Monday, 17 March 2008

The £24,300,000 robbery - committed without a shot being fired

Heather Mills, blah blah

Happens every day in countless court cases throughout the Western World; man stripped of a huge proportion of his assets by some bitch who contributed fuck all to it. This only hit the news because the guy was famous and the amounts involved were vast.

The bitch's greed is only matched by her snivelling attempts to justify her thievery by declaring its for 'her' daughter and her charities.

The family courts in any sane society - that is, a proper Patriarchy - would have handed the daughter to her loving father and then just given Heather a shiny pound coin for the bus home and then told her to hop it.


Eman said...


This is terrible sympathy goes out to you, and every country-person in Britain. Ms. Mills has shown her true being a golddigging whore! Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh My vagina said it needed all this money for my vagina charity. Blah Blah Blah... Yup, that is the vagina monologue that happened right after it.

Anonymous said...

What fascinates me about ALL women, without exception, is when they file for divorce, suddenly "our" children become "my" children, like they managed to do it all by themselves. What they're really doing is latching on to the best and most powerful bargaining chip they're ever going to stumble across.

phoenix said...

Thank you feminism and the government. With your incessant bleating about female equality or even supremacy, I absolutely steadfastly refuse to support a woman with my hard work.

The old Aesop's fable has come true, the one about the dog with the meat and the river. Women are dogs.

Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said...

and just to make us feel nice and snuggly about the whole affair, we have
A nice book, oh and another, both written by women.....and probably for women.
fancy that?
ummm, let me think for a second...

Anonymous said...

What, she does work for charity? How did you find that out? I mean she never talks about it or anything!

Didn't she also want a gagging order on the whole thing, and then walked out of court and talk to the press for 11 minutes?


Anonymous said...

"and then told her to hop it"


Anonymous said...

I expect Heather Mills made Paul's life a misery. Do you think there will be any recompense for that? The only possible bright spot is that Paul was if anything a bit inclined to feminism. May be now he will see things more clearly.

Martin said...

You should have heard the broomstick rider Victoria Derbyshire defending Mills on Radio 5 this morning.

Fact is, the meda and politics are full of men hating women who always see women as "victims".

24 million for 4 years of marriage!!!

A decent hooker would have been cheaper and a better shag.

Oh and Duncan I'm surprised you haven't blogged about Harriet Harman's plan to ban white men from certain jobs.

There is just no end to it is their?

Anonymous said...

This is without doubt one of the best things to happen to the mens rights movement since the very birth of feminism.

I hope EVERY man that reads this and begins to feel that burning sensation in their stomach will direct such flaming hatred towards the scum who approve of this, whether it be newspapers or office blocks, women or men.

I truly believe now is the time for men to actually stand up and say "Enough is enough" and take back society from the hands of a few power hungry idiots who have done nothing but turn good to evil and reward slackers instead of sloggers.

Viva la Revolution !!!

"This was freedom. Losing all hope was freedom"

--Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 2

cybro said...

All we need now is a slew of articles from all the bitter old spinsters moaning about how men refuse to grow up by committing to them in the form of marriage.

Captain Zarmband said...

And look at the way she's still whinging that she's hard done by. This is typical of modern women, no matter how much the law favours them they still complain. How much would a penniless man get if he divorced his wealthy wife? Jack shit, that's how much. She also chucked water over Sir Paul's lawyer, isn't that comtempt of court? Hopefully, this is the last we'll see of this greedy bitch who now needs to crawl back under the stone from which she came.

Anonymous said...

“Eighteen percent of teenage girls screened tested positive [for HPV],” said Hisel, a finding he called “incredible,” yet consistent with what he sees locally.

“This is the virus that leads to cervical cancer and genital warts,” he said.

Because HPV lives on everyone (on the skin) and is “so common,” Hisel seemed somewhat hesitant to consider it an STD.

“Studies have shown that if you take a sampling of 50-year-old women at the end of their reproductive years, 80 percent have been exposed to HPV,” cited Hisel. “In other words, if a woman lives long enough and has sex, she’ll get it – it’s out there.”

Hmh said...

On the other hand... if 24,300,000 men hearing of this decide to seriously reconsider any long-term plans toward marriage, hard work, saving, sex deprivation, getting bossed around at home etc etc... then that's 1 quid per man to avoid heartbreak and financial ruin later on. Well, for the guys, anyway! McCartney's legacy may be more than his music.

On a similar note, has anyone else heard of the online auction that a British man who'd married an Australian woman is doing? She's divorced him. He's so messed up by it that he's auctioning his life: house, car, toys, job (yes, his boss will take on the winning bidder on trial for two weeks), he just wants to walk out on the past with a set of clothes and his wallet and passport.

Anonymous said...

Captain Zarmband said...
"Hopefully, this is the last we'll see of this greedy bitch who now needs to crawl back under the stone from which she came."

That's what I hope as well but I don't think it'll happen.

I expect to see her deranged physiog just about everywhere she and her publicist can elbow it in.

* 'Celebrity' Big Brother
* Johnafon Woss
* Richard & Fucking Judy
* 'Celebrity' Jungle Stupidity
* Paul Faggot O'Grady
* Hundreds of cheapo cooking shows
* Graham Faggot Norton
* 'Celebrity' rehab
etc, etc.

The media people will see her, for a few years at least, as a cash cow to be milked and milked and milked.

Plus, all the women who have called her a 'gold digger' and a 'whore' will still secretly hope that one day they'll be in her 'shoe' and have the opportunity to become 'strong & independent' via screwing over a millionaire through the feminist/marxist divorce courts.

Anonymous said...

I'd never marry an Australian woman. I live in Sydney, and I want out.

Anonymous said...

You can thank this fucking cunt for that happening:

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the comment on who is to blame for all this horse shit. I should have previewed before posting.

Hawaiian Libertarian said...

I just spent a portion of my morning reading the 58 page judgement of divorce.

Fascinating reading...the judge basically sides with Paul, he disputes the majority of Heather's claims, and does everything short of explicitly calling her a gold digging liar, and than turns around and awards her 24m.

Anonymous said...

Of course, when you discuss the Mills affair with a woman, her answer is typically the following one:

- Not every woman is like this! I am not like this!

But you can reply with a fact:

75% of women would marry for money (see

Anonymous said...

Eliot Spitzer's whore, "Kristen", has been discovered to have appeared in lesbian 'Girls Gone Wild' footage when she was just 18 years old.

Originally, GGW owner Joe Francis was going to offer $1 million to Alexandra Ashley Dupre to participate in a GGW photo shoot but his staff discovered that they had archive footage of her when she was just an anonymous slut.

Anonymous said...

What i can't work out..... well my ex was a 'Heather Mills' and she walked off with over 80% of the marital assets.
Now i don't have 400 million quid or whatever. Just your average Joe.

So why did i get screwed money i couldn't afford and Paul McCartney gets away relatively light.

I mean if he has 400 million, what would people be saying if she walked off with over 300 million?

Where the hell did i go wrong?

All i can say...will never marry again and spreading the gospel on that one amen!!

Anonymous said...

Ms Mills is no different from any other woman in the West. They all come under this single model now.

Take one white woman: any one, then mutiply her 300 million times and you have... Western women.

What one does, they all do. What one thinks they all think.

There you have it in its glory: the hive mentality. One model fits all.

Anonymous said...

Heather Mills the poster Girl for Skankdom. And why Men are insane to Marry in the West. We have our share across the pond in the States. Women who have no redeemable qualities whose any attributes are whoring themselves out to Men of Means.

There is a web site for Skanks who want to play I kid you not. Wow Heather is just an amplified version of why Men are bailing on Marriage.

phoenix said...

I still think the easiest way to defeat Islam in its entirety is to ship our Western Women en masse to those regions. Those poor men will be completely unprepared and will soon have all of their resources taken.

It's winning a war without a single casualty. Well, maybe 1 or 2 men may kill a woman, but then at least 10 of our women will kill their husbands and then claim battered wife syndrome anyway, so we still win in casualties.

Nobody sees the brilliance of my war strategy, but I assure you it will work.

Anonymous said...

Have a laugh people!!!!



Anonymous said...

Heather Mills didn't get enough money

Anonymous said...

If Sir Paul was too stupid to marry Mills w/o a pre-nuptial when he has other children and access the the best and brightest barristers; then knocks her up; why shouldn't she get compensation for her and their child? It's a pittance to him anyway; and the child is entitled to a good standard of living- and Mills is the custodial parent- even if the parents can't get along.

Xaver said...

anonymous 23:51 said...“why shouldn't she get compensation for her and their child?”

Nobody needs £24,300,000 or even £1,000,000 “compensation” for their child. It is extortion, bonehead, that is why.

Women should not receive rewards for dishonorably breaching their vows. Goes to show they have neither integrity nor genuine concern for their kids. Western women use children as moneygrubbing tools for maintaining their gluttonous lifestyles.

Paul reciting, We Can Work It Out would not reach Heather, or the system, as she is a soulless, thieving, divorce-mongering whore. One of the many reasons to stay the hell away from western women is their disgusting entitlement complexes.

Heather Mills deserves and is entitled to NOTHING much less £24,000,000. At 5% interest, that’s about £100,000 per month!

Think about it.

With that amount of money, a man could start numerous businesses; help provide work, financial independence and futures for less fortunate men willing to work, who might otherwise rot by the wayside.

Indeed, there's an enormous difference between the downtrodden and bonafide gutter rats… like Heather Mills.

Her greed is boundless so £24,000,000 is not nearly enough! Make no mistake, if permitted she would steal your life savings, take your house and have you thrown into the dirty street.

Do not “empower” Jezebel rats to destroy your goals and dreams on a whim.

Do not marry western women.