Friday, 4 April 2008

What's up Ms Doc?

Rise in women doctors 'worrying'

The rising number of female doctors is "bad for medicine", and universities should recruit more men, a GP warns.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Dr Brian McKinstry said female doctors were more likely to work part-time, leading to staffing problems.

Women, who now outnumber men in medical schools, were also less likely to take part in training or research, he said.

A great example of pig-headed femspeak follows:

But opponents said the best candidates should be chosen regardless of gender and flexible working policies improved.

So on the one hand these opponents (i.e. some whining bint) insists 'gender' doesn't matter when it comes to hiring policies, yet at the same time demand 'flexible working policies', meaning for women.

This is so common when it comes to fembots; they insist women can do anything men can do whilst, in the same breath, implicitly accepting this isn't the case and demanding everything be done to accommodate women.

"There is quite a developing evidence base that female doctors are not inferior to male doctors, but in fact are doing better in terms of getting into medical school and in their exams."

Big fucking deal!

It doesn't matter how great they're doing in medical school, if they're only working twenty-hours a week or taking big career breaks, it doesn't matter.

The best candidates needed to be chosen for medical school whatever their sex but flexible hours, on-site child care and part-time training options were needed to ensure women doctors had equal opportunities in their career, she said.

Women do have equal opportunities in their careers; like men, if they study hard, work full-time and bust their bottoms training in specialised areas, they'll do well.

What she really means is that women should be able to take time out and basically slack off to ensure their precious bloody work/life balance yet still be able to have all the rewards of their hardworking male colleagues.

And who's going to cough up for this 'on-site child care'? Fucking taxpayers, that's who. With a male doctor, you pay him his salary. With a female one, you pay their salary (and get less output) and their childcare costs, and additional expenses for their flexible hours and drawn-out part-time training courses. What a fucking waste. Why bother?

"I'm not meaning to be critical - women have a difficult time of it because they are left with the bulk of childcare.

"The main thing we need is a revolution in the attitude of society towards childcare and who has the responsibility for childcare."

The above quoted guy makes the usual mistake of assuming there is some evil conspiracy to force women to have children and lumber them with the responsibility of childcare. Bollocks. Women invariably want children as much as their husbands do - if not more so - and it is the woman who usually decides she'll be taking over the childcare responsibilities.

I'd like to see the average career woman's reaction when, whilst pregnant, her husband starts declaring his intention to quit his job so he can be a full-time father and enquires of his wife whether she will be able to support him and their child on her salary alone. Most women will be puzzled, having automatically assumed she'd be the one quitting her high-stress job to raise a baby.

I'm lucky enough to have never been seriously ill, but if I had to see a specialist doctor regularly I'd be pretty pissed off if appointments had to be within the five-hour window between the school-runs, or were cancelled regularly because Ms. Doc's kid had a cold.


Anonymous said...

Feminists and their cohorts will eventually grind society into the ground with their NEVER ending list of demands. Reality is bound to catch up with this sort of nonsense causing untold damage to civilisation. Of course it will be all men's fault!

Captain Zarmband said...

At last people are waking up to what happens when women take up demanding jobs like the medical profession. I watched with interest a recent TV programme that followed a group of doctors from the time they qualified in the late eighties to the presnt day. Guess what? Nearly all the women had packed it in and no longer worked in the NHS. But all the men still worked in NHS hospitals or as General Practitioners. One man has become one of the UK's top surgeons.

The women doctors sited long hours and stress as the reasons they no longer work for the NHS. Some have taken easier jobs, many work at all. One worked part time as a GP (two mornings a week) and another worked part time as an agony aunt for a women's magazine. And don't shout about family commitments as an excuse for this, many of these women were not even married.

This is worrying for the NHS who spend hundreds of thousands of Pounds training each female doctor and in return get four or five years work from them. By contrast the same amount spent on training a male doctor reaps decades of loyal service and a handsome payback for all that taxpayer's money invested in their training.

Other people have twigged that our society has some serious thinking to do when confronted with this kind of evidence. It's all very well that medical colleges are now predominantly female but what are the long term effects of this? How many of these female medics will still be working as doctors in the health service in ten years time? On current evidence very few!

Cornholio Mangus said...

It isn't just Physicians, Duncan. It's any professional woman. My (former) accountant bumped by appointment on two separate occasions for "family issues".

I, personally, will never again hire a female professional. My new man-accountant seems to value my business.

And a female doctor? Never!

Anonymous said...

It has now become just as risky for a man to be a "Doc" as it is to be a teacher. You can have your life ruined just as easily.

To tell the truth, If I was an MD, I would have my own practice and I would treat men only.
I would not even take the risk to give medical treatments to women: way too dangerous!

Men are pulling out of that profession, just like they did for other profession were females became majority.

Working in a female environment is very acid. To be avoided.


Anonymous said...

"I, personally, will never again hire a female professional. My new man-accountant seems to value my business.

And a female doctor? Never!"

I have been self-employed for over one year now and have met many other small business owners, mostly men.

I have heard story after story of male business owners hiring a female accountant, lawyer, etc. and having her botch the job, only for a man to be hired in to clean up the mess at great cost. All of these small business owners have learned that you never send a woman to do a man's job.

I have also noticed that most of the small business owners that I have met that are women own busineses that are sole proprietorships, requiring little effort and are low stress. The favorite option is Mary Kay or some similar nonsense.

phoenix said...

It says a lot about the school system, grading, and acceptance policies that women, who obviously are proving themselves incompetent, can outnumber and outperform men. Rather than judging by merit and in a practical method, our school systems now greatly reward cheating and mindless memorization over actual ability. Instead of anything practical, everything is vague theory bullshit.

And I have an answer for what happens when the man becomes a full time father, women inevitably divorce that man and resent him. The courts then force the man to pay alimony and child support anyway, because they expect men to work. If feminists are serious about this gender role bunk, they'd have a huge ad campaign against women cheating on men, and demand courts award the father with custody in those situations, but of course it was never about that, it was about female privilege, so there will be no attempt at gender equality.

Fortunately for me I stay in shape and don't need doctors. Most are incompetent anyway. Medical Malpractice kills more people a year than automobile accidents do.

Anonymous said...

Men make useful things.

Women consume - period.

Anonymous said...

It's worse than just having part-time GPs who only want to work when it suits them, not their patients. It's also the fact that women don't want to enter the more demanding world of research and specialisms. You need real dedication and career stamina for that, two qualities that are conspicuously lacking in the female population.

And on the rare occasions when women do enter a specialism, it is invariably gynaecology/obstetrics or paediatrics - in other words, woman first, children second and men nowhere. Men's health is almost totally neglected by female specialists. They simply aren't interested in doing anything to advance male health care or to find solutions to male-specific diseases. Just how many female andrologists are there on the planet, compared with male gynaecologists?

A medical profession dominated by women will be very bad news for men. You will have to tag on to the end of the long queue of women to get any kind of health services at all; and when you do eventually fight your way past the creche, the female-only consultancy suites and women's powder rooms to see your part-time female GP at her pink convenience, she will have neither the time, the interest nor the resources to do much for you.

God knows, it's bad enough for men already. Still no national screening programme for any male-specific diseases, still a paucity of funding for research into the same, and still a huge and disgraceful gap in life expectancy between the sexes. And none of this about to change any time soon. If women complete their take-over of the health service, it never will.

Paul Parmenter

Anonymous said...

"Women consume - period."

.. And dispose too. Consume and dispose, consume and dispose, consume and dispose in an endless loop, anything they interact with. E.g. men, shoes, magazines, whatever.

Anonymous said...

“I have heard story after story of male business owners hiring a female accountant, lawyer, etc. and having her botch the job, only for a man to be hired in to clean up the mess at great cost.”

So very true!

Despite the fact that there are more women enrolling in college and good deal more are now enrolling in medical and law school, it really doesn’t matter so much as men are still at the top in every field, this is and always will be the case! This fact holds true many years after the feminists tailored the learning curriculum in the school system to meet the learning needs of girls over boys which is the very reason why so many boys have simply lost interest in education. As a result, there are fewer young men enrolling in the “female friendly” universities.

Really the only thing that Western Societies (Feminists) have accomplished by encouraging women to be competitive with men in the same areas was to poison the harmony between male and female (She is after all your competitor now) weakening male\female relationships as well as the work force!

Many businesses are now setting up headquarters and manufacturing outside of Western Countries where they will no longer have to deal with the litigious environment imposed by Western governments (Sexual Harassment, discrimination suits and the such) The end result of course meaning a reduction in available employment on the national level.

The Western nations would do well to exercise a bit of common sense, something very lacking under the stranglehold of Political Correctness!

Anonymous said...

The reason more women are in med school than men has nothing to do with women being more qualified, because they most certainly are not!

The medical schools select what they want, or what they must to avoid being sued out of existence. There are more women there because the schools make the decision, by gender, to admit more women, period.

In my opinion, it is inevitable that as a society grows, it will give women the right to vote.

And, when women get the right to vote, it is inevitable they will eventually take control of the political system.

And, when they take care of the political system, it is inevitable they will eventually destroy the society with their never-ending demands for more protection; more government benefits; more transfer of wealth from workers to themselves; more benefits in every way until they have destroyed the society.

Anonymous age 66