Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Neighbours from Hell

I was off sick the other day, and whilst sprawled feverishly on the sofa at death's door - oh okay, sat up with just a bit of a headache and a slightly sore throat - I was surfing around the TV Channels in a futile attempt to find something worth watching. I ended up on some Australian soap-opera I thought had ended years ago, called Neighbours.

For some masochistic reason I watched a few a few minutes of it, and caught a scene whereby some young woman stormed into her mother's house and said angrily to her mother:

"Men! Just when you think they're getting better, they do something stupid! It would be so much simpler if we just hated them."

Divorced mother evidently - and sneeringly - agreed with this declaration; it seemed the hatred of daughter was towards her father, for reasons I couldn't be arsed to figure out given that it would involve watching it for a few more hellish minutes.

I didn't bother getting pissed off about it. I know, I know, it's just another shitty Western TV programme, just another bit of misandry. It's just annoying that it's so tiresomely the norm for stuff that's 'family-friendly' to have female characters triumphantly spew hatred towards men whilst any man who criticises - nay, fails to worship - females in any such programme gets his comeuppance for such evil sexist attitudes.

Fuckin' TV. That'll teach me to turn the cunt on I guess.


Anonymous said...

Watch only news, history, movies, and sport. Though now cunts are showing up as NFL/NHL sideline commentators. The only women I want to see on sports are the dancing whores on the sidelines!

Men must have their own space. Perhaps we could bring back gentlemens clubs, though informally to get around laws forcing female membership upon us. If a group of gentlemen purchase shares in a building and pay its upkeep, then they are within their right to admit or refuse according to their wishes. Ah...leather chairs, billiards, cards, booze, billowing cigar smoke, and NO BITCHES! An oasis of sanity for men dying of estrogen poisoning.

Hmh said...

I decided, years ago, that TV was mostly mindless, corrupting, addictive shit. Then I quit the idiot box and got myself an actual life.

Every time I see it these days I just start getting angry with it. It's amazing how if you take a few years off it you start clearly seeing what a weird artificial world it really is. Plus I think it's fucked my entire generation's minds.

Don't have it, don't need it, don't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Never happy cunts, divorced husband stole house from him and his money yet not happy. Cunts, just when you thought they couldn't get any lower.

Callum Phoenix said...

I managed to wean myself off tv months ago which I am pleased about - it has made a huge difference too!

I haven't seen it but from what I heard this climax in the garbage called 'Eastenders' trumps all misandry in soaps. This psycho bitch buries her hubby alive after he confided his worst childhood fears to her long ago. He was a cheater and did have children but when she digs him up the next day somehow he is trying to make things up to HER? There were complaints about that episode but they were all to do with violence in the timeframe - nothing to do with the blatant violence against men - apparantly cheating is never acceptable even when the husband is getting nothing at all - no kind words, no affection and no sex. All because a woman is 'scorned' i.e. under no obligation to take responsibility for her actions.

Life without TV is very nice

Karma said...

anti TV sites

What is the Marriage Strike? said...

I keep reading about how insane it is down under, and in Canada and Europe. Then I see how the feminists keep going on about how great these countries are compared to us. They really won't be happy till they're in jack boots saluting each other.

By the way your link has been added to my site:

A linkback would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Mate I live in Australia and the best move I have made in years was getting rid of television. Oz TV is merely a vehicle for spreading the pussified Oz gospel....make no mistake, this is no man's country, Australia is as pussy a country as you can get.

Anonymous said...

As another Aussie i will say that this country is as bad if not worse than uk\usa\can in respect to being pussyfied and full of manginas and sow-cows

Anonymous said...

As another Aussie i will say that this country is as bad if not worse than uk\usa\can in respect to being pussyfied and full of manginas and sow-cows