Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A superhero flick that's not aimed at chicks

I went to the cinema (for the first time in more than two-years) to see The Dark Knight yesterday.

It's a great flick. I normally avoid Hollywood's mangina celluloid puke, but I figured I'd give this one a try and I did in fact like it.

The best thing is the lack of females - butt-kicking, loud-mouthed "independent" ones especially - who invariably shove their way into nearly every damn movie these days. Sure, there is one such character, but...well, I won't spoil it for you. And there is another woman character but she doesn't say much in the one or two scenes she's in and I can't even remember her name. And Batman does go all annoyingly 'save teh wimmin' briefly (a response his adversary predicts, with interesting results.)

Apart from that it's just two or three hours of guys doing stuff like robbing banks, saving the city, having car-chases, beating up baddies, talking with really really deep voices, garotting helicopters, beating up baddies some more, jumping from one skyscraper to another, and ruining someone's day with nothing more than a sharpened pencil.

Y'know, guy stuff.

And there's some other, more deeper philosophical man-stuff, like the contemplation of moral boundries, self-sacrifice, whether the ends justify the means in administering justice, whether relinquishing the moral high-ground is forgivable in the face of an amoral enemy, if people can be trusted not to recede into atavistic barbarism for the purposes of self-preservation in extreme circumstances, the loyalty of friends, and how to really ruin someone's day with nothing more than a sharpened pencil.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

There are no female criminals, just women who make 'big mistakes.'

'I'm terrified - it was a mistake': British businesswoman faces jail in Dubai after 'having sex on the beach'

Every headline in the main newspapers about this case scream about a British women (or 'businesswoman' - what's the relevance of the 'business' prefix?) facing jail for sex on the beach.

Yet there's no mention of the guy she was having sex with. I could understand it if he wasn't facing charges and/or was a local - it's journalistic tradition to give more importance to compatriots of the journalist than to foreign types.

But neither is the case. From here:

[T]he man also accused in connection with the incident was a British holidaymaker...Her fellow accused faces a similar sentence.

So a British man and woman get nabbed making the two-backed-beast and face the same sentence, yet the woman is mentioned solely in the headlines. A bit like the case a while back whereby human rights groups scream with rage about a woman in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to be lashed for adultery after she was raped, her adultery uncovered by the fact that she was kidnapped with her adulterous lover - largely ignoring the fact that her lover was not only also raped by the gang but also faced the same sentence. He warranted little mention and no appeals from Hu(wo)man Rights Groups.

Also, the Daily Mail's headline omits the fact that she's not just facing prison for sex outside of marriage and public sex, but also for the fact that she was publicly drunk and allegedly assaulted and hurled abuse at a police officer.

Oh, and then there's the typical Western Woman habit of the wringing of hands, the wails of victimisation, and the claim that it was 'all a mistake.'

How the fuck do you get drunk, hump a stranger in public then throw a tantrum at a cop 'by accident'? Not even the clumsy Mr. Bean managed to do that, at least not in any episodes I've seen.

Expect immediate diplomatic measures to be employed to secure her release.

Nice to see she's getting little sympathy though; I think many men (and women for that matter) see through the fake tears female criminals sprinkle over their charge sheets in order to get a light punishment.

"Burn her, burn her!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Alpha Cunt

Indeed, I am starting to wonder if I might actually be, contrary to all my assumptions, an incredibly diligent and loving mother, after all...

Well, given that you killed your third child because "my career would be hamstrung and, most importantly of all, I was just too tired to do it all again" and that the decision to abort your child (with seemingly no consultation from his/her father) involved less consideration than deciding "what work-tops to have in the kitchen" - and you furthermore expected a pat on the back for what you consider to have been a brave and noble decision - I'd say you were, in accordance with my assumptions, a terrible, selfish, narcissistic, and quite frankly horrifying 'mother'.

Alpha Mummy?

Beta Bitch more like.

This, my brothers, is the sort of female feminism has left us with.

No wonder we don't want to breed with them.

Friday, 4 July 2008

"Anything to declare?"

"Yeah, don't go to England."

Three charged with murder after 17-year-old boy is tied to tree, forced to drink petrol and set alight

Sixteen-year-old London knife victim was killed in 'planned ambush in dispute over girl'

Innocent French students stabbed 243 times in London flat murder

Woman mourning miscarriage stabbed in street row

Soap star's brother,18, fatally stabbed

Girl gang member Chelsea Bennett cleared of steak knife murder

And on top of all that, a couple of 11-year-old boys were disciplined by their teacher for not worshipping Allah.

All this from just the last week.

Yet the most recent twaddle spouted by the wankfest of touchy-feely Socialist Feminist Shitfucks that are, unfortunately, the British government, is about 'positive discrimination' and 'green taxes'.

Our economy is sinking, our country is being swallowed whole by the Socialist E.U. State, random murder is so frequent that you have to have a stab-wound/bullet-hole count into triple figures to hit the front pages, Islam stomps it's stinking feet all over our once green and pleasant land, and a recession looms, yet the gobshite feminist/socialist twats in charge act like us Brits lay awake at night thinking:

'OMG! There aren't enough wimmin in charge of companies and trees might be getting smokers-cough!!'