Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Alpha Cunt

Indeed, I am starting to wonder if I might actually be, contrary to all my assumptions, an incredibly diligent and loving mother, after all...

Well, given that you killed your third child because "my career would be hamstrung and, most importantly of all, I was just too tired to do it all again" and that the decision to abort your child (with seemingly no consultation from his/her father) involved less consideration than deciding "what work-tops to have in the kitchen" - and you furthermore expected a pat on the back for what you consider to have been a brave and noble decision - I'd say you were, in accordance with my assumptions, a terrible, selfish, narcissistic, and quite frankly horrifying 'mother'.

Alpha Mummy?

Beta Bitch more like.

This, my brothers, is the sort of female feminism has left us with.

No wonder we don't want to breed with them.


Anonymous said...

"Then me and the man-missus headed down there...".

While reading the linked articles I wondered what kind of man would bind himself to such a selfish bitch until I came across the above quote.

Paul said...

Why wasn't this BITCH eaten at birth.

Hmh said...

Yep, read her ultra-shite so called article. Wow. Just wow. "Me and the man-missus"? Punching other women in the mouth? Boasting about being 'wankered' from 11am onwards?

I wonder how big the diff on Caitlin Moran is?

Incidentally I finally met a New Model English Woman the other week. To think I'd been down about NZ women, fat bobcut slappers though most of them are, nearly all of them left this particular piece of work in the dust as far as simply being a human went. Fuck me, what a piece of work!! Fat, flat, and fancied herself as fully all that! Defined life as simply the next pleasure, while exclaiming loudly about how drunk she got / was / was going to get. Unpleasant to be around to say the least.

Luckily my MGTOW training came to the fore. All it took to get rid of her was to say that I had no money and was going home now. My average looks + no money + apparently boring = got rid of her with no fuss or complications. Schweet. No More Slag. Hey, you could put it in a can and sell it!

Anyway, the sooner Caitlin Moran gets fucking mashed flat by a truck - oh whoops, excuse me - quietly dropped from the Time's list of approved contributors - the better off all of humanity will be. Especially her wretched man-missus, poor bastard.

Anonymous said...

Alpha cunt is right on!

Abortion should be compulsory for all Western women.

No western women should be allowed to give birth: they are unworthy of being mothers.

Martin said...

England is full of these slags.

Anonymous said...

If ever there were a postergirl for getting one's tubes tied ASAP after birth, it's feminist brainwashed western womyn. These wenches from the pit of Hell can make the likes of Vlad the Impaler look like a nice guy, and HE impaled one women just because she didn't take care of her husband as well as Vlad Dracula though she should have been.

Anonymous said...

The most stupid argument is, being a "loving mother" could imply just letting childs that are loved in this world. Yes, it's an ideal and the way it should be. But how in the world do they think they can guarantee to love the child at least 'til it is grown up, when they not even consider to love their husbands for the next three years? They don't even think about what love means, or about the time, or about anything! Having a child means caring, hardship, as well as times of joy. All they care is me, me, me and ME! So much, that they already consent the mood of the moment is worth the killing of their own child. Wonder when they will stretch the period of officially allowed child murder (by the mother) until after birth.

If they can fuck but not even think as far as to prevent a pregnancy in their own body how should they be able to consider politics of a country over many years? Though they are allowed to elect politicans.

Anonymous said...

We have read the stats on marriage in England. Lowest number of marriages since the 19th Century. Good job, UK men. Please continue the good work.

Some months ago, someone linked a news article that apparently hundreds of thousands of UK men are "missing." Good for them! It is assumed they are in other countries.

This tale reminded me of something my stupid daughter said several years ago, before I 'divorced' her just like I did her Mom for the same exact reason.

She said she and her husband had to get away from the kids. Her half-sister and brother had told her I was some sort of super-dad who never left the kids with anyone else.

Well, duh. So, why have kids if you can't stand them? I guess I raised my last two kids so I could stand to be around them.

I can't stand to be around her Mom, and I can't stand to be around her, and the two kids she has, she can't stand to be around. Could there be some logical connection? :)

Obviously this UK slug also raised kids so she can't stand to be around them. So, is that the kids fault?

Anonymous age 66

Actually, when the youngest was 13, I did start some time alone. I took 11 days and went to our house in Mexico City, and after that, the month of December I did the same. But, the baby years, yes, I was at work or with the kids. That's the way real men and women do it. And, if you do right, you can stand to be with those kids all the time. If you can't, don't blame the kids.

Hmh said...

To Anonymous Age 66:

it's died down now but awhile ago we had a wee media interest in the male/female population imbalance here in NZ. It's skewed: it's worst in the 25 - 40 age group, neutral in most others, but what surprised me was the extent of it. In absolute numbers, there are now more women who cannot ever marry than there were after the first world war, simply because there aren't the men to go around (assuming the guys'd want to get married of course). This is a much lower chunk of the population than at the time, but still, once you factor in the marriage strike, it actually gets worse than the aftermath of WW1. At least one third of our young women will never have children or marry - or have the chance to (whether they deserve this option is another question).

The weird bit is, despite women knowing this quite well, just about none of them are making any effort to up their game.

Anonymous said...

""Abortion: why it’s the ultimate motherly act
Our columnist, who has opted to have a termination since the birth of her two children, argues that it is a moral duty not to bring unwanted offspring into the world""

Are you fucking kidding me????
Abortion is the ultimate barbaric murderous, disgusting, inhumane, WORSE THAN A FUCKING ANIMAL Act

You sick bitches. If you dont want a kid stop opening your FUCKING LEGS and getting pregnant in the first place you whores.


Liberals and feminists are absolutely disgusting animals.

BTW losers, just a little lesson in reality. You know that "choice" that you think is 100% yours. Well it is right before you open your legs. Once you let a man enter you, you are making a choice to have a child and it is HALF the mans. THE CHOICE YOU HAVE IS MADE BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX. AFTER THAT, THERE IS NO MORE CHOICE. YOU MADE IT ALREADY.

Bottom line is that you can think all you want about abortion. The TRUTH that can never be changed in a billion years no matter how many people think otherwise is that abortion is MURDER and a disgusting, worse than an animal, inhumane act. YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE THIS TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK IN YOUR LITTLE FEEBLE NOT WORTH A PENNY MINDS OF YOURS.

Anonymous said...

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage that was probably within "abortion range". Husband and I knew from the positive pregnancy test there was a problem. Still, he missed countless hours of work to be with me 2 appointents a week at the Dr's before the inevitable happened. We did everything the doctor's said to save the child even though we knew there was chromosomal difficulty. Thankfully we were blessed with another child a short time after, but I'll never forgive the cunts that have their babies killed when we tried so hard to save ours.

Anonymous said...

Why get married if that means you're handing your nuts to some woman, figuratively if not literally for the Lorena Bobbitt types. That and the feminism-marxism inspired policies spreading like an invasive form or carcinoma in western countries removed any reason for men who have a clue to get married.

Hmh said...

The bit that gets me is this: every man that has even half a clue knows that something is terribly wrong, even if they've never heard of the marriage strike.

Young men are now no longer ashamed to be seen to be making NO EFFORT WHATEVER to find a girlfriend. Or even to get sex.

Men choosing celibacy has become quietly acceptable.

It wouldn't take that much for the women of our times to bring their game up to something approaching a standard and yet only a handful of highly intelligent young women are bothering to do this. Most of them do nothing!!