Thursday, 29 May 2008

Karma Chameleon Kunts

Credit crunch karma

"When money looks like flying out of the window, love walks out the door." What a poetic statement. It’s enough to make you well up. You could almost mistake it for an Amy Winehouse lyric used in a Cambridge university English exam, if you didn’t read it carefully and discover it was actually from Sandra Davis, head of Mishcon de Reya, one of the country’s leading legal firms.

And that she was talking about a rush of trophy wives looking to get out of their marriages before their husbands are hung out to dry by the investment banks they work for.

City wives are rushing to divorce court for their slice of the cake before their husbands are hung out to dry.

Who said romance was dead? Ms Davis, it would seem. The economy may be about to bust, but business for divorce lawyers is booming. "Redundancies are still only being whispered about in the big city," she told a newspaper at the weekend, "but… we have never been busier with stay-at-home spouses asking what their options are."

Proving her point, one such woman blogged on a city website that she had no time for bankers who moaned about their financial woes. "How typical that they just think of themselves!" she wrote, presumably from the comfort of her £3 million townhouse, not paid for by her sitting on her bottom all day, doing absolutely nothing at all.

"How about the impact on their wives? Most of us didn’t sign up to share every waking minute with a down-on-his-luck egotist who spends his days moping around with a pitiful hang-dog expression and constantly relives past 'glories' in a feeble effort to retain what little self-respect he seems to have left."

As much as I disapprove of the state-sanctioned financial bum-raping in store for any man - be he a factory-worker or stockbroker - who is getting divorced, I can't feel complete sympathy for men who married after about 1990, when all but a blind simpleton couldn't fail to grasp the fact that a man getting married is basically throwing his financial future and security into a furnace.

Women - as they themselves make fucking clear by every damn word that spews from their mouths, by every sodding bile they spill regularly in the 'lifestyle' sections of daily newspapers - care for nothing but money. A man is money and/or potential money. To be spent by her, on her. He is a walking cash-machine, a Pension Plan. If said Man stops earning money, then he is to be ditched. If it is more lucrative for wifey to ditch and fuck over hubby then wifey will ditch him, fuck him over then ditch and fuck him over and over some more until the previously top-hatted sucker that she once declared before an altar (whilst sniggering internally) that she would be with 'for richer or for poorer' is basically left living in a cardboard box; very much poorer whilst she is far richer than she deserves to be.

Don't take the article's author's condemnation too seriously; despite claiming otherwise, she clearly is pissed off that she's not in a position to divorce some rich idiot and take him to the cleaners.

The only men who get married these days are idiots and losers.


Martin said...

I totally agree. Any man who marries then gets done over by the bitch deserves what he gets.

The problem is many men feel pressurised to get married (are you a poof? is the usual question if you're not)

No, but when your fat wife takes you to the cleaner you'll be the one doing anal action with HIV positive men to earn enough to keep your fat ex bitch in boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

Women are indeed gold diggers. They love men's money: not men.

Who on earth doesn't know that?

So, a man who marries today does so with the full knowledge of what will happen to him.

There's word for that: self-sacrifice.

It's not a disease: it's programmed, just like the male of the preying mantha knows his head will be chopped off. Still, he is eager to please he female.

I fail to see why I should feel any form of empathy for someone who lives only to die at the hands of a female.

Male bachelors should be grateful to those many men willing to die so we can be left alone and free.

Captain Zarmband said...

I've said this many times before and I'll say it again, women are totally incapable of falling in love with a man - they only fall in love with the lifestyle he can provide for them. This means that when the money has gone so does she, because that's why she's there to start with. This menas that most are no more than prostitutes who sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Women are always spouting about empowerment...well we men are empowered too. Empowered enough to reject any of the following female types:

1. Golddiggers
2. Used up skanks who have shagged half the planet
3. Old bags covered in tattos
4. Old bags whose tits are now level with their ankles
5. Loud-mouthed skanks who constantly blame men for all their problems.
6. Females who spout about empowerment but simultaneously want you to keep them financially

Unfortunately, this more or less rules out the entire female half of our population, which means we men now look for women who meet our biological needs only. This means we date women in their twenties who we have no intention of having a long lasting relationship with, since they will inevitably meet at least one of the exclusion clauses as listed above.

If this annoys you females....tough. We do not need to "grow up" or any of that shaming crap you throw at us which, by the way, only reinforces our contempt for you. You are the ones who need to change to meet our criteria as marriage is not compulsary and is our choice. If you don't like this situation, then blame yourself and the feminists who created a world where men do not to marry women because the risks of being ripped-off are too great. Of course, you could always buy a cat.

Hmh said...

A book spotted in passing the other day: A Man Is Not A Retirement Plan.

Pink cover, of course.

With the post though, I'm not sure I totally agree, Duncan. I've seen women behaving honorably toward husbands facing an economic downturn here. Said husbands are usually seen as being below middle in the earning scale: builders, plumbers, cops etc, even though these guys probably earn OK, when their wife married them, if it was for the guy rather than the position and the cash, then she tends to stay with him. Being Not Rich or Not Fashionable helps a lot with getting a wife who's married you for you rather than for your wallet.

If you're seen as high-level, though, God help you from gold diggers 'cos the filthy lucre draws them in like flies to rotting meat.

And all that said... with the way that men are treated in a divorce... you are right. Getting married is putting your safety and future into a furnace and crossing your fingers.

nevo said...

I can smell a dirty rat here!!
Probably it is a ruse to save the family from loosing everything. Once the wife is divorced the house is safe, thanks to the Family Courts and State Benefits support. Sometime I think Judges are nothing but Jesters of the crown falling over themselves when protecting those bints.
The telling will be heard when the husband is allowed to return home. Whether the ex allows it or not depends on how dishonest the ex is.


nevo said...

Hey!!! I forgot to tell you to visit Bad Mothers club

It is a quite revealing what members of this club have to say


nevo said...

See this one also

Anonymous said...

For me, it was 1985. I was involved in public MRA/FRA activism and also supplying no-fee counseling to divorced men. Around that time is when marital rape came into vogue, and I realized that marriage served exactly one purpose: to enslave men.

For those who think I am extreme in this use of the word slave, I am not. I did a lot of legal research so I would know what was happening in the courts. There is a legal principle which says calling something by a different name does not change what it is. I forget the latin name for the legal principle.

So, calling slavery, child support or alimony, when a man is forced to work for another person while receiving absolutely nothing in return is still slavery. Ante-bellum slaves by the poorly enforced law were supposed to receive housing and food; marriage slaves don't have even that legal right.

The problem was I had been married to my Mexican wife for ten years, and it made no sense to divorce to avoid divorce. So, here I am, 23 years later, still married, and spending most of my time in rural Mexico. (And, even at age 66, our marriage is not among the 22% of sexless marriages. She lost weight when I did, and now weighs 102 pounds. From the neck down she looks much like she did 33 years ago, especially when she's flat on her back, heh, heh. A few weeks ago, she dug out the same exact red negligee which delighted me on our wedding night, and it delighted me again. It isn't as good as it was 33 years ago, but it is disease free and that means a lot these days.)

However, I do agree anyone who has married since then is technically insane. I would never do it again, anywhere in the Anglosphere.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

Men must treat women as women treat them, or worse.

Anonymous said...

You should look at this:
Here is the introduction page that contained the image in the above link:

Anonymous said...


Please have something to say about Sex and The City, or, as a friend of mine called it, Four Whores Dramatically Overstating Their Worth.

I know it's a bit beneath an MRA Crusader of your stature, but consider it comedic relief for the madness that surrounds us.

I'm gonna watch it as a labtechnician studies a specimen.

Anonymous said...

Regarding today's entitlement mentality Western Women, quoting a line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, "What do they have that you could possibly want to buy?"

Anonymous said...

How about I say something about sex in the city instead. I have a new name for it. Slags in the city. We all know what slags do now don't we?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous age 66, please start posting on the dontgetmarried forum again. You are greatly missed. Thanks

Anonymous said...

"You should look at this:
Here is the introduction page that contained the image in the above link:"

Outstanding! American Renaissance is a great magazine and I'm happy that EB's readers also enjoy it.

Hmh said...

I'd heard a few years ago that Sex And The City was wildly popular in Iran, of all places. For a very strange reason, though: it was seen as validating the marriages and happy family lives of the women who were its biggest fans. After all, isn't the entire show about the tribulations the women go through in search of love?

Subtext: female singlehood sucks big time.

Oh, and for some reason the Iranians changed the name. Over there it's called Misadventures Of Four Sluts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous: "Men must treat women as women treat them, or worse." --
We men CAN'T treat women the way they treat us, because then it is suddenly called abuse (or worse) for which we men can be imprisoned. Probably the best (and safest) way for us to treat them is with total indifference and disinterest, and keep away from them as much as possible.
From what I have read and seen on the television concerning the health of AW/WW, it's not much of a loss -- the majority of them seem to be walking petri dishes and cesspools of all manner of STDs and STIs.

Anonymous said...

Hard to cope with these women. They don't fall in love because they have no real noble emotions. It's all simulated according to the latest magazines or mills and boon or whatever. The true romantics are men with their noble deeds and fine flourishes. Women are shallow in every way and it shows more and more. A very unattractive species indeed. Why we put them on pedestals is beyond me. Well the world is busy imploding - maybe it's payback time.
Sick of their shit - to quote Charles Manson - "every word that comes out of women's mouth is a lie".
I have been married for years - I think I just want to fuckoff and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Remember it does not matter when a man married he will be divorced under current law.

When I married I got a tax allowance.

Anonymous said...

Getting married for many men is committing financial and spiritual suicide. Marriage is of zero benefit to men and nothing but a way for women and the state to enslave and impoverish them. The backlash against this is building and when it comes to a head, there will be real Hell to pay for everyone.