Friday, 18 April 2008

Poor women, victims of their own success

Oh for the days of lime juice and daisies

Today's teenage girls no longer lie long-limbed on the lawn making daisy chains and flirting at the tennis club over lemonade, they're throwing up at 3am and texting Mum to collect them from the gutter.

Mothers aren't taking off their aprons for a pre-dinner gin at 6pm, they are too busy reading a work email while helping with the homework, booking the holiday to Greece and ordering the Ocado online.

Oh dear, it seems the rather nasty side-effects of wimmin's lib is biting wimmin's big fat bottoms with foam-slathered pointy teeth.

Who'd have thunk that women 'liberating their sexuality' and storming into the workplace to compete with men would result in women ending up rather stressed out, fucked up and fucked and dumped?

Sixty years is a long time, women have forgotten how restricted and predictable many women's lives once were. Our's now seem so chaotic and complicated and we have so many choices that we think we are worse off. We've become so exhausted by doing everything, we crave boredom again.

Craving 'boredom' actually means craving not having the responsibility and stress of paying their own way through life again. Make no mistake; women who advocate this return to pre-feminist days are rarely - if ever - eager to go back to tirelessly running a home and raising kids. They just want out of the damn office with all it's soul-destroying pettiness and leave that to a man-slave so they can relax.

She also dares to point out how 'restricted' women's lives were. Oh boo hoo; how restricted do you think the lives of their husbands were, as they broke their backs in factories and mills and grey offices, day after day after day until they dropped dead? Housewives of yesteryear probably weren't terribly happy with their lots half the time, but neither were most men.

Women are giving up on work, they've forgotten the point of it.

I'll tell you what the fucking point of work is; it's to survive!

Put a roof over your head, food in the fridge, buy clothes yourself and the kids. Even after all their 'progress' into the workplace (invariably backed by government gender-quota initiatives) women still hang on to the idea that work is optional for them - and only them - that the only reason they should have to work is if there's a 'point' to it, such as if it's enjoyable and rewarding.

Neither I nor the vast majority of men regard work as 'fun', and if there's any point to it, it's because not doing it - short of winning the lottery - will result in homelessness and hunger. Women, it seems, just assume by default that men should support them; whether it be a husband or Big Daddy government and it's reluctant citizens/subjects who are taxed to oblivion to pay for the armies of single mothers whose ranks grow relentlessly as the benefits on offer to any slag with a bastard continue to be handed out.

Girls have already proved that they can do better at exams than boys, why do they need to work if they marry well?

Girls have already proved that they can do better at exams than boys now that, at least in the British education system, curriculums have been poked and twisted by women until they're mostly about 'coursework' (i.e. how well you can copy stuff from a text-book or colour in pretty diagrams) than actual exams (i.e. learning facts and utilizing them.)

And as for them marrying well? Good luck. Marriage rates in Britain are the lowest since records began. All the Prince Charmings are on the marriage strike.

Politicians rarely grasp this. Female Labour MPs have always been obsessed by getting their sisters to work; some Tories would still prefer it if no mothers did.

What we want is what Miss Hunter Dunn never had - the freedom to choose.

This just sums up the arrogance and entitlement of women; they want to the 'freedom to choose' whether to work or not. Like working for a living is a hobby they can pick and choose whether to take up or not, and if they find they don't like it, they can just walk away.

Us men don't get a choice. It's work or die. Or win the lottery or marry a rich woman who'll support you, neither of which are terribly likely.

Yet women seem to think - often labeled with the tiresome demand of 'equality' - they should be able to choose.

I can't think of anything more staggeringly greedy, obnoxious and just plain fucking stuck-up that women seem to think that they should be given the choice whether to work for a living or not, whilst at the same time they assume - if not demand - that us men should have no choice but to work in order to support the vast proportion of women who decide working for a living isn't for them.

I think it's the duty of us men to ensure that women don't have a choice but to work, work and work some more.

Let's ensure these whining, ungrateful, endlessly spiteful modern women never have the luxury of boredom.

Enjoy your overflowing in-trays, TPS reports and stress-induced migraines ladies. Please direct any complaints about your less-than-enjoyable lot in life to the long-dead man-hating lezzers your mothers eagerly - and stupidly - followed in the sixties and seventies.


Anonymous said...

I'd personally prefer that they get out of the workplace, so they can't cause drama and lower wages.

I don't think they should be supported by tax dollars either though. Just give men power in marriage again and everything will be fine.

And for those of us that choose not to get married even if the laws were fixed, we will be even better off than ever before possible. Retire by 30 and just live comfortably. Oh wait, we already can do that if we avoid women.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard the expression "you reap what you sow"? Well that's what you've got ladies, now enjoy what we men have suffered since the start of the industrial revelution. And you all thought that we men were out enjoying our working lives. Funny how women think that men enjoy our work but when they do the same jobs suddenly it's all so unfair...whinge....whinge. You women have fallen for the great feminist con, the con backed and encouraged by corporate business and big government. Welcome to the treadmill girls and you thought we men were having such a great time keeping your sorry asses for all those years.

Anonymous said...

In short, they want to be put back on a pedestal.

Huge changes are in store.

The wheel of time can't be turned back.

No turning back.


Anonymous said...

The tables, they be a turning. Since I hit forty, I've been literally beating women off with a stick. Well, not quite with a stick (as much as I'd like to), but hardened as I am, I am constantly amazed at the number of over 35 women who literally beg me to take them for a ride on my Harley or go on a date.

I wasn't prepared for such an onslaught, and it's required quite a re-adjustment in my thinking. All of a sudden, now that I'm middle-aged and quite settled financially, women want to get involved with me. No doubt so they don't have to work anymore. After ten or fifteen years in the workforce, women find that work is just that- WORK.

And it usually sucks.

Stupid fucking women.

Luckily, with my new middle-age status comes a bonus in my favor- my testosterone continues to plummet, making women even less desirable.


Christopher in Oregon

Anonymous said...

I think alot of women like work, because its their primary social outlet. They typically get into sectors of corporate employment that is more social, such as marketing, sales, HR, or project management. Even jobs that require time consuming long haul travel afford them the opportunity to lunch, dinner, happy hour, and sometimes hotel room service with high status professional company men (exciting alphas) for a change of pace over their husbands (boring betas)

But definitely what would take the edge off the never ending rat race is simply the idea that work is optional, rather than an a lifelong obligation / duty, like it is for a man.

Anonymous said...

YES. I knew it. It was only a matter of time. All this "I am woman hear me roar" is backfiring now as women find out real quick it's no easy stroll through the park being a man. That's why all women unless they're some butch lesbo, do not want to actually do any real work, just some cushy office job to keep them busy, pass the time in some bull shit way, that's all it is. Men hold society afloat and understand they're destined from birth to keep this engine running smoothly. Ok, we'll take it, don't have to like it, but we got to do what we got to do. Women want to have nothing to do with the concept of "duty" in any way, shape, or form. But they're fine with men having a no choices? Yes, you will find out real fast that every last woman out there has a rigid view of manhood and will not deviate from it. Meanwhile we have to do backflips and twists to try to adjust to the constantly fluctuating role of women in society. wtf.

Anonymous said...

Let's never forget the hostile work enviroment they made for men by doing this. Have we forgot the babbling of sexual harrassment from these perma-eight-year-olds that infest corprate offices? If they don't like you and you make any comment to them, it's sexual harrassment. On and on it goes. There onslaught has definately made it next to impossible for mom and pop to run a business with anyone but family members in it because of this.

Anonymous said...

Thing is women don't do a lot of the important jobs. Yes women work ing hospitals or schools. But women don't build them.

Women might go to work on the train, but women don't build railways.

All of the infrastructure of society is designed and built by men.

I once remember a feminist admit that if women ran the world we'd still be living in caves.

Anonymous said...

This just sounds like another "women want to have their cake and eat it too" article.

Now, how do they achieve that? That's easy - they lie.

Once they've crossed that line, there's no going back even if they say, "we want to go back to the old days" because I know it's just a lie. Your life is a LIE!

Lie all you want, girlies, because you've been lying to yourselves all your life that you'll find happiness in a handsome, rich guy (that doesn't exist), rewarding career (after blowing 5 bosses to get a promotion), a big house (where you screwed the plumber to have him unclog the toilet with your crap), etc.

It's all crap down the drain with these lies that I can see through the shield of politeness, your so-called full of lies life.

Anonymous said...

Woman pleads guilty in Craigslist murder plot
She tried to hire someone online to kill her lover's wife

SAN FRANCISCO - A Michigan woman who advertised online for a hitman to kill her lover's wife pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire scheme, prosecutors said Friday.


Ahhh nothing like women being part of a sisterhod, eh?

Anonymous said...

Err.. hello? Actually these days they do have the freedom to choose. They can choose their education, their work, their employer, their boyfriends (in a way unthinkable just two generations ago), their clothing... you name it. The conformism of the 50's is well and truly gone and yet here is some pampered, well-off bint wingeing about how tough life is.
Bar up and do something useful!!

Anonymous said...

Man jailed for sexual harassment for 'staring' at a woman on a commuter train.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... my ... God! Work is supposed to be meaningful and fun and enjoyable and fulfilling and I can bag it when it doesn't meet the needs of my inner child???

Damn - for the last 40-odd years, I was doing it because I didn't think I had a choice!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! An excellent blog and spot on!


I'm running in to a bit of resistance with the "better half", you see. I've set it up so I can retire early in about ten years. Of course, she wants me to keep working until I drop.... "what'll you do"?...she says.

Whatever the f**k I want! I told her although it's called retirement, I'm quitting to do something I enjoy on my terms.

Luckily the kids will both be in the upper 20's by then so if she wants to throw it all away I really won't give a f**k. I'll give her the house, keep my pension and be on my merry way.

No matter how much of your life you give, it just seems that you can't win with AW/WW anymore...and it's sad really.

Anonymous said...

Most people will right this off as bs. Note: The total number of cases examined was just 17. Is that scientific? More like junk science.

To its credit, the article does go into the narcissism of Western women and their preference for "mini-me's".>1=31009

. said...

When God kicked Adam & Eve out of the Garden of Eden, he passed down curses against both and women.

To the men, God said they would have to suffer the toil of labour.

To the women, God said their curse would be to have pain in childbirth.

Do you see the plain evidence that men are, in fact, much smarter than women?

Do you see men clamboring to take part in women's curse?


Nope, I don't think I have EVER heard a man whine and snivel that he couldn't experience the pains of childbirth - most men steer pretty clear of that desire?

But, how about the women?

I mean, they are pretty freakin' angry about THEIR curse already. That's why they now have a choice.

Although, why are they so concerned about having BOTH of the curses that God doled out?

But, what a completely unintelligent way to be angry about your own curse; to take another's curse and believe it to be a fulfilling thing.

Anonymous said...

My previous job was what I regarded as my "dream job" doing consulting with a financial institution. However, the only problem was that I was working alongside fags, which was made worse by the fact that most of the women in the office were fag-hags.

I never had any issue with gays, until one day when I overheard one of my female colleagues say to a gay guy in the office, "Oh, I'd rather work with gay guys than straight guys, because then I don't feel as though I'm gonna get hit on." This almost prompted me to say, "Don't flatter yourself, girl!"

In the end, my contract was not renewed and all the gays ganged up on me, bitching that I wasn't 'part of the team'. Really, what they were saying was, "He doesn't access the Lotus Notes Library to listen to the latest uploads of Madonna and Kylie Minogue songs like we do."

Nowadays I'm in a less glamorous job driving a forklift and don't miss the toxic corporate environment one bit.

Anonymous said...

Yet more proof that feminism is a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...
It seems the femnut who started Spare Rib has reached a similar conclusion after having read a book written by another womyn she has decided she was wrong about womyn being excluded from or wanting the top jobs! Apparently they don't want to try that hard! She doesn't mention that womyn don't need to have a top job (or any job), they just need to find a male wage slave to leech off so they can be free to watch Oprah all day.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what the Bible says, I don't think WORK is the curse God gave man.

WOMAN is what God cursed man with.

Christopher in Oregon

MarkyMark said...

Chris in OR,

You might want to re-read Gen 3; it says there in black & white that work is man's curse (live by the sweat of your brow), while pregnancy (child birth) is woman's curse. The funny thing (in the ironic sense) is that, in addition to their own curse of child birth, women sought OURS too! That's a good one...


Anonymous said...

>>This just sums up the arrogance and entitlement of women; they want to the 'freedom to choose' whether to work or not. Like working for a living is a hobby they can pick and choose whether to take up or not, and if they find they don't like it, they can just walk away.

I compare women to bicycles.

A bicycle can be at one moment a vehicle with all the legal rights and responsibilities of a vehicle. The right to a lane of traffic on ordinary streets and road. The responsibility to stop at stop signs and not speed, or get a ticket.

Or, if the rider stops and starts walking, that bicycle becomes a pedestrian with all the rights and privileges of a pedestrian.

Just so do women think they can be bicycles.

One minute, they are hard-driving work hags, demanding equality in all areas; demanding mathematical representation in the work place, even if their diploma is Elizabethan literature or botany.

The minute they want to, they think they have the right to step off and become a bicycle. With men paying the way on dates. Reserved parking for mommies. Super rights for protection against DV. Blame the man if she causes a wreck. Give her half a man's lifetime income for a short marriage. And, much more.

Oops! It's Monday morning, I'm a super woman again, until I am in the mood to be a bicycle.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Age 66: just thought I'd mention that a nice piece of small-town kiwi slang is the, um, local 'very friendly' woman tends to be known as the town bike!

Anonymous said...

Today on the news in my home state of Florida in the US, we had a census report on. It showed that Asians had increased in population by 3.7% Hispanics by 3.6%, blacks by 1.5% and whites by .04%. This brings me to a fembot tart I saw on TV a few months back on bill o'reily's show. I forget what exactly was being talked about since I wasn't paying much attention, I happened to stop on fox news while fixing myself something to eat. This daffy white female made an interjection that "we're not incubators"

Well, daffy white females have shown themselves to be utterly worthless. Skanked out, whores who fuck around, think that their cunt is their carte blanche in this world, yet don't realise that the hand that rocks the craddle rules the world -- or don't want to since they're that stupid and lazy. Not sorry to say that the current course anglo women have chosen for themselves and consequently western civilization is one of implosion and self destruction. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Well the womyn got what they wanted, they are on their way to "equality." Only now it wasn't what they though it was, and now they want to be put back on the pedestal. Sorry womyn, no can do. Do you think we enjoy doing what we, our fathers and our ancestors have been doing just to keep a roof over your head and your children from going without? It's work or die for men peaches. Now you womyn can enjoy the "male priviledge" of working yourself to death just trying to survive while your children suffer from the lack of parenting that results from womyn wanting it all.