Saturday, 16 February 2008

Sunday afternoon humour

From Big Train, a sketch show from a few years back.

Imagine how great it would it be if a genuine chatshow host sang such a song to a genuine feminist on live TV.

And from the same show, here's an extreme, pre-emptive and completely insane method of terrorising people into never daring to criticise your unmarried status.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Great article

Single Young Males: A Defense

I do not know whether Tucker Max was right about female insecurity being “a gift that keeps on giving,” but I do know that male ignorance about the social injustice of marriage in our new millennium is a gift upon which millions of women rely.

Fortunately that ignorance is being rapidly eroded. Even if they don't know the whole truth about the horrors of the family courts, most young men are at least aware that marriage can and often will end up in divorce, and it'll be the guy who is thrown out of the house and left with little or nothing, not even his dignity.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

"Lets insult men into marrying us. That'll work!"

Where have all the men gone?

Short answer; they're in hiding from the sperm-hungry old career hags who want a sucker to fund their early retirement and the single-mother whores who want a stepdaddy to their illegitimate kids.

This article, which many have already stumbled upon, is fucking great. I mean it.

Sure, it's the usual spew of shaming language, hypocrisy (when women don't want to marry, they're independent and strong, whereas when men - especially eligible ones - don't want to marry they're immature selfish losers who have something wrong with them), arrogance (no questioning as to whether modern women are worth marrying) and general drivel, but it's still great.

In my younger years, when I was still vulnerable to shaming language, and actually gave a fuck about women's opinions, it may have offended me, it just brings a big smile to my face because I smell the sweet stench of desperation.

These articles about the lack of good/real/marriage minded/etc men are cropping up repeatedly - all swimming in the contradiction of their authors denouncing men as useless whilst they pine for a man - and it makes it clear the marriage strike (and associated dating and baby strikes; basically just rejecting women completely, except perhaps for casual flings) is having an effect. Despite all their posturing, these women - sick of working, lonely, realising they've got a limited amount of time to have babies, seeing the interest men used to have for them evaporate now they've passed thirty - desperately need men to marry them. And we're not taking the bait. Actually, there is no bait. There's nothing for us to tempt us into going to the altar.

As some wise chap once said: "Us men didn't start the battle of the sexes, but we're clearly going to win it via the simple tactic of just leaving the battlefield in contempt."

Best of all are the comments at the above article. There are far too many to quote here, but they're just one man after another pointing out that women aren't worth marrying, that divorce laws make marriage a stupid risk, that feminism, ironically, has ended up liberating men, and generally showing complete immunity to shaming language. Hell, some of the guys practically revel in the shaming language, pretty much declaring "Yeah yeah, I'm selfish and immature, whatever you say bitch, but I'm enjoying my life, you aren't. Up yours with knobs on!"

Seriously, I can't imagine many of those guys being amongst the small (relative to the number of internet users) squad of guys who make the rounds in the anti-feminist portion of the internet, and I dare say many have never heard of the term 'marriage strike', but pretty much every one of them just sneers with derision at modern women, marriage and shaming language. It's the same with the comments at all these types of articles that have been cropping up recently.

Men are truly waking up, and women are shitting bricks. Seriously, thirty-something career gals reading that article will no doubt nod and agree gleefully at the article itself, but their faces must drop with an Earth-shattering crash when they read the comments and see that the attitudes of so many men suggests the odds of her and her fellow spinsters finding a sucker willing to get married are rather low.