Thursday, 15 May 2008

"We want Macho Men (to manipulate, snigger!)"

Feminists created Mr Sensitive, but what we REALLY want is a man to fix the car

At least this article - one of many along the same lines that crop up recently - has the decency to be honest; she wants men to go back to doing the dirty work for women, something we don't want/have to do under the silly sexual-equality rules women themselves imposed.

Us men will be whatever we like; whether that's being a video game addict, a macho man, a sensitive poet, a spaced out hippy, a blogger...whatever it is, if we want to be it, we'll be it, and sod whatever women want us to be at that particular moment in time. If there's any such thing as a 'Real Man' it's a guy who'll never even consider changing his attitude or lifestyle just to keep some whining bitch happy.

Besides, us men still long for nice decent women. Ones who aren't so boiling with misandry that they'll conclude an article with this little gem:

I tried not to laugh. MMs [Macho Men] can be unintentionally hilarious. The way to deal with a modern MM I realise, is to channel his energies into things you need him to do, like fix the car, and ignore the rest, or at least don't let him see you smirking. It might hurt his ego, poor lamb.

Once again, though, credit to her for at least being an honest female and admitting that the sole use women have for us men - sensitive ones or 'MMs' - is to manipulate us into doing stuff for them, whilst they simultaneously snicker and sneer at us.

A 'Macho Man' who does a woman's heavy-lifting out of chivalry is far more niave in his attitude towards women than the 'sensitive' poet who ignores women as a nuisance, because, regardless of how big his muscles are, or how many tattoos he's got, or how hairy his chest is, the former is still a mangina in wolf's clothing who seeks out and helps women but is too thick or too much of a Vangina-Worshipper to notice that his Masters are sniggering and sneering at him whilst he get's his hands dirty and breaks his balls.

If this woman wants to see a man who is genuinely insensitive she'd shit her pants because it'd give her a glimpse into women's lack of power when faced with a full-on assault of apathy and indifference from a man towards some whining single-mother trying to 'channel his energies' into doing whatever shit she can't be arsed doing. In fact, I dare say her own sons - lacking a father, for whatever reasons she doesn't deign to mention - will grow up to be such apathetic and indifferent men.

And I can't let this paragraph go without a mention:

I look at myself and my girlfriends, all so tired from being bravely, fabulously independent, and I wonder if, in wanting to show we are not silly damsels in distress, we have let men off the hook?

What the fuck is it with women and their constant need to throw shiny glitter and tinsel over their already vast collective egos?. We're so 'bravely, fabulously, indepe-' - shut the fuck up already. All they're doing is what men have done for generations - namely working and being independent; except at least us men don't declare ourselves fabulous when doing so because...well, we're not egotistical twats I guess.

The above quote of her's basically sums up her's - and many other women's - attitude towards equality:

Well, we can be independent, and do things for ourselves...but we'd rather not. It's hard work. Boo-hoo, come and save us silly damsels in distress. But don't think of us as damsels in distress or we'll kick you in the nuts you chauvanistic pig!

To summarise: a man who does traditional male duties like change the oil, put up shelves and does all the breadwinning is a good, traditional macho man - nay, a Real Man (TM) - but the second he asks his wife 'what's for dinner love?' then he's a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal who is one more incidence of emotional-abuse away from having some divorce papers rammed up his left nostril.

To conclude the summary: if women are so bravely fabulous then they can bravely fix their own fabulous fucking cars.


Eric J Schlegel said...

I remember being at a beer tent one dark night and a woman asking me and some friends who would be a gentleman and escourt her to the portajohns. It was pure gold to have all 3 of us look around in mock wonder at "where the gentlemen/real men are...?" I guess she went herself and got raped or pissed her pants.
This weekend the beer tent will be back up. Yup, ready to protect a woman alright. Just won't.

Eric J Schlegel said...

BTW why did you choose the name "Duncan Idaho"? Is it because he keeps being reborn in each novel? Just wondering.
Keep up the excellent writing; you are a part of my day.
Bros Before Hoes.

Woman With An Opinion said...

"To conclude the summary: if women are so bravely fabulous then they can bravely fix their own fabulous fucking cars."

Nah, why fix our own cars when we can get men to do it?

But seriously, most women want men to be themselves rather than "girly men." So your comment below is correct in principle but I'll pass on the tone:

"If there's any such thing as a 'Real Man' it's a guy who'll never even consider changing his attitude or lifestyle just to keep some whining bitch happy."

But staying true to his attitude or lifestyle shouldn't include being too sensitive, insecure, femmy, or aggressive.

phoenix said...

A woman will always resent a man for marrying her, because she knows she broke him and he is clearly daft. It doesn't really matter that he's the breadwinner or has power or authority or anything like that, when it comes down to it, she is his ruler, and he merely a subject. It is not the gun that is a dangerous weapon, but rather the gunman that you need to fear. Since a woman uses a man, all his talents and abilities are hers, and she is superior.

Fortunately for us, women are now too daft to hide their contempt for us, at least until they're safely married. They also insist on waiting until they've lost the imbalanced power nature has given them, choosing to "wait" until their 30s to hook a man.

treebs said...

Two points worthy of mention..
1. Women are mostly only doing the very well paying professional work or otherwise flexi- time stuff that will disappear as soon as the recession bites :-) ...
Shite hits mortgage fans ,indeedy.
2. The other upshot is a half a generation missing- we know where.
Shame indeed. 5k

Captain Zarmband said...

Who really cares what women want, and do they really know themselves? Personally, I don't care. I can tell you this though, whatever happens they will still complain because it's in their nature to be malcontents. They just can't help it. So I ask again, who the hell cares? Not I.

Anonymous said...

"Feminists created Mr Sensitive"

As soon as I read those absurd words, I knew I was dealing with one of the most stupid, pig-ignorant, illogical, uncomprehending, male-despising, female-worshipping, gullible morons on the planet. Or, to put it another way, a typical female journalist.

And I knew the rest of the article was going to be as predictably asinine.

I was, of course, 100% correct.

So what exactly is the purpose of these kind of articles? To feed the bloated but fragile egos of women as daft as themselves? To fill a page just for the purpose of filling a page, regardless of what bilge it is filled with? Or to remind us of how readily the female thought process can imitate the habits of the oozlum bird - running round and round faster and faster in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own backside?

Paul Parmenter

Hmh said...

Fantastic post Duncan - I am laughing my arse off!! (Yes I know this can be abbreviated but I mean it).

I had a look at the ramblings disguised as an article. Honestly, who the hell needs this kind of thinking in a spouse? This woman might be laughing at the MM's but all they'll be thinking is "Nice tits, I'm going to enjoy rooting you senseless" and as soon as that's done they'll disappear. Why on earth would they stick around for a woman who's sent two husbands down the road and has two kids they've got to put up with?

Men are useful to get bills paid and dirty work done, oh and they're good for stroking egos by being good material to laugh at and feel superior to. Wonderful, now fuck off back to jobs you can't handle, bills you can't pay, and a persistent silence from the phone while men who've finally learnt go looking for better women, wherever the hell they are.

Pete Patriarch said...

Great post. I'm really sick of women's duplicitious attitude of "We'll call you when we need to and maybe hold our contempt for you until you're done helping us, but we certainly won't help you in anything or show you anything but sheer disgust at all other times."

Anonymous said...

Not I either Captain.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the Capting. Who fucking cares what they want. I think we should revoke and retrieve anything that we have created and see what they do. I'll tell you what they will do - sweet blowall. WE are at fault for this -letting them get away with murder. Holy cow -we know they can't do anything of substance - I mean when you stand next to a ship do you think jeanette or georgina could do anything other than decorate the interior? I don't even trust them on that one. Well, at least they have exposed themselves for what they are and what we tried so desperately to hide from ourselves - miserable heartless bitches. Let's replay the Titanic and let them all drown.

phoenix said...

That's an excellent point on the recession. In all likelihood, it is directly attributable to women. There is only so long that businesses can sustain hemorrhaging money on useless women before the business can no longer remain viable. HR should not exist, but either should women who don't actually do anything productive but just claim they are soooo busy and work sooo hard, or just steal credit for work actually done. Which is pretty much most of the women outside of HR, they don't actually perform productively, instead they create office drama.

The war on Iraq, I have to say, is also unsustainable now. We are losing too much money in it. I don't think the liberals thought about this when they complained years and years ago, but sadly at this point it's true, this war is stupid.

Anonymous said...

With the amount of hot air these fembots have in their lungs, they should beable to inflate all four tires on the car and inflate the spare as well.

Anonymous said...


So, NOW they want macho men back. After spending the last forty years emasculating us, now they want us to resume our former roles?

I just don't think it's going to work that way. Some of us found out that if we could just control our sex drives, life without a woman and her nagging and sucking down of our resources is pretty darned good.

What does this dear lady think she has to offer to convince men to change back to suit her new fancies? We should jump to obedience no matter what women want? Let these stupid foreign guys from eastern Europe deal with these broads.

Or, better yet, let the incoming Muslim men deal with them. True macho men, one and all. I hate 'em, but I gotta respect them. They'll know how to treat our western women right.

Oh, yeah.


Curiepoint said...

Attempting to emasculate us, Felix. As with any game of numbers, many fell into the trap and surrendered their testes. Others never did, and still others re-grew them. The latter is making up a growing majority now. I say let those who don't mind emasculation go through it. They will, sooner or later, learn the truth behind their folly.

Anonymous said...

According to me, don't try to be somebody else. Just be who you are.

Feel good about yourself.

Then this woman's comments will no longer matter.

They will become irrelevant.


screwthepap said...

Frankly, it does not matter what men become - macho man or non-macho man.

The bottomline: we will stay single. We men will neither pander to women's whims, nor turn into their idea of what a man should or should not be. Whatever we do, it is not for women's recognition or approval.

We will not sign the marriage contract; not live with them, not make a joint bank account with them, not splurge on them, we will not breed, and we can always find the occasional urinal(woman) to relieve ourselves now and then if we want.

Women = urinals.
Unzip->use->Zip up-> walk away.

Male Rights Network said...

"There is only so long that businesses can sustain hemorrhaging money on useless women before the business can no longer remain viable."

Many women wouldn't have a problem with this because they don't like "Capitalism" or "business" and would much prefer a Commie State.

treebs said...

Qoute:"They don't ike "Capitalism" or "business" and would much prefer a Commie State".
You're right MRN..but would they really enjoy driving tractors 10 hours a day 'for the party'??
Methinks not unlikely to drive in that direction for many seconds.
Women may be a tad dumb..but they do know a 'free' bread basket when they see one. It's in their genes !
Secondly, whereas women,as feminista fellow travellers,ripped up existing age old contracts with men in general (and mens'children) to cash in bigtime- a commie state would :-
a)Have to overcome the negative image of its' institutional failure at its' birthplace,in FSU.
b)Get political power in its' own right-and recent EU efforts have at last become transparent on this.

You can't fool history..most sensible men won't even want to try.
Women?..they won't take long to find a new recovery stategy when they really really (did I say that silly word twice again?) need one.

The big question is..Will it ever work second time around ?
I'm afraid any tune played on a broken banjo is going to sound, well- like a broken tune.
That is ..rough.
For women.. rather tough.

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES. This is how all women today think. Do you believe that they're NOT out to manipulate, undermine, abuse, and destroy you? Do you think, "Oh my mom and sister are alright". Do you think, "it's a man's place to be chivalrous." THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK BRUTHER. Feminism is a cancer that's destroyed our society, and yet we turn a blind eye to it because it still seems harmless. Its not. Men will beat up another man for hitting a woman. A woman will cheer on another woman for beating up a man. That's the world we're living in people.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best stance to take is a "dont care" attitude.

Once you stop caring, you become immune to insults. In the end, the only thing that matters is to have fun.

Just laugh it all out and do what you want to do.

Hey, learn the basics: avoid marriage and kids. That's all. Simple...

From then on, it's a breeze...

How much better can it get?

MarkyMark said...

Who gives a FLYING FUCK what you want, Bitch?! You didn't want us; you didn't need us. Therefore, go work, eat, and sleep like the man you want to be, and leave us alone. We don't need or want you either-especially since life is so much BETTER without you in it, Darlin'...


Anonymous said...

I refuse to stop and help a Woman unless there are small children involved. I will not let children suffer. I am a Grandfather and it gets to me. But if she is single there is AAA. She can call Triple A or a local service shop. I have zero interest in being accused of Sexual Harassment or some other crime.

As to the Wolf coming to her. I will enjoy shooting the wolf and making it into an area rug after it has eaten her. A Little amusement is good for light entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually read these articles and take them seriously?

I'm wondering if most guys are like me who just don't give a F-ing care what they think!

Martin said...

These dopey fucking female journalists make me laugh. They always prattle on about how women can "multi task" but we poor men can't. Multi task at what actually? Giving the boss a blow job and answering the phone at the same time?

Take a look at the RREAL JOBS that need multi tasking skills. For example, a pilot, astronaut, chef in a hotel. I could go on. All jobs done in the most part by men.

I used to have to run a busy aircraft flightline with about 26 aircraft, you ended up doing about 50 jobs at once. Not a problem.

What makes it worse are the Mangina men in the media who always nod along with these fucking dykes.

Face it "ladies" you're not wanted or needed.

I can put the washing into the washing machine, shop for food and hoover the floor.

Oh and I won't be giving up my home, car or pension either.

Anonymous said...

Hello Duncan
Excellent news to see you are back with us again. Look forward to read your blog.
Wellcome back!

VoodooJock said...

Interesting choice of words in the title, manipulation.

One thing women and their superiority complexes have failed to grasp is that men do learn from their mistakes.

See, manipulation's only a gambit that works in the short term. Con artists are not known for having repeat 'customers'. Once the game has been figured out, good luck in getting the mark to play it again.

Women have been manipulating men for so long, and have become so brazen in doing so, that they've lost sight of the long-term effects of their actions.

That long-term effect being that once men wise up to their manipulations, they cease to be manipulatable.

This returning to chivalry nonsense, this wanting 'real men', 'macho men', old-fashioned gentlemen that their grandmothers married is an attempt to close the barn door after the horse done run off.

You can't put the genie back into the bottle. And because you can't, things will get a lot worse for women before things get better. And this literary equivalent of plaintive wailing is going to get much louder and much worse in the near future.

You've come a long way, baby.

Anonymous said...

Reading that article, all I have to say is that this particular women *still* doesn't get it.

She's got her head so crammed up her cunt it's not even funny.

They whine that men aren't sensitive and caring and yielding and "nice" enough- then when men become more sensitive, caring, yielding and nice, they either ignore them or fuck them over by cheating and divorcing and stealing his kids away.

Then, when Macho Man shows up, it dazzles her because he's so Macho and Tough and that's what women REALLY want- so she takes him and then... tries to make him more sensitive, caring, yielding and nice.

Her selfishness is so ingrained within her that I think she's a case that's crossed PONR - Point of No Return.

Xaver said...

So, not long ago sensitive pansies were desirable yet at present so-called macho men are in style. Likewise, qualities women seek in “men” often synchronize with latest trends. Despite this, some women think, quite hysterically, that their monotonous lists of “values” are somehow unique.

Most western women hardly meet minimum requirements expected of halfway decent people, much less wives. The notion of dating now seems antiquated and laughable since modern women are so rotten, shallow and vastly inadequate. . .

Only desperate weaklings succumb to women’s small-minded list of conditional demands, which are sometimes mistaken for “standards.” Remember, they don’t have real standards -– they’re unprincipled.

To answer the age-old question: “What do women want?

Watch their TV, read their magazines, romance novels and so forth… They’re ultimately products of the convoluted, superficial filth they gorge on daily.

Is it any wonder western women are so fat and warped? They are what they eat.

Back to a more important question: Who cares what women want? I sure as hell don’t.

Anonymous said...

Eric J Schlegel said...
I remember being at a beer tent one dark night and a woman asking me and some friends who would be a gentleman and escourt her to the portajohns.

This is a pretty sorry attitude, Eric. Just because the Left wing destroys the social relations between men and women, it doesn't mean you have to give in to them. They want you to behave exactly as you have done. If you don't protect women you've given up on the whole of civilization, including the food, the electricity, the lot.
Screw the left wing and act like a man, not like the slug that they want you to be. Every time you keep civilization going, even in a small way, you stick it to the dirty Left. I do this every damn day. I spit on the Left.

Eric J Schlegel said...

Repling to anonymous: Don't tell me to act like a Man becuse I damm well know already; to hell with protecting bitches. The left and the Right BOTH use feminism and are leading this nation down the shithole. I go out and LOOK and PRAY for a chance to save a ho, and walk on. "C'mon, woman, let's hear you roar" I say. I LIVE FOR a chance to hear a nasty dude swear and cuss around "ladies" so that I can stand there and grin. I work out and train in marial arts SO THAT I can have the ability to intervene in a violent rape, and then go look for a phone...