Friday, 23 November 2007

"There are no good men left!"

That's the frequent call of women everywhere.

"Where are all the good men? They're all taken. There's none left."


When women say this to us men - or, more commonly, to other women but deliberately in earshot of us - they do so to shame us. It's to basically say:

"I cannot find (or rather, they will not find me; God forbid I become pro-active in hunting a mate) a man who can and will fulfill my insanely long list of demands, in particular my insistence - nay, sense of entitlement - on having a rich man to provide for me. You men around me are shit! Explain and defend yourself! Justify your existence you worms!"

That's what it appears to be anyway. Women love to do it, to complain that there are "no good men" and other such variants ("real men", "successful men", and so on) in order that you and any other males leap to defend yourselves, to try and explain that you - and perhaps other men around you - are worthy of the attention of the Almighty Female who is flinging derision at your feet in order to make you crawl.

Rising to the bait is pointless. Trying to argue that women's entry into the workplace has diluted the workforce and thus demolished the ability of the average man to support himself, a wife and kids, and thus pointing out that women themselves have culled the ability of most men to fulfill a woman's demand to have a man who is able to support her, is a fruitless task. As is pointing out the fact that women's demands for no-fault divorce and outrageous anti-male divorce settlements are responsible for the lack of willingness of the existing rich men to marry.

These arguments are based on logic, and furthermore they pass the blame to women; and women are fatally allergic to blame.

Besides, putting forth these arguments - as I've erronously tried to in the past - is humiliating. Why the fuck should us men defend ourselves? Why on Earth should we be trying to argue, reason and explain that there are indeed plenty of good/real/etc men to some woman who is basically stating she is unimpressed by the males around her? To do so is to hark back to the mindset many of us men (certainly me included) go through in our younger and more naïve years, which is to foolishly think that women's approval is worth acquiring at any cost and that their disapproval should cause us sleepless nights.

The best reaction to a woman stating the lack of "good men" around, or lamenting that all the "good men are taken" or whatever, is to simply say:

"So? That's your problem."

Then ignore her.

It's true though. As a man, are you hampered in your quest for happiness at the lack of rich single men out there? Does it bother you, a man in the Matriarchy, that many affluent men are not willing to commit to marriage? Of course not. It's of no consequence whatsoever to you. It's solely the problem of women (which women know, and in trying to shame us men into giving a shit about this problem of women's, they hope to make it our problem so we'll do something about it. Like work harder, save more money, and then marry the nearest spinster looking for an idiot to fund her early retirement.)

So the next time a woman sneers at the male sex and declares her frustration about the lack of eligible (read: gullible) wealthy bachelors, just shrug, point out that that's her fucking problem, not yours, and then start telling the nearest fellow bachelor about how great it is to be single.


Uncharted Thoughts said...

Excellent attitude, turn the insult back at them!

She is a divorce waiting to happen anyways. She fits the personality disorder of Paranoid Narcissistic.

This page is funny, it lists the symptoms of various personality disorders.

Anonymous said...

I just laugh when I hear a women say that shit. I got that recently at a friends party were some dumb blonde started popping off within a ear shot of me. I approached and pretended to listen to her intently she asked me were all the good men have gone , I told her that there was plenty of good men around they just don't fit your rigid definition of what a "Good Man" is. She ended up getting angry and broke out the shaming language , I laughed and told her to enjoy her cats because she is going to be a lonely lonely women when she got older.

I ignored her the rest of the night and lived happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

The Real Men are in the Ukraine, Prague (Czech Republic), Rio, etc. Looking for a Non Feminized Decent Woman. Not anxious to flush their lives down the Feminist Toilet. Boo Hoo Bitch cry me a River.

I laugh now everytime I hear this nonsense. Well "You can't fix Stupid".

Anonymous said...

Good advice Duncan. The point of all complaints is to turn one person's problem into someone else's.

Never, ever forget this.

Hmh said...

Fantastic post Duncan - this is one way of turning it back on them.

Lack of single, rich, handsome, eligible, trusting men? Not my problem sweetie!!

LordMacGregor said...

Good attitude.

Personnaly, if I don't know the girl, I completly ignore it.

If I know her, I smile or grin, and change the subject.

If a girl, ask me why I'm single, I answer : "It seems that I'm difficult" a girl told me that a few years ago or "I'm hard to please".

Ed said...

In modern Western society, there is no reason for men to support women and no reason women should expect men to support them (excepting women are providing equivalent good faith and support to men in a genuinely loving and altruistic and freely participatory mutual relationship). I've heard these complaints also, and if required, I simply kindly and noncomittally reply "I'm sorry you're unhappy." Otherwise the best answer to such a complaint is complete silence and dismissive aversion. If she says such a thing, simply politely drift away from her, avoid her in the future if at all possible, and forever remember her mention and her comment's underlying meaning and intentions.

Anonymous said...

Tell them you know exactly they can find 'eligible good men' - in the imaginary world of the Lifetime TV Channel for Women.

It's full of rich, handsome doctors, lawyers etc who spend their days pining away for out of shape 30-something single moms.

Destrier said...

Duncan, you are a Giant to me. I am SO glad you came back to the blogosphere.

Once again, you are right on the money and (almost frighteningly) are telling us what to think and how to act, in our own best interest!

It's the sort of thing my Dad might have said if he was still alive.

But a lot of other guys just "don't have dads". Your advice is inspiring to many of us and I am grateful that you share your wisdom and experience.

Given last night's election results in Australia, I have started my own blog. Yours was the first I linked to!

It's called "Renegade's Rant" and it can be found at:

God Speed Duncan!

Anonymous said...

Yes Sweetie Pie your'e 100% all of the Decent Men have left for the Decent Women overseas. All that are left here in the USA are Feminist Scum no decent Man would stick his male parts into. For fear of STDs. Which there were 2.8 Million cases of last year a Record year by the way.

So Good Men are bailing on the US Skank Women and looking for Good Ones overseas not ruined by Oprah Winfrey. The Fat Asshat Windbag who washes her face with a facial scrub made from Black male foreskins. I kid you not. And she even advertises her favorite product on her Web site.

You could not dream up this nonsense on a Monty Python skit. Its just that off the wall and absurd.

phoenix said...

At work it's dangerous to say that. Instead you're better off telling them you hope they find a good man if that's what they're looking for, and excusing yourself to get some work done. That way you're safe on both counts. The workplace with women in it is now akin to navigating a battleground stewn with landmines.

Otherwise, at parties, I think ignoring them is a better idea. You're not going to win any points with any on watchers by using logic against a woman. Our society is extremely feminized, that means most MEN are feminized and will rush to defend her at your expense, so don't bother.

I personally wonder where the good women have gone. I don't consider being a nagging, irresponsible skank from a young age a good woman. What happened to the chaste, non-drinking, cooking, supportive women? At least if they were smart enough to hold up their end of the bargain they'd still get men to support them, and actually that is precisely what the smarter ones do, marrying at 20 and then pumping out babies.

Disposable Manigger said...

I Was asked about the missing good men. I suggested they sit in at the local 'family' court room.

mezzrowjr said...


And welcome back. You make some excellent points here but have you ever covered advice given to women about relationships *by other women* and how following that advice kills any chance they have at finding a good mate?

I found out about a book called The Pink Biblefrom
this review of the book
and comments by blogger MarkyMark about the book.

What if anything have you heard about this fem-o-nasty book?

Would like to know your thoughts on how women give other women bad advice and how it sabotages their chances at happiness.


Mezz Mezzrow Jr.

Anonymous said...

A similar comment that I got from some old bitch was "as least men are good for something" !

I responded with "Well, what are women your age good for ? (she was over 50)..

She started babbling about some irrelevance...

Got ya !

Ya dragon.

Anonymous said...

"Given last night's election results in Australia, I have started my own blog. Yours was the first I linked to!"

Kevin Rudd appears to be a mangina on the level of David Cameron, which is quite a feat. Not only is Rudd a wimp but he is also very likely a Chinese spy (look into some of his statements regarding China). Australia was the most macho country in the Anglosphere and they elected this turkey. It must have been all the female and Chinese voters.

Tainted said...

Hi Duncan, it's great that you're back.

I wrote a wiki entry on "How to Be A Feminist Without Displaying your Victimhood Complex"

It's here:

Anonymous said...

Duncan, next time, do not just disappear from the blogosphere, I was worried.

VoodooJock said...

My stock answer is "Looks like you're really up shit creek then."

Pete Patriarch said...

How about, "I know! Where have all the good women gone?"

Anonymous said...

Mad woman sterilizes herself to save the environment.

You should have a field day with this one, Duncan.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, look at this: paternity tests in television.
One woman whored with 17 men at the same time, they got tested and are not the father.

Another whored with 10 men and is whining as if she was a victim.

One whored with an African American, but her husband is white.

Another - hugely fat - cheated on her black husband twice - both of her children are white, the poor husband believed they were his.

The poor guy, sincere hard working serious looking is a REAL sucker.

The whining of the perpetrators is laughable. They are all fat women.

The deserve punishment for lying and stealing money of a man.

These men are used as walking ATM machines, nothing else, the women get away with it, receive money from the state for single moms and whore like there is no tomorrow.

It must be horrible to discover that your own children are in fact not yours.

Anonymous said...

Is 15 years old, HUGELY fat, and does not who the father is - that means she whored with othe rmen at 15 years. And she is uneducated.

Then after she hears he is not the father the little landwhale runs away and needs a hug from her mom. Disgusting.

DNA testing should be used much more often. These women are lying in an unbelievable way.


It is unbelievable that a woman needs paternity testing, she should always knwo who had sex with her.


This one had sex since she was 13. of course when she is 16 she has a daughter and cannot say who the father is.

The woman wants her boyfriend and another man tested. The other guy is not the father, everybody assumes it must be her boyfriend. It is not her boyfriend either.

The way the fat 16 yo reacts is typical: she begins crying.

Obviously these women are so whorish that they have sex with many men but never tell them who the real father is.

The MEN in contrast are really in love and even want to care for the whores who cheated on them (watch last video).


Anonymous said...
Paternity testing: two men.
One reacts right: he is relieved.
The second is blinded by love, pity and chivalry: he wants to support the single mother!

Only marry virgins. The other ones cannot be trusted.

Uzem & Luzem said...

Regarding Anonymous 13:00's comment, can you imagine how much cock the hot girls are getting behind their bf / hubbie's back?

Thanks to YouTube and blogs the truth about the sluttiness of the average woman is getting out there.

The next hurdle is for guys to realize that unfaithful cunts like these are the rule rather than the exception.

Women cheat at least as much as men.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the UK is no better than the US. But here last year 12% of US Men who married, married a Foreign Woman. If this trend continues in just twenty years that will be one in four US Marriages. So in reality US Men are rejecting US Women as wives. Either through Marriage Avoidance, Marriage Strike or Marriage Outsourcing. US Women are truly screwed.

Yet unwilling to face reality. And brain washed by the Piped Piper of Misandry in Chicago. They keep complaining its the Men's Fault. Who cares anymore what they think? I sure the hell don't. Been hearing this crap now for two decades.

I am no longer interested in their problems. They are not worth my time or trouble.

Hmh said...

How about something confrontational? A kind of verbal punch between the eyes? Make 'em remember. Make 'em understand what it feels like to be someone else's emotional punchbag.

Here's my take:
"There are no good men left!"
"What makes you think you're worth one?"

bar said...

I usually just say, "They left a few years after all the good women did. They asked me not to tell you where they went."

tba said...

damn it, I'm gonna have to start writing these down. A lot of these retorts are GOLDEN. Forgive me guys if I use your lines against these whining hags. These lines are GREAT.

Daisy said...

If it's no concern to you, what are you so upset about?

THE DEAN said...

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The more you ignore woman the better, if you react you give them ammo to work with.



Hmh said...

"If it's no concern to you, what are you so upset about?"

Daisy. Try living in a world where most of what the other gender does to you is negative. Not supportive, not friendly, not even neutral, but actually negative - as in, manipulative, attacking, competitive, and so on. Try spending a while dealing with people who'll put you down to your face and laugh out loud at their own jokes.

Then see how you feel about just one more little stinking piece of shit thrown your way!

Rick said...

This is soooo true. I hear that crap from women all the time. Like men are basically crap unless they are rich and willing to worship them. Take a good look at those bitches doing the complaining! Like any guy would want to get hooked up with a self-centered, neurotic, nagging fishwife. They say all the good men are either married or gay. For guys not born gay, their shit could certainly push you in that direction.

Cocaine Princess said...

Very interesting.
Cocaine Princess

Anonymous said...

I happen to find this blog from another site where women mostly post. I thought this was very interesting to hear men's perspective on the situation of not finding a good mate. The same things that women are complaining about, ya'll are doing the same thing but with different attributes about the opposite sex. You say women want rich men and men to take care of them and stuff. Complaining that there are no good men and stuff. Does this not sound like the very thing you are complaining about?

One person said look at this, she can't even find the father of her child. She has slept with 15 guys and aint none of them the father. All they want is someone to take care of them.

I say stop complaining about the other person and just find someone else. Stop wasting your time trying to find a mate that is not worthy of your time. If you see a female who is forever on Maury stay the hell away from her. Stop letting a few women sway you perspective about all women. For women the same, stop letting a few men sway your perspective about all men. All men are not the same and all women are not the same.

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed while shopping in Wal-Mart was the number of females with scowls on their faces. And they wonder why good men want nothing to do with them. With a puss on the face like they have (is it fucking tattooed on?) it is little wonder only players want to have a shag and leave them. In any event, local women are the worst prospects within the anglosphere for marriage or even a date. So steer clear of them at all cost. They bathed in the pig shit of Andrea Dworkin, let them rot in it until death alone with 10 cats.

Anonymous said...

"Where are all the good men? They married all the good women and went home. Guess that just leaves you and me, sis - and frankly you ain't my type, either."

Lady Vengeance said...

There were no good men to begin with it was just an act. Good men are that way for a few months until they have gotten what they want. They have nothing to offer anyway and they want to have kids because they know that they themselves cannot have a good relationship cannot hold on to woman. If a woman has kids she probably won't leave. Men don't understand the needs of women ie affection and then they want to say that women have commitment problems. Nope you have the commitment problems you are lacking and women don't have to settle anymore. Yeah you can't fix stupid you can't fix arrogant either.
You're supposed to listen to a man vent and be understanding but he can't do the same? He deserves nothing.
At least your cats love you and are affectionate you know their loves is real and in addition one can have hobbies.
Being with a man means giving up your autonomy and giving up the best years of your live raising his kids just so he can turn around and leave you for someone younger and then call you are parasite for wanting alimony.
Well you can keep your money and shove it up your A$$. Men aren't that great...I only have use for men that serve a purpose in my life and give me what I want. What other reason is there? LOVE pfft you can't love you're pathetic creatures that are to be pitied. Companionship..riight soon you'll start your power play and things will turn ugly. You will never treat a woman as an equal.
Are you a good companion? intelligent? Interesting? Probably not. Most men that you get to know are egomaniacs obsessed with status and making money. They are just looking for was to out do each other. Maybe you can marry each other.
Nature abhors a vacuum and so do I.
Go to your Czech Republic and find your woman you won't be missed.

Lady Vengeance said...

The last guy I dated was affluent but you know what he couldn't get a woman to stick with him. His comments were women are selfish they want to have all of it but are too selfish to want a man in their life. They have the career the kids they want to be single mothers. Wow they wouldn't even stick with him to support their kids who aren't even his. Probably because he is arrogant self cenetered and always wants to do things his way. Money covers a few flaws but not for long. I'm afraid to have a good quality women you too have to be good quality not some insecure pathetic creature that has to play games. Nobody wants that. Take a look in the mirror

Lady Vengeance said...

>the number of females with scowls >on their faces. And they wonder >why good men want nothing to do >with them.

haaa..women can express anger just as men do. Why do you assume that men are good? That 'nice guy' mask covers alot of problems. Of course you don't discover this until he starts unravelling anywhere from 3 months to 2 years later and you discover that he is a total lie. Men should get nothing because later on after they get what they want they can always make some excuse. And it is right to assume that all men are bad because even the ones who seemed promising in the beginning are hiding who they really are. Liars cowards we know who you are. You don't want love you want power and your power comes at the price of tricking a woman into having your kids. Then she's stuck and she can't have as much fun as she did. You want for your kids what you didn't even want for her.
We understand how you think. You can flat out lie you can do whatever you like and justify it. You are collective pieces of shit and that is how you will be treated.
Haa...your ego must die. You must be willing to do what you expect of women. Double standards will not be tolerated and why should they be. We don't need you for food clothing and shelter anymore like our grandmothers did. We can ditch you anytime that we see your true self emerge. We don't have to put up with you bad behavior.
But your foreign born wife from some other country will tolerate you for a few years and put her best face forward until she can get her independence. You have something she she wants.And I say mad props you go girlfriend.
Men were born to serve haha

Lady Vengeance said...

It's full of rich, handsome doctors, lawyers etc who spend their days pining away for out of shape 30-something single moms.

LOL. In real life unlike TV men unattractive out of shape and have bad BO

Anonymous said...

Lady Vengeance-

Thank you for proving everything we've been talking about as true.

Now go play with your kittens.


Anonymous said...

There are no good men left anymore because those of us with brains sought out a marriage broker and married a beautiful foregin woman that doesn't "forbid" us from hanging with the guys, scream at us for being 15 minutes late or berate us because we can't support her at the lifestyle she thinks she deserves.

For me I met and married my wife from but there are many others. I'm now happily married to a gorgeous woman that is 20 years younger and worships me.

(p.s. The crap you hear about these mail order brides wanting your money or citizenship is myths concocted by ignorant American Women trying to protect "their" turf. BE HAPPY - MARRY FOREIGN.