Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Nanny State Britain

As you may know, smoking in pubs and bars is illegal in the UK, and smoking outside them is apparently not allowed either (authorities are seemingly shocked that not allowing drinkers to smoke in a pub would mean they'll just nip outside for one.)

It reminds me of Eddie Izzard's comment regarding the ban on smoking in bars in certain states in the US: "Pretty soon it'll be no drinking and no talking!"

Well, the former part of that quip is almost a reality in the UK.

I remember when I were a lad when you could go into a pub, smoke and get drunk. Not so anymore. It's also significant that the new 'initiative' to prevent people having a good time binge drinking has lead to a clamour for public funds from the civil service. This is the primary symptom of a socialist state; individuals and groups realising that demanding public money is easier than generating it by doing something fucking useful.

I don't smoke anymore incidentally, but it's still stupid that the government has decided people can't smoke in pubs, when it ought to be up to the pub owner.

The other week I was a train station and some guy was about to light up on the open-air platform when he evidently began to wonder whether he would be breaking the law. He asked a nearby station guard if he could smoke, and the guard wasn't too sure, and just suggested he probably could, as it was outdoors.

"Stub it out if a transport cop comes along," the station guy advised.

"I wouldn't be surprised," the commuter mused loudly to no-one in particular, whilst lighting up his cigarette, "if this fucking government makes it illegal for us to take a shit after 6PM."

That marvelously crude and amusing comment beautifully summed up how pissed off normal people are at the fucking nanny state of a cuntry the UK has become.


darkbhudda said...

"I wouldn't be surprised...if this fucking government makes it illegal for us to take a shit after 6PM."

Well they might not make it illegal to take that dump, but they're not far off making it illegal to flush it. I'm sure some greenie has the stats for how much water we'd save per flush.

Next they'll start mandatory dieting so everyone poos less and stops being "obese".

First they come for the smokers then the drinkers then the overweight.

Anonymous said...

It really is getting to the point where nobody can remember what is legal or illegal and so nobody really gives a shit.

When was the last time getting a speeding ticket actually damaged your reputation? Unfortunately, being caught drink driving is also becoming less serious due to this.

Outside of the cities it is pretty easy to find a pub that still allows smoking. I know one on a crossroads that you can easily see into from the road, and so the police surely see and don't do shit.

Seeing who can avoid the most tax has pretty much become a game. I'd bet that damn near every market stall and corner shop has cooked their books, most that I've worked with and known certainly have.

It may not seem like it, but I think even sexual harassment, rape and paedophile accusations are becoming less serious. Even the biggest mangina will ask "well, what did he actually do?"

How long until people care so little that they just murder people they don't like? Was it Babylon that went that way under a certain king?

Anonymous said...

Here in the US our toilets are federally regulated. About 10 years ago during the Clinton hunta a law was passed to mandate low water flush toilets. No more than 1.5 gallons per flush. For several years the new toilets didn't work well. Old toilets became a black market item and were smuggled in from Canada.

Honest, I'm not kidding.

I can't wait for the Civil War II to start I'm so sick of this nanny state crap.

Anonymous said...

The smoking ban is to protect people who do not want to smoke but inhale the smoke of others.

The smoking ban is really useful. It is like forcing cars or industries to stop polluting the environment.

I am happy with it and I never smoked. Smoking and passive smoking is major hazard to one's health.

Anonymous said...

Drinking is only dangerous for yourself or if a woman is pregnant for the child. A drinking ban is not needed.

Ex-Boyfriend said...

Constant CCTV surveillance, speed cameras, congestion charges…Britain sucks. Orwell and Churchill are definitely rolling in their graves. I truly feel sorry for you guys in the UK. Maybe one day you will all wake up, band together, and sent the nanny state back into the fiery depths from whence it came.

Hawaiian Libertarian said...

I just vacationed for two weeks in the UK...London, Scotland and than finished up in Dublin, Ireland.

I can't believe how feminized the BBC television programs are...they are twice as bad as they are here in the US.

And the PSA adverts plastered all over taxi's, buses and bill boards are all nanny state government at it's worst...especially in Ireland!

They apparently have a campaign right now about men who drink too much, and every one of them depict a pretty, but stern looking women with a serious look on her face with the caption "I've had enough!"

Orwell was sadly prescient in his description of a UK full of cameras and an ever-present, all-intrusive, over-bearing authoritarian government.

phoenix said...

It would be a lot more fair if these directives were targetted at women, who simply can't handle alcohol or smoking. Instead, when it's something restrictive that women are at fault for, men are punished for it as well. When it's something positive for men, women benefit too. When it's something negative from men, only men are punished. Good old feminist idealogy.

Anonymous said...

The smoking ban is one of the worst things our current excuse for a government has done. It has ruined pubs, driven many out of buisness and stigmatised those who choose to enjoy tobacco

Interestingly, the first 20th century european politician to introduce smoing bans was none other than Adolf Hitler [just goes to show what sort of company these anti-smoking fanatics are keeping]. The really scary thing is that the smoking ban in nazi germany was actually less strict than the current one in the UK!

I have to wonder, why does this government hate fun so much? It seems intent on victimising anyone who enjoys a few drinks or a cigarette/cigar/pipe etc.... In my opinion, it is nothing other than self-righteous puritanism.

Also, I can't believe parliament believed all the lies and scaremongering about secondhand smoke.... It's interesting how people whinge about people smoking near them but don't moan at passing cars when walking next to a road... exhaust fumes are probably just as or more harmful as any secondhand tobacco smoke. Also, considering it takes decades of heavy, habitual smoking before people develop serious health problems [even so, the actual percentage of smokers who get lug cancer from cigarettes is lower than ASH and their ilk make out...yes, you might be 24 times more likely to get cancer if you smoke but even then it is only a small percentage]so the risk to someone who occasionally breahes in dissipated secondhand smoke is negligable at best.

To be honest, I think society got into the state its in today because Governments were actually foolish enough to take the feminists, religious groups, political correctness fanatics, health nazis etc... seriously.

Anonymous said...

More of the Nanny State for you ...

Orphan told pregnancy 'can pay for A-levels'

Anonymous said...

The smoking ban protects the workers inside the bar who are working there day in and out and are exposed to the smoke thus the potential of developing cancer in the long terms, remains high . If it was up to the bar owner, he wouldn't give a shit about the workers because he is only after the green and more smokers=more money.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Ron Paul?

What with the near total lack of philosophical vigour in British politics today I believe libertarianism's time has come. And a welcome side-effect of a free society is that it will naturally favour working men.

Anonymous said...

Britain can be proud: 13 yo girls want boob jobs.
And they want to be glamour models.

What happened to Britain? where are the girls who want to marry young as virgins?

Anonymous said...

Are there any decent women left in UK?

is 14 whores since she is 12.

Anonymous said...

I really recommend viewing this. These girls fuck with irregular partners all 3 weeks when they are 14. They dress like whores at parties.

What pappened?

Anonymous said...

Young girls get tested for aids and chlamydia. where have we gone?

They get pregnant without being married.

Most are from divorced parents.

Thanks feminism.

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable these girls are 14 and get tested for AIDS!!!!!!

I am much older and never got tested for anything. WTF!!!!!

And thanks to chastity I have nothing to worry about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

British teens have highest rate of sexully transmitted diseases.

Be proud of it dumb asses!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a 'glamour model' anyway? 'Tart' is far more succinct.

Anon 03:06: if you object to breathing smoke, you can choose not to enter the pub, which is, after all, a private enterprise.

If there had been this huge demand for smoke-free bars, they would have sprung up without the need for legislation.

Anonymous said...

"What do you think of Ron Paul?

What with the near total lack of philosophical vigour in British politics today I believe libertarianism's time has come. And a welcome side-effect of a free society is that it will naturally favour working men."

I think Duncan should use his creative energies to help get a real British Libertarian movement off the ground. As the Ron Paul run for the Republican nomination shows, the influence of Libertarian ideas is growing in the US (which is the place most ripe for them, anyway). Even nanny state Sweden recently elected a center-right government that pledged to reduce the welfare state. This shows that there may be hope for Europe yet.

Hmh said...

We've had this anti-smoking rule in NZ for roughly four years now, I think. It's led to a completely stupid problem: instead of smelling the smoke, now you can smell the other people. Guys just off an eight-hour shift for example. Fat chicks who haven't learnt that perfume-bombing the entire room isn't attractive. And so on.
Mind you New Zealand was known for a while as the only country that banned alcohol accidentally. We had and still have a law flatly stating that alcohol may not be carried in any public place, visible, in a paper bag, or concealed in luggage or so on. Read literally, it means that you can buy it, but can't take it out the door of the liquor shop and across the car parking lot. In practice it gives the police total license to crack down on idiots at public events and it's actually worked pretty well.
All this said, I agree with Anon 19:46 - there's no scandal left in breaking the law anymore, since it's become so easy to do. With the government gradually assuming responsibility for more and more of our choices, people have just gradually stopped caring.

Hmh said...

And another thought: Peak Oil's going to kill the Nanny State. Big call I know. But if you think about it for a minute, all this official attention to detail is only made possible by enormous amounts of cheap energy and cheaply available computers, optics, communications... all of which ultimately depend on cheap oil. If the price of oil goes up, then through the roof, it will only be a few years before most of the Nanny State is simply abandoned as unworkable.
There's a few other pluses for men about Peak Oil, too. Our ability to perform physical labour is going to be needed again - desperately in some cases. Our ability to physically defend our families is also going to be valued. Although much of Peak Oil is going to be very, very tough, this is one part of it that I'm looking forward to.

treebs said...

What was wrong with the old system of smoking rooms? With modern filter extraction systems it would have catered easily with the smokers output- and not ruined the social atmosphere -or turned us into 'ninnies' for the 'nannies' to abuse!!
Now the precedent is out for more of the same.
Get me the F*ck outa here ....

Anonymous said...

The Onion: outsourcing child care.

Rigoberto said...

"The smoking ban protects the workers inside the bar who are working there day in and out and are exposed to the smoke thus the potential of developing cancer in the long terms, remains high . If it was up to the bar owner, he wouldn't give a shit about the workers because he is only after the green and more smokers=more money."

The workers have the choice not to work there then.

Anonymous said...

"There were tears. I always like that, I think that it shows you are a true fan when you cry or when you pass out.

"When the paramedics are called I think that is a good sign, it shows real determination as a fan."

Victoria Beckham is mad.

Anonymous said...

women are not designed to change tyres

Hilarious. I would never help her. Emancipated, independent women should do it themselves.

Anonymous said...

women are not violent...

Imagine this driver as a wife.

Anonymous said...


This woman needed men to help her. Many men. I bet she felt entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

Dumb woman: does she believe people like so much fake boobs?

Anonymous said...

Never ever marry a woman with boob jobs. It shows a mad mind, and the scar tissue left bei the operation is hindering breast feeding.

A man wants a woman capable of breast feeding, healthy breasts are necessary.

That is one who is absoultely no marriage material.

I wonder: why are many women so dumb to behave like whores. They obviously want to attract men, but seem to neglect that good men want wife.

Anonymous said...
min 3

Woman does of course not work and claims to be used to a certain kind of living therefore she had to use credit cards. And look whta stuuf they have in their house.

Horrible woman.

Anonymous said...

Screaming woman:

That is why men had to do the hunting.

Anonymous said...

The smoking ban is just another form of prohibition. Anonymous was right. People wig out about a lit cigarette outdoors, but are OK with car exhaust. The American Cancer society did a huge study on the effects of second hand smoke. It turned out, second hand smoke DID NOT cause all the problems we have been led to believe. So guess what? They decided not to use it, because it didn't have the desired results.
IF science doesn't support their claims, then bury the evidence.

Anonymous said...

30 November 2007 11:55

That female he's with at around the 3 min mark is an absolute hog. The blonde female is just another typical skank it would seem destin to catch an STD.

Wilhelm von den Osten Iowa said...

I love you Brits, no one is more fun to go drinking with-but you need to wake up! British people have for too long maintained the tradition that the people serve the government, not vice-versa! This is why we "Yanks" took up arms to throw off British tyranny.
Yet you Brits elected a "progressive" (i.e. Socialist/Communist) government that took your arms away, and someone who defends themself from rape, robbery, etc., by whatever pitiful means not only serves more time than their criminal attacker, your government gives the criminal a stipend to sue the attackee! Your government freed two young fiends that killed a two-year-old boy and gave them new identities! We still have arms to defend ourselves here in the USA and we still execute heinous murderers! I own a 9MM Browning Hi-Power pistol with British Army regimental markings-a vestige of the freedom once held, and now denied-to Brits that I can still defend my family with if need be as long as we continue to elect conservatives here in America! We arose to throw off our chains from the Crown by force of arms, it is up to you to throw off your chains by your vote. I love British people, but I hate British government!

Anonymous said...

cancer or no cancer, smoky pubs smell disgusting, waking up with a hangover and smelling other peoples' rank cigarette smoke on my hair and clothes makes me want to throw up.

Even bar staff who smoke themselves are happy about the ban, no one should have to work in that environment, do people smoke inside your office? No? didn't think so.

Ban smoking altogether i say.

Anonymous said...

It is fucking ridiculous... i went to my local shop to buy a pack of matches and was told i couldn't without ID... im 21 years old and although i only wanted a ciggarette what would happen to 17 year old mother who needed the matches to light her stove??