Saturday, 10 May 2008

Girl terrorists

Police hunt girl gang who poured liquid through letterbox of London blast house

Former classmates of Charlotte Anderson, 17, are being sought by police after a blast destroyed her flat, an apartment above and two neighbouring cottages in Harrow, northwest London.

Miss Anderson suffered serious blast injuries and Emad Qureshi, 26, her neighbour, was killed in the explosion at 9.30pm on Wednesday.

The fairer, gentler, never-hurts-anyone, pure-as-virgin-snow sex indeed.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, the pussy pass will spare the gentle little waifs from any serious judicial retribution.

Anonymous said...

Really, I do not gett that: I thought women need men like fish need bicycles - and now this?!?

"However, young women today have watched their mothers' floundering relationship history and realised that getting a man to commit is important for their future happiness and family security. Young women are starting to expect far more from men."

However, he could try a little harder. Two-thirds of women felt they made the most effort in a relationship.

Only 37 per cent said their partner had bought them flowers and only 24 per cent of men had paid for a meal out.

Hmh said...

Fucking murderers. How much chance of them getting the same judicial penalty as a man, and how much chance of that penalty actually being exacted?

Or does fear of shanking exist only in male prisons?

I'll be watching with considerable interest.

Hmh said...

Just had a look at the Daily Mail 'article' as well. Hmmmm...

"Unfortunately, men have had it so good for so long they've become commitment-phobic, drifting from one long-term relationship into another."

Er - no. No!! A few men, the ones that all the women notice, have had this. On the other side, most men are simply getting nothing. Nearly every guy I know is so fed up with being written off by hyper-picky women that they simply aren't making the effort any more. And why should we? What do we get in return, for all the hoops we jump? I am constantly amazed by just how low the standard for women around me is. But the article gets worse:

"They would most like to marry a man called James, but Daniel, Dan or Danny, Ben, Matt, Mark, Chris, Jack, David, Josh and John or Jonny also made it into the top ten."

Talk about herd mentality. And teen fantasy. And playing with dolls. I do NOT need to marry a woman who buys into this kind of crap.

A quick look at the comments shows some guys posting about the marriage strike so the word is getting out.

Martin said...

I'm sure they will find a man to blame. They usually do.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect reason to bring back the death penalty to start executing violent trash. CUNTS FIRST!

Anonymous said...

If nothing is done soon about those violent females, they will become completely lunatic. Expect crime rate to soar.

In my corner of the world, killer women are hired more and more because it has become politically incorrect to suspect a woman of being violent.

And even when one is caught, the public usually finds her "cute".

Anonymous said...

I hope they punish these "girls" (and I say that using the broadest definition of the term), by exiling them to Saudi Arabia.

That'd teach 'em a thing or two about doing something this stupid and destructive!

Anonymous said...

When you think about it, the term "Marriage Strike" is really not appropriate -- seeing as most of us men are not interested in having ANYTHING to do with AW/WW for any reason, let alone marriage! With the greedy, drugged-out, whorish, conceited, self-absorbed, STD/STI-ridden psychos that pass for AW/WW these days, it seems that "Great Escape" is much more fitting!

Anonymous said...

I once had a younger black woman on my hands who threatened to deck me. I told her to go ahead and try, but don't bitch after I mash your face in and break some bones too. I would never hit a woman unprovoked, but one attempting to harm me risks much in doing it. If a woman threatening my and my loved one's lives thinks I wouldn't kill her in a heartbeat, she's sadly mistaken.