Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Fathers officially inconsequential

IVF 'right to a father' bid defeated

Lesbian couples and single women won landmark parental rights tonight, as the House of Commons voted to remove the requirement that fertility clinics consider a child’s need for a father.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill will replace the rule with a “need for supportive parenting”, after two amendments that would have restored the original clauses were defeated by unexpectedly wide margins.

While the Government had been prepared for defeat, it won the free votes by majorities of 75 and 68.

The decisions mean that the legislation will grant the most significant extention to homosexual family rights since gay adoption was sanctioned.

It will prevent fertility clinics from turning away lesbians and single women because their children will not have a father or male role model. While the current law does not block such therapy, it is sometimes used to justify refusals

I've stated rumours of the impending death of Britain's society (or what's left of it) several times before, and clearly these rumours were not exaggerated.

It's bad enough that a bunch of Marxist twats have formally declared fathers to be all but worthless, but on top of that there's the hypocrisy; is Child Support going to be abolished? If they and their 'supportive parenting' is not needed, are fathers who are absent from their children's lives - voluntarily or otherwise - going to be let off the hook for Child Support? No, of course not. Fuck 'em, squeeze 'em for every penny they've got. They don't mean shit save for what funds they've got to steal for women's benefit.

Dawn Primarolo, the Health Minister, said that the current law was a “practical impediment” to lesbian couples seeking fertility treatment and that it was right to replace it.

It was a "practical impediment" for a good reason you moron; to prevent it! To prevent man-hating lezzers from getting to have children, who anyone but a Marxist twit would realise would have an upbringing somewhat less supportive, stable and above all normal than a child raised by his/her mother and father.

The legislation was “fair, it offers equitable access and it recognises the complexities of the Britain we live in today,” she said.

I suppose one could describe modern-day Britain as complex.

'Crime-ridden', 'over-taxed', 'Marxist', 'Orwellian', 'shit' and 'fucking doomed' are other descriptions one could employ, due in large part to feminism/socialism and it's total trashing of the society it took so long to build.

“What counts is the quality of parenting.”

And here was me thinking that the best quality of parenting a child could receive would be from the child's parents, not some dumb single career-gal or a rug-muncher and her dyke 'wife' and some anonymous guy who wanked into a jar in exchange for some beer money who'll never know (or probably care) if his cock-snot ever made a baby or not.

This fucking cuntry...


Anonymous said...

Man the life boats, Man the life boats! Women and children first, man the life boats. Errrr, people the life boats, people the live boats, women and children first, errrr, wait, your a man in a dress. get back! Holy shit! He's got a vagina too, wait, it's a lezzer, FEED IT TO THE SHARKS!!!!!

Ok, enough with that. Ok, I think i've heard about the most concentrated form of PC non-sense that a legislative body could ever muster and I thought that US would be first to really shovel this full steam down our throats.

You know, the only reason elected officals do this kind of non-sense is they live far from the fall out behind gated communities. Maybe it is time to send the filth inside those gates to flush out the morons.

Anonymous said...

"This fucking cuntry..."

Someone's definitely screwing your country. This was no mistake: it's done on purpose.

Now what to do?


Woman With An Opinion said...

Great ruling. It's an outrage to allow women the right to an abortion (for ANY reason) without penalty but turn around and restrict another woman's right to have a child. What needs to be established is something that's fair to ALL involved. It's also a HUGE misconception that SMC's feel that fathers (or men in general) are unimportant to children. I can't speak for lesbians but for most SMC's, going it alone was a last resort.

Anonymous said...


The lesbians are going to fight each other for child support when the relationship becomes too inconvenient for both "partners".

That'll be a riot for Court TV to get on film when they start to fight each other but the female bailiff they hired is too weak to break it up so everyone get injured. Then all three of them sue the government b/c the bailiff was supposed to break the fight up but didn't. And the bailiff suffered injuries that weren't in the job description so she sues the government as well.

What a toilet world we live in.

Thank god I'm single and sterile. None of my kids will be subjected to such vile crap.

Hmh said...

Fathers officially inconsequential... and IVF clinics and sperm banks officially short of pod porridge, too. And with a high failure rate even if they've got it. And with massive fees. You can legislate it, but then you've got to get it.

Hmmm... I'd had a thought the other day: what are my rights as a man? Not my rights as a human being, everyone has those, but my rights specifically as a man? And particularly as a (OK, not yet) father?

I can think of responsibilities galore, but rights? Couldn't think of any at all.

Hmh said...

Just had a look at the plans to chase divorced dads for money they make AFTER the divorce.

Wow. Just wow. Get married once, liable for randomly increasing child support, oh sorry, ex-wife maintenance for life.

Anonymous said...

All this proves is that the rights of single women and lesbians to have children is more important than the right of a child to have a father.

And furthermore: If these children don't need fathers...why would any child need one?

Anonymous said...


In my pocket there is a plane ticket and a train ticket. In two weeks time I will be using them. I will be leaving this county to Go My Own Way. I will also be leaving my thirty year marriage. I intend to say more about this on the MGTOW mancast website. This might not be for a while yet and all I can tell you is not any general principals but that one man is saved.

Pumpkinhead said...

The headline is:
Women win right to children without fathers

The headline should be:
Children lose right to fathers

Anonymous said...

Woman with Obnoxious Opinions upon hearing, "Fathers officially inconsequential":

"Great ruling."

Behold the classical feminist response of celebrating anti-male laws.

Captain Zarmband said...

It was very revealing to watch the debate in parliament. Iain Duncan Smith quoted a dossier of facts that proved conclusively that children are far better off when raised by a family that includes their dad (their real dad that is and not mummy's latest boyfriend). And that children raised by a single mother are massively disadvantaged, do poorly in education, are drawn to criminal behaviour, abuse alcohol and drugs and have much higher incidence of psychiatric disorders. Some Labour commie-feminist countered this with the usual diatribe consisting entirely of cliches learnt in women's study classes. These people never cloud any issue with facts, they simply bellow feminist dogma because feminist dogma is all they have.

Of course, it's the children who suffer the consequences of this commie-feminist social engineering which is based on a blind hatred of men.

Anonymous said...

On the positive side, men are being liberated from the shackles of fatherhood.

Men are now having more freedom than ever before and haven't even begun to use it. We can do whatever we want and there's nothing to hold us back.

Fatherhood is being made irrelevant. It's an obsolete role. Maybe it's just the end of an era.
The next step in our evolution is to find ourselves. From there, there will be new universes to discover and conquer.

We are free to walk from any relationship. We have no family ties that cripple our own desires.

Nobody will blame men for being selfish. On the contrary: it is expected of us.

Women are more and more willing to take on sole responsibility for raising children: including monetary costs.
For men, this is an enormous advantage, financially.

Why not take advantage of that?
The old world is slipping away. A new one is forming.

Things are not always what they seem to be.

Anonymous said...

Is there some sort of government strategy in the West? They lie to get us into war, tell us to go shopping and buy houses (even without any money), send jobs and manufacturing overseas, run the debt so high that no way to be paid back by this generation. Oil is approaching $150 per barrel. Social breakdown demonstrated by this law. Just wait till these kids grow up and have kids. Their names might be Mohamed or Ping.

Anonymous said...

Fathers not important.... tell that to my son who i have a great relationship with !!

There is a saying of 'be careful what you wish for' and this will come back to bite. Having been stuffed in the divorce courts and felt the crap of the CSA, i will never again entertain the thought of marriage.

My radical feminist ex-wife died 2 years ago and i have my son as a 'single-parent'. He is very happy and i think we now have to look at...are mothers important?

Once they have removed fathers, according to my ex-wifes files, state control of reproduction can be commenced and women 'freeeeee' to work and make themselves happy. Who will pay for this 'utopia'. I am thinking of becoming a muslim because they stand up to this crap and it might be the only place left that is welcoming for men.

As men are so irrelevant i presume when the off-spring get into criminality then only mum goes to court to face the consequences. The bloke can just say that the government thinks i am irrelevant so its not my concern.

If only we tackled feminist hate-crime in the way that race-hate crime is done. Hound these nutters.

Anonymous said...

This a good one from the halfwit politicians!! Ja, Ja, Ja!!
Sodomy has finally made it into the statute book!!!
All sodomists must be elated that they all can have families with two mothers or two fathers whichever is the case. It is obvious that they have little consideration for the children being left without a father or mother and, since it is legal, no legal oficialdom will be able to protect little kids from pederasts, whether male or female.
I have a daughter and I can guarantee that there is not better reward than to see a child proud of his father.

Anonymous said...

The family is dying and sinking. Men: bail out!

Family is a dead-end. There's no future in it. Only ruins.

Having children is disastrous for men.

There are other ways to live. Much better ways than being a slave.

Anonymous said...

It's whatever women want. That's what considered "right". Consequences for the children or society are immaterial.

Peer into the mind of any female: "Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee!". That tape plays 24/7 in a female's head. Overrides all other considerations. The object of her infantile selfishness changes moment to moment. But that is all that motivates her. Gratification.

Reasoning does not work with the female mind. They don't have the faculties to hold logical dialog. Sure they'll ape the mannerisms of rhetoric and debate, but words and streams of thought are routinely bent and contorted beyond all recognition to serve her one need. "Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee!".

Appealing to politicians doesn't work either. They are hollowed out beings. No integrity. Built a career on feeding the boundless wants of females in exchange for more State power.

The only solution is complete ostracism of Anglo females. No dating. No mating. No nothing. Do that. Women will go insane (reproductive biological needs won't be met). The diseased society will collapse (no more children).

Martin said...

Well don't father kids and don't donate sperm. Simple as that. Who gives a shit if the human race dies out? I don't for one.

Anonymous said...

If fathers are irrelevant than so are husbands.

Woman With An Opinion said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woman with Obnoxious Opinions upon hearing, "Fathers officially inconsequential":

"Great ruling."

Behold the classical feminist response of celebrating anti-male laws."

If my response stems from classical feminism then yours must be based in classical woman-hating frustrated gay male thought. Both accusations are equally valid.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit if the human race die out asks Martin. Well not I for one - at least not the bit of the human race that lives here in the UK or the USA. Let feminism and female values push it to destruction. Bring on the apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

"Who gives a shit if the human race dies out? I don't for one."

Precisely. Why should we care about what could or will happen after us?

The unborn do not exist. We owe them NOTHING.

Life will go on successfully without humans.

Anonymous said...

>>I can't speak for lesbians but for most SMC's, going it alone was a last resort.

Gasp! Is NYMOM back???

Let us look at the last resort hoax. These women avoid and mock decent young men who want a traditional marriage in their early 20's. to run around boinking thugs and spending their affirmative action salaries. The vast majority of them don't know how to implement basic female hygiene, so when they disrobe for sex, the odor gags a maggot. Most of them have one or more STD's. They eat for three, maybe for four.

Then, when they hit their 30's and 300 pounds, they get the baby rabies, then whine, "Gosh, being a single mom was my last resort."

>>My radical feminist ex-wife died 2 years ago and i have my son as a 'single-parent'. He is very happy and i think we now have to look at...are mothers important?

After 66 years of being cursed out for being a male,I have lost much of my empathy for females, at least in the Anglosphere which has a lot to do with the fact I am not there. I certainly hope she died hard. My ex- did. She died of pancreatic cancer, and I am told that is one of the hardest ways to die there is. I was relieved when I heard the end had come. I realized she could never hurt me again; nor my children; nor my grandchildren. I tell ya', karma is a bitch!

>>If my response stems from classical feminism then yours must be based in classical woman-hating frustrated gay male thought. Both accusations are equally valid.

Yep, NYMOM is back, and her mental health has not improved.

Anonymous age 66

Hmh said...

TO those posting about men being free...

Sorry, I disagree. If you think the ruling now means you are free to sow kids over the landscape like grass seed, think again. You aren't even free to have sex. You see: you are viewed by the courts as a culpable parent, that is, someone who is required by law to contribute to the upkeep of a child. That means money, oh and also legal responsibility if the kid runs wild and turns into a crim.

You don't necessarily get visitation rights or custody though, as many men posting here will tell you. You also do not get proof positive that it is your kid. As far as the courts are concerned: if you've lived with the mother for long enough, or provably had sex or some kind of relationship with her then You Are It. DNA largely irrelevant except when they're going after your wallet and want to prove paternal liability while also denying any paternal rights.

It doesn't even have to be your biological kid. If you live with a single mother for long enough that you are considered 'common-law married', and she has kids from someone else... and you've got more money than the first guy... guess who's got Dad's Duties now?

Anonymous said...

To Martin and others who don't mind if humans die out, check out this site:


Martin said...

Yep. Who gives a toss about the Human race?

Women seem to enjoy exterminating their unborn kids for starters (whilst laughingly always blaming men for war)

The leftie veggie eaters keep going on about how we're destroying the Earth.

So the answer is simple. Make abortion compulsory for all women. No more babies=no more humanr ace. Earth saved. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Children are the most frequent cause of divorce.

In most likelyhood, future childbearing will be done inside a machine.And this way, the children will truly be government property.

The artificial womb will be a revolution of an even greater impact than the pill has been.

If we can reproduce artificially, then the basic element that justifies the existence of sex is gone.

There remains only entertainment sex.
With no consequence.

I think that should make everyody happy.

The artificial womb is, therefore, men's answer to the "pill". It will even out the playing field.

Presently, about 1/3 of all children have the same father: the government. With the Artificial womb, there will be one universal father and no mothers and fathers.

For better or for worse, we are drawing ever closer to a Brave New World.


P.S. I shall remain a "savage".

Togakure said...

Damn Mr. D,

I'm sorry to see the UK go out like that. It's always been one of my favorite places to visit.

But don't feel bad sir... I'm pretty sure America is next in line. If I were to describe the U.S, "fucking doomed" would definitely fit the bill!

Keep your head up sir. People need to hear your voice of reason.

Anonymous said...


Feminism has betrayed an entire generation of women into childlessness. It is devastating.

But far from taking responsibility for any of this, the leaders of the women's movement close ranks against anyone who dares to question them - as I have learned to my cost. I don't want to hurt my mother, but I cannot stay silent. I believe feminism is an experiment, and all experiments need to be assessed on their results. Then, when you see huge mistakes have been paid, you need to make alterations.

I hope that my mother and I will be reconciled one day. Tenzin deserves to have a grandmother. But I am just so relieved that my viewpoint is no longer so utterly coloured by my mother's.

I am my own woman and I have discovered what really matters - a happy family.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is happening to your country is also happening to mine here in the States. Marriage for men is about as smart as juggling hand grenades with the safety clips removed. I wish my father taught me Ukrainian and Russian, because if I had the means to do it, I would seriously consider leaving the U.S. to emigrate to Eastern Europe and raise a family there. Far too many American women are emotional and mental train wrecks and incapable of being wives, let alone mothers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Duncan and everyone here.

Please check the "True confessions" stories located at ninemsn.


If you read a few of these stories, you will be outraged about the selfish, manipulative, (self-)deceptive, shameless and amoral nature of woman.

We all know that, but seeing this in real stories makes me want to puke.

phoenix said...

Some of you have this false idea of Islam. I am 100% certain that Islam will never take over, no matter how bad it gets in the West. I believe it's a good religion, but I don't believe anybody actually follows it (the same with Christianity actually).

All that will happen is our culture will infect their culture, and their women will take over (or our women will simply assimilate with them, and then take over). We had a great country and a strong religion too that kept women in check. There's not much difference between Muslims now and America in the 1800s, maybe up to the 50s. Women back then were encouraged to be chaste, to marry, to not have premarital sex, to respect men, etc. Yet look at what happened to us. Islam will face the exact same thing. Let's say it DOES take over, it'll quickly degrade into the same thing we have now.

The Pope seems to have woken up thank god, maybe he'll fix the mess we're in.

Anonymous said...

Now, if every man gets a vasectomy and/or stop donating his precious drollops of sperm (either to a sperm bank or making an actual vaginal deposit), there won't be any children for people to parent/adopt.

It doesn't matter if those people are homosexuals with a perverse, warped sense of entitlement, or near-expiry/barren bitches who simply want to practise their maternal fantasies. As long as we men get our act together, similar male=redundant legislation will ultimately achieve nothing.

Martin said...

There was an article in the Daily Mail the other week stating that women might eleiminate the need for men totally. However, in the Mail today there is a story about an Indian couple dumping their new born babies because they were both girls.

I have to laugh. China, India nd most of the middle east already try to rid themselves of as many baby females as they can. Seems to me that the ladies better be careful, looks like they are the ones going to the wall :-) Happy days.

Woman With An Opinion said...

>>If my response stems from classical feminism then yours must be based in classical woman-hating frustrated gay male thought. Both accusations are equally valid.

Yep, NYMOM is back, and her mental health has not improved.

Anonymous age 66

I know who NYMOM is but I am not she. Honestly, the only difference between her rants and the majority of posters here is sex/gender.

Xaver said...

Anonymous age 66 said... “Gasp! Is NYMOM back???”

Don’t know but your suspicion is similar to mine. I’ve a hunch that a certain mentally disturbed woman fabricated various identities (all disappeared except one) to advocate her ludicrous viewpoints and converse with herself. I’ve kept this hunch to myself for a while since I cannot prove anything definitively. It’s interesting someone else has observations along those lines though.

At any rate, for someone who continually trivializes & disparages EB, she sure is addicted, Isn’t she? This excellent blog apparently sticks in her craw, whoever she may be.

Anonymous age 66 said... “Then, when they hit their 30's and 300 pounds, they get the baby rabies, then whine, "Gosh, being a single mom was my last resort."

Yep, it’s another indication of their inadequacy and unwillingness to accept responsibility for their self-indulgent proclivities. Acknowledging getting pregnant by bottom of the barrel lowlifes is probably unbearable, hence, they pretend (after years of partying) to have looked for decent fellows all along. SMs must reduce all men to their former boyfriend/’s level to preserve their delicate egos. If innocent children were not suffering, it would indeed be comical. The copout, “becoming a single mum was last resort,” after a lifetime of impulsiveness, reminisces typical misandrist drivel. After squandering their youth and actively repelling decent lads, they pathetically blame men for nature’s unforgiving consequences.

Another justification for single motherhood echoing around is, “men just aren’t toeing the line,” which is essentially the same falsehood. Hoodlums & players are not conforming of course and never will. However, there are plenty of men "toeing the line" of whatever path they chose to walk.

Bachelorhood like spinsterhood is a CHOICE, although similarities stop there. Informed, family-oriented men choosing eternal bachelorhood must suppress their desire for fatherhood. Single women past their primes should follow our example.

Spinsters need to grow up and accept responsibility for their vain lifestyle choices. Also, stop needlessly destroying children’s lives by rearing them out of wedlock with total lowlifes. Single motherhood is inexcusable. There is no reasonable justification for it, save hubby dying etc...

Society ought to render SM Hood unfeasible if not illegal before this serious predicament becomes irrevocable.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix brings up a good point that I have never really considered when it comes to Islam and other similar cultures/religions. That being that when other cultures immigrate to western societies they cannot help but assimilate in the most negative ways rather than the most positive. The daughters from families of what once were very traditional societies (Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern) grow up to be westernized feminist career women.

This comes as no surprise. Like a deadly virus has Western feminism spread and will ultimately destroy the institution of marriage/family everywhere (Except the most primitive societies) the same as it has done to the west, not that it matters so much as we men are now free from the shackles of such bondage! A few short years ago countries that were quite patriarchal have now been feminized and completely revamped, Germany, Spain, Italy, many of the African and Asian countries, India, and too many others to list here have enacted feminist legislation. Many of these immigrants were slightly “infected” before they immigrated to the West!

I clearly remember that a mere two decades ago that people who had fallen under the conservative label were just that, conservative! Today’s conservatives are mostly conservative on most issues, but one thing is very different than conservatives of yesteryear, modern conservatives are feminists and don’t even realise it?
Some 50 odd years back the west was patriarchal, within a decade the counter culture revolution took place and almost overnight our women were ruined! The power of this movement is quite real! So real that it has succeeded in ways that the average westerner can never imagine!

Anonymous said...

Those desiring to become Muslims or allying themselves with Muslims so as to combat feminism are deluded beyond measure. Islam is slavery, and a medieval one at that... Once it takes hold, there is no escaping it. To learn the meaning of emasculation, look at the condition of the non-Muslims men living under Islam, and even the Muslim ethnic minorities. No man who loves freedom and all the values that once made the West great would even consider embracing that evil bloody cult. Why do the lower ranking beta types believe that they would do better under Islam?--- The weaker men under Islam are abused in the same way that weak prisoners are abused when incarcerated. Most Muslim men have no access to heterosexual sex till middle age. Islam is the hereditary paradise of select class of high ranking men who monopolize all the resources and the women, leaving the rest with very little and treating them as canon fodder. The weakest men in the sexually repressed and gender divided Islamic lands are involuntarily pressed into service as communal relief holes, the lighter complected ones are especially prized.

The Counter-Jihad begins

Anonymous said...

Defeating feminism and all the entrenched socialist madness is a mere walk in the park compared to taking on Islam... Islam is not the masculine paradise that you are made to believe by some of the anti-feminists and Muslim propagandists. I doubt very much that the chattering classes, women, gays and even the butch lesbians will have the courage to combat Muslims for the freedom of Europe and Western civilization. Most of you will be too old when the “you know what” hits the fan, but someone must fight Islam.

Women did not destroy the Western world, it was men who abdicated their responsibilities as men to lead for vague and worthless notions. Men are the greatest gender because without them nothing is possible... But, I speak of real men and not of those that for whom their anatomy is merely a curse because they are not fit both psychologically and physically to handle the rigors of manhood.

The masculine virtues of courage, honor, personal sacrifice are what makes men men. Remember the Frankish men who stood atop a ridge in southern France over a millennium ago with Axe and Shield in hand like an impregnable wall against wave after wave of Moorish horsemen. Remember El-Cid and his fearless warriors fighting outnumbered against the Islamic hordes of fearsome fanatical horsemen from the wastelands of North Africa who came to shed the blood of infidels or their own in obedience to Islamic law. Remember the Knights of Malta who though outnumbered hundred to one bravely held off a great Ottoman fleet in order to to forestall Muslim domination of the Mediterranean. Remember the valiant seamen and soldiers in the battle of naval Battle of LePonto, a rare day when Europe united to defeat a massive Ottoman fleet. Remember your fathers who fought in WWII against that great fan of Islam, the scum Hitler who wished that Charles Martel wast defeated at Tours so Europe would have been Muslim. Only the tyrants seek out Islam and the weak surrenders to it, but real men would never surrender and will gladly suffer a thousand death than abrogate their manhood and their humanity. Islam is death.

The Counter-Jihad begins.