Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A superhero flick that's not aimed at chicks

I went to the cinema (for the first time in more than two-years) to see The Dark Knight yesterday.

It's a great flick. I normally avoid Hollywood's mangina celluloid puke, but I figured I'd give this one a try and I did in fact like it.

The best thing is the lack of females - butt-kicking, loud-mouthed "independent" ones especially - who invariably shove their way into nearly every damn movie these days. Sure, there is one such character, but...well, I won't spoil it for you. And there is another woman character but she doesn't say much in the one or two scenes she's in and I can't even remember her name. And Batman does go all annoyingly 'save teh wimmin' briefly (a response his adversary predicts, with interesting results.)

Apart from that it's just two or three hours of guys doing stuff like robbing banks, saving the city, having car-chases, beating up baddies, talking with really really deep voices, garotting helicopters, beating up baddies some more, jumping from one skyscraper to another, and ruining someone's day with nothing more than a sharpened pencil.

Y'know, guy stuff.

And there's some other, more deeper philosophical man-stuff, like the contemplation of moral boundries, self-sacrifice, whether the ends justify the means in administering justice, whether relinquishing the moral high-ground is forgivable in the face of an amoral enemy, if people can be trusted not to recede into atavistic barbarism for the purposes of self-preservation in extreme circumstances, the loyalty of friends, and how to really ruin someone's day with nothing more than a sharpened pencil.


Anonymous said...

Why so.... serious?

Anonymous said...

Well he did make the pencil dissapear! Very amazing I might add.

Eman said...

Hey Duncan, I'd have to agree with you. That movie you were referring to is a real superhero flick! Now only if they started making both the Superman and Spidey films the same way in Batman's [and Iron-Man's] footsteps...

As for the actress that you stated, her name is Maggie Gyllenhaal...personally, I think she's a way better choice than Katie Holmes!

Another thing that I want to add is that the current hard rock/metal scene is the same way as the movie market. True there are some good bands with female leads, but some of them, like the actresses, have a feminist mentality that makes them unattractive to some male and female listeners...just my thought.

Hmh said...

You've got a damn good point about 'empowered butt-kicking women' shoving their way into most major movies, Duncan. It's become celluloid normality.

Women use manipulation and play off people's emotions, particularly guilt. Men use the threat of brute violence. Both are unethical but only one is regulated tightly by law. It'd be nice to see an action movie which bowed to this for once instead of having some tiny chick fight off some huge man-monster.

DoubleS said...

Dear Eternal Bachleor:

Great column. However, I'd like to ask you or your fine readers to elaborate on how "feminized" the Spider-Man franchise is and how it contrasts with The Dark Knight, in your opinion.

The reason is that my bitchy wimmin's studies major roommate, whom I am tolerating--barely--until I find a new apartment, walked in to see me watching Spider-Man 2 on DVD and proceeded to start bitching about "sexist" that particular movie was. I would like your input about how it's actually the reverse so I can argue back to her--and rub the proof in her face. I ended up telling her to shut up--an exercise in futility, I know. But then I didn't have the words to articulate a proper argument.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in awhile I felt intense jealousy toward a woman. So I went and got some books on the subject and studied it. Basically, if you get married, you have to be vigilant about what your wife is up to. If the wife is more desirable than the husband, chances are good she'll screw around.

Being forceful and angry can help keep her in line. There's a theory that jealousy has evolved to ensure fathers raise their own children. It's a fucked up feeling. It's wise to marry an ugly or plain woman.

phoenix said...

Hopefully the Wolverine movie follows in these footsteps. And please, oh please don't screw up Captain America. For a lot of us true Americans, the guy is dear to us. He's a symbol.

I'm sure you UK guys have a figure like that too that you wouldn't want to see ruined. But I bet the feminists out there probably already have done so.

Anonymous said...

I'll watch this on blu-ray DVD, I rarely go out to movies since I don't like being in theaters for the most part I almost always end up in the theater with the bitch from hell who thinks turn off cellphones doesn't apply to her.

Mike Calimbas said...

Top five movies of all time. Easily the best for the superhero genre. Hard to believe there is already discussion on who replacing Ledger as the Joker... I've of the opinion that his performance shut that role down for the next 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Oooh... is someone feeling his masculinity threatened by a widdle girl in tights? Hehehehe... you're no man!

Anonymous said...

I see your point here anonymous, but I can't tell you how many guys I have known that were dating or married to fat, ugly, hoes that were shagging other blokes on the side, (My brothers ex-wife comes to mind) and trust me when I say that there are plenty of blokes in line, even for these women!

Moral of the story,
Marrying a less attractive woman is by no means an assurance of sexual fidelity (Although it probably improves your odds a bit). Most women in modern Western societies today simply cannot be trusted in this regard!

Anonymous said...

How do I respectfully say that it has been a month since a real post about women on here Duncan. A movie review doesn't count for me I am sorry. I've come back here every two days all month. It seems you are very busy doing manly things than to get busy posting some great stuff on here. I don't mean to be rude. You wouldn't get hounded like this if you weren't so GOOD. SO it is a positive thing I guess. I want to come on here and read fuck you eco cunts and shit like that. This is my other site to MABTW... I like to look at them both... and I come on here and nothing is updated ever.

Hmh said...

"Oooh... is someone feeling his masculinity threatened by a widdle girl in tights? Hehehehe... you're no man!"

The 1,000,001st brainless woman to post something like this.

No, what Duncan is doing is calling a bunch of women who are worth nothing but insist on getting everything to account. That, and speaking for men.

The role that feminism and modern women has left for men is a role of being utterly passive: we are supposed to work, to pay, and to sit there and passively take all the shit that badly behaved women see fit to throw at us. That supposedly is our role, and our honour, as men.

It's shit and I want more.

jbgood said...

If you enjoyed that movie Duncan. I suggest you watch Batman Begins. I was expecting the usual half assed Cops v robbers stuff but this went further into examining male moral values within society,including rich, poor and homeless males. Male depression, good versus evil etc. Well worth viewing.

voilodion said...

"Dark Knight" is an example of a solid superhero film which takes a different approach to the material than the conventional Hollywood mishmash and does it effectively. I do agree with you about feminism ruining the impact of male heroes in the media. My personal biggest gripe is with the film "Conan the Barbarian" If you've read the original stories, you know that the original Conan was like the ultimate Alpha male--smart, capable, strong, uncompromising, etc. He served no man but himself. By contrast, the Arnie Conan is a SLAVE at the beginning, he acts like a doofus on too many occasions (he can't even speak proper english), and worst of soon as he gets out of slavery, he immediately finds a girlfriend WHO ENDS UP SAVING HIM THREE TIMES DURING THE COURSE OF THE FILM!!!

Whatever happened to the "uncompromising macho hero"!? Why did they insert this retard in here? Give me a break! Hollywood loved to fuck up macho franchises during the mid-80's and 90's.