Thursday, 26 June 2008

Marriage strike bites

Married couples are now in the minority as number of single and divorced people soars

In 2006, the last year for which details are available, there were just 236,980 weddings in England and Wales - the lowest number since 1895 and the lowest proportion of marriages compared to the population since counting began in the mid-Victorian era.

We've swiftly caught up with the USA then.

Get ready for a blizzard of forthcoming articles in the press about how this clearly indicates us men are worthless and how Strong Empowered Wimmin have rejected us.

Mixed in with some whining articles about how us men are all such immature bastard selfish losers for not being keen to fund some woman's early retirement tie the knot.


Martin said...

Yep the marriage AND sperm strike is working well. Hopefully even better now that rabid dyke Harriet Harpie is trying to get white men banned from some jobs.

Of course she's NEVER had a proper job.

Anonymous said...

Yet when you factor in foriegn wives married to western men, the norm is that the wife sticks through thick and thin 80% or more of the time. These feet stomping entitlement princesses have only themselves to blame once they wake up from their narsassictic self indulgance to find out that the only thing they had to offer any man was their cunt and even that after the tread is off and it's hot dog down the hallway isn't worth the effort to even get a boner for.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the bottom of this vile rabbit hole is yet to come, which is the complete self immolation of Western countries demographically, culturally and politically. In desperation to stop American men from voting with their feet, the International Marriage Brokers Act was passed. However, the feminists and their Satanic New World Order paymasters don't realize the missile has left the silo already to drop it's warheads on their targets. Men are quickly wising up to what is going on, and soon western women are going to find themselves in a corner facing two hard roads. One will lead to old age and death alone with nobody to even mourn them when they die. Or a long, painful process where they return to their traditional roles as mothers and wives as they have to relearn how to regain men's trust and relate to men in a mutually beneficial manner. The government will have to be taken out of the family, the divorce industry smashed and the institution of marriage has to be rebuilt. The situation where many men cannot find wives locally must be reversed, or the government will have to let them leave to take wives where they can be good husbands and fathers. Otherwise our society will sink like a submarine breached by a torpedo at 3,000 feet.

Hmh said...

Simply proof that you can't shaft half the population indefinitely without getting some consequences. Too bad. Maybe some future government will make it worth marrying again and some future generation of women will have what it takes to be worth marrying, but I'm not holding out much hope of that for now.

nevo said...

yeah!! I read about it recently!!
The usual accusation is that we (that is men)are cowards who have no guts to take them up the church's gaunlet. And those who did, end up as suckers paying at least 20% of your income supporting the trollop who took everything the man worked for.



Anonymous said...

I would rather call it the "marriage no-show".
A strike is a temporary condition.
What we see here is more than just that.
If we are lucky, we may witness the abolition of that obsolete and highly destructive institution of marriage.

A marriage strike is certainly not enough: the institution itelf must be declared illegal and criminal.
That will signal the end of our tenure as slaves.

WinterSunLover said...

Marriage is bad for both men and women (I'm a married man). In the UK the evidence for a man to stay single is quite strong:

Here in California, they don't even publish the divorce rate because it's so bad, best estimates are around 75%:

I think we'll see marriage going the way of slavery and communism, relegated to the dustbin of history. Which will be good news for both genders. Right now, marriage is structured to pit men and women at each others' throats. Take away the enabling framework for this conflict, and men and women will get along just fine.

Anonymous said...

Marriage strike + Britons leaving the country (99% British men) = a very lonely place for British women w/lots of cats!

Actually, it would be a very angry place for women because they'd complain about the lack of "good men" meaning rich, handsome men.

Better jump ship if you can if you're in the UK.

What else is new?

Anonymous said...

The marriage stats are of course old news. Wasting a huge heap of somebody else's money on a lavish wedding, producing children who may be their husband's or somebody else's, it really doesn't matter which, and then divorcing the sucker while keeping the children, house and money is such a well-known plan of campaign for a fat slice of the female population that only the most idiotic and love-blinded men now fall for it. The marriage stats at least have the virtue of telling us just how many such idiots there still are among the male population as a whole.

But there is some heartening news in these newly published stats. Look at this:

"The number of men aged over 100 has topped 1,000 for the first time, the ONS said yesterday."

Put out the flags! That's one in the eye for the feminists! It gets better:

"Men's life expectancy is increasing more quickly than that of women"

That's one in the other eye...

On second thoughts, put the flags away and keep quiet. If this shower in government get to hear those stats, they will start working on ways to reverse the trend. Can you imagine what Harriet would make of it? Perhaps her head would explode. We can but hope.

Paul Parmenter

Xaver said...

Be real men and Marry a Princess Lost in America
She's tried night clubs and online dating sites, but now a 42-year-old single mother is looking for love where everyone else's heart is breaking — the real estate market.

‘Marry a Princess Lost in America,’ Trabosh wrote in the ads she posted on eBay and Craigslist last week. She describes a life of romance and travel and a home decorated with vaulted ceilings, upgraded tile and a soaking tub in a gated community with a pool and tennis courts.

Trabosh, a licensed real estate agent who hasn't practiced in years, knew she would struggle to sell the home in the troubled real estate market, but insists her fairytale ad isn't just a sales gimmick.

‘I'm struggling...I don't want to lose my house and I want to find somebody,’ said Trabosh, (Two birds one stone! Rather two stones for one stupid SOB.) who changed her name in the ad to Traboscia to keep people from finding her in the phone book. ‘So I came up with this dream plan because I've always dreamt about being a fairytale princess.’

She listed the home for $340,000 on a sell-it-yourself web site, but upped the price, adding a $500,000 shipping fee to include her companionship on eBay.

‘I'm not selling myself. I'm selling meet that true love,’ Trabosh says.$$$ :)

She gives aging, desperate spinsters everywhere a glimmer of hope. She’s an innovator, a pioneer -- a princess hero! With divas like her around, the marriage strike will surely be short lived.

Anonymous said...

@ from the article..Of course Govt is not bothered about the trend. They can continue tax endlessly in a heady spiral of spin & subterfuge...and then decide the policies that will best fit their 'control of society' plan- with indigenous white males now officially at the bottom of the heap!(Harm-men again)
So long as enough 'apparent wealth' can be kept churning around the middle earning group, soon to be corrected with a Tory return to power, these taxes will work the trick.
Lets see how many cheap workers get sent back.
Just a ratchet effect- whilst the earth groans,just a bit.
And Us of course, but then- we're biased.
They really don't care about the Marriage Strike.
Women may do, more and more- but what are THEY going to do about it?
Run out on Derby Day....?
It really is a different world now-for Real and for Good!

Anonymous said...

This is not great news.

It spells the end of the family unit that made me stable, and you stable.

They have fucked society so bad, and driven up house prices and let unskilled childcare slaves raise children....

Actually... If you go to slate magazine, and see the section on childcare, there is a debate raging between me and some feminists.

Back on this topic...

I would say the world is now so fucked up, this is the worst time in human history to be alive as a man woman or child.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, the tide hasn't turned in our favor yet, but I honestly believe feminism is reaching its low ebb.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, read this!!!

This is Madness! - Madness? This! Is! GB!!!

Anonymous said...

The marriage strike is effective.. up to a point.

What is really required is a marriage no-show.

A strike is temporary: a no-show is permanent.

Marriage is good for women.
Marriage is bad for men.

Divorce is good for women
Divorce is bad for men.

Marriage must,therefore, be abolished. Pure and simple.


Anonymous said...

The only way couples will be able to live together without handing all power to the woman -is to have pre-nupts in future, most importantly supported by the law.

Anonymous said...

Someone on DGM said he discovered that it is possible to obtain a court listing of all couples divorced in California, and simply count them. Um, not simply, because the number is very large. But, he did, and for every 100 marriages, seems like it was around 78 divorces, but I am going by memory.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

We should stop calling it a "marriage strike" and call it instead a "marriage stop."

Stop all marriage!

Stop all men from becoming slaves!

Stop, stop, stop!

Anonymous said...

This may sound like good news at first but there may be more to it. Just because marriages are down it does not mean that men are having nothing to do with women. There will still be a large number who co-habit, but do not marry. The feminist response to this is to give co-habiting females the same rights over a man's income as a married woman. Listen and you will hear these ideas being floated through the media. Eventually the law will be such that even fleeting sex with a woman will give her a financial claim on the man's income and property. Really the situation is not good. Do not underestimate feminism's power to twist any situation to fit in with their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, you'll love this:

Stupid bitches!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if forced marriages are imposed upon men. It never occurs to feminists that instead of a stick a carrot works a lot better to elicit a desired behavior. In an effort to keep their gynocracy going, they will drive men farther and farther away even though they know deep down inside women need men far more than they would ever admit, even to themselves. The dirty little secret is however that women need men far more than the reverse. But no, women have rejected so many men while young that since the kitten didn't want them, men do not want the cat. Feminism is like fire, take away the money and the sperm and it consumes and destroys itself, along with the society infected by it.

KARMA said...

Same in Melbourne Australia, I have done the sums and can
confirm marriage is of no benefit to a male.

Anonymous said...

The Marriage Strike in the US is turning into a Marriage Lockout. Where Management is locking out disgruntled employees and closing the doors. Women are screwed and are coming to the realization. My advice to Men is invest in Cat Food Companies.

Women are too stupid to realize how screwed they are. And you have more luck teaching a Pig to sing an Opera.

gadjitfreek said...

I am going to a wedding tomorrow, my friend's 2nd wedding. The first was a colossal mistake and it didn't last long. Most of my male friends are on their second or third wives, fortunately, most of them weren't ruined by the divorce. Personally, I support the marriage strike. I don't trust any woman of my generation to not completely take me for everything I have worked so hard for. Today, when I bought the card, I joked with the woman behind the counter that I was really looking for a "Sorry for your loss" card...and on the inside I would write "of your singlehood!" She said that being single was not all that it is cracked up to be, especially for men, because they are incapable of fending for themselves. I found this remark to be quite insulting, as I have done very well for myself. You see it more and more in the media, too...the perception that men are bumbling fools with no intelligence and no sense. Hell with that! Stay single!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 08 July 2008 12:22,

Don't forget vibrator companies and cat product companies (i.e. toys for cats, litter for cats, etc.) Don't just go with cat food companies, diversify your portfolio on this. Maybe even invest in magazine companies that try to sell women ways to tart themselves up to catch a man. Of course, the latter I wouldn't put much in because even the daftest slag in the world would come to the realization that it isn't working once the marriage rate to them is ZERO.