Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Fireman hoses lezzer's ovaries, pays the price

Lesbian mother hits back at sperm donor dad: 'He acted like my baby's full-time father'

This case of a guy who donated his pod porridge to a couple of rug-munchers is a bit of a complicated one.

On the one hand, I sympathise with the poor sod for getting hit for Child Support, and it makes a mockery of women's always dubious claim of being oh-so fucking strong and independent that they need to wring money out of the nearest man.

On the other hand, the dumb fuck was quite happy to originally donate his sperm to a pair of women and reduce himself to nothing more than a sperm donor and potential walking-wallet, which is all feminists and most women see men as.

He fucked up. But he fucked up big style and any guy should've have seen this coming. He knew what he was getting into, and he should've seen that he was opening himself up to Child Support claims. Did he really think a woman would not miss an opportunity to put him through a mangle for some cash? Especially as at least one of the women was on income support; the worthless bitch couldn't support herself, of course she's gonna fuck over anyone - ideally a man with a good steady income - should the opportunity arise and should it prove more profitable than getting a job of her own.

I'm certainly not on the lezzer's side, but I can't really sympathise with him either. Sure, she may have said she wouldn't hit him for Child Support, but so fucking what? She'd have said that the grass was blue and the sky green if it'd have gotten her what she wanted. It's like a similar case in Sweden a year or two ago, whereby a man donated sperm to a couple of lesbians, and they swore they wouldn't nail him for Child Support; then they nailed him for Child Support.

In any case, I found this simple little one-sentence comment from some gentleman amidst the many comments on the Daily Mail's page to be so profound and so pertinent that it should be printed out, framed in gold and hanged in the gents of every school, university and bar in the West.

My advice is; don't trust women.


Anonymous said...

"Mr Bathie says he cannot afford to have a family with his wife because of support payments for the children he fathered as a sperm donor"

This man is dumb in an oddly way. I think he did in extreme what so many men have done: he helped a woman.

Anonymous said...

Serves him right for even becoming involved with these devils.Advice - don't even look the road these lowlife scum are on.They are beneath contempt,these lesbians who want children.Just fuck off and die you cows.What chance would the kids ever have?

Uncharted Thoughts said...

As women are clearly being victimized by these goddamn sperm donors, for the protection of women it will have to become illegal. Sperm donation should become illegal to protect women.

That sounds about right, just claim whatever whacky law you want passed is to protect women and it will fly.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Have you seen the book that some lezzer in the USA wrote about having a baby without a man? Apparently it's selling well. Funny thing is she had a son. I wonder what HER reaction would be if in 18 years time he fathers a child and the mother fucks off and doesn't let him or his grandmother (her) see the child.

These lezzers need to know that what goes around, comes around.

What pisses me off are the sad dopey men who think it's cool to have a wank them deposit the sperm in a perm bank for £20 or whateber it is they get paid.

Until these wankers (literally) are made to realise they are doing their own gender no favours, it will continue.

Did you also see that one of Google's top searches has been the phrase "I hate men", what a shock NOT!

Tom said...

My advice:


Remember that!

phoenix said...

How do you think we got to where we are now? Plenty of stupid men falling all over themselves to give women privileges at the expense of men. Stupid men have done far more for feminism than any feminist. Gloria Steinem and those other shrews could have been replaced by any number of selfish whiny women of which there is no shortage. In fact, that is exactly what is happening throughout the world; these women were clearly not pioneers or free thinkers, they just weren't restrained by any sensible men as sensible men have apparently dissappeared.

Hmh said...

At least he's fighting it:

A British firefighter who donated his sperm so a lesbian couple could have two babies is being forced to pay thousands of pounds in child support.

Andy Bathie, 37, initially agreed to help Sharon and Terri Arnold after being assured he would not have to be involved in the upbringing of their young boy and girl or have any financial responsibility towards them.

But the British government's Child Support Agency has begun docking his pay to force him to contribute to the children's upbringing because the lesbian couple have split up.

Mr Bathie has launched unprecedented court action in an attempt to ensure he cannot be recognised as a legal parent to the children.

"These women wanted to be parents and take on all the responsibilities that brings," he told the Evening Standard newspaper.

"I would never have agreed to this unless they had been living as a committed family.

"And now I can't afford to have children with my own wife -- it's crippling me financially."

Good on him, and good luck to him. Still - actually believing a pleading woman's entreaties and promises... You can't trust 'em. You just cannot.

MySpace Men's Movement said...

I've blogged about this story as well: http://tinyurl.com/3dcwpx

Anonymous said...

Actually I hope he loses and is forced to pay. That wil be a big wake up call to men that think their sperm is of no value.

It can ruin your life.

Anonymous said...

Tom said...
My advice:


Remember that!

I'd like to add to that Tom

Women = disgusting, whores, paternity fraud lying pig abortionist murderous scum. Did I say lying, overly emotional, children like mentality.

ex-boyfriend said...

If Mr. Bathie wins his case, then his case will serve as a precedent and another step forward for men's rights.
If Mr. Bathie loses, then the sperm donor industry gets one hell of a bad piece of PR, "man-free conception" becomes a whole lot costlier and harder to achieve (as all the donors will be scared off), and the men's rights movement gets yet another piece of rhetorical ammunition.

Either way this case works out, we stand to win. I personally think the second outcome will be the most damaging to our opponents. It's a shame that it would come at this man's expense, though.

Martin said...

Actually I don't think I have any sympathy for this arsehole of a bloke. Some poor fucking kid brought up by two man hating women. What's the poor sod going to do when he/she gets to 18 and wants to find their father?

Mike Hunter said...

True this man may have been a dumbass. But very few of us can say we've never done anything stupid in our lives; especially when the prospect of a quality piece of good pussy was involved.

The fact is that the lesbian bitch committed fraud, and all fraud should be illegal.

This guy may have been stupid; but, he's no more stupid then a home buyer who is duped because he is lied to about a termite infestation and never got a home inspection.

He's no more stupid then an old man who is duped into signing over his life savings because a con-man told him that he had to hand over his bank account number in order to receive a free cruise.

All of the previous actions are fraud because the con-man or woman used deception in order to gain access to goods or services.

The only difference is that in the previous fraudulent cases the perpatrator would be jailed and ordered to repay the victim.

But when a woman defrauds a man by lieing about her use of birth control or fertility; not only does she get off scott-free but she then is assisted in extorting a man out of a lifetime of earnings with the threat of jail and violence by the government.

Defrauding someone out of a lifetime of earnings by lieing about the status of one's fertility or use of birth control should be a crime just like every other type of fraud. And it should be punished as such.

Hmh said...

To reply to Ex-Boyfriend (think the name's great by the way), I'm not sure that whatever the outcome, we win. If he loses the case and is ordered to fork out for the next two decades, it'll just reinforce the current bias further. If he wins the case, now, that's huge. It'd open the door to one hell of a lot of marginalised men.

Martin said...

This loser was on Radio 5 live today. What an utter arsehole he really is. You've fathered these little bastards mate, now pay for them. Don't expect tax payers to pick up the tab.

Anyway as a fireman he probably has a second job so he can easily afford it.

Anonymous said...

In fact, I hope he loses,too. Furthermore, I hope that all thus inseminated lesbians sue the biological "fathers" for huge sums of money.
I hope that all those men who foolishly impregnate lesbians will be thrown in the gutter.
Sigh.... feels better now...

Hmh said...

Martin, Anon 16:00 -

wait a second guys. You don't like him? Fine. But you're attacking a fellow man for ending up in a feminist-made shit creek.

The man-optional mentality is what we're against, isn't it? I ask because if we attack him and put him out on his own, we are helping the man-optional feminist agenda... BIG TIME.

If they and we really are serious about equality under the law, the now-absent lesbian "parent" should be paying to maintain these kids... not the guy who was so easily led down the garden path.

Anonymous said...

18 years ago things were not this bad. at the time you could be forgiven for thinking whomen had some semblence of decency.

the problem is that unlike most contracts this sort of agreement is subject to change without consent. I always feel sad for those divorcing after 30 years they could not have known what they were getting into at the time, especialy since their own example was a marriage made 20 years even before that. things were different then.

what people who want kids and think "i know but it's worth the risk" dont realise is that in 20 years time when its their turn things are going to be much much worse again.

pissed off said...

soon they won't be any sperm for them to baste with. No sperrm donors for 12 months since laws were changed here in Oz


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I think any guy who donates sperm ia a fool...sperm is the only power guys have left.... DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY...IT IS POWER over you rights as a male....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I believe that there are good and bad people in every sector of society (straight, gay, black, white, man, woman, etc).

And that not ALL lesbians should be judged by the kind of people you're talking about.

And for the record, Gays and lesbians are statistically more productive in the workplace, often involved in less crime than the average heterosexual man or woman and usually raise some of the happiest well adjusted and intelligent children.

That's just you know, for the nut-jobs that think GAY=EVIL