Friday, 9 November 2007


Funniest Point/Counterpoint at The Onion ever.


Anonymous said...

welcome back duncan. just checked angry harry on the bloggers choice awards and i think a bunch of votes for him were deleted, his political section has only 19 yet before they hid the results he was up to 300. please investigate this is crucial kudos bro.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Duncan

Check out today's Onion


The best one yet!

paul parmenter said...

"I won't even get into Meatball, because he'd kill me if I ever wrote about him!"

Do us a favour, love, and write about Meatball.

darkbhudda said...

@Anonymous 09 November 2007 15:55

The vote totals you are looking at are for next year as voting has starting already.

The 2007 vote totals stopped being displayed weeks before the final tallies. I suppose they have their reasons but it does make you wonder. Before the vote Angry Harry was indeed far out in front in the Best Political Blog voting. If he doesn't win there will always be the suspicion that the results are fixed.

Xaver said...

Anonymous 15:15 said...just checked angry harry on the bloggers choice awards and i think a bunch of votes for him were deleted

Nope. They have already started the 2008 contest so Vote! Angry Harry’s blog had roughly 550 votes shortly before all votes were hidden. His blog was 120-125 ahead of Feministing prior to concealment which continued two to three weeks before voting stopped. On Nov 10 they supposedly announced winners of the 2007 contest but results aren't in yet. Anyway, why not vote for Eternal Bachelor as well? If enough of you do, Feministing should easily be driven off the front page because it currently has only eight votes.

Xaver said...

FYI Duncan, comments are disabled in your post above.

Xaver said...

Anonymous 15:55 said: i think a bunch of votes for him were deleted

Yes, looking at the results, they deleted 105+ and Feministing picked up over 300 votes in three weeks or so by my account. Check comments at BCA for more info.

Bob said...

When you meet a female, count her cats.
1 cat: be cautious
2 cats: Be suspicious
3 cats: Run!


Hmh said...

Further to Bob's comment -

1) makeup
2a) soft toys
2b) small dogs that look like soft toys
2c) pictures of small dogs that look like soft toys, especially in frames
3) Sex And The City dvds
4) things that look like expensive presents from former boyfriends
5) debt in ANY form
6) kid's stuff... or a room in her place with a closed door that stays closed
7) even one joke that puts you down and isn't terribly funny

All are warning signs of your personal Apocalypse.