's magazines. Look at the women men fawn over in person, again, healthier looking women.

A rail thin female is far closer to pedophilia than a 17 year old fully developed girl, whose age is only discernable via birth certificates, yet that is the issue feminists want to pursue. And keep in mind that ages are set state by state or country by country, so unless the governments wish to create a uniform age, it is thoroughly illogical to arbitrarily claim an age.

It is utterly incomprehensible to me how far feminists have gone, and how stupidly willing females have been to follow this company line. We were kicked out of Eden because of woman, and stupidly chased after her. And now, we continue, never learning from the mistake, despite how often it is made. Truly, to be a man, is to be stupid.

Hmh said...

Every time I go out in public these days I am frankly amazed at how few genuinely attractive women are around... and at how many women have just let themselves go.

If you stop automatically checking out the most attractive woman in your vicinity and start seeing all of them, you'll be seeing the same.

Phoenix: I have to disagree with you there. I like slender and thin women. Not with ribs, just healthy. No reason, just the way I am. Currently there are very, very few such women around.

I mean really: in good physical and mental health, good for your health, not in debt and not likely to put you in debt, fun to be around, and honorable. Is it really that tough a bar to meet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I see a LOT of this where I work, and watching my tax dollars jiggle and jounce down the sidewalk is further enhanced by the knowledge that 99 percent of these hogs have student grants that they do NOT have to pay back, so they can get a useless pink collar job for their so-called careers.

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't find the sight of a woman's bottom at all displeasing and I an not too choosy as to their size or demeanour. What I do find disgusting is the sight of a grossly overweight man, and there are many of them. There is something innately unmanly when a man has overfed like baby like proportions.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see someone's vertical smile because many people no longer bother with good ole fashion hygiene. Ditto for the monstrously ugly tramp stamp tattoos women insist on putting right above their butts. Can someone tell me why they simply should have "Swipe card here" tattooed on their ass? A woman can be both classy and sexy at the same time, and she doesn't have to walk around with her butt cheeks flopping in the breeze to do it.

Anonymous said...

Many young women under 18 are smoking. When they get a bit older, you see the devastating effect of being a party girl - alcohol, tobacco , sex and STDs take their toll.

There are women in their young 20s who look horrible, their face detroyed by a decadent lifestyle.

Even at 18 when a girl is famous for partying you see the effect on them. The skin gets destroyed and receives an unhealthy colour. At 18 there are no wrinkles yet, but which honorable man is attracted by a party girl, full of tats, who drinks booze and smokes endlessly?

None or at least nt many. These are the girls who will try to lure a good man into marriage some years later.

On porn sites that everyone can access easily you see young women looking quite innocently into the camera. Would you ever think that a girl with this innocent smile is actually a whore if you saw her on a train, in the city or somewhere else but not on a porn site?

No, of course not. The sweetest smiling girls have become whores, beware it is now difficult to differentiate.

In order to filter out all the young whpores, porn stars etc, always demand that your wife be a virgin at the time of marriage. That is the only protection against STDs and a rotten inside.

You do not want to use condoms in marriage, do you? It would be difficult to have children. Most sluts today have STDs, who wants to risk that.

Never trust the sweet smile of a girl, if you do not believe me, just visit some porn sites, it is a real eye opener.

Hmh said...

We had an attempt to start a Boobs On Bikes parade in Hamilton today, starring one highly notorious Lisa Lewis and two friends. The picture in the paper showed three topless female motorcyclists, in helmets and hotpants, getting cautioned by a policeman. After the caution, they were allowed to proceed with the parade in crop tops.

Lisa Lewis works part time as a lapdancer, reads topless on the Naked News channel, and is publicly proud of her moonlight job as a prostitute. This is what feminism has brought us, and Ms Lewis has done her utmost to make our young women all look like a bunch of sluts-for-a-buck competing to see who's got the nicest tits.

I mention this because it ties in to Duncan's post: we've had a culture in the West for the last thirty years or so that women undressed means sexy and enticing, therefore empowered. Any woman, in any degree of undress, which is why we've got flour rolls wandering around convinced that the more they show, the sexier they are.

Anonymous said...

this last comment above on the 16th august @ 01:16 is a fake man with a woman inside

phoenix said...

hmh: There are plenty of thin women. The human female body is designed to be slender, especially between the ages of 15-24ish. Now I'm not saying to find the women under 18 or anything, but without them even trying they will be fairly thin. Even above those ages though, until maybe 30ish, there are plenty of women that simply won't eat and are thus abnormally thin. I don't find that attractive.

I'm an athletic guy, and I find athletic women attractive. There are far less of those than there are women that are simply thin, as running and other fitness requires actual time and commitment, whereas simply not eating is more of a default. Since my interest in women is solely sexual, I prefer women that have the endurance and the ability to keep up with me. They're only good for sport fucks, so they might as well be good at it. A woman that's simply thin can't really even go 20 minutes, much less a half hour. The media myth is that men are the ones that can't perform, yet I've found the reality is the opposite. Women suck at sex, and not literally.

Duncan, I found a good article you may have written or at least might enjoy:

I've never heard of Marc Rudov before, but he seems to be a pretty good activist. I think he will eventually be killed by an angry female or mangina, but he's managed to survive so far so who knows.

Hmh said...

Phoenix - I think we're on the same wavelength here, I'm agreeing with everything you've said. Yep, starvation rather than making an effort and getting some exercise is definitely something that women around me do a bit of... but mostly around here they don't do anything.

And why should they? When nearly all the women around here are fat, frumpy nightmares, it's not like there's a lot of competition to push the bar up. Paricularly when they'll do or say almost anything except admit the cold hard truth: that a significant minority of our young men aren't bothering with them anymore.

Anyway, getting back to women's looks: one of my perennial anti-favorites is something I call the bubble-butt. It's a young woman, slender, with a normal sized butt and unusually skinny legs. A dead giveaway that she's an obsessive dieter and doesn't exercise. As far as I'm concerned it's right up there with the trampstamp as a trouble warning and a turnoff, since she'll have next to no energy or strength.

As to the sex... frankly my last 'girlfriend' left me so messed up about it that for about a year, sex just made me think of bad memories and bad times. I'm getting over it now but if I see even one warning sign then I'm outta there.

Coffee Catholic said...

Please don't hate all us fat chicks! I'm a hefty lass myself but after two years living on a farm I've come to learn that it's the fat cows and sheep that breed best...

hehehehe! Not all fat chicks are nasty!

Who the heck scolds a child for being stupid?? That's just low...

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. I always buy clothes that *flatter* a buxom body! Modified old fashioned styles work best of all, especially Medeval! (Spelling??) I don't try squeezing myself into things skinny gals wear... tis disgusting!