Friday, 9 November 2007

Man jailed for taking his baby from the state

Solicitor jailed for snatching own baby daughter from social workers

A solicitor who snatched his baby from two care workers before going on the run has been jailed for 20 months.

Jonathan Phillips, 40, punched the two women, one of whom was heavily pregnant, before grabbing his daughter and speeding away in his car.

The child had been taken into care because of concerns over his wife's mental health - although the couple insist she does not present a risk.

They were allowed to visit their daughter for two hours every day at a family contact centre in King's Lynn, Norfolk. But Phillips lashed out because he felt staff were treating her too roughly.

He shouted, "Take your hands off my baby" before overturning a table, attacking the women and seizing his child, who was four months old at the time.

The first thing a Socialist government does is nationalise the youth (e.g. The Hitler Youth, the Soviet's Youth for Socialist Action) and this is happening steadily in the UK. Children are the property of the state, with the state's frontline troops including leftie fembot teachers and equally feminist social workers.

Unanswerable to anyone, social workers can deem pretty much anyone unfit to be parents and take their kids away, maybe granting them the privilege of visiting their own children in the awfully titled "family contact centres" (normally reserved only for divorced fathers. It's unusual that in this case the mother was being deprived of the right to be a mother to the kid; normally it's just dads who are deprived of that.)

Note how it was the father who stepped in, fists flailing, to defend the daughter. That's exactly what dads are for; to get fucking violent when anyone fucks with their kids. Heavily pregnant busybody social workers or otherwise, anyone who inteferes with a man's children is in the line of fire.

Unfortunately, in the UK, that spells the state's foot stamping on the father's face for an eternity, and some mangina judge blithering that violence against state workers who kidnap people's babies will "not be tolerated."

The social workers say that the mother was "mentally ill", but this allegation does not have to be proved in anyway, and if it was disproved, then the social workers would not even be identified, let alone bought to book for being wrong (see The Cleveland Sex Scandal; none of the dipshit social workers who tore families apart in that sordid episode were ever publicly named, let alone disciplined.)

Only in the Matriarchal West can a man take his own baby from abusive state scum and be regarded as a kidnapper.

In this case, as in so many, the state has won. The kid will be adopted and probably farmed out to some single career chick or lezzers, or dumped in some god-awful state run "care home."


Pete Patriarch said...

Duncan, its great to see you again. We've lost bloggers, we've gained bloggers but the movement marches on.

Take it easy, I'm going to put up a link to your renaissance on my blog now.

nascar man said...

Speaking of the Matriarchal West what do you think about the US Presidential candidate Ron Paul?

He is a huge favorite with MRAs.

paul parmenter said...

53 comments posted, and only one against the father. The rest slate the social workers and the system. I have to agree, I live in Norfolk and the social services network is a bloody disgrace from top to bottom.

See how they have now created another family "problem" out of nothing to keep themselves in a job. A baby has a loving mother and father; but now mum is presumed to be mentally ill and incapable of looking after the child, and dad is conveniently booted into jail for two years. So that's the parents neatly out of the way and social services are free to grab another piece of human fodder - sorry, baby - to feed into their grotesque social engineering experiment.

It's hideous.

Anonymous said...

Yep, 'kidnap' of your own child from abusive social workers?

But as it goes, the children belong to the State, along with everything else.

If people can't see that with stories like this coming out, they're fucking idiots.

Nice to see you back Duncan, and glad things are cool with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan it's great to see you back!

I'm a regular reader of your stuff and it was worried that someone came after you. Anyway hope you enjoy your new job, and keep doing what you do best.

- Mike Hunter

MikeeUSA said...

The solution is murder.
It always has been. In every conflict.

Anonymous said...

The man rescues his child from the 2 "social workers" who have stolen/kidnapped his daughter on what sounds like a rather shaky pretext (eg: the mental health of his wife). Yet HE is the one who gets sent to jail....what kind of a country has Britain become these days?

It's interesting how the writer of the article tries to elicit sympathy for the social workers by going on about how one is 'heavily pregnant'. If she is that heavily pregnant is it wise for her to be in such a position of risk? I mean - surely, she should have been on maternity leave or something?

As for the judge....he should hang his head in shame. He is a disgrace to the judiciary..whatever happened to the defence of 'mitigating circumstances'/'provocation'.... I'd say that having two arbitrary state-endorsed fascists stealing your child is pretty heavy provocation and merely punching them in the recovery of his child was a pretty lenient and measured way to go about it.

"some mangina judge blithering that violence against state workers who kidnap people's babies will "not be tolerated."

More to the point, shouldn't the judiciary be independent from the state....rather than collaborating with the social workers. It's interesting that in Soviet Russia under Stalin doing anything against state workers was trated extra harsly just because of their position.... I can't help but see paralells here

The funny thing is, a couple of years ago I actually called myself a liberal, a socialist etc,.,,, But in recent years I've seen how all this political correctness, enivirnomental fasicism, feminism, health-fascism, state intervention into the private lives of induviduals and families, "positive discrimination" etc.... has turned the UK from what was once an internationally recognised beacon of democracy, freedom and civilization into a sick, stalinistic parody of its former self [which would be hilarious if it wasn't a reality] and I find myself renouncing liberalism and remembering why people called the old days the 'good' old days [unfortunately... due to being born in the late 80s, I missed out on these pre-political correctness times].

Anonymous said...

But in a Socialist/ Communist government the children automatically belong to them, not the parents.

Man are supposed to fight to protect THEIR family. And as you say, the social workers (who are frequently barely qualified twats) were protected in this episode. The government protects it own, eh.

Hmh said...

We're going to see more of the same thing happening here in New Zealand, too. Apparently we've got the worst record for serious child abuse in the OECD and so with every child beaten up or killed by idiot parents, our social workers get given a little bit more authority to charge in and pull kids out of families.

It's achieving absolutely jack shit. There are some things that nobody dares say publicly. EB has gone over them pretty well: two parents is a family; Dads teach kids to understand simple rules about right and wrong; single mums, especially multi-generation single mums, raise a disproportionate number of criminals.

Is there a linkage between parents who've grown up in single mum matriarchies and an increased risk of these same parents flipping out when the kid won't stop crying? Anyone? I'd like to know.

BTW, EB - is there any chance of a post or two concerning your perspective on Peak Oil? I know this is a bit left field but I'd be intrigued to hear your take on what it'd mean to relations between men and women.

Anonymous said...

I am glad he punched the social worker.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking of the Matriarchal West what do you think about the US Presidential candidate Ron Paul?

He is a huge favorite with MRAs."

Ron Paul is one of the best candidates for U.S. president we have seen in decades, if not centuries. He ran as the Libertarian candidate in 1988 and came in 3rd place.

Everyone, please donate to and otherwise support Dr. Paul's campaign for U.S. president.

Anonymous said...

@ nascar man - Ron Paul is humanity's last hope, I can see that from Britain. Please do what you can to promote him. Libertarianism is masculinity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12 November 2007 11:58,

About the judge and or judges of this case. I wouldn't shed a tear if someone put a length of rope around their necks and swong them from a lamp post. As far as I am concerned such an action should be considered community service of the highest and grandest design. If I was ever on a jury for someone who did that, my vote would be NOT GUILTY no matter what.

Fenris said...

Unfortunately, Canada as a nation is also heading down the same socio-political path as the United Kingdom and New Zealand (especially in regards to social workers and family law).
Has it occured to anyone else that the nations at the forefront of the gynocentric wave are all nations which were formerly part of the British Empire?
One might almost feel justified in saying that we're living in the "last days of Rome" so to speak. I think when gynocracy prevails, Western Civilization will fail.

By the way, E.B., you're a godsend.