Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Girl, 15, torched in gruesome attack by love rival who told her 'You won't be pretty anymore'

A 15-year-old girl was set on fire using white spirit in a street ambush by a love rival who was jealous over a kiss.


When Lucy arrived at the rendezvous, the attacker allegedly leapt from the bushes and doused her in the highly flammable liquid hidden in a Coca-Cola bottle.

Police say that as she flicked a lighter, the girl told Lucy: 'You won't look pretty anymore.'


'It wasn't a normal scream. It was a chilling, horrible sound like something from a horror movie,' the mother-of-one said.

She saw Lucy writhing in agony as her hair blazed until it was all gone.

'The skin on the left side of her face was peeling off. She looked like she had been burnt under a grill.

Her T-shirt and bra had melted and her skin was bubbling,' Ms Costin told told the Sun newspaper.


A 19-year-old woman was being held today on suspicion of attempted murder.

Isn't the Fairer Sex (TM) lovely?

No doubt on the off-chance any feminists comment on this, they'll be blaming the boy the victim supposedly kissed; damn that evil Patriarchal fiend for causing this horror!

No way could any feminist ever accept that any foulness ever occurs without there being a male at fault somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how the 15 year old cunt will be treated once her facial scars show up and her other cunt friends see the prune-like side of her face and what used to be the top of her head? They'll more than likely show her how the fairer sex treats those who aren't perfect to them. They'll be like sharks against a wounded shark and that is the true nature of the modern cunt skank.

And to any cunts reading this, FUCK YOU TOO!

Anonymous said...

And these are the selfsame creatures who are constantly portraying themselves to be superior to us in every way - cleverer, gentler, more nurturing, more caring, and well, just intrinsically nicer. That's why they don't need to be disciplined or punished - they are too good to ever do any wrong.

There are now two types of men - the majority who still believe the propaganda above, and a growing minority who have had the rose-tinted glasses smashed off their noses and can now see an ugly truth - that for all its carefully-cultivated image, the female sex has at its heart a shockingly cold, vicious and sadistic streak that more than matches the worst that any man can produce. All that is needed to expose that streak is the prospect of the woman losing what she thinks she is entitled to - which can be any one of a score of different privileges, real or imaginary. Then the claws come out and she will tear apart anyone and anything that stands between her and what she wants for herself - while still secure in the belief that she is totally justified and her needs and wants trump everything else, including the pain of others.

You see it in the divorce courts, in the workplace, in custody battles, even in their speech and the columns women journos write. You see it in a woman's eyes when she is baulked, even in a tiny way - that flash of resentment and anger. It constantly festers somewhere under the surface, and the only difference between women is how deep it lies and how much it takes to bring it out. It's an instinctive, survival thing. But men have to watch out for it constantly.

Don'e let yourself be fooled.

Paul Parmenter

Hmh said...

This is horrible. Poor kid.

Anonymous said...

In their own speak, women are angels.

Some names? Satan, Belzebuth, Lucifer. (among many)

Those are angels, too.

Anonymous said...

The offender should be repayed IN KIND for this kind of offense.

An eye for an eye.....

Seriously, this poor girl is obviously going to be scarred FOR LIFE, but I very much DOUBT that the offending bitch will get a LIFE sentence.

Its this type of thing which makes the imminent Islamic takeover seem like a good thing, as im positive this girl would never have even had the balls (huh) to do this kind of thing in a fully islamic society.


Captain Zarmband said...

Look who saved the girl's life by beating out the flames -

"Mr Kelsey eventually managed to beat out the flames with a towel from the couple's washing line."

Good job there was a man around.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the lovely fairer sex. Went to a drug store looking for topical antibotical ointment,in order to treat road rash recieved from a motorcycle mishap. A woman asked if she could help me find what I was looking for and then upon seeing my wound and hearing my explaination she avoided me like I was invested with an unspeakable plaque. Well, I thought to myself, in a week this will heal up nicely but you on the other hand have a wound that bleeds every month. Thank the Lord Jesus that I was born a man!

Curiepoint said...

It's all gonna be some guy's fault, you just know how that is going to play out.

KARMA said...


Bobby.N said...

The saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" comes to mind.


nevo said...

I Have recently attended Court to look at how Judges make setences. It was the ugliest experience of my life.
A man with a Pakistani name caused cuts and lacerations with a ceremonial sword to another man's leg over a woman's dispute. He got 18 months in prison.
The following case was over rape of a woman. The got 5 years for it and will be put on the sex register.
The astonishing thing about this case is that the woman claimed she was asleep in her bed at the time of the rape. When she woke up found this man having sex with her. An unlikely story to say the least and yet the judge gave the woman the case in spite of the man claiming consensual sex.

Justice at its worse.


phoenix said...

She actually probably will get a stiff punishment, since the victim was female. The pussy pass usually only works when females commit crimes against males.

Anonymous said...

Incidents like this show women's true natures these days. They're no better than a pool of piranhas trapped in a pool, cut off from the rest of the river. Once everything else has been eaten or driven off, they turn on and eat each other up literally. This is a preview to the war, violence, chaos and death that will stain the soil of western nations with blood. I shudder to think what kind of world our children will inherit, because women are just as capable of really heinous behavior, if not more so than men are.

Anonymous said...

To hear such nasty stories of uncontrollable violence by youngsters is a shame in life. Obviously, this society has crossed a threshold in life where we cannot go back.

Somewhere on this earth, there must be many dead men and women rolling in their graves to know that our world has turned to this.

As such, it only makes sense to stay back and away from it all, to enjoy my life as a single man, free from such noise.

Anonymous said...

Women are brutal. This is minor really. I dont mean to make light of a young girl having her face burned off. I am sorry for her. But I'd like to know when men and moral women are going to stand up and be heard about the millions upon millions of innocent lives being murdered every year by WOMEN. Women are brutal. They are murderous scum.

nevo said...

Hello Duncan!!
Perhaps you would like to make a case for women who never have worked, and do not have money or capital and yet, in likely a fraudlently way, they obtain mortgeges from Bankers who quite happily bend their own rules to accomodate some trollop with children to buy them a home in the knowlwge that the taxpayer will foot the bill unquestionably.

All taxpayers are suckers!!!! Ja Ja Ja


Anonymous said...

I saw this comment about Hillary Clinton:
"She looks like everybody's first ex-wife at a probate court."

This blog is so right on the money. About the time I found it, I was aware of a vague anti-male bias. Now I see it everyday crystal clear. My company has become taken over by a rabid pack of dragonladies. Their petty politics and intrigues are helping to bring the business down and piss me off. Thank god there's a guy I can talk to about sports. These bitches seem only interested in making others miserable.

Verlch said...

yeah, the anti patriarchs in feminism, who are socialists, will never pay attention to their own crimes against humanity!

Anonymous said...

Duncan, since you take your name from Science Fiction, I thought you might like this ...

"The most common explanation for the relative paucity of female SF (Science Fiction) fans: that the genre is mysogynistic and/or lacks strong, well-rounded female characters."


Anonymous said...

dead on deadlynightshade

Anonymous said...

anon @ 26 June 2008 09:04,

I take battlestar galactica the 200X version. Totally bastardized and feminized into female fantasy land. They well rounded the female characters and everyone else to the point that after the first season I was hoping that the second season would be only 3 or 4 episodes long with the destruction of the fleet and humanity being wiped out if that is all humanity was boiled down to. That is to say a bunch of amoral cutthroat backbiting cunts and manginas.

KARMA said...

Well those take back the night marches that the silly little UNI students really must work - not.

Anonymous said...

Well its better than the Skank who shot her Husband 4 times in Houston and got a slap on the wrist. Poor thing I hope she did not have to deal with Jail for too long (Satire and irony intended). This is known as the Vagina or P Pass. Guess he should have worn his hog leg and pulled his gun on her first.