Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A man's world?

Is it now a woman's world?

A loaded question that has produced (amidst the predictable shaming language; watch out for ANITA) lots of rather pleasantly high-calibre responses from blokes.


Martin said...

Well Duncan according to this Daily Mail reprot marriages are at an all time low. Perhaps we're actually winning?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this follows then?

Marriage rates hit lowest rate since records began almost 150 years ago

Anonymous said...

But now you must deny them your sperm--with bastard children and the State, the slags can still get on without being kept honest.

Robert Pedersen said...

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Anonymous said...

We are winning. One unmarried skank at a time.

Hmh said...

I went through the comments and this one stuck out:

"A ha, ha, ha, ha.....I haven't had such a good laugh in years! Men feel 'upset' and displaced? It's about time too. Perhaps they've been too busy whinging to notice that women still work full time and raise the kids, do all the housework and feed the family. Life goes on you know boys. It's just that life for women quite often doesn't include you anymore. I wonder why? I hate to say it but you did ask for it."

WHAT A FOOL!! You're working full time, you're raising the kids, doing the housework, feeding the family whatever preprepared shite you can scrape up, trying desperately to fix things around the house or save enough money to get a professional to sort it... and there's no time or energy for men any more... Does this female still sound like a smart person to follow anymore?

They got you good, SUCKER!

Anonymous said...

More empowering feminist nanny state bullshit:

Anonymous said...

16-18 yo girl, fat, typical.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, when I clicked on your link, and read the comments, it looks like it has been "selectively" moderated. I'd like to read the whole thread.

Anonymous said...

Women are in complete control of the media and the culture here in the US. I am not apart of either so they have no control of me AT ALL. Lol.

Mik3_D said...

"Women say we don't listen to what they say. As though if we did, we would become so enriched with their profound wisdom. What..???!!!. You goils are great with the sarcastic put down. The big sneer. The use of "boys" etc. To be really straight with you lot, I find women boring, shallow in thought, driven by an ugly jealousy to deny men their character and depth. You do not seem to rise above a mental age of about fourteen. I'm not gay, babies, so don't pull that old chestnut. If men ever really turned against women you would all capitulate very quickly, because deep down, you are all phonies. Just one more thing, I'll give you twenty grand's worth of durex if you can tell me of ONE thing a woman has invented that has enriched human life. Give me a laugh, big'eds.
Posted by John P on March 26, 2008 7:16 PM"


/buys him a beer

King Cobra said...

A lot of men didn't get married, but many men still did. The average, middle class man needs to know that he still has a lot to lose.

Just a not respond to Woman with an Opinion. Obviously a troll with nothing to add to the discussion. The only thing worse than women in real life is women on the internet (besides porn). In real life, we can at least ignore the words and stare at the goods. Internet women post on MRA websites because "the goods" have gone bad, or they would be attention whoring in real life.

Eb the Celeb said...

I had ALWaYS been a woman's world.

Men are just starting to realize it.

Anonymous said...

I think the comment that it’s always been a woman’s world is good one. It is a thought that I had lost sight of so I was glad to be reminded of it. I think it is true that women will always position themselves to their greatest advantage. When work was hard, dangerous and dirty then of course women where the weaker sex. Now that all the hard work has been done (may be) women are no longer weak but all powerful. If the situation unravelled tomorrow then women would again be the weaker sex. By the way they are still the weaker sex when it comes to divorce.

Anonymous said...

Eb the celeb said:
"I had ALWaYS been a woman's world.

Men are just starting to realize it."

... and are doing something about it. Things are changing ...

Count your blessings, but fear the future. There are gloomy days ahead, now that we have found out about you, I promise you.
Just sit back and watch.


phoenix said...

Women have always controlled culture and society, and have always led spoiled and pampered lives. The only difference is before, at least the most able men were able to have some control over women, although the vast majority of men never actually did.

I did a lot of reading when I was younger. Even all the way back in Ancient Greece, women were afforded a position above men. For instance, look at Sparta. Men went to war and were told to die in war rather than come home with their lives. Who benefitted from this? Definitely not men. The women did, they were the ones at home, they were the ones recieving the fruits of other's labours. Yet, men will point to Sparta as some sort of man's world. How delusional can a person be?

If you've read any Shakespeare, you've noticed that women generally occupy positions of power and live easily. In Macbeth, the woman forces Macbeth to satisfy her urges of power, and Macbeth suffers the consequences whilst she does not. I haven't read the Taming of the Shrew, but I have a few guesses what that would be about. Then you can move onto Russian literature, where quite a few books revolve around a female, including Anna Karenina and the Brothers Karamazov.

These are all before "women's lib" yet women were still controlling everything. Women claim these books are mysoginist, but if men are mysoginist out of a jealousy of females having too much power, how would mysoginy be possible if women were oppressed?

The obvious truth is they simply were not. But men nowadays absolutely refuse to educate themselves or think for themselves, rather, most men, we here are an exception. Women probably don't even believe they were oppressed but why would they stop their own gravy train? Sure nobody should still your car if you leave the doors open and the keys in the ignition somewhere on the street, but if someone did how much sympathy can anyone have for you? Sure the person doing the stealing is technically a criminal, but if not that person someone else would have done it anyway. That is what feminism is, men are asking to be robbed, and women are taking them up on the offer. MGTOW is about taking those keys out of the ignition and locking those doors. Sure there will still be car thieves out there, but at least we're not inviting everyone to do it.

Anonymous said...

eb, I see you're on your back in the avatar--that must be the position in which you do your best work.

Tarquil Wingate said...

Duncan Idaho!

Are you jewish?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said
I think it's about time that this female versous the male attitude should stop and treat each other with the respect and kindness we all deserve as human beings. This sexuality stuff is ancient and time to move on.
Especially for the best interests for the next generations

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said
I think it's about time that this female versous the male attitude should stop and treat each other with the respect and kindness we all deserve as human beings. This sexuality stuff is ancient and time to move on.
Especially for the best interests for the next generations

Anonymous said...

Well, Eb - then congratulations to being fully entitled to raise your own hellspawn, work a full-time job, do your own chores, fix your own car -- and have no guy to complain at.

You truly have come a long way, baby!

Woman With An Opinion said...

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it is a man's world. It appears to be the natural order of things that men lead. Men have been in power since humanity began. While there may have been some positives, there have also been negatives. Men may lead in establishing and engineering the things we need and enjoy in life, but they have also been the leaders in crime, terrorism, war, oppression, etc. I don't know the stats for sure, but I'm confident that men who cause the worlds problems do not make up the majority (of men). But still, it truly is a man's world.


let's not forget that it's women who are also contributing to the decreasing marriage rates. Many of us would prefer not to marry. The issue is, women who complain about the lack of marriage partners are more vocal than those of us who do not. It still isn't acceptable for women to declare they'd rather remain single (unlike it being a bit more acceptable for men). So who is winning?

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic... One amusing thing to bear in mind...

The main motivation behing the stem cell research is to produce sperm cells with no men involved.

This won't work

They tried it with mice and all the foetuses either died or had severe disabilities (and died because of these).

This is because one of the keystones in the human reproductive sequence is a messenger RNA which comes ONLY from the Y-chromosome.

All sperm cells (even if they don't carry the Y chromosome) carry this RNA.

Artificial sperm cells produced from female stem cells do not, because female stem cells do not have the Y chromosome and cannot produce this essential messenger RNA.

Without this RNA a potential foetus has only a 1 in 500 chance of surviving as it plays a crucial role in the sequencing of DNA during fertilization.

The only reason Dolly the sheep survived was because she already had a complete genome from her single parent and was a clone. She didn't have two parents. If they tried to make Dolly the sheep with two female parents then they would have the same result as they had with the experiments on mice. Dolly would die before birth or have severe disabilities due to DNA damage.

It still amuses me to think of the dykes frothing about making all men redundant and having us all killed off though.

Dream on.