Saturday, 14 June 2008

Father's don't deserve Father's Day, says Mother

Father's Day - the worst thing American President Richard Nixon did

Yes, it's Father's Day on Sunday (in most countries anyway) and what better way to celebrate by having some woman spew forth a load of bile on masculinity?

Of course, there are single fathers who deserve every treat coming their way this weekend. But although one quarter of all families live with a single parent, only one in 10 of those parents is a father.

Strange how women are, once again, determined to be the victims by this statistic; nevermind that it is women who demanded and gained the right to near automatic custody of children in the event of divorce and as such it is down to women alone that their is such a scarcity of single-fathers.

But real co-parenting is still a rare and remote ideal. For all the family activities that men do join in, a few still, bizarrely, get overlooked. Nit-combing remains a female preserve. As does the dentist's waiting room, the scrum of the school uniform sale, the toy stall at the fete.

Yes, and the idea of joint breadwinning is still a rare and remote ideal. For all women's pissy attempts at careers, most give up working the second they marry - that being their motiviation for marrying - and slogging away in factories and offices for no reason than to support a spouse and their children remains the male preserve.

Who the fuck does this bitch think works to pay for children's dental plans, the school uniforms and the toys? The tooth fairy and Santa Claus? Why does she think it's left to mothers to organize dentist visits and shopping? It's because fathers are chained to a factory floor or cubicle for 8+ hours a day - but, significantly, are getting on with it in a stoic kind of way without gnashing their teeth and fuming with victimhood in the national press.

Incidentally, the writer of this article, Gill Hornby, is married to
Robert Harris, the author. Just goes to show; you can be a Cambridge graduate, successful reporter and journalist, and best-selling author, and your wife will still insult and demean you just to try and grab a bit of attention and indulge in that favourite hobby of modern women; denigrating and insulting men.


Eric in the Communist States said...

I drove a truck for a few years because it was the only way my wife could stay home and care for our two kids without handing them over to a babysitter. It was a lonely and exhausting way to live, yet it was worth it to have both of them grow up as the decent people that they are. Even then, my wife would lament at times "you are never here!" That used to hurt. Keep in mind guys, she is one of the more RATIONAL women I've known. Don't get married. Don't get married. DON'T GET FUCKING MARRIED. Get a dog, turn gay, cut yer balls off or murder someone and be incarcerated for life, but don't get married.

Anonymous said...

Mothers don't deserve Mother's Day says me.

Mothers don't deserve to be mothers says me.

Mothers have done an extremely lousy jobs says me.

Mothers should have their children confiscated by the government says me.

Much better this way, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I was married for a very,very long time. I remember thinking that children where so precious that women where not good enough to have them.

Being married is a high price to pay for children.

Anonymous said...

Oi Dunc,

Why don't you quote some of the email responses to the article subsequently published by the Telegraph? It would show how activists are now reacting publicly to discrimination against men in the media, and how the tide is turning against sexist morons like Gill Hornsby.

I got my email in early....

"What is it that fathers actually do around the home?

In the vast majority of cases, men commit themselves to long-term relationships with women, provide the sperm for the children that women crave, and them go on to provide, provide and provide again for their family.... around the home.

Some unfortunate men find themselves attached to sexist wingers.... like you!"

Anonymous said...

Cunts don't deserve to have valentines day either. Then again men don’t deserve to hear the whining from cunts about “not going to take men’s shit anymore” or other such drivel. If only men would grab their balls for one moment and tell them to go lick slots at the local lesbian feminist club when they said that crap, cunts would start thinking twice. But when men only do what they can to get into the pants (which kind of sounds GAY) of a cunt just to get a little pump action going, then these cunts are going to say and do whatever the hell they want because this “empowers” cunts to continue down the same path. If men would tell them, sorry I am only interested in women who wear dresses not manly pants, that’d definitely make those narcissistic cunts stop and think that the all mighty vagina really doesn’t have all the power they thought it did. But then again many men are addicted too sex to say or do this. Cutting down cunts and calling to question their femininity would be one hell of a blow to them but also knocking out vagina worshipping days like mothers day and valentines day would be one hell of a hurtle to jump but if done, they’d definitely start thinking, are men turning on us? And the answer to that would be, yes we are cunt, we have heard your shit for 48 fucking years and are fucking well tired of it you piece of shit. As far as her husband goes, he should punt the cunt and during divorce court yell as loud as he could, "I'm not going to take your shit about using your children as weapons against me, if you do you do you self absorbed bitch you'll get your money for your endless supply of shoes and preda handbags for yourself... errr YOUR children." Even if she never said such having that in a court record would be wonderful wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

She is right.

Fathers do NOT deserve a Father's Day.

Fathers deserve so much more.

Might I suggest a Father's WEEK or perhaps a Father's MONTH. God knows my Father sure deserved it.

... and why not make 2009 or 2010, the "International Year of the Father".

Each week could be devoted to a countless issues facing fathers.

Fathers deserve so much more than a single day.

Anonymous said...

When i was married, i was working 15 hour shifts on overtime because the ex wanted all the finery for her (not our) baby. I still did all the doctors visits etc because she was scared of the sight of blood.
I think we should rejoice in articles like this 'lady' wrote if it helps men realise what value and esteem fatherhood brings them.
I'm not bothered about women's opinions. My son loves me and he knows i will do whatever i can as long as it is right for him.
On mothers day i suggest we have a male article as to whether mothers are needed.... or just good childcare and a nursery. Thats feminisms ultimate goal, liberating women to work... first they came for the fathers...then they came for the mothers.

Captain Zarmband said...

It’s convenient that this idiotic whinger doesn’t mention all the things that women never do. When was the last time you saw a woman up some ladders cleaning out the gutters or fixing the car? And what about the fifty years of wage slavery that men do as a matter of course while women decide on which lifestyle choices they want. Most opt for the ten years (if that) of work and then marry a man with money.

If women are so busy why do they have so much time to indulge themselves? There’s a hairdresser's come pamper parlour near me that’s never empty. A long procession of bleached blond bimbos frequent this establishment spending their husband’s money while he slaves away at work. Not to mention the endless hours women spend shopping for themselves.

There’s only one thing guaranteed on this planet and it’s the incessant complaining done by women, no matter how cushy their lives are. A gay man once told me that if women didn’t have pussies then men wouldn’t even speak to them. I think he had a point.

Anonymous said...

A few months after my brother-in-law died an early death (at 46!)the authorities knocked on the door of my sister (the widow). The reason: Her fat daughter, my niece, made the mistake of illegally downloading music from the internet, the stupid fat cow. My sister was all poor-me and stuff and literally told me how she hated her dead husband because "he left her alone to cope with this situation..." That he worked himself to death for her and her daughter (and the daughter from a previous marriage) didn´t cross her mind even once. Fuck all those bitches! Don´t marry, don´t make babies, don´t even cohabitate! It´s not worth ist, guys!

Anonymous said...

Yep, fathers aren't worth ****. They don't contribute any way to the family or home. We might as well admit it, guys.

So, then why do kids with no father in the home make up like 70% of all people in prison? Why do kids with a no-good, do-nothing father, even truck drivin' fathers who usually aren't home, in the house avoid prison almost all the time?

Wait a minute. I got it!

Men actually do a lot in the family. The problem is women aren't smart enough to recognize what men are doing that keeps those kids out of jail.

Funny thing is all those kids, even the girls, recognize it, because girls with a father also do much better in life. In fact, proven by various studies, girls with a close, loving relationship with their dads make much better wives and mothers, and have a much lower divorce rate.

That brings up the possibility, if young females can see what men do, and old females can't see it, that continued exposure to estrogen destroys brain tissue. Heh, heh.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

>>Cunts don't deserve to have valentines day either.

Gosh, you guys are generous. IMO, having spent time in the Third World, I guarantee you women from the Anglosphere don't even deserve men from the Anglosphere. The cute thing is women from the Third World well know this.

I just posted on MABTW that at age 66 I was asked recently if I wanted a gorgeous 20 year old woman as mistress. All the stupid fiends came running to bash me. They are scared silly.

In the Third World, Nice Guys are valued.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

Back in the 80's, on Father's Day our local newspaper printed a really nasty guest column from a lesbian stating there were no real fathers left -- which surprised the Hell out of my kids, and their friends. And, royally p****d me off.

Way ahead of time next year, I submitted something I wrote about my father. They printed it. One of his Boy Scouts he hadn't seen in 50 years got in his car and drove to see him, late that evening, he got so excited about the column. Though I didn't actually state my father's name it was obvious to all who knew him.

When he was in the hospital, dying, I put that column on his card board, and the entire hospital staff came to read it.

Anonymous age 66

mariner said...

Interestingly, when my daughter announced they were making Mother's day cards and a present at school, I went in and saw the teacher. She was a little taken aback when I told her I did not want my daughter to take part in this event (not because I have anything against the mother) as the school was imbalanced. The teacher (female) asked why. She seemed surprised by the reply - "Because you totally neglect Fathers Day". It was then I learned they didn't have a Fathers Day because it might offend those children without a father! Of all my daughters friends, she only has one that still has her father so I guess they don't want them to feel left out.

Eric said...

Anon 14Jun at 1950, Right on Bro. No way can anyone pay us back for all we do, and all we endure for our wife & kids. Father's day is just another day for me as far as I'm concerned, and no fucking female has any right to speak of it.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this and see how some women reward, loyal hard-working fathers

Bobby.N said...

I like how she was 'sorry'.... that she did it 'twice'.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should do just that: remove Father's day from the calendar.

Then, maybe more men will see the light: they are not wated as fathers.

Let the fembots couple with monkeys.

Curiepoint said...

Why would you ever posit something like women coupling with monkeys? The problem to my mind is that you don't have a lot of respect for those that have had to endure endless abuse and unfair treatment, as history has shown. They aren't even regarded as deserving of any compassion or understanding. How can you sleep at night?

What has a monkey ever done to you that you would advocate a feminist mating with him?

Anonymous said...

Leave the momekys in peace. What have they done to deserves those fembots.