Thursday, 10 January 2008

Real mature!

After Real Man/Men, "mature" and "immature" are the favourite terms in the arsenal of shaming language a lot of women like to use.

Of course, women's definitions of maturity and immaturity differ from objective fact.

Take two hypothetical men:

Man A is married and works long hours to support his wife and kids ("their" kids in his view, "her's" in her's), his income going on paying the mortgage of the excessively large suburban home and the cost of running a car and an S.U.V. He provides well for his wife, remembers wedding anniversaries and brings home flowers each Friday when he gets home from the office at 9:00PM. He hates his job and the long hours give him migraines and heart palpatations, but he remains stoic and slogs away at his desk to provide for his wife. He doesn't go out to the pub with his mates much because he knows his wife feels neglected if he does so too often. He watches Coronation Street and Friends; not because he likes them but because his wife loves to snuggle up next to him whilst she watches them. She does not like Top Gear and finds Jeremy Clarkson offensive and sexist, so he does not watch it either. His wife's happiness is his primary concern.

Man B is single, lives on his own, works less than 40-hours a week at a job that's either easy or halfway enjoyable. After providing for himself - and no-one but himself - he saves some of his money and blows the rest on his hobbies; building model railways, fixing up motorbikes, reading horror novels, whatever. He goes to the pub when he wants, leaves his socks on the floor, plays video games, runs screaming from any girlfriend who utters the word 'commitment' in a serious conversation, and watches Top Gear and South Park because they're fucking great.

In a woman's mind, Man A is 'mature' and Man B is an 'immature big kid.' And women love to speak their mind. I've been condemned as immature many times in recent years by women, just because my lifestyle is similar to the latter example.

To me, immaturity in males means harking back to infancy, of avoiding behaviour that may incur the disapproval of Mother. Say 'please' and 'thank you', don't get into fights, don't say the word 'willie' in polite company, lest your mum cross her arms and glare at you with that look that says 'I'm not happy with you, you have disappointed me.'

Not that there's anything wrong in mothers employing the threat of a withdrawal of approval in their young son's - or young daughter's - behaviour. After all, saying 'please' and 'thank you', not getting into fights and not saying the word 'willie' - or 'cunt', 'shitfuck' and 'meecrob' - in polite company are lessons kids must learn to become proper social beings (not there's much of a society out there to be being in these days.)

However, to become a fully-fledged man, a boy must learn to shrug off the yearning for female approval, primarily by not giving a flying fuck about whether a woman denounces you as 'immature', 'a big kid' or 'not a Real Man(TM)'.

So in my view:

Man A is immature. He has thrown his life - and his happiness, freedom, financial security and, above all else, his bollocks - into the handbag of a woman. Bearing in mind the fact that, thanks to feminism, marriage these days offers nothing but risks and obligitations to a man, this individual is acting against his own interests; he had nothing to benefit from getting married, save for the approval of his future wife, and her approval meant more to him than his own happiness and security. He is stuck in mental infancy, desperately seeking the approval of 'mother', the personification of which he now transfers to his wife, and it's her glare of disapproval (and threat of divorce and associated financial arse-ramming of course) that he fears.

Man B is mature. He has thrown aside the residues of Woman Worship, sneered at the pressure the Matriarchy places on a man to become a slave to a woman and 'her' kids, and basically thrown a spanner in the works of women, big corporations and the government by working just enough to get himself by and putting his energies into basically having a good time, rather than ensuring a woman, big corporations and the government have a good time at the expense of his labours. This guy loves his mum and even remembers her birthday, but nonetheless he has long since outgrown the need to win the approval of her or any other member of her sex at the expense of going his own damn way.

The paradox is that if a woman tells a man that 'if you were a Real Man you would do X' then, if he does X, he is not a Real Man. The term Real Man is absurd, a joke, the primary tool in the lexicon of shaming language, but whilst neither I nor anyone else can declare objectively what a Real Man is, I can certainly tell you that it isn't a guy who will do any stupid shit (invariably against his own interest) to prove to a woman that he is one.

Similarly, a man who abandons hobbies and behaviour just because a woman accuses him of immaturity is, paradoxically, immature, as he is still stuck in the infant stages of desperately seeking Mother's approval, just with Mother projected onto another woman.

On the other hand, a man who is 'mature' has outgrown that dependancy on female approval. He is not neccesarily hostile to women or their opinions, but he most certainly does not change his behaviour or adapt his lifestyle just so a woman will nod her head and declare that she bestows her approval of him. He laughs in the scowling faces of disapproving women, and tweaks the nose of shaming language.


Anonymous said...

I think it's ironic that men who have a certain joy of life and don't hesitate to tell a woman "no" are seen as more attractive to a woman anyway.

Anonymous said...

Golddiggers? Noooooooooooo!

Duncan, look at this:

Men can join the website if they pay 10000$. Women can join free if they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Most immature are those who buy sports cars to impress their gf.

Did you know that approximately 70% of women in GB carry STDs? Girls as early as 12 carry human papilloma virus, chlamydia and so on. Some 15yo girls have had their first treatment of chlamydia.

These diseases are only transmitted via sexual intercourse, so basically all these women are unfit to be wives.

I recommend: do not have sex with western women.

Genital warts, HPV can be transmitted just via skin contact, even if one uses condoms.

As said above 10-20% of girls have HPV in their early years.

It has become dangerous to have sex with these women.

Chlamydia leads to infertility, so one would have infertile wives.

Chastity is the most secure, even if that sounds outdated.

If one wants to marry and have children, marry virgins. People in the old days instinctively did the right thing.

Today, you as tax payer are paying the health care of women with STDs.

Anonymous said...

I think you will regret not applying yourself more to work as you get older, Duncan. You do not want to be working in lowly jobs when you are 50 - there's very little satisfaction in it and all the video games, drinking, etc. will be old news by then.

Learning a trade or running a small business (perhaps even from home) would be the way to go. You would be independent and have a larger retirement nest egg to sustain yourself when you are old and retired.

Anonymous said...

I wrote something similar about men in marriages who give up their hobbies in some vain attempt to further placate their wives.. Fred Dibnah had some neat insight into this..

Cheers, DuncanM

B.R. said...

Excellent post, Duncan. A great comparison of the different definitions of maturity, both in real terms and fembot-speak.

I particularly liked the final paragraph:
"On the other hand, a man who is 'mature' has outgrown that dependancy on female approval. He is not neccesarily hostile to women or their opinions, but he most certainly does not change his behaviour or adapt his lifestyle just so a woman will nod her head and declare that she bestows her approval of him. He laughs in the scowling faces of disapproving women, and tweaks the nose of shaming language."

I think if anyone printed a handbook on "stuff a man should know about" or some such thing, that should be on the first page of it.

Duncan Idaho said...

Cheers b.r. Much appreciated.

Variable said...

At some point, you know, you'll have to write a book.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and yes. That's why You are not only an angry man, Duncan, but a philosopher. Unfortunately, in this society thoughts like yours will not be considered, besides yor readers.

VoodooJock said...

Shaming language is only effective when used sparingly. As Duncan's proven, overuse dulls that sword to the point where it essentially is useless.

It gets to the point where men simply don't care what women think, because what men think invariably is wrong in the female's eyes.

Anonymous said...

You've taken the words right out of my mouth. I work part-time with a bunch of women and go to the uni part time. Over the years I've managed to save a nice stack which acts as my safety net. I haven't bought any new clothes for awhile and drive a very practical, boring car. It hit me that women aren't interested in frugal men and that's ok with me. Tonight I kicked back and started reading a new book and drank some wine. I don't have to vacuum or do any dishes or clean up baby barf. Even though I get along with women, I try but I just can't see myself being married and sharing a bed night after night, year after year with a potentially vile, obese pig. And I'm seriously wondering whether monogamous marriage is natural at all, at least these days. I'll take plan B and freedom, even with the inherent solitude.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Duncan you have a gift.

This post is between your best ones.

No wonder we missed so much when you disappeared.

A post which is straight to the point and which addresses the common experience of being labelled as "immature" and being asked "Grow up!" with self-assurance which we all have had.

I can only add that the problem lies in our infancy. We are taught to be "good boys" by our Mum. Sometimes Mum succeeds in doing this and sometimes Mum doesn't succeed (this is because of a variety of reasons).

If Mum succeeds in doing this, we become "nice guys" a.k.a. "women's slaves", waiting for a female approval like a junkie waits for his next fix. The perfect slave (a.k.a. husband). Until we wake up and we become MRAs (and free to do what it pleases us, regardless of other people's opinions).

If Mum doesn't succeed in doing this, we become "jerks", so we are the perfect "fuck" (but unable for slavery, I mean marriage).

Anonymous said...

Ah, 'tis like a breath of fresh air. Staying single, in spite of what women may say, is the mature position to take. It requires a MAN of strength to control his sex drive and refuse to give in to women. That is MATURITY.

A weak, and consequently IMMATURE male (note I don't say MAN) can not control his sex drive, and gives in to women. This is weakness, and not manly. A MAN is always in control of his sex drive, and a spineless drone is always controlled by women through his sex drive. He goes from being controlled by his mommy, to being controlled by his wifey.

As a bachelor, I do what I want. I have a cushy job with our socialistic government, and have the next four weeks off on vacation. I spent the last two days doing nothing but watching "Deadwood". This series is an absolute MUST for the single man. You will learn new and beautiful phrases like "San Francisco Cocksucker!", amongst others.

Ah, the single life is grand. The next week should be dry and fairly warm, so when not watching movies, I shall be riding one or the other of beloved Harley-Beasties.

Married men are soooo stupid.

Anonymous said...

Also, Anon 14:13 is right on the money on STD's. In the U.S., by age 24, 60% of women are infected PERMANENTLY with at least one strain of HPV, and some estimates are that by about the same age, at least half have genital Herpes, and up to 80-90% have oral Herpes. (The same thing essentially).


These viral STI's are incurable, almost universal, and condoms are USELESS in preventing transmission. Celibacy, according to the CDC is the only method of protecting yourself.

Women simply are not worth the risk, either financially or to your health.

Plus, quite frankly, pussy smells very, very bad. Not unlike moldy cheese smeared in dog excrement.....

Anonymous said...

ALSO, it might amuse you to know, a whole new crop of women in their teens are appearing on the dating scene not yet deflowered who ALREADY HAVE HPV AND/OR HERPES.

How, you might ask?

Quite simply, they are being infected by their dear mothers who were infected twenty-odd years ago.

Yes, indeed, boys. Even if you can find an elusive virgin (cough, cough) the odds are fairly good that she already has an STD.

Still sure you're horny.....?

Anonymous said...

Whore has become a standard noun to call women and the women call themselves whores, sluts etc.

I am disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, work more, invest and be able to retire early.

Anonymous said...

"Mostly because for women, marriage and family is indeed their raison d’etre. Women rarely become consumingly passionate about anything beyond their house, their kids and their husband."

That is why women have nearly never been great investors or business men.

Anonymous said...

I-Reporter's wedding cake is a full-size likeness of herself.


Her childhood dream was a cake in her likeness. How self-absorbed can any woman be?!?

Anonymous said...

'I didn't want a dad in the child's life...I'm not denying my children anything'

Australian Single Mother by Choice Clare Edwards has one child via a sperm donor and says she wants to have 10 more . When asked if it is right to inflict fatherlessness on her present and future offspring, she says:

"I didn't want a dad in the child's life...I'm not denying my children anything."

This TV report explains that Edwards " lives on government handouts " and "being a modern woman gives her that right to make that decision [to have fatherless kids]."

"[Single Motherhood by Choice advocate Peggy] Drexler does allow that some male figures can be positive for boys. Who? ' Grandfathers, godfathers, uncles, family friends, coaches'—in short, anybody but dad . In fact, boys being raised without fathers benefit because they enjoy 'more male figures in their lives than boys from traditional families.'

Governemnet hand-outs are funding these selfish and lazy sluts.
Pure socialism combined with extreme feminism.
Australia is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Dumb, dumber, Rick Salomon.

Rick Salomon married Pamela Anderson 3 months ago. Now, pregnant, she want a divorce and spousal support, despite earning much more.

Why are men so dumb and marry such women? I knew it would end this way.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Murphy - Raw - Marriage vs Leasing

cybro said...

"has long since outgrown the need to win the approval of her or any other member of her sex at the expense of going his own damn way"

That's me. Cutting those parasites out of my life was the best thing I ever did. Those so called Real Men can have them.

Let them give up the immaturity of playing video games to finance the very mature and empowering act of endless shopping sprees. Go hold their bags sucker.

Martin said...

There are some real knobs out there. In my view Man A isn't a man, he's a Eunuch.

If you see these married people the women will often go for a "girlie" night out, but the blokes are never allowed to or if they are allowed out their wives tell them how much they can spend.

As for TV. Apart from Top Gear is there anything on ANY of the 4 main TV channels that is aimed at men? Even Match of the Day has female presenters and commentators now. None of whom know anything about football.

Anonymous said...

16yo slut:

From: sexibabegirl1920

YO !!! stop spaming my comments u jealous bitch... (more)

YO !!! stop spaming my comments u jealous bitchs.

This innocent looking girl uses a language that shows her true face: what did she expect dancing like a whore?

Good for sportfucking but no marriage material at all.

Then being 30 they will complain: "there are no good men left - sobbbbb!"

Anonymous said...

Women today are selling themselves so cheap. You can have sex any time, marriage is no prerequisite anymore.

Marriage itself is a trap for divorce.

Anonymous said...

@anon 00:30

Thanks alot, I did know that children could get infected through their mothers but did not expect it would continue until they are nubile.

I am not interested in using whores, so why should I have "normal women" as gf if they are all infected?

I knew a girl who told me she had intercourse with 3 HIV infected men - AIDS (!).

She went to university...

Anonymous said...,geo=3451810.html

There are DUMB men out there, really dumb.

This woman is a former prostitute, she was the boss of a brothel, she is 50 years old and her husband is 44.

They invested 50,000€ to have a baby, she had two miscarriages.
Now the child is growing too fast.

These are the men, who made the modern mess possible.

She should have married a good man when she was 16 if she wanted children.

ex-boyfriend said...

A agree wholeheartedly with the ideas of this post.
We need to take back the concept of maturity and return it to its true definition.

Men who live free are truly the most mature ones in our world.

Hmh said...

Damn fine post, Duncan. You're absolutely right: why the fuck should anyone in their right mind respect Man A? He's given his life to a damn dream. Better religion to the church of 'family life' through total self sacrifice.

What a bad joke. One of the coolest men I've ever met (happily married, two kids at last news) is basically Man B, but with a wife. He's still racing motorcycles. Take no shit, do what makes you smile, and watch your wife respect and love you. Turn into the butler and watch the opposite.

Hmh said...

By the way guys, how reliable is this STD stuff? C'mon. 70%??

Anonymous said...

"Quite simply, they are being infected by their dear mothers who were infected twenty-odd years ago."

I don't think they all are. There is a reason for all the C-sections these days. It's to avoid giving the newborn the STD's.

Anonymous said...

"By the way guys, how reliable is this STD stuff? C'mon. 70%??"

This statistics are absolutely correct and are from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).

All of the information is available here on HPV, the most common of the STIs.

"According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), by the age of 50 more than 80% of American women will have contracted at least one strain of genital HPV."

The infection rates are probably similar in the UK. Does anyone have figures on this?

NHY said...

You hit the nail on the head there, Duncan. I'm constantly told that I need to grow up and be more mature. Of course, most of the people my age are regularily doing such ' mature ' things as going out on the piss every weekend, working shit jobs and basically not doing much with thier lives.

Meanwhile, people like me, have seen through this and decide for ourselves what is mature and immature and at the same time, work on ourselves to make ourselves a better person.

I'll admit, it is not fucking easy. I'm 21, still living at home but I'm in college. I'm trying to get through college without going into debt ( Its cheaper to go to colleg ein Ireland. I DO NOT want to be debt if the SHFT ) but as a result, I feel right now I'm missing out on a lot and as I don't have a part time job at present and have to depend on my parents for money, that I can't say ' no ' to anything they ask me to do, no matter how much I'd want to say no.

I guess its shaming language but its stuff I'll just have to grit my teeth and endure until I graduate and can afford to leave home.

Anonymous said...

Great post, but I want to nitpick one line: "The paradox is that if a woman tells a man that 'if you were a Real Man you would do X' then, if he does X, he is not a Real Man."

The thing is, what the woman tells the man to do ideally shouldn't affect his decision one way or another. In the above example, the man should do or not do X as he pleases. Always doing the opposite of what you are told can get you into trouble too.

I realise that your post more generally captures that idea; as I said: just nitpicking.

Anonymous said...

To all:

Read the following books:

"Women At Risk- The HPV Epidemic and Your Cervical Health" by Gregory S. Henderson, M.D. The author is a leading expert on STI's.

Also, read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About HPV And Abnormal Pap Smears" by Joel Palefsky, M.D. The author is also an expert on STI's.

These books will scare the ever- loving crap right out of you. The information is available about the prevalence of HPV and HSV infection in society. The fact is that you have virtually no chance of engaging in any sexual activity of any kind (unless you wear a body-suit of latex) without exposing yourself to one or more of these diseases.

Condoms are USELESS in preventing transmission of HPV or Herpes.

The vast majority of women in the U.S. are permanently infected with at least one strain of one of these viral STI's, and most women probably have multiple infections. It's not uncommon for a woman to have several HPV strains. I know of one woman with TWELVE strains of HPV, both cancer and wart varieties.

I kid you not.

There are over three dozen documented STI's around, and many women harbor Chlamydia and Ghonorea
infections on top of HPV and/or Herpes.

Face it young fellows: Your generation is utterly and hopelessly infested with STI's, and there is nothing you can do to protect yourself other than keep your pants zipped up at all times.

No exceptions.

If you have had more than one sexual partner, you probably already have HPV, although there is no commercially available test for men to determine your status. If like most young men today, you have had six. eight or ten or more partners, you probably have multiple strains of HPV, as well as Herpes.

"What? I've had no symptoms!", you proclaim. So what? Most people are asymptomatic, at least for a frequently prolonged period of time, or the symptoms went unnoticed.

The situation is HOPELESS. We have reached a critical point where MOST women, and probably men, are infected with an STI.

The research has been done; the issue is settled. It's a fact. Nothing can be done.

Get used to it.

Now, with that said, what are you going to do? Are you going to adopt the usual foolish male bravado and bounce around like a fool proclaiming your need for sex, and parrot the usual line "I'll just wear a condom!"


How stupid.

Your lives are at stake, boys. Keep your bloody pants on, fer Crissakes. Women are riddled with Sexually Transmitted Infections, and no shot of penicillin will do diddly-squat to cure them.

Their infections are PERMANENT.

The chickens have come home to roost. The damage is done, and it's irreversible.


I've been studying STI's (as an amateur) since HIV first came on the scene in 1983.

Yeah, I'm just that old.

This is a whole new breed of bug out there, and it just won't go away no matter how positively you think about it. Since the 1960's people have been screwing everything in sight. Well, there is no free lunch. Time to pay up, boys. It couldn't go on forever.

Celibacy is your only alternative- IF you want to keep your little Willy clean.

I just turned 47, moderately successful in life, and CELIBATE.

I don't have Herpes, HPV or anything else because I have kept my pants on. I knew the risk early on, as I studied STI's when I was quite young, and what I found disturbed me greatly. I'm very pragmatic about the pleasures of life. Yes, I have a sexual drive, and yes it has been strong, but never so strong that I was willing to destroy myself in order to obtain satisfaction.

Your generation has almost completely abandoned any semblance of morality or modesty, in particular the women, and the price you are going to pay is far more tremendous than most of you realize.

I urge you to reason things out. Think with your big head. Study the material available to you. Know the risks. Then, if you decide to dip your Willy into a Vaginal Sewer, you won't have anyone to blame but yourself if it develops a cluster of festering warts that keep recurring.

And spreading.

Possibly up your urethra or inside your rectum.

(I know a man who had his urethra FILL UP with genital warts. You DO NOT want to know how they removed them.)

Then, maybe you'll remember that crazy forty-seven-year-old Harley-riding celibate bachelor in Oregon who told you it would happen.

Then, you'll be really pissed at yourself......

Christopher in Oregon

Hmh said...

I just re-read your post.

"However, to become a fully-fledged man, a boy must learn to shrug off the yearning for female approval, primarily by not giving a flying fuck about whether a woman denounces you as 'immature', 'a big kid' or 'not a Real Man(TM)'. "

This is so utterly true it should be required reading in male-only classes at high school. If they don't like you the way you are or doing what you do, then fuck 'em. Or better yet, don't fuck 'em. Don't have anything to do with women who try to make you over.

HPV, STDs and all the rest: It sounds like I need to do some checking here. I'll advise further if and when I get the time to do so.

As a last side note, I saw (just in passing) a minivan stuffed full of rioting pre-teens turn up at the petrol station. A mum with the same haircut as Bonzo The Clown got out. Her arrrrrse was a mile wide and I just thought, son, there but for the grace of God goes your probable marriage. Imagine what a total idiot you'd have to be to surrender your life toward being the foundation for this collection's existence.

It isn't so much the current generation of girls who've fucked marriage up, it's their Boomer mothers who've put their daughter's chances largely in the shitter.

Anonymous said...

"I just turned 47, moderately successful in life, and CELIBATE."

Christopher, are you a virgin?

Duncan, are you a virgin?

Anonymous said...

There is a vaccine against HPV now, but only for women.

There are initiatives to vaccine all girls beginning at 12 years of age.

Sure it will protect them against HPV, but at the same time they will be encouraged to be even more promiscous. And there are many more STDs waiting to get spread.

Women may have wonderful bodies, there is no reason to get infected.

Let the bad boys get the STDs. :-))

Anonymous said...

"He kept saying, 'Oh my God she is so hot, she has an amazing a*se and she is going to make me rich'. I wanted to die. I couldn't believe the man I'd fallen for could be so cruel. "I could just about stomach the fact he had a wife, but when there became four of us in our relationship I had to dump him."

"Britney is on the edge and it's ironic that the only person she feels she can turn to is a paparazzo," one U.S. source said.

"It's like the lamb going to stay with the wolf pack."

Well, when men are golddiggers it is condemned, when women are it is not even mentioned.

Good for Ghalib to do what all female golddiggers do.

Hmh said...

... is scared shitless. I've been doing just five minutes of checking and it looks like Christopher's bang on the money.

Blood tests don't necessarily spot Herpes, condoms don't stop Herpes or HPV, particularly if you're with the same infected person repeatedly. Oh and I just found out that the virus which causes cold sores can be transmitted mouth to dick.

Take care out there guys.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 22:30

The thought of getting STD's is what kept me from having any sex for over 6 years. Then (before waking to the fematrix) I had 2 partners but after the usual bitch problems I got rid of them and I've been abstinent for 4 years.

3 years later I found that a small wart had developed on my johnson. Don't know if it was just a regular wart or something else but its gone now.

Anonymous said...

Fellow bachelors, check out this article. The shaming language is monumental!

Dealing with Anti-Feminism

Anonymous said...

Actually to be married is to be reduced to infancy. Well that’s my 30 year experience. One example is that one looses control over what one eats. It might sound a small point and not one that is obvious - but it is true. As far as meals are concerned marriage reduces a man to being in the high chair again. He has no control of what or when he eats. It is more or less being a baby accepting spoon feeding. My wife thinks I like this arrangement but in fact I hate it. Soon hopefully I will rest control of my meals and indeed the rest of my life back into my own control. And like Duncan I don’t care what women think I am no longer enchanted by the magic orifice.

Anonymous said...

Haha, it's not a joke, here one goes again:

They are really that stupid. Okay, men aren't willing anymore to marry fraudulent fembots? Now we are immature and should take our part of guilt in divorce. No, ahah, thanks - womyn break marriages, and we take our part? Stick it!

Funny too - "these bachelors will grow old alone". - Hello? This is exactly what a huge part of these who dreamed of families will happen too. With the exception, that the bachelor has his own money (and probably a less weak constitution, less depressions, if he decided for beachelorhood, more friends, because he has no wife who objects etc.)

Anonymous said...

Person of the year 1975: American Women

It could not be the american man who had been dying in Vietnam while the women whined about being oppressed in cozy USA?

RHM said...

I agree... live your life how you want NOT how your woman wants.

many_luxury_vacations said...

Nice to see you back, Duncan. The feminist poison is even stronger in the Christian Church (an institution now dead and buried in the UK).


Anonymous said...


I can harp all day about the dangers of marriage to western women, or indeed marrying ANY woman in a western nation. I can quote divorce statistics until I'm blue in the face. I can refer you to any of countless books dealing with feminism and its effect on women.

I have a pretty good-sized library dealing with these issues, but when dealing with young men, these subjects generally fall on deaf ears for one simple reason:


Until you hit thirty or so, you are ruled by your sex drive, more or less. I was fortunate in that I was raised a very devout Mormon and was so until 26, then I became a fundy-Baptist up until several years ago. Religion ruled my life, and since I wasn't planning on getting married, I felt pre-marital sex was immoral.

However, when I was 21, I was seduced by a recently divorced lady I knew in the Mormon church that was older than I was, and I attempted to engage in my one and only shot at sexual intercourse.

What a nauseating experience. When she disrobed, the stench from her privates would have literally knocked a buzzard off a garbage truck at fifty paces. Yet, I was horny, so I made the effort. I've jokingly said that Napoleon could have marched his army six-abreast through her vagina. Talk about LOOSE. That's the effect of having three children. The vagina becomes so loose and floppy and UGLY that intercourse is usually pointless for the average man who isn't hung like a horse. It simply isn't going to work very well, and requires Herculean effort on the man's part. This is one reason why so many married men lose interest in sex with their wives. As a woman ages, her vagina falls apart, and her vaginal odor grows worse. It's like nature is saying "She had her children. Leave her alone. And to make sure you DO leave her alone, I'll make her so unattractive, you won't want to touch her."

This was my one and only attempt at intercourse. She had to finish me off with a hand-job because, frankly, I probably would have put out my back hammering away at that gaping cavity. I was only 21 at the time, and in very good physical shape. (still am)

I concentrate on the sexual issues when warning young men about marriage and women because that is probably the only way to get your attention. Older guys, over thirty, generally know what I'm saying to be true. They understand that sex is INSANELY over-rated, and that a man's sex drive is short-lived. You need to know that, in the long run, sex just isn't that great, and is NEVER worth the price you will pay in order to have it.

But, the method I use most frequently is to warn men about STI's. This is hitting below the belt, but it often works. I don't care how attractive she is; she has HPV. I don't care how sweet her smile is; her lips have probably already been sucking on a penis that has HPV or Herpes. I don't care how attracted you are to her pretty figure; she's probably had ten or fifteen peckers poking her already, if not many, many more. I don't care how she preaches that she believes in God; the odds are good that she has already dabbled in bisexuality.

You are taking your life in your hands when having sex with ANYONE today. You can't even let a woman masturbate you if you are fully clothed. They have found HPV DNA in hair and finger nails. They are implicating HPV in many cancers of the throat, anus and penis, not to mention virtually all cervical cancers are a result of HPV. Many, if not most female cancers of the genital area are HPV-related.

You can HPV or HSV1 or HSV2 from oral sex, giving or receiving. You can get genital warts in your mouth. On your gums. In your throat. Up your rectum. Down your urethra. You can have genital wart out breaks so extenisive that they block your ability to urinate or empty your bowels, requiring surgery. They can be so extensive that you hardly can recognize that your penis is indeed a penis. They can grow at an incredible rate. They can resist all medical attempts to eradicate them. Or they can go away on their own. Maybe. Maybe not.

No one knows.

You can have herpes outbreaks so painful that you are immobilized and can't work. Herpes might hit you once a year, or once a week. Genital warts might never come back, or they might have to be burned, chopped or frozen off every few weeks for the rest of your life. (check out the treatment for cancer of the penis- CHOP-CHOP!)

Go to medical web sites and price medications for Herpes and HPV. I hope you're very well off, or have VERY good health insurance. Valtrex is a real bank-buster. I know one fellow who spends on average $500 a month on his Herpes medications.

Most guys don't know that cold sores ARE Herpes, and is known as Herpes Simplex Virus 1. Genital Herpes is known as HSV2, or Herpes Simplex Virus2. HOWEVER, HSV1 and HSV2 are frequently interchangeable , and it's very difficult even for experts to find any difference between the two. For all practical purposes, they are one and the same. Some estimates are that upwards of NINETY percent of women have oral Herpes, and by their mid twenties,
it's generally conceded that at least half of women have genital infections of either Herpes1 or Herpes2. If you or a woman has a cold sore, or even if no symptoms are noticeable, a casual brushing of your hand over your lip (or hers) and then touching your genital area can facilitate transmission of Herpes. Yes, it's just that easy.

As I have mentioned before, by age 24, well over half of women are infected with at least one strain of HPV.

I am free of any and all diseases. The tiny bit of sex I had was back in the early eighties when Herpes and especially HPV were quite uncommon.

I tell you these things not to gloat; far from it. I have many friends with these infections, and one young women I know has HIV, and was infected during her sluttish years as a teen-ager back in the early nineties. What an insane price to pay for promiscuity.

But, you don't have to be promiscuous to become infected. In fact, if you have just one encounter, you will probably become infected on your first attempt. Herpes and HPV are just that common.

Don't believe a woman who tells you she has been tested for STI's. Unless a specific request is made for a very expensive Herpes test, she has NOT been tested for Herpes. Even if she has this test, it gives out false positives and false negatives. NO test is fool-proof.

Herpes and HPV can be spread with NO visible symptoms, so visual inspections are USELESS. Most women will LIE about previous known infections, so her claiming to be clean means nothing.

Condoms are USELESS in preventing the spread of most STI's and certainly Herpes or HPV. I say again:


There is NO KNOWN METHOD of protecting you from exposure to Herpes of HPV if you have sex with an infected partner. These viral infections are, as one MD put it, "Super-contagious". The slightest brushing up against any part of a woman's anatomy from her lower back to her knees can possibly facilitate transmission. Read that again. Merely lying in bed and having your thigh brush up against her thigh can do the trick.

Infected for life.

Is it really worth it? Is an orgasm worth a life time of misery and expense? Really?

I can't control what you fellows do with your own bodies, and wouldn't if I could. I only hope you think with a clear head while you still can. Studies have shown that women are more than twice as likely to have Genital Herpes as men, and it's often assumed that the same applies to HPV, although that can't be proved as there is no available test for men and HPV.

Women are sluts, pure and simple. Let them rot in their misery. Protect yourself, and don't let them drag you down to their level.

Renounce your sex drive as the corrupting influence it is. Under normal circumstances, this would not be so, but today sex will ruin your life.

Consider my life as an example of what can be. I'm 47, STI-free, months away from being completely debt-free (including my home) and I have no dealings with women.

I am a separatist and a misogynist. This means I have NO social or sexual dealings with women. I am celibate.

I am happy and at peace with life. I am not a slave to my passions nor women. I understand the dangers of the flesh, and do not indulge.

I am not gay, or effeminate. I ride two fairly new Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I'm not rich, but financially, I'm better off than 95% of the men in society for one reason and one reason only:

I stay away from women.


Be wise.

You won't get a second chance today.

Christopher in Oregon

Anonymous said...

"Older guys, over thirty, generally know what I'm saying to be true. They understand that sex is INSANELY over-rated, and that a man's sex drive is short-lived. You need to know that, in the long run, sex just isn't that great, and is NEVER worth the price you will pay in order to have it."

Absolutely. Now that I am 35, I can see that this it true and that sex is completely overrated. This is not even considering the very high risk of STD infection.

Masterbate if you must to relieve sexual desire. Keep it up until your sex drive goes off a cliff in your 30s (like mine did) and then you won't even want to do it anymore. Have children through a surrogate using artificial insemination if you really want to have kids and raise them yourself. Any contact with women is just not worth it until there are complete immunizations for STDs (someday in the future).

Anonymous said...

Agreed.Sex is completely over-rated you know.I can't for the life of me figure out why so many decent men,down through the ages,up to the present day have been hoodwinked by this illusion.That's all sex and lusting after woman is.Pure illusion.Realise this, address it and free yourself from the constraints that so many men have succumed to.Women are just plain boring and I don't mean to sound harsh, that's been my experience.

Just save your cash lads,read good books,exercise,play some games if you like video/computer games,enjoy your time with your close family and friends and above all don't fret cause you think you're(or you've been told) a loser cause you haven't a thumping mortgage,a brood of screaming kids to clothe&feed and a fire-breathing nag-monster wife lurking in your home.

The last woman I slept with was the final straw for me.Utterly self obsessed,selfish to boot with a freakin voice which would have shattered glass.Her breath was rank,I mean it smelt as if she had been gorging on shit&dead rat sandwiches.Her fud,pussy,pie,cunt or whatever you wish to call it was absolutely honking.I mean truly awful.I kicked her out and told her to piss off.That's me done with'em I tell you.It seems some of 'em can't even keep up a basic standard of hygeine,yet we're supposed to respect and worship that?Watch me.
I'm saving to emigrate from this feminised shitehole the U.K. has become. I have close to £100,000($200,000) savings and I'm fucking off soon to explore new horizons for myself.And yes,no nag-monster!

Anonymous said...

There is a HPV vaccine for men too. It's called Gardasil.

Anonymous said...

Can I make a response to the anonymous post a few entries above? He begins by saying the sex is overrated. I think I am in a similar position to him. Yes I too think sex is overrated and freeing yourself from enchantment by the magic orifice is the real liberation. Also I too hope to quit the UK very soon for exactly the same reasons. It is good to find kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

Christ, it sounds safer to have sex with animals than with Modern "liberated" Women!

I kid, I kid ...

Is it safe to milk the one eyed monster?

Anonymous said...

Yeah,I made that post you're referring to,my friend,the one about my last,rather unhygeinic woman.As you say,it'd good to know some guys feel the same way and are plotting their escape from the ultra-feminist U.K.I'm 39 now,and believe me,what others have said is true.After you hit your 30's your sex-drive diminishes,the blinkers drop from your eyes, and then you see the truth.I don't hate woman, only these cold,callous bitches that are becoming the norm it seems.I've lived in Belfast,Edinburgh,Leeds and London.Every British city is the same - full of tramps,sluttish selfish hoes who are all obsessed with celebrity and,of course,themselves.Most men can't see the problem.I think most of 'em wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they weren't lusting after and chasing skirt.The reality is that there is a whole world of wonder out there beyond the "magic orifice" A world ready for men to explore,experience and enjoy.Be selfish and elevate yourselves to number 1.After all,your "worth it"

Anonymous said...

To anonymous Jan 10, '08 @ 13:39....

I went to the site you mentioned, felt like I need to wash out my eyeballs with Listerine. Some of the women are in their mid 40's to early 50's, it ain't pretty.

Put up a warning next time.

Anonymous said...

American Woman gives new hubby herpes

Anonymous said...

The gynocrats don't have anything to say now when you point out that they all have infections.

All gynocratic commenting stops when you point out that they have infections.

And you ever find it odd... how you point out how women are in our society, but each woman will say "not me!"

80% of women have STDS.
"Not me!" "NOt me!" "I don't!"


You are and you do.

Anonymous said...

Let me add something here. Note that my Mexican wife of nearly 33 years and I married in the 70's, before it became obvious that only a fool would marry under current laws. It made no sense to divorce to avoid divorce.

We are 66, and though the hormones are down a bit, we still have some really good sex from time to time. A little KY Natural Feeling Liquid works wonders, and I am free from worry about STD's. Her weight is back to what it was when she was 30, 102 pounds, and she still looks pretty good in bed. Not so good standing up, but that is not my favorite pose. With all the worry about STD's, marital fidelity does have advantages, and boinking an enthusiastic 66 year old woman is not too big a price to pay for freedom. Benjamin Franklin knew what he was talking about.

My point here is she never ever has had a bad vaginal smell. I mentioned this on DGM and a man with more experience said this is because clearly she knows how to clean her vagina. Women who clean it properly usually have no bad smell at all -- also assuming no STD's.

So, it is not normal for a woman to have such a bad smell. Women who smell like that are pure pigs, disgusting filthy creatures. They are as disgusting as a person who does not use t.p. after a bowel movement.

I have watched my wife take showers. Sometimes, I ask if I can watch, and she tells me, sure, because she knows I enjoy seeing her 'nekkid' body and doesn't mind. I tell you she really makes an effort to clean herself well.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

So much of the above comments are sad , but all too true.
Did fem bots know what they were unleashing all those long years ago?
- Probably not, but it has to be said- the men with highest sex drives, low insight and high ambition have been used to further the fem cause and now we see the God awful result.
Politicians ( Yes!- the same) are the reason we have lost our way- as with looking after the elderly ,care for forces injured and child care really working for the health of future society are all statist failures.
Men with selfish, feminist agendas have used and corrupted democracy to further their aims and now we see the backlash.
In some ways women are no more to blame than men- as only a few rotten apples ,in the system we have, can have a huge effect beyond their intelligence -if they know how to hijack well ,'the people' and the 'system'!
Yep- that seems to be the case to me. 5K

Anonymous said...