Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Young widow glad husband's dead

I’m happier since he died

He was a fantastic father to our children and still irresistible to me most of the time, except when I was too tired to appreciate a spontaneous bottle of champagne.When he died I thought it was the end of the world.

Then the second shock came: I realised how comfortable we now were financially. The mortgage was paid off instantly and Stephen’s pension kicked in. I’d had both of us insured to the hilt, and we now had a lot of money in the bank.

So the poor guy drops dead at 30 (probably from the stress of having a wife as a control-freak; given her snide remarks about his supposed lack of focus on work, I dare say she pushed and pushed him to work as hard as possible to set her up for early retirement) and his wife is secretly happy?

She admits her husband loved her, and regularly surprised her with a spontaneous bottle of champagne, and was a fantastic father to their children, and yet, just because she's discovered she's better off financially now that he's kicked the bucket, she's much happier.

Women, it seems, don't love men, just our money. Salaries, stolen pensions, alimony, life insurance, it doesn't matter, it's just the money they love.


Anonymous said...

Read "The Predatory Female".

Read "The Manipulated Man".

A woman is only interested in what a man can do for her financially. She is as emotionless as a corpse when it comes to love. As Shannon said in the Predatory Female", a woman NEVER loves a man.


Only men get caught up in the nonsense of emotions.

Christopher in Oregon

Hmh said...

I've just read the article at The Times. I've got quite a few things to say, no particular order:

1) this marriage was fucked anyway. They were totally different personality types. She was the organised go-getter, he was the spontaneous fun one. It was just going to be a matter of time before it all collapsed in a barrage of overworked no-fun husband, stuck-at-home wife.

2) this widow must have been on her husband's case constantly while he was alive. Do your job! Pay attention to me! See to the kids! Give me a hand with the housework! Christ, it must've been like living with his Mum at times (see Duncan's fantastic Maturity post below).

3) have women these days got neither common fucking sense, or shame? What the hell is she doing telling this sort of thing to the world?

4) a divorced man approached her a little while ago and asked her out. She says she didn't take him up on it because she was happy where she was. Ahem: reality check sweetie. You've got cash in the bank... and that's it. You're in your thirties, you've got two kids (one of who is an infant), and trust me the interested men are going to decrease in both quantity and quality. Smug, delusional little fool. Your oasis of he's-gone-happiness is not going to last.

5) entitlement mentality, selfist attitudes (MY suffering, MY emotional pain), and projecting her personality as if playing a trumpet to a crowd stuffed into the living room.

6) there is not one mention of something, anything, that she's done above and beyond the basic requirement for another human being, even her own husband, even her own children.

7) the use of a public forum to justify the way that she feels, so that she can hear other people tell her that she's right to feel that way. Aww.

What a fucking awful, selfish loser this woman is.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Kinda makes you feel warm and fuzzy reading articles like this.

Anonymous said...

What else can you expect from a woman. Even the world's "best" woman is a monster of selfishness.


paddybrown said...

Not even a word of appreciation to him for setting up those insurance policies that have made her life so nice. Jesus.

The one positive I can think of is that this kind of contempt is so mainstream that women don't even try to hide how little they think of us. More and more men will see this, wake up, and start demanding a bit more respect - hopefully, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Articles like this make me glad i'm single, and more determined than ever to stay that way.

Anonymous said...

Educate a man, and you'll feed a family. Educate a woman, and you'll feed a multinational corporation.

Male Samizdat said...

Glad to see you're back, Duncan.

Great quote I read (I can't remember the attribution):

Gay men love men. Woman love money.

Anonymous said...


Just wow.

I think the first commenter is absolutely right.

This whole situation is digusting.
I hope that bitch dies alone.
No, wait - I hope she dies poor.
It obvious she doesn't need the company.

Anonymous said...

The article is outrageous. But please read the comments made by women. They are far worse.

They can awaken the most mangina guy in the world to the real nature of women.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked.Totally and utterly shocked at this article.Is this what passes for today's women?
I'm single, thank Christ, and long will this continue.But I'd give up everything I own today to have my brother and mum&dad back.I'd even voluntarily give them years of my own life if I could have them back.She's not even human.Simply a cold,godless receptacle which is currently masquerading as human.
WARNING!! Stay away from these kind of arsehole biches and live your own lives,doing whatever the fuck pleases you within the law.It's up to you,lads.Enjoy your lives and live them to the full.Never become emotionally attached to any of these women.Save that for your immediate family and your pals.Shit, even your cat or dog! At least you're guaranteed a little love&devotion!

Duncan Idaho said...

Check out the comments of the women at the article:

"I'm sure many of us have let our minds slip into wondering how life would be without "him". I'll admit to musing how my life would be without the mess and muddle of a man who can't cope with basic life.No more stress certainly. I think the author has been very brave in admitting her feelings, she should not feel guilty."

It's almost descending into fucking parody when women actually congratulate each other on being "brave" for being glad their husband is dead.

I note a couple of men commenting that they'll never marry there; one good thing about women being so brazen in their goldigging man-hating selfish ways is that they'll be left with a generation of men so shockingly mysognistic that they'll make me look like a mangina.

Rob Fedders said...


"The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such asociation takes place."


Btw, Duncan,

You might get a chuckle out of this feminist blogger who has "created" a game called "Anti-Feminist Bingo,"



Kind of reminds of Irina Dunn, who in 1970 'supposedly' came up with phrase "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

What the Mz Dunn and the women who shriek with delight at such things fail to mention is that Mzzz Dunn stole that phrase from a MALE philospher who had said "A man needs God like a fish needs a bicycle."


These dizzy women can't even insult men without stealing men's ideas.

How incredibly empowered the feminists must feel, for stealing their most famous phrase all by their little selves.

Anonymous said...

Such articles are very good for the Men's Movement. When the truth comes from the horse's mouth it has much greater credibility.

We can claim that women are bad through and through all we want: still, when women themselves display openly their despicable character, men listen more attentively.

As MRA's, we should be glad that horror stories like this one come from the mouth of women themselves: they are showing their true colours now, which wasn't the case only a couple of years ago.We should be grateful that they now do. It helps our Cause.

Some of the men's comments are indicative that those women's messages are caught and understood by men.


Martin said...

Nice post Duncan Can I suggest you also link these two articles from the Daily Mail?



Notice women don't like men that like football? Exept every little slag and tart these days wants to be a "WAG". So they like footballers so long as they have lots of money.

Thank god I'm single with my own home and what pension I will get when I retire will be MINE.

Uzem & Luzem said...

So this black widow spits on the grave of her husband just because his death made her happier, even though she readily admits that “He loved me dearly” and “He was a fantastic father to our children and still irresistible to me most of the time”.

Sadly, her anonymous 'eulogy' is just one more depressing glimpse into the sick, twisted and depraved minds that belong to the average WW, and how they REALLY feel about their husbands when they die.

Any mangina who tries to dismiss this cunt as atypical needs to realize that only 1 out of the 17 cunts who left a comment (as of January 17) saw fit to strongly rebuke this whore:

“You cold hearted woman! Your hubby was an angel compared to some!!! Poor man who becomes your hubby next!”
Jenna from Swindon, Wiltshire

IOW, 94% of the cunts who responded were neither disgusted or horrified that a creature from their own gender lacked the basic human decency not to trash the honor and memory of her husband who by her own admission was a good man.

Can you imagine the venom and outrage that these cold whores with cold sores would be spewing if it was the husband saying how happy he was now that the grim reaper had relieved him of his slut wife?

Hypocrites. All of them.

I used to worship the ground that cunts walked on but now that I know their true nature, I just spit on it - and if my gob could reach that far, I'd happily spit on their graves as well.

I pray that there's a hell because if there is, I'm certain that at least 94% of the cunts alive today will be burning in it when Satan finally calls them home.

Above all, I pray that the 1 Billion aborted babies get the ultimate last laugh as angels in heaven literally & figuratively looking down on and spitting on the smouldering, souless corpses of their evil, demonic 'mothers' screaming in the everlasting flames.

Fucking whores.

Uzem & Luzem

Anonymous said...

Led Zeppelin is right. "Soul of a woman was created below", Dazed and Confused.

Faustus said...

"It's almost descending into fucking parody when women actually congratulate each other on being "brave" for being glad their husband is dead."

Well, this ties in exactly with number 5 of what Vladtepes listed on AWS in his assessment with The Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck:

5) Worthless - anything that does not immediately resolve itself in her favor or to her benefit is meaningless to her, especially husband and family

Only the cash means a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Every time I think that I grasp full well the selfishness and the predatory nature of women, there is another piece of evidence (article, scientific study) who shows me that women are far worse than I have imagined in my wildest and most extreme mysoginous thoughts. This is one of these pieces of evidence.

I have send this comment to Times Online. I don't know whether it will be published:

Well, both this article and the comments by women approving it and finding it "honest" and "brave" show the true nature of women, beyond all the silly romantic illusions we men have been cherishing for millenia.

The reasoning is simple.
1. The value of a man is his money (all the usual euphemisms - financial security, good provider - come down to this).
2. I can get more money with my man dead than alive.
3. Ergo (therefore), I am happier when my man is dead.

All the charade about love, about soul mates, about growing together, about emotional connection, about "happily ever after", about "till death do us part" (and I get your pension) boils down to this.

Not that it hasn't always been this way. Remember the women's fantasies: Cinderella, Pretty woman, Nanny diaries, most romance novels. All of them involving trapping a rich man.

Women have now such a self-confidence that they show in public this behaviour which was always concealed and disguised.

Anonymous said...

Women are not at all about money, they want a soul mate...



He should be cleanshaven, good-looking and drive a silver Mercedes. And most important of all, more than 5ft 10in.
But looks aside, the perfect partner must also love pets, appreciate fine wine, theatres and nice restaurants.
He is a doctor or lawyer who earns more than £30,000, and owns a property worth around £300,000 in the Home Counties.

Also important is a university education, with many women specifying that they would like to meet a man with a BA degree.

"They are treating looking for a man in a similar way to looking for a mortgage - by going to websites, saying what they want and comparing what is out there."

See, men are mortgages!!!


Anonymous said...


A New Thing to Blame Men for--Retiring at Retirement Age

Here's some advice for married men who will turn 62 this year: If you want to make up for all the times you came home with beer on your breath, left your socks on the bathroom floor or gave your wife a DustBuster for Valentine's Day, hold off on filing for your Social Security benefits.

Duncan, men are advised to work longer so that their lazy wives get more benefits.

Anonymous said...

What does a woman have to do to find a proper husband? Remain a virgin until marriage and NOT go after bad boys in her young years. Thus she will secure herself a good husband.

Now there are women out there who blame men not wishing to marry them when they are 30 and have been fucked by bad boys many times.

It reads like this:


I disagree with that if a woman is not married by her 40's it is her fault. Australian culture has little respect for women. . It seems that a woman has to put up being 'used' by men. I suppose after one year, an average female would have had to have slept with one different man a week if she is out there looking for "the one". This is a very bad. It is not the womans fault she is single - women complain that the man is just after sex, wants to have multiple females 'on the go' or is just after miss perfect (who does not exist). Men do not want to commit to a relationship since they are just after no strings attached sex. Such a thing does not exist. It is men that make it hard for women if they do not want to commit or love a woman for who she is. I personally believe it is the very unfavorable conditioning of men in the western culture namely how women are projected in porn and magazines and even now nude dancing women bars that men are there to use up women and then throw then out like garbage and move onto the next one when they get bored. When will men wake up. Stop blaming perfectly decent women for the trouble that men cause. No woman should or wants to be single but if men treat them with contempt, disrespect and are just plain selfish and unloving, it is not the womans fault. It is the man that is bad/no good. Who wants to marry a no good man? No same woman would.

Posted by: Sumana of Sydney. 3:39pm January 01, 2008
Comment 8 of 13

This woman on the one hand claims women get used on the other she believes a woman has to whore with different men every weekend.

That is exactly why she will not find a good husband: the ones who fuck her are the bad guys and through fucking she becomes a disgusting appearance for all decent men who want a healthy virgin wife.

Women today are so deluded.

many_luxury_vacations said...

Guys do want sex, and they value sexual exclusivity in their women. Lots of guys won't admit it, but they don't want a woman who sleeps with everyone and is emotionally attached to other men.

I've had relationships with women who still loved other men, but I wasn't there for their hearts.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that so many men were suckered by this short article. After all, it is given to us by the mainstream media. The same media that has lied to us a million times, not to mention, distorting the truth. The same mainstream media that has pitted men and women against each other in order to weaken society so that people are easier to control. How do we know it's even true?

Sure, women are bad, because they are not and can never be "independent," and they have too much power. They are built to listen to their daddy/husband and their daddy today is the mainstream media, TV, schools, fashion, etc. Anything but a real, live man.

Personally, I think people are overreacting to this article. It was obviously the intended purpose to cause more division. And it seems like it worked.

This woman has less stress because she has money, big deal. There’s nothing in the story indicating that she’s actually “happier” and her lack of desire to date indicates that.

BTW, this article has the earmarks of a completely fabricated story. Not very many women would write like this about their husbands death.

So, men, be cool, keep your eye on the ball and don’t get carried away by your emotions from some story that might not be true and, at the very least, presents a totally distorted picture.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed illuminating to read that a Decent Man, Good Father, Loving Husband is completely disposable. I hope this bitch dies slowly and painfully. Of a Chronic Pain Condition or suffocates from Cystic Fibrosis. This is what passes for a human being. When in fact she is a Parasite. Who is overjoyed at the death of a Decent Man.

The reality is that Men are bailing on these Women. Whose thinking stinks. And who are beyond redemption. This is why IMBRA was passed in the US. I have seen egregious examples of This. This just re enforces what Men have suspected for five decades in the US. That the majority of our Women are excrement.

Now the FemNags are trying to impose Censorship on their Allies. Chris Matthews a Liberal apologized over expressing his opinions. Free Speech in the US is now officially DEAD. Oprah the head Spin Sister is even being attacked by Hilliary's minions.

Mike Hunter said...

I guess it wasn't enough that he: graduated from his University, went to law school, became a lawyer, earned a good living, was a great father, was faithful, and was physically "irresistable".

Despite being what the overwhelming majority of women would consider the embodyment of 'Mr. Right'; despite marrying and staying faithful to an self admitted overweight control freak; and dispite pulling down a above average income as a lawyer; this women still thinks that she is better off now that her husband is dead.

I guess this all makes sense when you understand that this woman probably didn't want HIM but instead wanted HIS MONEY. Now she can have all of the money her husband would have pulled in, and get away with banging other guys. OF COURSE she's happier! She only viewed her husband as a sperm bank and a walking wallet.

Anonymous said...

"Glad to see you're back, Duncan.

Great quote I read (I can't remember the attribution):

Gay men love men. Woman love money."

Correction: real women love men...gay men only lust after men.

--a woman

Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised.

Look at abortion. Women congratulate each other all the time for killing the baby of that bastard guy they were going out with. Women are evil. Paternity fraud, abortion and the outward attitudes of women should make ALL men with a dick fight back hard. This is a war like no other. Women are destroying humanity and have been allowed to become violent, destructive, murderous whores that care more about a cat than a human being. The only non violent way to fight women is for all men to stop getting them pregnant, stop marrying or living with them. Cut off the sperm, cut off the money and the co-habitation and any other support whatsoever and you cut the head of the snake. Then all of those so called good women in this world who have not been ruined by feminism better start coming forward and sticking up for men in the mainstream world not just on internet forums.

TGGP said...

I was reading Fark, saw this and immediately thought of your blog. I don't read about crap like this in American papers, something must be up with you limeys!

jbgood3 said...

Note how this calculating unemotional bitch manages to raise such support and sympathy from other females! Even in death she puts him down as a virtual failure despite being a solicitor! Imagine how his family and children must feel when reading this and being given a brief look into the mind of this calculating arsewipe of a woman.

Anonymous said...

I adore women.

I just don't like self-important, pushy, whiney, greedy cunts.

In my defense, self-important, pushy, whiney, greedy cunts don't even like each other.

Women ahve always been their own worst enemies and it is now just fashionable to blame the behaviours that make them their own worst enemies on males.

The only way to deal with women with an agenda is to tell the truth.

"You are a ridiculous, whining, disdagreeable person, you have no manners, dignity or sense of shame and I don't wish to associate with you".

Seriously. What are they going to do, not be your buddy? Not have sex with you? Tell everybody you must be gay or something?

Keep your dignity, treat a lady like a lady, treat a slattern like what she is.

A nuisance.

Not an enemy, not a burden, just a disagreeable person who can squeeze nicely into a pair of cuffs if they can't behave and leave you alone when told to.

If you passed on that and married one, you're on your own.

The greatest "weapon" men have against the machinations of gutless, spiteful, misandric women is not a weapon.. it's simple self-repspect and bare faced honesty.

Most feminists are simply little girls who never quite got past the "nyah nyah, you can't see my thing!" stage.

That's a bit pathetic, but nothing more.

Rapsits and the sort of rotting filth that women often ascribe their loathing of men to, regardless of whether they've been victimised by such human silage or not, however, should be de-balled and put to death.

Rape is inexcusable.

But if you're gonna go around saying that any sort of cheap, hurtful thing you pull is automatically done with impunity because of the shape of your underpants, you're not going to make any useful friends.

I don't give a shit about a "men's movement", but if you really want to sort out your stance in this maelstrom of codified cheap behaviour, remember you are dealing with a pack of vain, gullible people who've been having smoke pumped up their collective asses for 40 years that states that all men are rapists, morons or should be divorced and their assets stolen for leaving a toilet seat up.

Any sentient educated person knows that a toilet seat is a bi-directional device.

Even women.

Feminism is an industry.

The only way any industry flourishes occurs when their products are bought.

I passed.

Maybe you should, too.

And always be a gentleman.

Fuck who doesn't like it.

Perseus said...

What saddens me most is that this fine man probably thought he was loved up to the point of his death. This woman may have believed she loved him as well. In fact he was not loved, nor was she loving. She was not capable of it. Now he is dead, she has all that she really wanted and it surprises her. The truth is she has seen herself as she actually is for the first time. What is inhuman is that she does not hate herself for it. This woman is indecent.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if she actually had her husband killed in a manner that made his death look like a heart attack. The fact that women can and do murder their spouses to get their hands on his money while shagging a lover on the side cannot be repeated often enough to teenage boys and young men. Women may love their children or their kin, but they usually don't love their husbands. Men must be trained to be resistant to women's manipulation and stop putting them upon a pedestal they do not deserve to be on. The fact this woman says she's glad her husband dies makes me think she murdered him, and if I were a relative of his, I would have his death investigated and her put under surveillance until the truth emerges.