Saturday, 3 May 2008

The stench of manginas

I was strolling around a department store the other day and noticed some fragrance for women by Armani, pledging that 40% of the vast profits to be had from each bottle of over-priced scented liquid would be sent to 'women and children' in Africa who have AIDs.

Hmmm. Just women and children? I suppose it was women's perfume. What about the men's then? That would have profits going to men with AIDs, right?

Nope. The men's aftershave of the fragrance likewise boasted that 40% of all sales profits go to 'women and children' with AIDs in Africa.

Er...where does that leave the men?

Up shit-creek with a completely buggered immune-system I guess. But, hey, it's only men, they're not as important as Women and teh Children! And what of the male children that have AIDs? Are they foresaken when they hit 16 and turn from children into men? I guess so.

I wouldn't buy such over-priced metrosexual puffy piss anyway, but it's still annoying that both the women and men's version of this brand boast of specifically helping only women and children, and make it clear men can go and fucking die for all they care.


Anonymous said...

Not at all surprised. This happens all the time, and while good from a marketing standpoint is very good, one really does have to wonder about whether these people who actually think this is a good thing have more than one brain cell.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Watch this video.
This is about dumping toxic useless drugs on third world countries to reduce there population. Men don't contribute to population growth in third world countries. Women and children do. Thats why they are targeted, this isn't some chivalry.

These vaccines for women and children are not what they seem, they contain sterilizing agents.
See the link above, this is documented and proven.

Why do you think we have feminism, free abortions, birth control pills, and female only vaccines. This is about getting rid of the useless eaters.

Anonymous said...

If it has a label like that, I avoid it. Not because I don't care about the problem of AIDS but because I don't believe just cunts and children should have the benefit of the proceeds. AIDS doesn't ignore men, but for some reason I think the companies behind this are pandering to the lezzers. You'd think that the mens deoderant or coloegn would have had going to benefit "men" and "children" on it. But then again if that happened all the fucking lezzers and their stupid idiots without brains would be protesting it to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

Clear something up for me people. Isn't "metrosexual" just slang for closeted homo? All the people using that label seem kind of fruity to me.

Martin said...

Nothing new here. How often do you see Breast Cancer campaigns or "women only" charity races?

Something like 90% of the NHS budget is spent on female related health care. More than 90% of all money spent on Caner reaserch is focussed on female related Cancer, because that's what gets the media attention. It's well accepted that men can't get the same standard of health care women can. If men used the NHS to the same level as women it would collapse overnight. There are large numbers of "Hospitals for women" within the NHS yet not a single one that specialises in male health related issues, yet we are continually told by the fat men hating lezzers in the "meeja" that women live longer. No fucking wonder, they get all the health care.

Notice how any health report gets priority if it involves women. Recently, we have seen reports that women are drinking more (so fucking what?) heart disease in women is rising (but still lower than for men) and that more women are committing suicide. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE" sneer the fat lezzers in the media.

Well what about all the men that die? What about all the male soldiers who come home from the wars created by the fat politicians (in particular the fat dykes in McLiebour) who are ignored. Could you imagine if it were women coming back from war with arms and legs missing? The lezzer media (in particular the BBC) would be up in arms about it.

Also interesting in the recent shambles over the 10p tax rate was that the biggest group to lose out were single men. Yet no compensation is being offered to them. The fat wankers in Labour will compensate a few women that lose out and married couples with kids. But if you're a single bloke on low wages, tough shit. Well you know who NOT to vote for next time round.

Anonymous said...

By not treating men as well, they make sure the disease keeps on spreading.

Anonymous said...

duncan idaho speaks the truth once again, we are truly not worthy!

Anonymous said...

One of the Sgt's at the base I work at was going around to see if people wanted to donate to a military widow's fund.

I told him what about widowers? What about the husbands of female military service members, is there a fund for the widowers? If there was I would give to support that.

He said he would look into it and get back with me. He hasn't been around in weeks.

Anonymous said...

"By not treating men as well, they make sure the disease keeps on spreading."

And that is an excellent point. My understanding of AIDS is that it is not gender-specific; hence any cure would benefit people of both sexes (provided it were applied to both sexes, of course. But that is no certainty in these misandric-driven times). But the money from the sale of these products does not seem to be going to find a cure, only to the alleviation of the symptoms; which is where it can be used to benefit only selected groups. And we all know which group is always at the front of any queue for special treatment, don't we?

Armani's former business partner Sergio Galeotti died of AIDS, so Armani has always made a cause of it. But you would think he would therefore be just as aware of the wreckage it makes of men's lives too.

Paul Parmenter

lib said...

I agree with anon at 12:11. If you don't stop in men, it continues to spread to the women and children.

If is is any consolation, no matter how much money one throws at AIDS( in Africa or anywhere else), if you don't convince the people to change their behavior, it is all a moot point.

Avoiding risky behavior is 100% free. Which explains why no one wants to promote it!

Anonymous said...

The Conspiracy against Man

Anonymous said...

Um, its AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. No wonder its spreading.

Anonymous said...

Women are much more likely to contract AIDS from male/female sex. Men get it from buggering each other and needles.

Hmh said...

One of my colleagues at work is very much in favour of programs / aid / education that targets only women and children in Africa... because as she's fond of saying they've tried working with the men, but all the men do is sit around and brew beer all day while it's the women who work the fields.

Ummm... hello? In a matriarchal society that is precisely what happens. When men have no paternal rights and are given a few years and then pushed out when their woman decides it's time for a change, well, why fucking bother doing more? I'd be amazed if this was happening across all Africa, too.

The problem is that this kind of thinking is pretty much ingrained here - women and kids = helpless yet responsible and sensible; men always able to look after themselves yet somehow always foolish and needing guidance, but charity a waste of time because they'd just abuse it.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, I think it's time for a celebration. When you shut down your blog a short time ago, you had close to 750,000 hits. The eternal bachelor archive site has close to 80,000 hits. I'd imagine since you started blogging again, you've probably accumulated at least 100,000 more hits. So, you have to at least be close to or over 1 million hits. So, yeah, congratulations and I think a celebration is in order! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

My Mexican wife's best friend is a 92 year old African-American woman. They have been friends for over 40 years. My kids not only call her grandma, but think of her as their grandma. She is a true old-fashioned lady of education who still drives to the store when she needs something.

She has an old book from the 40's, called THE MYTH OF THE NEGRO PAST, worth buying online used for those who want to know the truth about African men. The author debunks the usual myths and hoaxes that were spread about people of African descent.

One of them had to do with the woman doing all the work while men sat around. I read this exact lie recently on a femi URL.

Researchers, remember this was prior to the mid-40's, went to watch the field work. They observed the women planting their hearts out while the men sat around. So, they reported disgusting African men let women do all the work. Oh, son, it's so hard to be a woman!

Black intellectuals went to investigate how this could be, since they found it unlikely black men were that terrible to their women.

Here is what they found. The researchers contacted the tribe and asked them to send a messenger when the crops WERE READY TO BE PLANTED.

So, the men worked for weeks, cutting trees; burning the excess parts; digging out the stumps to prepare the fields.

When the men were done with their work, as requested the tribe sent a messenger that the crops were 'ready to be planted.'

The researchers came, and the men sat around resting from their weeks of back breaking labor while the women dug little holes in the ground with a hoe and dropped in seeds then covered them up. Oh, son, it's so hard to be a woman.

Anonymous age 66

Ex-boyfriend said...

To hell with Labour.
To hell with Hillary.
To hell with the Manginas that support them both.

george said...

Hey Duncan.

Check this article out.