Thursday, 5 June 2008

Home Alone 5

Guilty: Mother who locked two-year-old son in flooded kitchen during weekend of partying

A mother was convicted yesterday of leaving her toddler home alone and locked in a flooded kitchen while she spent the weekend 'partying' with friends.

Kelly Tollerton, 22, was warned it was 'almost inevitable' that she would be jailed after a judge heard how she left the two-year-old boy to fend for himself in the kitchen, penned in by a baby gate and with scraps of food left on plates on the floor.

'Almost inevitable' that she'll be jailed? If it were a man there'd be no question.

Yesterday the trainee beautician broke down in tears outside court after being found guilty of two charges of child neglect and a third of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

That good old legal defence offered only to women; cry and cry and cry. A few tears sprinkled on the ground will no doubt halve those chances of going to prison.

And where was the dad in all this? Not even she can answer that:

The mother-of-two was pregnant by a 31-year-old man before she was 16, and does not even know who the father of her second son is.

What a start in life for that poor kid; piece of shit neglectful mother, a 'sibling' with a totally different father, and no way of finding out who is dad is without DNA testing every male in Britain. And yet this cunt can and will still breed more illegitimate bastards and the tax-payers will foot the bill (unless I'm wrong in doubting the ability of a trainee beautician to be earning enough to fully support however many kids she's got by the time she's fully-trained in painting narcassistic cunt's nails.)


Martin said...

No doubt some fat lesbian hag in the Guardian, the BBC or the Independent tomorrow will be blaming men for this.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a female free Country somewhere?

Shame that instead of sending all the crims to Australia it couldn't have been a bloke only land.

These fat idle women (we have a Council estate near where I live in Ashford, it's like Chav central in the morning when the fat slags drag their stinking offspring to the local toilet (school to you and me) before fucking off for a game of Bingo and a few tinnies.

What a shithole nation Nu Labour have created.

phoenix said...

If it was a man, he'd face a charge of attempted murder, and knowing how ridiculous the judicial system is, he'd probably be convicted even though that's probably not theoretically possible on these facts.

Abandoning a child in conditions that you know or should reasonably know can lead to death sounds like a pretty stiff charge to me, far stiffer than "child neglect." But I guess I'm no lawyer, and there is the pussy pass, so instead of trumping up charges, it's time to make sure they are as low as possible.

Hmh said...

I just saw her picture. Female and breathing and that's about where her attractiveness stops... just how desperate or drunk were the guys who knocked her up?? Idiots, all of them.


Jack Saturday Blog said...

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nevo said...

While the judges continue to keep the mother on a pedestal as the "Deity of motherhood" and that the mother is the natural carer of children, this sort of abuse and neglect of children will just carry on.
The bastards she borned will be the primary cause of the syndrome "children killing children".
It is unbelievable those learned judges have not figured it out yet.
Like the football hooligans, it will take many dead people for them to get off their backside and do something about it.


Martin said...

Looks like the marriage and sperm strike is having an effect.

Keep it up guys (or should that be NOT keep it up?)

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace. Obviously this woman is messed up - I'm guessing she was raised by a single mother as well.

Martin said...

Hey Duncan. You have GOT TO READ this article.

Women losing "their" children. Well fucking pay for them bitches

Anonymous said...

She'll get showered with everything she wants with a choir of "it is some males fault." by all the man hating lezzer feminist groups.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The gentle, nurturing sex strikes again. Although looking at her picture, I mean, come on guys, we need to stop drilling such awful looking specimens so they won't be able to further pollute the gene pool.

Oh, and really nice of her to try and blame her former friend for the whole horrible episode. Way to take responsibility for your actions, cunt.

Anonymous said...

A review of "Sex and the City":

Bhanu Prasad said...

More I read about western woman, more I am concerned about the future generation of my country.

It is very very horrible that a law has to be used to goad your women about baby care. Our women would one day be same as yours.

Any way, I applaud your blog and your style.

Linked you.

Don't be scared by the appearance of my blog. I subscribe to left but I am a STAUNCH ANTI-FEMINIST

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad women are such superior parents? Those kids don't need no stinkin' dad around the house.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...


Check this link for traditional households in Italy and how they are disappearing. There is even a British chick in there for contrast

Anonymous said...

You will be paying via taxes for her breeding habits so don't worry. Of course, i'm being sarcastic about that. I would laugh my head off if someone rented a banner plane and had it fly within visual range of the local welfare offices front reading, "quit feeding the welfare leeching skanks!" Now that would be hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Sex and the City, The Film: Yet another excellent reason to hate women and their disgusting feminist culture. That is all.

Hmh said...

Just had a look at the article mentioned by another commentator, "Why More And More Women Are Losing Their Children".

It ends with this line: But the truth, however unpalatable, is that equality goes both ways.

They've really got their heads shoved up their arses don't they??

Jonathan said...

This slag cow is a perfect example of why CHAV stands for Council House Adult Vermin.
Bad enough it happens to any child; the fact that it happened to a little boy makes it even worse.
They need to bring back impaling for cunts like this and the manginas that knock them up...