Saturday, 10 May 2008

Daft slag

My relationship is heading south. Should I keep the baby?

In a nutshell:

"I'm a thick cunt who got knocked up by a tattooed ex-convict thug and he's totally psycho and I don't know what to dooooo, should I kill the kid I was impregnated with ('Unbeknownst to me') and ditch the deceased's daddy, or what, please teh help!"

My advice:

Drop dead.

You shagged a thug, you got a baby-thug/thugette planted inside of you; deal with it. You don't like it? You reckon the kid's bad-boy dad isn't as responsible as he was exciting?


Ya shoulda been more careful, toots!

Fuck you, fuck your whining, and fuck you thrice more for expecting sympathy for being a daft slapper. You and your bastard kid should die in a rain-soaked cardboard box under an overpass and be a warning to any other dumb cunt who thought it'd be fun to whore about and arrogantly assumed society would be there to offer sympathy and pick up the pieces when it all goes horribly - and predictably - wrong.

This thug-humping moron is a walking, sobbing, snivelling reminder of what happens when a Patriarchy is replaced by a Matriarchy.

(She was raised without a dad; just thought I'd point that out.)


Anonymous said...

"I rang an ex of mine who had been there for me in the past in difficult situations, because he had a car and lived near the hospital."

An important quote from her blatherings. She DID once have a boyfriend that did not treat her like the skank that she is. But I suppose he was not as exciting as the ex-con.

Notice that the only reason she even thought of her non-scumbag ex-boyfriend is because of what she could get out of him. The guy she can't get much of anything from (the ex-con), is the one that she frets over.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, this kind of thing happens with guys too. How many guys do you know of that return to a cheating ex-girlfriend?

Hmh said...

"I rang an ex of mine who had been there for me in the past in difficult situations, because he had a car and lived near the hospital."

And the ex got death threats from a tattooed twice-convicted thug for trying to do the right thing by a woman who had almost certainly dumped him.

Don't be this guy, chaps. Just don't. Chances are that she dumped him and he's still there, ready to come running to her aid the moment she calls. If you find yourself in this kind of potential situation - decent guy, former girlfriend or two now seeing guys who you'd cross the street to avoid - it might be a good idea to quietly change your phone numbers. Don't let the situation happen in the first place.

Incidentally having a look at the responses nearly all of them (from both men and women) state quite clearly that everyone thinks that she's been an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a stupid whore that ended up running off with a man who is a deadbeat, two children never paid a dime in child support for 10 years. While married his wife would have to hunt him down because he'd spend all his money at a bar drinking it all down and not put a scrap of food on the table for his children while married. Nice guy eh? But knowing this all, this dumb cunt spread her legs and ended up being knocked up by him. She had the child, big mistake and true to form he's not paid a dime in child support. I'm also of the opinion he's a tax cheat since I don't understand how he could get away with not being tracked down and forced to pay. Not that I expect he could pay much since whatever he gets via cash money ends up in his stomach as beer anyhow.

But this is the shit that women are told to love. This is the shit that women whore themselves to and then expect very arrogantly, that a man would be there to pick up the piece once she's been fucked to pieces and her cunt looks more like a half chewed wonton dumpling. Then she's ready for mr. normal guy for her walk down the isle in a white hippopotamous sized dress and then a couple of years later to divorce mr. normal guy. Gee, isn't life grand in the minds of these idiot women who do that?

Martin said...

Rather like women that go from one violent relationship to another and another. Have they never noticed the common link?

A lot of women like violent men, it makes them feel "womanly" and they think they can change them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, she is stupid. A stupid woman with an arts degree.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

Jesus ... if this is what you British guys have to choose from, I'd be looking hard at joining a monastary.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10 May 2008 11:37,

Naturally she does, it is all about her royal skankness. She's a piece of shit and always will be a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

She was raised without a dad. That's the key to this sorry mess. As one of the comments at the article points out, she only picked this guy because she saw him as a father-substitute. If she had had a proper father in her life, there is a fair chance that she would never have made such a bad choice. But now, she will probably keep the child and repeat the same ugly circle her mother did. You could probably come back in twenty-five years' time and read the exact same story from this woman's daughter.

Another point; the guy is made to sound like a piece of excrement, but remember we have only heard her side of the story. What is his version? We don't get to hear, and we never will. Instead we are invited to condemn him solely on the word of the woman. Ever encountered that situation before?

Notice how everything in her story is designed to portray her as an innocent victim, suffering at the hands of an unthinking, heartless brute. Sound familiar?

Even her pregnancy dropped into her life out of a clear blue sky. She had no part in it at all. She is just a passive victim of that event. Yeah, right.

Then her story has glaring contradictions. He wants them to stay together and raise the baby - she says - but then she describes actions that are completely at odds with that claim. He does nothing to help her with her pregnancy. Doesn't fit together at all, does it? Then he flies into a rage when he sees her get into her ex-boyfriend's car. Clearly a misunderstanding on his part. But how did she manage to engineer that situation (because engineer it she did)? Why the hell did she not just tell him that if he wouldn't take her to hospital, she would get her ex to do so? Then he would have known exactly why she was getting into his car.

I wouldn't believe a fraction of what this woman is telling us. She is trying to manipulate us just as she has manipulated everyone around her.

Paul Parmenter

Anonymous said...

I have sent this comment to the original story. Although I have been softer and more empathetic that I am usually here, I doubt it will be published on the Web page

Oh, please. The kind of attitude I see in the comments to this letter makes crystal clear why our society is so broken and is going worse and worse.

Look, my friends, there is a thing called RESPONSIBILITY. Yes, you heard me. I know this can be strange for you, that this means that actions have consequences. Please look it up in the dictionary.

Let's summarize this sad story:

1. The mother of this girl worked HARD to put this girl in a private school to see her succeed in life.

2. Having studied in a private school and being in the University she met lots of intelligent decent boys to have a relationship with. She could have dated any one of this. Or she could have stayed unattached and devoted to study.

3. Instead of that, she chose a labourer who didn't end high school and who was an ex-convict. Who is the responsibility of this decision? Please, don't tell me that she is very young to distinguish between nice guys and bad boys. She is in the University. Furthermore, when she is in real trouble, she knows who can rely on "I rang an ex of mine who had been there for me in the past in difficult situations". Of course, this ex was not as exciting as the bad boy.

4. She knows that they have "very different values, different backgrounds, and some very basic communication difficulties". But she stays in the relationship and keeps having sex with him. Then she gets pregnant ("unbeknowst to me", although I doubt it). Whose fault is that? If you put your hand in a fire, why are you shocked when you are burnt?

5. Now that she is pregnant, she is shocked that his bad boy does not behave like the perfect husband and father. Of course, having been in jail two times, she was expecting a sweet and tender husband. After all, everybody know that prison is the home of the more responsible elegible bachelors in the country. And now she is depressed and do not know what to do.

Well, a sad story. But what is really pathetic are the comments here. "You poor thing", "you are so very strong to have coped with all this", "This guy sounds dangerous" (really? a two-times ex-convict? I wouldn't have told so). Of course, she is a poor VICTIM... A woman is never responsible of her actions. She is always a victim...

Let me tell me, Sleepless, that your pains are wholly self-inflicted. You chose the wrong actions and you have very tough consequences. Regardless your decision about the baby, you can use this tough situation to grow up and accept responsibility (so your future actions are not so foolish and you can have better results and a happier life). Or you can blame others and get caught in the victim mentality, so you can keep behaving like a fool and having real pain over and over again when the consequences chase you. People here have already decided for the last option. I really hope you are wise enough to choose the first one.

I don't say this to hurt you but because you can learn from this experience, as tough as it is.

Anonymous said...

This girl is an idiot. Even in the comments she constantly defends her decision to be with an ex-con, continually defends her use of contraceptives (despite the fact she didn't evaluate possible alternatives) and worst of all mentions her IQ score.

This girl deserves what is coming, a lifetime of welfare and poverty with a bratty kid who will turn out like his father...all while the hardworking taxpayers of wherever financially support this dreadful outcome.

Stupid chick.

Anonymous said...

Wow all this girl does is come up with excuses...I'm not dumb because my IQ is 164 (read in comments). This skank deserves the misery that awaits her. She doesn't deserve any sympathy. Why can't any of these selfish ho's accept responsibility for their actions? Why are we made to feel sorry for them? So sick of this victim card being played by idiots who clearly love to surround themselves with drama.

Feel bad for whatever kid gets stuck with this whore of a mom.

Hmh said...

Mr Parmenter - once again you are spot on. I couldn't agree more - we are only being presented with her side of the story and although none of it may be a lie in her mind, it'll certainly be twisted to support her. Manipulation, guys, it's so damn easy to get pulled in by it.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that young women don't expect to have to take responsibility for their own actions. They expect a guy to be there to do that.

I've never worked out why they get such an ego-wank out of amateur dramatics and feeling sorry for themselves. I suppose insanity can't be ruled out.

k-dog said...

Duncan, your influence is continually making itself felt. Here are some of the best of the best among the responses, and you could have written many of them. By the way, the post of Anonymous 13 May 2008 12:22 did appear, under the name "Pablo" on 14 May at 5:06 am.

Andre replied to tahlia
Sun 11 May 08 (07:26pm)

Yes, she should “enjoy” her youth. I guess this is feminist code speak for whore yourself out to more of the same, since society will be there to pick up the pieces and provide for you anyhow.

If I had my way, tarts like this that drop out a little 7lbs annuity from some loser ex-con wouldn’t be given a dime in support. This problem seems to be universal in western societies where women whore themselves off to the scum of the earth then expect very arrogantly that we’ll sympathize. I say tough luck for her and if she ends up on the street with her little thug/thugette that is inside of her now, it should be of nobodies concern what happens thereafter and if she dies on the street alone that should be a reminder to all of the consequences of whoring yourself off to those who are more interesting and exciting as this tart clearly has done.

I’ve had enough of “empowered women” who take zero responsibility for their retarded actions and then expect sympathy from everyone when things don’t quiet work out for them. Tough luck for this tart.

Andre replied to Dean
Sun 11 May 08 (07:51pm)

You can’t bleed money from a rock Dean of near Manly. I’ve seen young women whore themselves off to ex-cons and known deadbeat dads simply because they’re hunky, interesting and exciting. Problem is, I don’t feel sympathy for them because they made the choice despite knowing these type of guys are in the long run no good. Women have it in their heads that they can get sympathy from anyone including hairy legged feminists (aka the all men are bastards crowd). I say this, women whore themselves to thugs and scum while young, deserve no sympathy. That other Ex of hers, who she dumped because he wasn’t as exciting as her new found ex-con shouldn’t be a mangina and should tell that woman, if you make the choice you pay the consequences for that choice. This woman doesn’t deserve ever in her life a decent man since she won’t ever accept one for long. She deserves the garbage and trash of society that the media of mass communications tells her she should love. But for the rest of us, since I’ve seen this go on here, she doesn’t deserve one iota of sympathy, her choice, her problem. Let her sort it out on her own if ever.


Shane replied to Idiotdisliker
Fri 09 May 08 (08:39pm)

Harsh or otherwise Kate, and despite our “modern” society, the simple facts are that the father of a child can still skip town. That is a somewhat useless course of action for the mother of a child (although I have heard of the odd blonde who skipped town).

So while it may not be a particularly nice thought, I really think that any woman who doesn’t take the lead in contraception is a damn fool. The bloke can escape, she can’t.

After all, she chose to shag the loser drug using crook. She knew what he was and chose the bad boy.

This silly girl, along with most girls who make stupid choices, came about because she thought she knew everything, and thought she was the real sophisticat for shacking up with “an older man”. The facts are she was nothing more than a cleaning lady/cook and mattress for him to lie on while he was having a root. It’s hardly surprising that loser boy showed his violent side, which was no doubt a product of him being rooted up the quoit whilst in gaol. It’s hardly surprising she’s carrying a genetic criminal.

Shane of Sydney (Reply)
Fri 09 May 08 (04:17pm)

So the consequences of actions bite in the arse again.

Abortion is not a form of birth control, so cop it sweet. You did the crime, now serve the time.

Did your mother say anything when you hooked up with this loser?

Did anyone warn you of the dangers of hooking up with a significantly older man with his history?

You’re just a silly little girl who was rebelling against your private school childhood. Which bit of this didn’t you understand?

Now perhaps you’ll stop and think of your actions and the subsequent consequences, particularly when this fuckwit comes to pick up the kid every second weekend, not forgetting to duck when he takes a swing at you or threatens to burn you.

Alastair of Croydon (Reply)
Fri 09 May 08 (06:10pm)

Thugf*cking: the third leading cause of death for women age 15 - 45.

what’s the bet that fast forward 5 year we have 2 or 3 more little thuglets to god knows how many more “bad-daddy’s” and this gem of a woman starts wondering where all the nice guy captain save-a-ho’s are.

Then it’ll start with all the “nice guys are just man-boys who should grow up and settle down and learn to take care of a good woman”. Followed by all men are bastards all men this, all men that, why are none of them bank rolling me etc etc.

Basically this girl is a lost cause. She took the typical alpha-male beta-male outlook on guys and further declared that thug = alpha and nice = beta and its ended up screwing up her life. Well gee; who ever knew something like that could happen to any girl with such a stupid outlook on men(eye-roll).

The only way she can redeem her self is by giving the kid to a childless couple that have actually bothered (unlike her) to set themselves up and become ready for a family. That way the poor bub isn’t saddled with a crim father, a slag mother and no real hope of a future. She’ll even get a nice payment of my tax dollars from big daddy gubbermint who seems to think it prudent to pay these stupid girls the hard earned of decent society for every time they choose to pass on bob the meth-chemist’s DNA.

Lord Blackadder of my steam yacht, "The Saucy Sue" (Reply)
Sun 11 May 08 (11:06pm)

Oh goodie, just what we need - more bogans from the shallow end of the gene pool breeding and producing unwanted children, which will then have to be supported by the taxpayers of this country.

Who are you? Jamie-Lynn Marie Spears? Sleepless - GROW UP. Your little private school girl rebellion is over. Hanging around with bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks is like, so rebellious and cool, like. It was so, like, romantic, when he tattooed your name on his body. Like, so cool. But most grow out of that rebellion stage - you obviously didn’t. How anyone who has been to gaol - twice - can be considered honourable is beyond me. You were a real “rebel” by not using appropriate contraception to prevent this pregnancy. You claim: “I’ve never had sex without contraceptives in my life. Not once.” Yes, the Contraceptive Pill is 97% effective. That’s why you use condoms as well. This brings it effectively up to 100%. Any chemist or doctor will tell you this, especially when you are on antibiotics. 97% is still pretty damn effective – it means if you have sex 100 times, 3 of those times you MAY get pregnant. This is again why people with brains and a sense of responsibility (and who aren’t scared of the Pope) USE A CONDOM even when they are on The Pill.

This Rebel Without a Cause is a prat and you are a git for putting up with his crap. You are sinking to his level. He doesn’t love you and you won’t change him, no matter how many “couples counseling” sessions you go to. You are merely his meal ticket. End of story.

As for the collection of cells in your womb, it is up to you whether you abort or continue the pregnancy. But I hope for the sake of the child if it’s born that you take some responsibility and either adopt the child out to people with more maturity than you or grow a spinal cord and tell James Dean to bugger off and if he ever comes near you and the child you will personally remove his goolies so he can’t breed again with some other “rebellious” private school girl.

If I sound harsh, well tough. I am tired of little princesses boo-hooing every time they mess up, and then expecting the taxpayer and society to foot the bill. People should learn to take responsibility for their actions and stop allowing wankers like Sleepless’s “boyfriend” (and I use that in the widest possible sense of the word, as no decent boyfriend, or human being for that matter, would allow someone to potentially bleed to death from pregnancy complications) to get away with it. If this is the direction society is heading, then I’m moving to Mars – I hear the amoeba there have more social mores than some humans here.

Yes, I am a bastard. Shogani…

Anonymous said...

That article could have been written by my mother. She got involved with a strange man who left her after she got pregnant. Worse, she did again when I was 11 years old with another man shi*ting out another bastard child, only this one I end up having to whip when he misbehaves.

I moved out when I was 20, and 'helped out' occasionally financially , but she still ended up broke, unemployed and homeless. She did it to herself, she thought she could quit her marginal job as a clerk and live off her *small* savings for awhile. After quitting she resolutely decided that she never wants to work in clerical again because she thinks it sucks.

She avoided looking for work for quite awhile until I felt pity for her and let her and my half-brother move into my tiny apartment. Honestly, I couldn't let my own mother live on the street could I? For the first year she refused to look for work and I didn't want to broach the subject. I finally brought it up and she began looking for *housewife* employment, all the while endevouring to do my laundrya and cook for me. She has tried to use me as the husband she never had the discipline to look for. No, she has used me as a substitute husband. She has now been with me for the last 2.5 years and will hopefully move out at the end of this month as she has promised.

The most maddening part is that my mother is the most sincere Bible reading Christian. If she read this blog she would agree with everything you have written, but won't mention her 2 bastard children by two different men. I feel like Adam Sandler in The Waterboy.

I'm now 25 and with the benefit of hindsight I now agree with Pat Buchanan when he says illegitimate children should be taken from single mothers and placed in state orphanages. I would go further and believe they should be forcibly sterilized. The great tragedy of this is that my mother is a very intelligent woman who got knocked upon returning to college. It seems dysgenic that our society's intelligent women are tricked into wasting their intelligent genes with losers.

Looking back on my life, I think it would have far more successful if I had a father there to kick my ass when I screwed up. Single mothers are among the most selfish people in the world.

God help us.

Anonymous said...


Cunts aren't duped into doing it, they are constantly shown how much more exciting the losers with no future are compared to the decent guys, the nice guys, the nerdy guys and the shy guys. Once they are told these latter guys are boring and stupid (even though they could be IQ 180 Mensa types) these cunts will do the smart thing as the media tells them to fuck thugs even though they have heard from their other cunt friends how poorly they got treated. These cunts have the magical vagina syndrome since they think they'll succeed where their other cunts failed. As retarded as that sounds of them, they are making a choice for themselves. Unfortunately for the likes of you and me, we have to pay the consequences of their royal skankness actions in the form of taxation. This brings me to my next point, if the state stopped the hand outs for these types of sluts a good number of them would think twice. If it was left up to private charities to hand out food and help to them, they wouldn't feel so cocksure of themselves thereafter to repeat the same shit over again.

Anonymous said...

She is still here 2 months after she promised me she would be out. She seems to have me pretty well figured out, which makes sense seeing as she raised me. She always delays and makes a show of looking for a place, but doesn't seem to make enough to get out. since she doesn't make enough to move out she doesn't have an incentive to look for a better job either.

In another 5 years she will be almost 60 and thinking about retirement, but since she has nothing saved who do you think she will want to live with?

She didn't have to look for a husband, she raised her own.

God, I hate my life.