Saturday, 22 March 2008

Matriarchal hellholes

Why Shannon is one more victim of the folly of 'lifestyle choice'

A good article about the dysfunctional 'families' that are the trademark of a Matriarchy.

Even more infuriating is the knowledge that us British taxpayers are forced to fund these worthless cunts and their broods of brooding bastards.


Anonymous said...


I think you will appreciate Los Angeles disc jockey Tom Leykis for his views. He mostly encourages men not to get married but Leykis has opinions on other topics such as social benefits leeches.

Here Tom explains the difference between charity and welfare.

This video concerns marriage in general and is a brief, funny cartoon.

Martin said...

But Duncan. I bet the vote Labour.

Captain Zarmband said...

As you know Duncan, I've campaigned about this for a long time. The benefits system in Britain encourages women (and teenage girls) to become single mothers by rewarding them with additional benefits, free houses and lots of government encouragement. By contrast, working couples are taxed to blazes to pay for it and have to pay huge mortgages. The result of this is that the least able parents are able, and even encouraged, to knock out large familes while decent, hard working people cannot afford to have kids. This means that more of our children are born into the worst possible backgrounds and people who would make good parents cannot afford to have them. This is socialism's end result.

This current government have deliberately cultivated this kind of society because people who are dependent on benefits and government job creation schemes will always vote Labour. More than half the population of Britain are now dependent on government jobs or state benefits for their livelihood. This is what I call "Backdoor Marxism" which shouldn't surprise us seeing as many of the current Cabinet are former members of the British Communist Party or other radical socialist groups. The student commies of the sixties have grown old and grey and now reside within the ranks of New Labour. Although they now wear Armani instead of hippie jeans, their policies and view of life hasn't changed. Karl Marx would be proud.

Where does this leave our country? I can tell you....more and more taxes to pay for more and more parasites. More of our current and future generations of children will be brought up by the most incompetent parents with the resultant breakdown of law and order and family structure. British society is imploding and it is doing so because this government want to give women "lifestyle choices". The problem is that many women make all the wrong choices because they have a shortsighted view of life that mainly revolves around their own hedonism.

Anonymous said...


Here's my new blog/article
You're going to love it!


VoodooJock said...

7000 pounds saved from welfare benefits used for a vacation?

That's fucking unbelievable. This 'hippy' is nothing more than a parasite. She contributes nothing yet reaps more than her fair share of society.

Anonymous said...

The typical modern woman.

Anonymous said...

to anon 23 March 2008 02:47

That's not a sexy 32 year old, that's a god damn land whale bitch from hell. Hope she likes kitty kitty, my stocks in cat products needs to increase in value some more and she can help me by buying as many kitty kittys as she can and the products to go with them.

Anonymous said...

Julius Ceasar was unable to conquer Britain.
But the indomitable British seem to have become the very tame.

The conquest of Britain has begun.

This once powerful nation has been feminized to death.

Good night, England: we'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

I was reading through some of your older articles and came across one about not enough men in prison according to the feminist cunts. Well, I know that europe for the most part has become pretty much well ballless and doesn't support the death penalty (unless of course it is the family court stripping a man down to nothing to live on except cheap wine and a rent by the night hotel). I have noticed something very curious in the US. We have very few cunts on death row for murder even though they do murder.The amount of women going to death row is not in the same porportion as men that go to death row for the same crime. I say, we need to put more women who commit vile crimes of murder out of greed or just plan murder for the sport of it TO DEATH in the states. Equal opportunity of execution for cunts I say.

Anonymous said...


I loved your blog articles but please run them through a spelling and grammar checker. I read all of your articles and there are a number of errors.

Anonymous said...

7,000 pounds ... that's about $14,000 US. Sweet Jesus, that's about what I pay in child support for one year, and she blew it on a vacation?????

Anonymous said...

You might get a kick out of this. Apparently the newest rage is "divorce parties"

So now they're literally throwing parties to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

A male tax strike is the only hope of saving England (most Western nations, for that matter). Flat out bankrupt the government and get it the hell out of your lives. They can't imprison all the men--after all, who would pay for it?

Anonymous said...

DailyMail - Meet the families where no one's worked for THREE generations - and they don't care

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
"A male tax strike is the only hope of saving England (most Western nations, for that matter)."


We must force to government to downsize to the point where it almost ceases to exist.

Cut the money supply and things will change in our favor.

Continue to feed the government and we will have more of that B.S.

I'm mighty glad to see that more and more men understand the principle.

Anonymous said...

On the day of our divorce, my (ex)wife celebrated on a casino houseboat in St Louis. That stupid cunt.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul wants to scale back the federal government to pre-1913 levels.

Xaver said...

"Our society has encouraged people to think they have an absolute right to live exactly as they want without anyone passing judgment upon them.

You want lifestyle choice? This may be an extreme case, but what happened to 15-year-old Scarlett is the result. "

Precisely and their child abusing “lifestyle choice” augments on taxpayers’ back. The cretins responsible for this quandary hypocritically yowl, “Think of the children!” anytime someone suggests cutting benefits. Single mothers always need more support, for the suffering children of course. Although in reality, we know benefits are all about her and raising taxes enlarges the underclass. It’s outrageous how our government forces us to bailout slutty women from the natural consequences of their own actions.

Part of the solution lies in more readily removing children from abusive single mother environments. Second, if handouts weren’t available, women would think twice before impulsively screwing dozens of lowlifes and birthing bastards. Third, reinstating stigmas for shameless single mothers would certainly help.

Progressives, despite preaching open-mindedness are unwilling to backtrack or acknowledge mistakes. They obstinately plunge FORWARD from one “progressive” calamity to another while audaciously asserting, “EVERYONE is culpable!” These delusional clowns then demand taxpayers shoulder the burdens that they created!

It’s no wonder some western men, UK men especially, work as little as possible. There isn’t much incentive to work harder when big sister steals your money and gambles it on policies notorious for failure. If this madness continues, we may face slavish taxation, possibly bringing about some serious upheaval. Expect bubble-dwelling leftists dumbfounded as usual, as to why everyone is so angry.

Bottom line is societies that reward depravity & failure while punishing decency & success will deservingly disappear.

Mrs. R. said...

Has it occurred to anyone on this comment board that there would be no single mothers if men toed the line and took responsibility for their children? It takes two to tango you know.