Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A man's world?

Is it now a woman's world?

A loaded question that has produced (amidst the predictable shaming language; watch out for ANITA) lots of rather pleasantly high-calibre responses from blokes.

Neighbours from Hell

I was off sick the other day, and whilst sprawled feverishly on the sofa at death's door - oh okay, sat up with just a bit of a headache and a slightly sore throat - I was surfing around the TV Channels in a futile attempt to find something worth watching. I ended up on some Australian soap-opera I thought had ended years ago, called Neighbours.

For some masochistic reason I watched a few a few minutes of it, and caught a scene whereby some young woman stormed into her mother's house and said angrily to her mother:

"Men! Just when you think they're getting better, they do something stupid! It would be so much simpler if we just hated them."

Divorced mother evidently - and sneeringly - agreed with this declaration; it seemed the hatred of daughter was towards her father, for reasons I couldn't be arsed to figure out given that it would involve watching it for a few more hellish minutes.

I didn't bother getting pissed off about it. I know, I know, it's just another shitty Western TV programme, just another bit of misandry. It's just annoying that it's so tiresomely the norm for stuff that's 'family-friendly' to have female characters triumphantly spew hatred towards men whilst any man who criticises - nay, fails to worship - females in any such programme gets his comeuppance for such evil sexist attitudes.

Fuckin' TV. That'll teach me to turn the cunt on I guess.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Matriarchal hellholes

Why Shannon is one more victim of the folly of 'lifestyle choice'

A good article about the dysfunctional 'families' that are the trademark of a Matriarchy.

Even more infuriating is the knowledge that us British taxpayers are forced to fund these worthless cunts and their broods of brooding bastards.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Treat us like Princesses you bastard man-scum!

Only Unicorns get the horn for the Princess Mentality.

I've been aware of this Alpha Mummy blog for a while but it's generally too stupid to even comment on; a woman who titles her blog to indicate she's the best mother in the world, primarily on the basis that she doesn't look after her kids because she would rather write shitty man-bashing articles and call it a career.

This post, Heather Mills didn't get enough money is too dumb to comment on too, but the comments are revealing, particularly several by women demanding to know why men are commenting on the post; how dare men have an opinion on something, how dare we wander in to women's domain of misandry and self-important.

Check out this comment though:

But who am I kidding? Men are like slobbering robots, too dumb and guillible for their own good, and flap around like helpless fish out of water around these 'sharks'.

Just don't blame the rest of us [women] for your selfish mistakes, because the rest of us are lovely, honest, kind and deserve to be treated ... like princesses?- actually Queens!

Posted by: tulip

Nothing personifies modern women's arrogance than this dumb cunt; in the same breath, she condemns, slanders, insults and abuses men, and yet also insists - nay, demands - men worship women because they're so 'lovely.'

If condemning men as 'slobbering robots' and 'dumb' is 'lovely' and 'kind', fuck knows what a complete bitch is like in this twat's opinion. Even her handle, 'tulip', is indicative of the Princess Mentality'; 'Look at me, I'm a beautiful floweeeer!'

Stupid fuck.

It's heartening to see plenty of comments on articles about marriage and relations between the sexes on mainstream blogs and newspaper increasingly dominated by men calling women out on their bullshit. It's also enlightening - but not really surprising - to see that women invariably respond with shock and awe, stunned at men's hostility to them.

Only modern women could be so stupid and arrogant to think that bashing men endlessly would always be met with slavish devotion and pussy-worship on behalf of men. Bollocks. It doesn't work like that, not after the point of no return, which was reached some time in the past. Women better throw their expectations of being treated like Princess/Queens out the fucking window; they're going to be treated with the same contempt they've treated us. I already notice younger guys - those who've grown up in a solid Matriarchy, who've gone through an education system that makes no attempt to disguise it's worship of girls and disgust at boys - display an attitude towards women that makes Marc Lepine look like a mangina.

(Honary mention to this comment too.)

Monday, 17 March 2008

The £24,300,000 robbery - committed without a shot being fired

Heather Mills, blah blah

Happens every day in countless court cases throughout the Western World; man stripped of a huge proportion of his assets by some bitch who contributed fuck all to it. This only hit the news because the guy was famous and the amounts involved were vast.

The bitch's greed is only matched by her snivelling attempts to justify her thievery by declaring its for 'her' daughter and her charities.

The family courts in any sane society - that is, a proper Patriarchy - would have handed the daughter to her loving father and then just given Heather a shiny pound coin for the bus home and then told her to hop it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

It takes (men's) money to make money (for women)

The Annual Smug-Thieving-Fuck-Holding-A-Red-Briefcase Ceremony

There was also praise for a new £12.5m investment fund which will specifically target women entrepreneurs. Pam Alexander, co-chair of the Women's Enterprise Task Force, said: "We have advocated the creation of such a fund for women as one of our top five priorities. This fund presents an opportunity to create a bridge between aspiring entrepreneurs and capital."

Sure, why not throw twelve and a half million squid at women and their batty ideas for businesses. Let the men who start businesses on their own initiative and who risk bankruptcy by begging for small-business loans to get off the ground fork out the taxes to cover this cost.

It is astonishing that women will bang on and on about how equal - nay, superior - they are to men, yet see no contradiction in demanding special treatment. This Mzz Alexander seems to effortlessly put on a positive spin to what is quite frankly an acknowledgement by the government that women are fucking useless in business, hence the need to have a 'bridge between aspiring entrepreneurs and capital'; i.e. lots of money to fund half-baked schemes.

But only those half-baked schemes thought up by women. Obviously.

Making such a fund available to men too would come close to 'sexual equality', something feminists worship only when convenient but regard with horror when it may puts them and all other non-willie-owners at a disadvantage.

And there's loads of taxes going on booze too. As usual. Fucking hell, how unfair is that? How can they make booze more expensive? Getting fucking smashed out our skulls is the only way us Brits can try and blot out the horror of finding ourselves lingering in the wretched over-taxed Socialist shithole of an EU-region this former-country has become.

Well, we could try armed insurrection, but guns are outlawed. So, as the old saying goes; only the outlaws have guns. Like the government.

And I see Child Benefit is going up too. Great. That means childless people like me are going to be subsidising people with kids even more and working people with kids are going to be subsidising workshy single mothers even more.

It does seem that single mothers will not get any extra benefits beyond simple unemployment benefit once their illegitimate bastards turn 12; whoopee-fucking-do, that'll mean they'll just get knocked up again before their existing bastard turns 12 instead of 18 like they currently do. Everyone knows the majority of single mothers become single mothers deliberately for the sole purpose of avoiding having to work for a living.

If you readers of this humble blog will excuse me, I'm off to drink a load of Victory Gin and then I'm going to lean out of my bedroom window and shake my fist in the general direction of Westminster whilst shouting "Cocksuckers!" until I either pass-out on the window-ledge or a neighbour calls the police, whichever conclusion to the night occurs soonest.

This fucking cuntry!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

One man and his dog

I was ambling through the park this morning, back from the shops, when some small yappy dog tore after me and barked it's stupid little head off. It didn't attack, merely circled me and barked like a lunatic.

Then it's owner - an old guy with a walking stick - appeared, and called out to me:

"Don't worry mate, she doesn't bite, just barks. She bloody barks at everyone, the stupid bitch. Typical bloody female, eh?"

Then he called his bitch to heel, and the dog stopped barking and scurried of to her master.

It was a moderately amusing little encounter; shame there were no passing feminists to be shocked by the old guy's rather politically incorrect comments.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Shaming and psychological projection galore!

What happens when the woman proposes

Is proposing a man's job?

Check out the comments:

This makes me laugh - i feel sorry for you men as you have to keep telling yourselves that women are after your money, just to make yourselves feel big.

Furthermore statistics consistently show that marriage is bad for women financially (and in terms of our physical and mental health and happiness), and good for men in all these ways. So can we stop with this tired old meme that marriage is something women want and men have to be 'trapped' into. It simply isn't true. In my personal experience, it's the men who tend to be more keen on having the whole marriage-and-children package.

All this mumbo jumbo about women trying to lure guys into getting married: so you think your money is more attractive than you are?

Guys, get a bit more self-esteem! You might be more loveable than you think you are.

If you hate women and you're
not gay then what a very sad existence you must
lead. Your name says it all... Open your heart and
your mind and get a life!!!

The comments for articles on marriage always go the same way:

1. Men point out their intention of staying single because marriage only benefits women, women are invariably the ones who'll divorce a guy at the drop of a hat and take him for all he's worth,and that divorce (and now co-habitation) laws are a licence for women to financially fuck a man into oblivion.

2. Women accuse men of being cynical, claim 'not all women are goldiggers.'

3. Men point out they're not cynical, merely realists basing their opinions on experience of women's attitudes and behaviour, and by listening to men who've been divorced, and that, in fact, most women are indeed 'goldiggers' these days, or it's at least impossible to sort those who are from those who aren't.

4. Women sneer and claim marriage benefits men more than women, and allude to studies that are either bias, woefully out of date, or which just don't exist.

5. Men ask 'how do men benefit from slaving away to support a woman's early retirement and hobbies of shopping and watching telly?' and also sincerely ask why women, therefore, are the ones so keen on marriage, and men - even before feminism - aren't, if it's supposedly the case that men and not women benefit from marriage.

6. Women accuse men of being gay / insecure / misogynists / poorly endowed.

7. Men point out that this is merely shaming language, and try to steer the debate back to facts and logic.

8. Women accuse men of being hate-filled lunatics who are very sad and lonely, and, in case they didn't hear it the first time, are also in possession of very small willies.

9. Repeat 7 and 8 for a while.

10. Men get bored with the shaming language and go and play video games.

11. Women claim victory.