Monday, 7 April 2008

"I'm a success! That's why men hate me, obviously!"

Too fucking obnoxious and egotistical successful for a mate?

I find it laughable that these women boast of how 'successful' they are when, in the realms of relationships, they are clearly failures. They want a husband and kids, but they can't find a man to marry them and impregnate them. As they want this more than anything (although to avoid appearing anything but Independent (TM) they skirt round this issue; not that these man-woman freaks have ever been in a skirt :) ) then, by their own inability to obtain this, they are failures. They've failed. They're losers.

It'd be fair enough if these barren aging career gals said they never wanted a family anyway. Good on them. But most seem to want a hubby and kids, but they've failed to obtain them, unlike a multitude of other women of past generations (who employed the drastic tactics of obtaining a husband by looking for one whilst young and in their prime and by actually being pleasant towards men instead of denigrating them at every opportunity then wondering why men stop bothering with them.)

But the feminized Media doesn't see it this way. Or, rather, won't show it this way lest the all-important money-gushing dumb-shit independent-womyn demographic ditches them.

A man who wants a wife but can't get one is a 'loser.'

Hell, according to women, a man who doesn't want a fucking wife but who doesn't have one is still a 'loser.'

But a woman who desperately wants a husband - or even just a date - but who can't get one...we'll, she's fantastic and successful and there is nothing wrong with her! It's us men who are 'losers' for not wanting Her Cunting Highness.

The thing that is so glaringly notable about all these sorts of articles - that men are intimidated by career women - is the monumental arrogance of these career chicks. They honestly think that if they find a man attractive but he doesn't immediately drool over her and kiss her Holy Bottom, then there's something wrong with him. The main reason us guys don't like these types of women is because they're so horrifically egotistical, as proven by the fact that they never, ever consider there might be something wrong with them in their flawed mission to get a date or a mate.


Anonymous said...

I saw an old flame of mine riding her bike last november. She's 32 years old now, doesn't look like she has a date, but she's got a PhD now. Wow, I care. She'll turn into a crazed cat woman sooner or later more than likely once her overies burn out on her long before she's saddled a walking sperm bank with her overripe overies. To say the least, she's just as clueless as the next and her problem will be that she spent her youth being an asshole to good natured young men (myself being one of them) it is little wonder why I have no reguard for western and american women. They all think their magical vaginas will save them from the mess they made of their own lives by the actions and courses they choose in life. To hell with them. What will be even funnier to see is when the men they have there beady hawklike eyes on turn around and import a bride that is 5 - 10 years younger than they are. Geee, imagine that a 32 year old with a 22 year old, who would have ever thought a man would have such a preference. HAHAHAHAHAHAH, MEOW MEOW MEOW BZZZZZ MEOW MEOW BZZZZZZZZZZ goes the spinsters apartment.

Cornholio Mangus said...

Don't these girls get it? To be successful and rich means that you get to ask for and pay for a date?

Woman With An Opinion said...

If this post wasn't so fiery, I'd be inclined to admit that there is much truth within it.

Anonymous said...

This is the best comment left on that video:

Women are the reason the world is such a fucked up place. If girls liked nice guys, everyone would try to be nice, but since chicks dig assholes, the world is now full of assholes making it the shithole that it is today. Thanks, ladies. Think about that next time you're tempted to blame the male gender for the state of our present society.

countmockula12 (4 weeks ago)

Anonymous said...

The article is very funny for two reasons.

1) The author equates having a bullshit social science or humanities graduate degree with intelligence and having a bullshit media, teaching, or government job with success.

2) The author believes that men are "just intimidated" by "successful" career harpies, instead of rightfully avoiding them. Most men realize that all career women hate men (even if it is just on the subconscious level)and that all of them also have a screw loose, at least to some extent.

phoenix said...

They can start approaching men and dealing with rejection by women that make less money than us. We've been doing that throughout history. Can we start nagging and controlling women while claiming we are oppressed too? Women have always controlled men, the difference is before women knew when to at least let up a little bit, and made sure to trap men when they were young.

Anonymous said...

Intimidated? Naw, I just don't like chicks with big hairy balls.

Loop said...

Has anyone seen Dick Masterson's material? Its all chauvanist and women hating.

I hope you guys aren't identifying yourselves, as MRAs with this guy. He makes some good valid points , but mostly he just hates on women and wishes society to go back to the 1800s. Is that the way we want to move?

If anyone follows Pook's Mill, I think he might be onto something too. I think we need to stop hating the bitches on day and put our efforts into the women of tommorow.

Just a before-bedtime thought.

Anonymous said...

affirmative action, quotas, dumb downed university programs, government jobs, anything to do with pop culture/TV, etc. do not equal success.

Tom said...

Nietzche, in his day, predicted this happening-that women would become men. I should try to find that passage to see what he said. He had a bad omen about them becoming judges, rightfully so.

Schopenhaur (a bit before Nietzche) detested the "respectable lady", a relatively new term in Europe at the time. He saw a growing gap between the "respectable married lady" and all the other girls (who became prostitutes in a large part). Either they were married with unprecedented rights (the few)or they were whores or spinsters (vast majority). He saw this as unfair and mentioned something about Asian men treating women properly. Maybe polygamy is a better system since it distributes more women to marriage.

What's it going to be Western Women? Respectfully married or whores and spinsters? Can't have it both ways.

Hmh said...

Solid gold Duncan!

Captain Zarmband said...

The problem that these so called "career women" have regarding their inability to get a man is largley self-inflicted. Like all women when they say they want a "man" what they really mean is they want a "rich man". The problem is that these women's income criteria automatically excludes most men and the higher up the income scale the woman gets the fewer men "qualify". The result is that she remains alone but this is essentially her own fault. Men have no such income tests for future wives or girlfriends and therefore rich men can get a partner quite easily. Rich men want women who are feminine which also rules out many career gals because many are borish, self-centred and aggressive.

The other point I'd make is that often these career women have an overblown estimate of their so-called success. Many are junior managers with a fancy title, usually made up by the woman herself. I watched a TV quiz programme recently where a woman contestant described herself as a "Homocide Investigation Officer". A little questioning by the programme's host revealed she was a clerk with the Home Office. In other words she was a low grade civil servant who did paperwork for the police. She was also grossly overweight and looked like a hippo in a dress.

Personally I couldn't care less whether these women are alone or not. They made their choices which no they have to live with. My advice to them? Get a cat!

Anonymous said...

Don't marry that's the simple truth. There is nothing in it for a man. You might think otherwise. Almost certainly your instincts will draw you in that direction. They certainly did me and so I lost the middle 30 years of my life. Is that what you want - to live wishing you where dead for 30 years? That's all women have to offer. It is OK to hate them. Why the hell not!

Anonymous said...

Typical - it's always the mans fault.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago, I was being pursued by an attractive forty-year-old woman. Her credentials and educational accomplishments were so far above mine, that it's almost embarrassing. She teaches at the local university, and is also an editor at one of our newspapers. This is a large city, mind you.

Her desperation was amazing to me. I had never encountered anything quite like it. Needless to say, I ultimately refused to go out with her. She was too desperate.

Possibly she can console herself with her cats.....

Buzz Potempkin

woman with an opinion said...

I'm a brain-dead moron. I should be run over by a bus. Please!

Davout said...

Career women talking about their success is exactly like 'athletes' on steroids talking about how they broke records.

Anonymous said...

All you need to do to truly understand the plight of the career woman is, *sorry for saying this fellas*, watch Sex and The City. That's one big fat crying baby of a show from a bunch of over the hill women who've got it all except a bun in the oven (except for one character who's a GASP single mother.) It's fucking essential for young men to learn how these women that reject them will eventually end up: Old, horny, freaking out because they can't find a man while expecting men to pounce on their horse faced asses. Sad.

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone seen Dick Masterson's material? Its all chauvanist and women hating."

Anonymous said...

“affirmative action, quotas, dumb downed university programs, government jobs, anything to
do with pop culture/TV, etc. do not equal success”.

Wise words no doubt!

The upper end career types I seem to come across are “shallow wells” intellectually speaking, if not complete airheads! I often find myself saying as I am walking away, “My lord, how does she qualify to earn that kind of money”? A good deal of these women are not even college educated, but really, it does not seem to make too much of a difference either way?

What they do seem to have in common is this, young, attractive, white, early 20s to 30s, and working for a major corporation that undoubtedly practices quota-hiring policies!

Even when one comes across the exceptional female, you will readily discover that there were many more qualified men who were passed over in her favor!

Anonymous said...

Yet another totally predictable article from the increasing pool of all-men-are-bastards-but-I-still-want-one brigade of frustrated women who just don't get it.

These creatures are alone because they only want men of a higher income and status than themselves (they will pay lip service to "marrying down" but how many of them actually do it?) and the higher the pedestal they put themselves on, the fewer such men are available.

They are also singularly unattractive to men. They make it abundantly clear that their careers come first, which means they will make useless wives or partners for any normal man. Many of them openly boast about how hopeless they are at homemaking skills.

So what do they really want men for? Given that the modern woman now has men firmly cemented into the dual role of sperm donor and walking wallet, if they have eliminated the latter (it's a big if) that just leaves the former. If they were honest, these women would just get laid by the nearest handy sperm donor and join the huge army of single mothers. So why don't they? Or are they really after the wallet as well, so they can ditch their jobs and plunder some sucker's credit card and bank account? Or perhaps they just want someone to act as their emotional punchbag, on whom they can offload their whinging about how unfair life is to them? Just imagine what it would be like to live with one and put up with their carping. Like having to listen to the article recited in your ear over and over again, day after day, and all with added oestrogen. No wonder men are running hard in the opposite direction.

I have the solution for these moaning minnies. Since women can do everything men can, but ten times better, why don't they just generate their own superior sperm and go screw themselves? Then they can leave us be.

Paul Parmenter

karma said...

guys chech ou this funny mp3
fileon this topic.

What's wrong with American woman? by Nancy Levant, from her book: The Cultural Devastation of American Women: (subtitled) the strange and frightening decline of the American female and her DREADful timing

Anonymous said...

"The author believes that men are "just intimidated" by "successful" career harpies, instead of rightfully avoiding them. Most men realize that all career women hate men (even if it is just on the subconscious level)and that all of them also have a screw loose, at least to some extent."


I thought I was the only man wise enough to see this, I'm glad others are waking up and thinking for themselves!

Anonymous said...

Tom Leykis on this article:

"“What Man is intimidated by a successful woman? This has nothing to do with intimidation. I know women love, especially these women who love to think that they are intimidating men. They’re not intimidating men. I am not intimidated by a woman who has a strong career aspirations, works hard, makes a lotta money.”

“I just wouldn’t be in a relationship with her. The reason is not because I am intimidated. The reason is because if I were stupid enough to get involved in another living together relationship of any kind, what would be the purpose of it if I got into a monogamous relationship with someone who is so intense about their career, they’re never home and when they are home they bring home their laptop and their portfolio, and they’re typing & reading and working all the time . What is the point of all of that for me?”

No intimidation involved. All you career-oriented gals who make a million dollars a year or more I’ll tell you what - I’ll be happy to date you. Call me when you’re not busy. I’ll come over. i’ll service you. Then I’ll get the hell outta there.”

“We’re not intimidated by successful women. WE DON’T WANT TO MARRY THEM (emphasis on audio, so caps added). We don’t want to live with them. We don’t want to have monogamous relationships with women who have no time to EFF us! How do you read that as intimidation?”

- Staying Away From Broads

Anonymous said...

"They make it abundantly clear that their careers come first, which means they will make useless wives or partners for any normal man".

So very true!

The career type woman does not make a good wife for the average man nor a good mother for the average kid! Also, why would any man want to marry a competitor, a mirror image of what a man is?

If there a few of us on this site who are considering marriage? This is exactly the opposite of who you should be considering it with!

Anonymous said...

"They are also singularly unattractive to men. They make it abundantly clear that their careers come first, which means they will make useless wives or partners for any normal man"

Words of the wise!

Unless it's for a quick shag, a wise man will do well to avoid a "feminist career type" as if she were the Bubonic plague!

Hmh said...

From Paul Parmenter:

Or perhaps they just want someone to act as their emotional punchbag, on whom they can offload their whinging about how unfair life is to them?

Been there, done that, never again!!

Hmh said...

Well, I've just bothered to read the 'article'. What a desperate piece of spin. 'Savvy investments'? Give me a break.

Like usual, as Duncan points out, not one mention of what men need or want. If anything the article is fascinating to read, if only for all the things it doesn't say.

One change for the positive is that they're now slowly becoming aware that going up means you can no longer marry up, but aside from this - no mention of the marriage strike (of course), nor any discussion whatever of just how thoroughly modern women have dropped the ball. Of course, telling people that they're Not All That doesn't sell magazines / ad time / books / whatever, as Duncan points out.

Anonymous said...

I honestly want to have a wife and kids and at the same time continue with my multiple careers and streams of income but in the USA I refuse to marry an American women because the cards are way way way stacked against men in the country and every guy I know says that their sweet little wife who was so nice when they were dating has turned into a materialistic, arrogant, hateful, whining, snobby, bitch. This is why I and other men who post on this website and others like it will not marry and American women or a feminized western women for that matter. As far as successful women saying that men are afraid of them: I laugh all the way to my bank and I wake up everyday happy that I didnt marry one of the wenches.

Anonymous said...

I am not intimidated AT ALL by successful women. Successful women want men to be jealous or intimidated by their success because they are sick in the head, but I dont want any mate or spouse of mine to be intimidated by my success because I am norman and kind and don't need to feel that way. Men are logical and rational. Women are illogical, too emotional and irrational to the point where they are little girls that never grow up. Period. End of story. Succesful women can take their NEED to intimidate men with their success and shove it where the sun dont shine.

Coug Hunter said...

Here's an idea for a public service announcement commercial:

[Bar scene with a bunch of older (mid 30's) career women sitting alone]

Narrator: "Recent media attention has turned to the plight of single career women in their 30's and 40's."

[Camera pans to one of the women - she is listlessly stirring her half finished appletini. 35 year old guy walks by with arm around young, pretty 23 year old blonde. Woman glances up with disgust, gulps her drink and orders another.]

Narrator: "Unable to find husbands, their numbers have skyrocketed, leading to some panicked reactions from the public."

[Scene fast forwards one hour as woman continues to drink]

Career woman [turning to other woman]: "...and then he left me for that little Ukranian tart. Why are men such bloody pigs? Am I too successful for him?"

Narrator: "There's no need to panic though."

[Scene fast forwards again one hour as woman continues to drink]

Career woman: [mumbling to herself]: "at least I have my Manolo Blahniks and...[sobs]...and Mr. Mittens."

Narrator: "Career women do serve an important purpose in society:"

[Scruffy, 19 year-old, guy walks up. Career woman looks up at him.]

Young man: [looking at career woman] "Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?"

Narrator: "They are our wellspring of drunken, desperate Cougars."

[Scene changes to hall outside career woman's apartment, where scruffy 19-year-old man is helping her drunkenly stumble inside. He follows her in and shuts the door]

Narrator: "Cougars - helping young, impoverished men get their fuck on since 1965."

[Fade to black. Moaning and bedspring sound in the background.
Text flashes at bottom of screen:
"This message brought to you by the National Cougar Board."]

Anonymous said...

It makes no odds to me whether a woman is `successful' or not.

The problem I have is that a woman can promise anything, sign anything, do anything - right up until the point she changes her mind (legitimately or not, not that she has to justify anything) and...bang.

Lose your wife and marriage, lose your children, lose your house without a single word said to you. And you pay the costs.

Happened to me. I find myself wondering how I could ever trust anyone again as marriage and relationships mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

But what about their superior parenting skills?

byrdeye said...

Hey dude,

Blogspot censored one of my comments exposing 9II and I'm afraid they might shutdown my blog at some point.

So, I was wondering if you could tell me how to archive it as a PDF before they do (if they ever do)?


bunner said...

"What steps should I take to assure myself that I am very intimidating to men and yet not TOO intimidating that I can get laid, and yet not have to even give a second thought about the fact that the whole notion is delusional as all get out?"

Jees, I dunno, sis. Why dontcha stick your thumb up your flue and park on the sofa for a few years and go tell somebody who gives a shit when you arrive at the solution.

Anonymous said...


Was in a bar last night hanging out with guy friends and we we're trying to get a picture taken of us when a girl sitting at her table next to us OFFERED to take our picture. after she took it I leaned over to take a peak and was not touching her and had at least a foot and a half of space between me and her and she started with this bullshit "this is my space and your violating it" while her arms were formed like a basketball hoop in front of her. I could have called her the cunt she was but instead I just said "I'm not violating your space hunny" and left the scene.

In case you women that read these comments haven't figured it out yet, let me clue you in on a little fact: 99.9 percent of you are MISERABLE FUCKING CUNTS that dont deserve shit from men. No wonder you can't find a husband. Men like me DONT WANT YOU NO MATTER HOW GOOD LOOKING YOU ARE. I hope you all go to hell for the society you have created all over the world with your bullshit. GO cry in your pillows every night for all I care. You all have the maturity level of thirteen year old little girls your whole fucking miserable lives. FUCK OFF you whore, bitches, especially you WWAO, why don't you take your miserable fucking ass somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Most western women are SCUM. They use their bodies and their looks to get anything they want. That is abuse my friends. They are the most unfair, egotistical, immature losers on the face of the planet. You can't even talk to a western women in a public place without her spewing fucking garbage with every word that comes out of her mouth thinking that she's all it. You are disgusting hags in my book. Your looks don't impress me. I don't need sex from you and I sure as hell dont need you as a wife and the loser mother of my children. If you really think about it, between abortion (which is fucking murder anyway you slice it) the beating of husbands and children, the verbal abuse, the raping in divorce court, the absolute theives that western women are, the obnoxious hateful baby like attitudes, the prostitution of the bodies for materialistic items, puts almost all western women in the category of disgusting, murderous pig loser. You think my words are harsh. Think again honeys. My words are just words and nothing more. Your actions are a trillion times worse than my harsh words. One abortion is not even comparable at all to mere words written here. Most western women are abusers, murderers, deceivers, lyers, obnoxious, snobby, elitist whores. You can all go to hell for all I care because that's where you belong for the rest of eternity. Were onto your bullshit. Young, old, black, white, single, divorced; us men are onto you so you better watch out because the storm is coming.

Anonymous said...

This is funny article attacking "sensitive men" and feminism by a British-born Asian.

South Asian cultures are still not emasculated so perhaps this is why the author holds his viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your back. I realized I'm late to the party on this one, but that last time I had checked, you were still closed. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

If anyone follows Pook's Mill, I think he might be onto something too. I think we need to stop hating the bitches on day and put our efforts into the women of tommorow.

Absolutely pointless effort. The history 20th Century feminism/the women's movement proves it. As men became more deferential, more forgiving, the movement gradually became more extremist against them. Now are we going to learn from our mistakes or have more dirt kicked in our faced by women and their Matriarchal One-World Government?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12 April 2008 09:06,

You say thirteen year old? I say eight year old. I had to deal with a cunt who for thirteen years showed her immaturity to me without let up and on sight of me. What is funny though, after she and her twin sister turned 21 her father divorced their mother. The mother was a total cunt who got the cunt punt as soon as the twins reached age 21. She managed to atleast make one of her daughters a shrill cunt like herself. Little wonder the husband wanted out.

Anonymous said...

Here is what single slut mothers produce:

In the 9th grade and has had sex with 80 people.

Woman Among Polar Bears said...

FUCK OFF you whore, bitches, especially you WWAO, why don't you take your miserable fucking ass somewhere else." --A guy who would probably intimidate me if I met him in person.

12 April 2008 09:06

This is what I don't understand about some men AND women. The person who hurt you gets a pass (note, you refer to the disrespectful woman as "hunny," but me and every other woman as whore, bitch, miserable, etc.), but you take out your anger on an innocent person. Why? Should I be cruel to you and maybe, just maybe you'll say hunny to me like you said to that mean girl? (wiping my tears) But here is some advice. The next time a woman yells at you like that, just say:

"you ought to be glad someone wants to get close to you. As you can see, no other guy is trying to get your attention." I bet she would have gotten the message then.

Anonymous said...

Recently I went to the bank to renew my CD savings (not spending on women) and found the interest rates to have plummeted. Saving money in the US is not encouraged. I began to wonder why the rate was so low and what first came to mind was greedy American wives pressuring their husbands to move into Tuscan themed McMansions, even though they could barely afford them. Then the wife decided to divorce her husband over tight finances and the house went into foreclosure. Then the US Treasury had to bail out the banks, increasing inflation and lowering the value of the dollar. Then interest rates were drastically lowered by the Fed, which cut into my savings.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think that career women should not marry or reproduce.
Their high education has cost society too much to be wasted.

Whenever a career woman marries, society looses.
Take general practitioners for instance: studies have revealed that in average, they work for less than seven years. It's a huge waste of resources.

Maybe one day we'll find a cure for baby rabies: then career women will be able to concentrate on their careers and be an asset for society instead of a burden.


An apparently unusual American girl said...

I love men. I can't help it. I love everything about them. However, I believe that most girls today don't really love men... they feel the societal and biological need for men, but they don't love them. They don't treat them with the respect that they, themselves demand, they don't try to understand them, and they generally treat them badly. That's not to say that women are not sometimes victims of cruel men- they most certainly are. But as a general, feminist trend that I have watched with growing disgust and alarm, a great number of girls are becoming the monsters you so often describe here and giving the rest of us a very bad name.

I don't love men simply because they're men. I love them because they are (charming, attractive) human beings who deserve everything that I ask of them. A relationship is a balanced connection between two people. A man is not meant to worship a woman and spend all his energy catering to her needs, just as a woman should not be expected receive nothing in return for her devotions.

I also believe that men and women are never meant to fully understand each other. I do my best to think as rationally as possible and communicate in a way in which I feel I can be best understood (without indulging in excessive emotional expression.) I acknowledge that men are often incapable of understanding certain thoughts I have, just as I am incapable of understanding them sometimes, and I accept that. I expect them to make a similar effort to understand me, but I don't hold it against them when they fail. I believe that if a girl wants a man who thinks like her, then she doesn't really want or appreciate men at all. To love men, you must love them as they are, not in some impossible, perfected form you hold in your mind.

On that note, I think that so-called "nice guys" are simply men who, having little else going for them, attempt to fulfill the misguided female fantasy of worshipful, spineless adoration. I simply cannot respect a man like that, and I feel sorry for men who try and pander to the spoiled, hypocritical girls who create this fantasy, because theirs is a lost cause. Most girls are so confused by their own propaganda that they fail to realize that, like myself, they really want a confident man who challenges them and commands their respect and who, in turn, only respects them when they have earned it. It's impossible to adore someone who has nothing else to offer but their servitude.

This turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be, but I just wanted to let you know that there are still sane girls in the world who salute you for seeing through the chaos of the modern gender war. This is not aimed at the extremists who sometimes frequent this blog who despise all women and believe that they should be subservient to men. Rather, I hope it finds its intended audience in men who still want to figure out a way to happily coexist with women- there are some of us out there who want the same thing.

To any girls who may see this: If you truly love someone, you won't mind doing everything in your power to make them feel happy, accepted and appreciated with no ulterior motives. If you truly love them, then it is no effort at all, and only then do you deserve to be rewarded in kind.

Anonymous said...

I read some of your older articles and came across this one:

and have to point to this:

Imagine having one of those babies to peer into the universe with? Mmmm? Imagine hooking up an HD ready camcorder to it to record some of your exploits in viewing the universe. Talk about something to drool over. Such a wonderful device would be worth more than a trillion skanks any day of the week.

Oh and did I mention, this device won't nag you or give you an STD?

Anonymous said...

"An apparently unusual American girl said..."

AAUAG, are you single and available? Wink Wink!

Curiepoint said...

Anonymous 10:46,

Thank you for those words and sentiments. It is perhaps unfortunate that many of us here will regard such words with suspicion as being disingenuous, but that is a common fall-out of warfare. For myself, I regard them as welcome words. Having said that...

Much of the problem is in how people on both sides of the divide define the humanity of the other. Granted, there are factions that utterly rob the other of humanity in an outright and outspoken fashion. Usually, these are the policy-makers and social standard setters because their mouths are too big and loud to be ignored. Others will define those human characteristics not by reality, but by their perceptions and dare I say wishes for what they want the other side to be like. Women speak of a "real" man being this way or other, while men will do the same declaring what a "real" woman is like. This goes back and forth ad infinitum, and attempting to distill each other into pre-defined templates of behavior leads us all to being a bit nowhere.

To your point about not being able to respect a man who fawns and worships women, I would caution you against generalization. It may well be that the man in question is worshipful of one particular woman, but not every woman. I understand that's it's just as nauseating, but I would suggest that it amounts to a man who is in love and acting the fool. As time goes on, this attitude moderates in everyone. Also, looks can be deceiving. Just because a man will do things that other guys don't typically do, doesn't make them weak and spineless, nor any less deserving of respect. In my own experience, I used to cook meals for my last girlfriend and her children when her schedule didn't allow for it. Some might consider this unmanly (as she ultimately did) or perhaps a bit to wishy-washy for a man to act. I think in truth she just didn't like the fact that I am gourmet class in my skills, and she was a bit more pedestrian. In short, I was better at something than she was.

Not all of us are firemen, SWAT members, lumberjacks, or lifeguards. Some of us have a romantic streak in them, but do these make us less than men? Do our actions deployed along these lines make us worshipful and spineless? I say "no". Those that think thusly are merely placing more value on their pre-conceived notions than they do upon the reality, dare I say the humanity, of others.

Unfortunately, I have decided that seeking love and partnership with women is not worth having to battle against insurmountable prejudice. I am done trying to prove my worth to anyone. It's a shame really...I think I have a lot to offer someone, but never at the expense of endlessly being held to a fantasy image. Regardless of what others may say about me, I am a man in my own right. How do I know? Because I say so, and don't give a damn what you or anyone else thinks.

And that is what adults do, male or female. Just realize that bucking the trends of what others want will cost dearly; it's worth it, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm saying this but unusual american girl sounds like the most reasonable female I've ever come across....if you are indeed a female????

an apparently unusual american girl said...


By no means did I mean that all romantic or sensitive gestures on the part of men are indicative of spinelessness. The men to whom I was referring are those who give themselves the ironic label of "nice-guys." These are the men who claim to be victims of modern feminist thought, but only because the first seek to support it and use it to their advantage.

It's a phenomenon I've seen quite often- where men will pretend to fulfill the fantasy modern girls have laid out for them- not out of love, which is a perfectly reasonable explanation for a lot of silly behavior, but out of desperation. One can tell the difference between the two motives when the girl (despite her ramblings on sensitivity and adoration) ultimately rejects him in favor someone more interesting and self-assured ("All girls like assholes, I don't get it!") and the man proceeds to call her a bitch and a whore, not realizing how much he is betraying his own ulterior motives.

I'm not sure now why I even wrote that paragraph... I think what I was basically trying to do was to urge men to be true to themselves and not to even attempt give these ridiculous girls what they claim to want. Attempting to use the backwards feminist rhetoric to your advantage never works.

The essence of my message is that there are girls out there who, so often neglected in favor of their high-maintenance, feminist counterparts, receive the hatred and mistrust of men who have had such previous bad experiences with the current system of order. I'm very sorry that you were subject to such experiences... you sound like someone who did not deserve them.

And yes, I really am a girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey An apparently unusual American girl: Bugger off! I'm not buying your shit!

Anonymous said...

I don't trust AAUAG. They all say that.

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school, I can say this much. The cunts really didn't have any sense what-so-ever. They loved their shits and idiotic sociopathic morons. They showed how stupid they where (and this was 17 or 18 years ago for me) I loved how one particular stupid cunt started a laugh session at me in class when I answered the question the teacher asked correctly. It was a question designed to make people think beyond what they thought was an obvious answer. It went to the tune of, if you where to fly from new york to london, how would you fly the plane? A few people answered in a straight line, the majority of the class didn't seem to want to engage the teacher to answer this question. The teacher didn't say if that was correct or not. So I raised my hand, answered and it was something along the line of, You fly in an arc along the curvature of the earth. when I said that, this stupid arrogant cunt that had a mental problem with me pointed at me and laughed. The whole class joined in simply because the cunt was one of the more popular idiots of the class. Well, the teacher had to settle down the retards long enough to tell them I was correct. I honestly to this day wonder why I didn't just hand the teacher my book and said good luck with this class as I walked out the door to the deens office, if he asked why I was turning in the book, I would have said, because you are going to need all the resources you need to teach this class full of retards. I don't need to be around a bunch of low IQ retards. I did however end up getting out of that high school.

So much for school being a place to educate people. I found out the hard way, it is a daycare center for the retarded spawn of single moms.

Woman With An Opinion said...

To any girls who may see this: If you truly love someone, you won't mind doing everything in your power to make them feel happy, accepted and appreciated with no ulterior motives. If you truly love them, then it is no effort at all, and only then do you deserve to be rewarded in kind.--AUAW

Food for thought, thanks.

Also, I do hope that the diehard women haters soften up a bit. We've all had bad experiences (and I've experienced some pretty cruel men), but it simply isn't worth remaining so cynical. I believe that 99% of men are decent folk simply trying to live life like women are. (Yikes, Because of the hostilities in this place, I'd better clear that up before I get eaten up.) I am not implying that men are trying to live feminine lives. I'm saying that men are trying to live their own lives as they see fit. Why can't the diehards on this board feel the same about women?

Anonymous said...

This article mocks and caricatures the "alpha male", or indeed any man who is anti-feminist.

Of course, Ireland is a Matriarchal liberal shithole so this kind of commentary is to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm saying this but unusual american girl sounds like the most reasonable female I've ever come across....if you are indeed a female????

One post.

Six short paragraphs -

is all it took for her to get you to abandon every little lesson reality has been trying so hard to beat into your head all these years.

Which is why the men who "get it" eventually just shrug and say:

"Better him than me."

BKKBob said...

Three years ago I made a life-changing discovery when I went to Asia and found tens of thousands of beautiful women there (in Thailand, Singapore, China), who are NOT overweight, NOT arrogant, have NO sexual guilt (most are Buddhist)...who love to please a man in bed (they know how to use their mouths and vaginal muscles!) and are evocatively FEMININE. I find them to be intelligent, charming, and tremendous fun to be with. Most of them speak decent English, too, but I,myself, have learned to speak some Thai and Mandarin Chinese.

I never really knew what it was like to be a real man, until I encountered, for the first time in my life, REAL WOMEN!

I'll tell you this much...a man will DIE to protect and defend a woman who LETS HIM BE A MAN! He will RESPECT and HONOR her to the death. These words would never have come from me in America.

Asian ladies retain their beauty far longer than American "women". One of my 36yo GF's looks like she's 19!

Many of them are so interested in meeting Western men, that a 50+ year-old guy like me is guaranteed a full social schedule with beautiful women every day he's there. ( One word of caution, be careful to avoid out-and-out gold-diggers, who occur in every society. I've developed my own methods for smoking them out. But I'm not looking to get married anyway, so it's less of an issue.)

I now go to Asia 2 months out of the year, and hope to increase my stays there in the future. A round-trip ticket to Bangkok costs $950, and as soon as I arrive, I rent a Serviced Apartment (NOT a hotel @$40+/night) for around $11 per day (king-size bed, room safe, 24/7 security guard, internet access). Then I am free to take side-trips to Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. (Thailand is my base of operations in Asia because everything is so inexpensive there.)

Last Nov. I got veneers for 8 of my top front teeth in Bangkok for $300 ea instead of $1,100 ea. in the US. Now my previously somewhat crooked teeth are straight, and I never have to whiten my teeth again! Many people here in San Diego have complimented me on my "beautiful" smile, a smile I used to hide because of my crooked, dingy teeth. All in all a good investment for $2,400.

I also got a hair transplant by Dr. Pong in Chiang Mai for $4,000, which in the US would have cost $25,000. I now look 10-15 years younger! Now, in the mirror, I look good even on a bad day! I still can't believe it!

Every day I was there I had a beautiful woman in my bed, and sometimes 2 in one day, (afternoon and evening).

If I had the money to do it, I would personally buy an all-expenses-paid week-long vacation in Thailand for every single man in America!!!! Why??? Because...

The American male in this feminized society is in dire need of some LIFE CHANGING PERSPECTIVE!

When an average-looking guy has been fucked and sucked silly by beautiful (tight) FEMININE women who are 8's and 9's for a week straight, he would never again be able to be pussy whipped by fat, aging, unhappy, nagging, American prima-donna femi-nazis who are 5's and 6's at best!!

Once a man has tasted pure, cold, mountain spring water, he'll never again go back to feeling fortunate to be drinking (expensive!) American pond-scum!

Освид said...

Check the article of the same author: Want a second date? Pay for the first

phoenix said...

@Anon 18 April 2008 01:55

Yep. I don't even read the comments by these women anymore. I've said it plenty of times before, but men are in general extremely stupid, and even in the small niche we have here, the substantial majority are simply men who fail in attracting women. If you have even any semblance of an idea of what you're doing, all women are submissive, and they don't vocally adhere to their feminist views as long as they are trying to attract you. Christopher from Oregon is in agreement with me on this point, and at least you are too.

And I don't buy that these women in Asia are so much better. They're simply in that same phase, except their standards are so much lower simply because they think any white male from the US is rich, whereas in the US females that look for that make sure their targets actually do possess those resources. If you don't believe me, just find an Asian male and ask him to go along with you on those trips, and ask him what his experiences turn out to be.

After marriage, all women will turn into monsters, if not right away, eventually. Plenty of Asian women murder their husbands. Thai women are known for cutting off a husband's penis and feeding it to Geese. I don't understand how anyone can be foolish enough to ignore these, except, of course, if their problem was never with women's actions, but moreso with their inability to attract females. Which again, is an extremely large amount of the people in this movement.

My parents constantly pressure me into dating and then marriage. My mother moreso than my father. But at this point I barely talk to them anyway, and am only concerned about my financial security. I honestly do not want to be working in my 40s. A wife will absolutely ruin that goal, no matter how nice she is. Women cost money, all women have at least a little matieriality to them, and honestly, it'd be cruel not to indulge them in it. They are like little children or animals, they absolutely need to do certain destructive/counter-productive things or they'll be extremely unhappy, no matter how hard they try to believe otherwise. Children need to rough house and play, and get into some fights. Women need to be given some material possessions and to be able to gossip. If your wife is constantly ridiculed by other females for not having a nice dress or jewelry, what kind of man are you to allow her to take that punishment? The rules are you can't attack those other women directly, so you need to put your wife on the same playing field as them.

This is not a shortcoming of your wife, even if she doesn't ask at all. It's just not fair to her. It's also not fair to you, since you'll have to work harder and longer to get her these things. If your goal is to take care of only yourself, don't get married, both for your sake and hers, even with neither of you are at fault for it.

Anonymous said...


American women aren't that high on my rating of 1 to 10, 10 being models, 1 being typical bar skank.

I rate american women at about .01 or so. Doesn't matter if they have big tits, tight skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. The one thing they can't hide is that god aweful shitty perma 8 year old attitude they have.

Anonymous said...

I would write a short story about how I saw my ex the other day, but the snake-haired bitch is currently in jail for armed robbery and I haven't visited her since January. :D

For some background: I am 23.

She is 34 and she's reaping the rewards of Entitlement Feminism and Female Independence.

She has cheated on every boyfriend she's ever had except me- only because I only dated her for a year. She is emotionally, verbally, and mentally abusive, manipulative, dishonest, disloyal- and thinks she's entitled to act that way and the man still treat her like gold because, after all, it was all his fault she acted that way.

Life for a boyfriend centers around helping her so she can "finish college, and finally take care of herself"- so basically, in exchange for sex when you can get it, you're helping her work to make you obsolete.

When she gets out of prison in about 4 years, she'll be 38. Almost 40. Her life is fucked and over. And why?

Because she had a simple choice presented to her:
Take the 300 dollars she was given, and
a) Go to CT to see me, and possibly have her power bill paid (so she could, y'know, turn the lights on when she got home) or
b) Go to NY to visit her incarcerated, felon boycrush (who is even younger than me).

She opted for b, and when I refused to give her more money, her and a group of 15 year olds went out robbing people with BB guns. Now she is in jail.

She is so fucked. What man is gonna wanna date a 40 year old? None that are desperate enough to put up with her bullshit. So, after spitting in her family's face, spitting in everyone else's face, pissing everyone off, and robbing the most wrong dude to piss off in my town, she gets to sit in a jail cell for 4 years growing ever more insane, and then come to the outside where she'll find that her life is completely over and she'll have *no choice* bot to completely and fully submit to men!!!

Hahaha. Or commit suicide in jail.

bunner said...

Here it is in simplest terms, ladies.

Men are not accessories.

If you don't want actual involvement with an actual man because the perfect, little life you're trying to accessorise to impress OTHER WOMEN, might not be impressive enough if he doesn't match your bag and shoes, fine.

But.. tough titty. Get a job and jerk off a lot and look into adoption. Oh.. and kids aren't accessories, either. Annnnd, that's about it.