Wednesday, 9 July 2008

There are no female criminals, just women who make 'big mistakes.'

'I'm terrified - it was a mistake': British businesswoman faces jail in Dubai after 'having sex on the beach'

Every headline in the main newspapers about this case scream about a British women (or 'businesswoman' - what's the relevance of the 'business' prefix?) facing jail for sex on the beach.

Yet there's no mention of the guy she was having sex with. I could understand it if he wasn't facing charges and/or was a local - it's journalistic tradition to give more importance to compatriots of the journalist than to foreign types.

But neither is the case. From here:

[T]he man also accused in connection with the incident was a British holidaymaker...Her fellow accused faces a similar sentence.

So a British man and woman get nabbed making the two-backed-beast and face the same sentence, yet the woman is mentioned solely in the headlines. A bit like the case a while back whereby human rights groups scream with rage about a woman in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to be lashed for adultery after she was raped, her adultery uncovered by the fact that she was kidnapped with her adulterous lover - largely ignoring the fact that her lover was not only also raped by the gang but also faced the same sentence. He warranted little mention and no appeals from Hu(wo)man Rights Groups.

Also, the Daily Mail's headline omits the fact that she's not just facing prison for sex outside of marriage and public sex, but also for the fact that she was publicly drunk and allegedly assaulted and hurled abuse at a police officer.

Oh, and then there's the typical Western Woman habit of the wringing of hands, the wails of victimisation, and the claim that it was 'all a mistake.'

How the fuck do you get drunk, hump a stranger in public then throw a tantrum at a cop 'by accident'? Not even the clumsy Mr. Bean managed to do that, at least not in any episodes I've seen.

Expect immediate diplomatic measures to be employed to secure her release.

Nice to see she's getting little sympathy though; I think many men (and women for that matter) see through the fake tears female criminals sprinkle over their charge sheets in order to get a light punishment.

"Burn her, burn her!!


Martin said...

Woman = Good

Man = bad

Harriet Harman says so.

Egghead said...

Sorry, I've already used up my sympathy allotment for this lifetime. Guess she'll just have to fend for herself. After all, I'm sure she's said that she's a "strong, independant woman" who "doesn't need a man."

Anonymous said...

The cop was being incredibly nice by giving them a two chances to stop what they were doing, but NO they had to not only keep at it, they had to mouth off at him. In America, a police officer would likely have used his TASER or shined his batton on the guy's head, then arrested both for lewd and indecent behavior. If he has a criminal record, he can get a long jail sentence under the "Three Strikes" laws in force here as a sex offender. The woman would get off a lot more easily thanks to her "pussy pass." I love it that both are facing the same punishment. These rotten crotches think British, or American law follows them wherever they go, but it does not and they then find out the hard way. I don't feel sorry for either one of them, and they should realize just how fortunate they weren't caught in Saudia Arabia.

Anonymous said...

Some good news Dunc! On your link page @TOL was this link
to very well presented plea on Family Courts rehashing -they have been heavily criticized for being anti-fathers.
The best bit- & credit where due- it was written by a woman!!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me a few years ago on a Mexico forum some North American imbecile was really venting. His 'girl friend' wanted to divorce her husband so she could marry him. The husband fought it, so her divorce was rejected by the court.

This dude was furious saying all sorts of bad things about vile; evil Mexico, for not letting a woman divorce any time she wanted.

I was not real nice. I pointed out that he was in an adulterous relationship with a married woman, and he should realize not all countries think that is a good deal.

I think I also pointed out that the dog that has bit will bite again. I sort of hope he eventually was able to take her to the States. Hee, hee.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

To bad it wasn't Iran, imagine when she got strung up by a crane, stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Like your site. I found another you might enjoy. Real Man Magazine. They're fighting the good fight against the feminization of men. It compliments your site. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"Mr Paterson, who now lives in London with a new girlfriend, said: 'I went out to my local newsagent on Wednesday and I saw the story all over the paper. I was totally shocked by what I read, I just could not believe it. This is not the Michelle that I knew and planned to marry."

Sorry, you poor stupid goop, that is exactly the Michelle you were nearly tricked into marrying. The Michelle who lives in a country with strict moral laws that she arrogantly flouted, no doubt secure in her belief that the vagina pass would work just the same out there as it does in the UK. She drank herself silly, had illegal sex on a public beach, got a warning from a local cop, ignored the warning and carried on, got arrested, reacted in absolutely typical privileged princess fashion by throwing a hissy fit, and when that didn't work, resorted to violence.

Yet she still believes she did nothing wrong and can't understand why she should be punished.

Can't you tell she was raised in the UK? Want to bet that her next step will be to claim the guy was raping her? I am surprised she hasn't resorted to that one yet.

Mr Paterson, you had a lucky escape. Now don't fall into the same trap with your current girlfriend. The west is chockful of Michelles.

By the way, Dubai seems to have something going for it. Any place that keeps drunken, promiscuous and violent women under control and forces them to face up to the consequences of their actions can't be all bad.

Paul Parmenter

Anonymous said...

I thought you might find the following case interesting to stay the least. There appears to be no other way to contact you about it:


Anonymous said...

Remove their victim status and they crumble into nothingness.

A woman worst nightmare would be to lose her precious victim status: without it they are lost.

Anonymous said...

It also bears mentioning that the woman was actually arrested only after she had already been caught having public sex and gotten off with only a warning.

Apparently, the officer in question had already caught the woman having public sex, warned her to stop, and then came back later only to find the woman yet again engaged in public intercourse -- whereupon the woman heaped abuse at the officer for interrupting her escapades and even went so far as to physically assault him.


Anonymous said...

Duncan, the following link

takes you to the story of a woman in the us, who garnered worldwide media attention several months ago for a high pressure car wash hose attack on her child, and she speaks for the first time on ABCs 20/20...

What has she got to say for herself?

"she made a mistake"

I suggest you put this on the main page of the blog... it follows VERY nicely from the sex on the beach story.....

Thanks Duncan


Anonymous said...

actually there is video, you could embed the video

Anonymous said...

You know,this story and all the rest really make me sick.Witness first hand the sheer folly of female emancipation.They can't handle it for their stupid heads are full of nonsense.

They think themselves "strong,independant and empowered."Well,empower yourself out of that one,stinky slut-hole.Fucking like a little rabbit on the beach,what a dirty whored up minging little trollop skank.She would probably have hoodwinked some sad sack back home into marrying or living with her.Thinks she, "O.K. I'm mid-30's now,I've had some fun,some silly prick will play captain save-a-skank,bail me out,pay my debts then love me."
Er, no,not this kid.I boil with rage when I see skanks now.I don't even look the road they walk.Why?Why the fuck should I? I don't need them,want them or acknowledge they're alive.I wouldn't even help one who's being mugged or raped.Who cares? Deal with it,bitch.If one were run over by some 4x4 or something,and knocked flying like a tiddlywink,I'd chuckle and walk away.Why? Because they are now officially empowered and strong.So BE strong and cope with it.The bitch in question would probably be roaring drunk or drugged up to the eyeballs.

However,were the same fate to befall an elderly lady,I'd be over there in a shot.Why? Because they're not whores.They're from a different era.A good era,one full of values,decency and honour.Yep,I'd take a bullet for a kind old dear.Easily,and for my fellow brothers of course.

Lads,keep your wallet closed,yer dick zipped away and your STD level at zero.Ignore the skanks and let them stew in the bitter juice of their own creation.

Save your cash,work hard and play hard.Educate yourself,travel,create,read,play some games if you like computer games.Only use your spare time for yourself and your self happiness.After all,"You're worth it!"

Hmh said...

I've seen this sort of thing a few times now: a woman does something stupid, sometimes something really stupid, and then for the first time in her privileged life faces consequences for it. Including some nasty realisations like: it's her own damn fault; stupidity begets sorrow; or She Done Wrong And She To Blame. They really can't handle this last part and the fun and games that go on with them desperately trying to wriggle out from it have to be seen to be believed.

phoenix said...

Figures, I knew there had to be more to the story. It's too bad the feminized racists are quick to blame everybody but the woman.

Anonymous said...

"The drive comes as Britain prepares for the Equalities Bill, which will allow organizations to give female and ethnic minority candidates preference. Pola Uddin, the first Muslim woman in the House of Lords, told the AP it's time Bond had a taste of affirmative action.

"We need less sexism and a symbol who doesn't always hold a martini glass," she said."

Jane Bond? British recruiters seek female spies

Anonymous said...

Off topic. But Indian judges have some balls.

No mercy for girl who feigned rape
New Delhi, July 12: Lying about rape has boomeranged on a girl for taking the law for a ride.

The Supreme Court has refused to grant relief to the girl, who was jailed for three months by a Madhya Pradesh court for falsely accusing two men of raping her.

Mahila Vinod Kumar had filed an FIR in January 1993, saying the two had waylaid and raped her. She said she told her father and uncle about the assault and then lodged the first information report.

The accused were arrested and chargesheeted but, during the trial, the girl went back on her statement and claimed she hadn’t been raped. She even denied filing the FIR.

The trial court acquitted the two men on November 28, 2001, but ordered action against the girl for giving false evidence.

She was showcaused and a case was registered against her. The girl defended herself saying she was illiterate and had made a mistake. But the trial court sentenced her to three months in jail.

She then moved the high court and again took the stand that she was illiterate, didn’t understand law and that the particulars of the offence had not been explained to her.

The high court went through the case records and found that in her reply to the show-cause notice she had admitted that she had lied all through.

The court also found untenable her stand that the particulars of the offence were not explained to her, and dismissed her appeal.

The girl then appealed in the apex court.

Her counsel said her mother and uncle forced her to file a false report, although the FIR and the statement recorded by police clearly said she had been raped.

In its ruling, the apex court said it was a “settled position in law” that so far as sexual offences were concerned, “sanctity is attached” to a victim’s statement. “This court has, in several cases, held that the evidence of the prosecutrix alone is sufficient for the purpose of conviction if it is found to be reliable, cogent and credible.”

But in the “present case”, on the basis of the allegations made by the petitioner, two persons were arrested and had to face “trial and suffered the ignominy” of being involved in a serious offence like rape.

“Their acquittal may, to a certain extent, have washed away the stigma, but that is not enough,” the court said.

The court said the “evil of perjury” had assumed alarming proportions and action must be taken against the girl for maliciously setting the law in motion.

An Indian

Norseman said...

Are British women even human? In the online Daily Mail today (shit paper I agree, but not known for making stories up either) we have these edifying examples of female virtue:

- British cunt cheats on partner, gets pregnant. Hides pregnancy by claiming weight gain. Gives birth in secret (ostensibly stillborn, but who knows). Hides body in boot of car and goes on as if nothing has happened.

- British cunt has sex with child of unspecified age *and* 14 year old boy. Has baby by random dude. Shakes baby in rage and throws it on floor. When baby dies, claims it "fell." Gets off with no jail on either count. (In other news on the same page, man gets 20 to life for killing baby.)

- British cunt conspires with husband in £250,000 life insurance fraud. Claims husband is lost at sea. Tells sons they will never see dad again; keeps up charade for years while buying property abroad. When nicked, tries to pin all on husband by claiming "marital coercion" despite having controlled most of the money herself.

- British cunt hired as nanny for two months old boy. Assaults baby causing brain injury and broken arm. Lies about cause of injuries.

- British cunt questioned about plans to hire hitman to murder ex-husband whom she accused of molesting daughter, but who was acquitted in court.

All this from one newspaper on one ordinary day. What the fuck is wrong with UK "women"?

Anonymous said...

'Nine British women were facing prostitution charges after being arrested at the weekend for taking part in an oral sex competition in the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, police said on Monday.'

Anonymous said...

Father-of-three branded a 'pervert' - for photographing his own children in public park

Anonymous said...

Duncan, some single moms are talking about one of your older posts here:

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Duncan, some single moms are talking about one of your older posts here:"

It's an entertaining read. It takes a whole bunch of them a long string of posts to work out that EB is a man. Even then some of them still don't get it...and they have absolutely no answer to EB's comments except the standard shaming language and wild denials.

Guess they pretty well prove EB's case.

Paul Parmenter

Anonymous said...

Great article. The real issue, however, is Anglo-Saxon culture. Because it is puritanical and repressive, it automatically sets women on pedestals, whatever their conduct. In Anglo-American culture, women can do no wrong, ever; but because males are inherently sexual beings, men are ALWAYS guilty, whether guilty or not. Anglo-Saxon culture is inherently hard-wired to denigrate men. This is why the Anglo-American Establishment is so pliant to feminist demands, and why 'conservative' rags like the Daily Mail reflexively exonerate women.

Only when puritanical Anglo-Saxon 'culture' is overturned will sanity return to the West.

Anonymous said...

Amusing that the Daily Flail supported the man accused of being a paedophile for photographing his sons on the slide, considering that its knee-jerk, Anglo-Saxon anti-male agenda is second to none.

B.R. said...

OT, but I thought you might get a kick out of this:

Looks like more guys are waking up to
certain trends, though there is of course a very pretentious and condescending female poster there trying to engage in some damage control, heh.

Anonymous said...

This chick's ravings are worth an article - she spends several thousand words lamenting on her past bad-boy fuck-buddies, then moans she can't get a nice guy!!,,2291213,00.html

The same chick was complaining about being 'nearly raped' the other week, too...

Anonymous said...

Above is stupid fuckin story from the times, about women being able to raise kids and have a 'career'. Usual shit, lots of noise and fury, comes to no conclusion but fence sitting shite.

I love duncan for not having a fucking heap of shitty letters you have type in before you can post, no word verification, love it, never bring it in.... love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan, you might like my new essay- in a way it ties in with this

Martin said...

You guys gotta read this shit from Man hater Rosie Boycott.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, read a pdf of your archive that I picked up somewhere of other in cyberspace t'other day.

We could put it on a file share site for everyone to be able to access it if you want?

Any keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

There is a funny Youtube video about this subject. Thought you might enjoy it.

Anonymous said...,21985,24067807-2862,00.html

The above is a link to the story of a cunt who killed her baby and dumped it in the rubbish in country australia today....

As fucking usual the cunt police, and it was a cuntwhore woman cop who is listed in the story, are 'appealing for the woman to come forward due to grave concerns about her health'

Usual fucking shit, this bitch cunt callous murderer, too fucking lazy to get one of the legal killings (abortion) fucking changes her mind and all is forgiven, as long as she sees a psychologist and goes on antidepressants, she is allowed to destroy 80 years of a young male child's life when only one day of it has been lived.

If I had brain cancer, I would fucking tear this bitch limb from limb, and I'd be happy to face the media in my final months alive and explain the fuck why. CUnt.

Mr Zopo said...

Feminists should be put on trial for their crimes against humanity

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see that pdf of the archives... I think you should let this man put it on the pirate bay website for the masses to download duncan.... give the bloke permission, he was kind enough to ask I say anyway..... I'd like to know where I can get that pdf

Anonymous said...

Feminazi cunts such as Rosie Boycott or Harriet Harman are everywhere in places of influence, journalism, politics, academia, business... you name it. They got their think tanks, their lobby groups, their skewed 'research', their media mouthpieces.

Nothing short of a Stalinist purge of these filthy hags will do.

Weeds need uprooting.
Old unwanted buildings need demolition.
Cancer needs chemotherapy.
Feminists need pure violence.

Violence. For there comes a time where MRA rhetoric, even boycotting marriage, does not work. These womyn are still pouring out man-hate. Impressionable young girls are still led astray, generation after generation. Feminism won't die off when left alone.

Fine, we hate them back, and back it up with action. Indifference is not good enough. KILL feminists. Be a Jack the ripper tenfold. Send a strong, unambiguous message.

If any of you is suicidal, or diagnosed with a terminal illness, take out some feminists during your glorious last days. Don't just fade away in the orbituary section or in a small corner of a newspaper page. Make headlines.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 28 July 2008 10:59,


You sound like you had one too many cups of coffee this morning. But hey, I have always wondered this wonder. Why didn't men start shooting back at these feminist scumbags after the stunt one of their goons did to Andy Worhol? The bitch who wrote the SCUM (society for cutting up men) manifesto never was denounced by the troop of man hating bitches. It would have been back then hillarious to have heard men snap at feminists and take out a whole herd of them at a lesbian coven errr, feminist meeting in retalation for that.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more about the anon post where the guy wished for violence against feminists. I thought about my past and I am by no means a violent person, I was always the kind of guy who tried hard to avoid fights as do most people, minus criminals and feminists who seem to thrive on it. However, sometimes you get backed into a corner or someone crosses that little line in the sand that triggers a violent response. When I was in a private catholic school in the mid 80s, I had such an incident happen. I had been given after school detention and during detention, i was given a second day of detention for no good reason (i happened to have to stretch and the teacher was PMSing big time that day). So after detention, i left to wait outside. This idiot kid from a grade below me wanted to showboat for two cunts, he figured since I walked away from fights that he'd get the same. He started walking around me like he was going to throw a punch the cunts giggled about this then he made a mistake, he flared at me and I figured he was going to throw the first punch so I hit him first square in the god damn nose. What happened next was the little asshole started crying like a bitch and ran away, he had the biggest bloodiest nose I had ever seen, the cunts stopped giggling and I gave them the look of death like I wanted to do to both of them like I had done to him. I walked away and went elsewhere. I can't help but think that one day feminists will flare themselves at men in the wrong way and they'll get a bloody nose in return. Life doesn't alway work out the way some people think just because some men don't throw punches at cunts doesn't mean there aren't some who will or those that won't throw punches won't eventually throw punches at them. Or in the case of another stunt like what SCUM did, actually shoot back.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Deadlynightshade about the line in the sand. There was a couple of occasions where some very stupid people were trying to cross that line in the sand with me, but what they didn't know was I was armed with a gun and perfectly capable of hitting what I fire upon. And there were other situations where some inbred idiot wouldn't get out of my face or keep their hands away from me. The last time that happened I would have rewarded him with repeated blows to the skull with my fists and steel toed boots, or worse. I walk away from a confrontation if I can, but if people are dumb enough to force me to fight, they risk serious injury or violent death at my hands. I will not let someone, not even a woman harm my person, even if that requires me to use deadly force to protect myself.