Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Get rid of "it"

I overheard a couple of young women in a pub the other week, yakking on about how the friend of one of them had gotten pregnant and was considering an abortion.

"If I found out I was pregnant, I'd get rid of it," one said - charming phrase, 'get rid of it - "I wouldn't want a kid. Not now. I know it sounds bad but, like, I wouldn't want to have to be spending money on nappies and toys and stuff. If I had a kid I'd be spending money on it, not myself. My shopping days would be over!"

I barely even registered her comments.

It's gotten to the point where I'm not even surprised that your average modern Western Woman would be willing to kill her own baby because it would stop her from buying herself a new fucking handbag or pair of shoes each week.

And these are the sort of women that scratch their heads in bewilderment at us men's reluctance to marry them?


Faustus said...

Heeeeyy...welcome back, Duncan. This is indeed good timing, as things have become a bit stagnant in the MRM for the last few.

Anonymous said...

Much like everything else of "importance" to modern empowered grrls, babies & husbands are mere accessories to be shown off as a symbol of status or importance and then to simply be discarded when they're no longer needed.

One thing is certain, somebody will suffer the consequence. The ex-husband, the baby, and the taxpayer.

Modern women will simply get a free pass and continue doing what they do best: living a life far from reality.

Anonymous said...

A Modern Girl's Dilemma

Bringing new life and hope into the world or those pumps going for half price?

Welcome back Duncan!

MySpace Men's Movement said...

Duncan, it's fantastic that you have returned to blogging. Soon after you closed your blog, Captain Zarmband, Fred X and AAFB all followed suit, hence there was concern in the MRA community that we were under attack.

However, they have all returned recently, and now you have too.

paul parmenter said...

Welcome back EB! Life on the blogwatch just wasn't the same in your absence. A refreshed EB is a welcome addition. I trust you will not have lost any of your no-nonsense arse-kicking anti-PC credentials?

publius said...

Welcome back, Duncan.

Hmh said...

WOO HOO! Welcome back!!

Eman said...

Hi Duncan,

Welcome back, my friend! I'm really glad that you've decided to make a comeback and blog...and by all accounts, I want to thank you for inspiring me to blog as well as every other blogger who just wants to speak their mind...and go their own way! As far as the men's movement is concerned, it's about us guys, it's not about who's in charge! As a black male from the states, things are much worse, so that's why all of us need to turn away from the feminist whorehouse and start looking out for ourselves!

As for this article, heaven bless this man for fighting a corrupt system which only cares about creating more broken homes in the long run...

It's good to have you back...FOR A HOUSEBOY

Davout said...

oi Duncan,

Good to see you're blogging again, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bro. From across the pone in the Lone Star State. For Texas and Miss Lilly. Glad to hear you befell no ultraviolence my droog. Poly Logies to thinking you turned tail and ran or were in a Stalinist Lesbian indoctrination camp.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you mate, it's been quieter without you and your opinions on the UK men's rights scene.

Caught up with one of my best mates yesterday evening, watching a load of stuff on TV and something came on about abortion (including how a termination is performed in all the grisly details) and the huge numbers of them in the west each year (used almost as a form of regular contraception in some cases, and likely to be a cause of increasing infertility in many western countries). We were chatting and realised that each of us likely knew at least one woman who had had an abortion (and had probably never told anyone) and we realised that women are capable of holding the darkest secrets possible, and that if one wants to cheat on you, it's very likely you'll ever find out until far too late. Made me glad that I'm currently celibate, even if I would like a wife and family some time in the future.

I've also been thinking about continuing on with my own blog - I've let it slip as I've been dealing with other projects.

Welcome back EB,

Off Centre View

Anonymous said...

It is good to have you back, Duncan. I hope Wales is working out nicely. Many men missed your running commentary on the world feminism has created.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Good to see your back!

Pretty hurting comments you overheard at the bar.

Probably better for the planet that these broads don't reproduce.
Modern women doesn't get any pity from me.

Kumogakure said...


Welcome back brother!!

I knew that the rage would build inside, and you would back to shake the world once again!

We missed ya.

Anonymous said...


Please reconstruct your blog as it was before, with all the earlier posts. Doing this will provide continuity in your writing and also substantially increase the number of hits on your site due to increased opportunity for key word searches.

Everything is archived on wordpress.

I found your blog from one of your earliest posts. I typed "career chick" into Google and your blog was one of the top results. After a bit of reading, I started visiting your blog on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

The article in the Telegraph about lesbians conceiving through artificial insemination brings up an interesting possibility.

As a bachelor, you will likely never have sons of your own. Surrogacy (with the ability to determine the gender of the baby) would allow you to have and raise your own son(s) without getting married or even having any kind of relationship with a woman. This may be an option for you and other eternal bachelors so that they do not miss out on being a father. You would have to put Duncan Jr. in daycare but it is better than having no children at all.

tba said...

Welcome back.

Next to return (hopefully) Outcast Superstar and Rob Fedders. Fred X hopefully in a year or so.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you can restore some or all of the posts that disappeared when you closed this down?

Masculist Man said...

Welcome back,Duncan.

It seems that we have picked up a distractor who's making it her mission to be hell on MRA's and she's under the impression that you are still out of the game. She has her list of MRA blogs to close and she has delighted in her delusion that you are gone. Click here. Obviously she delights in closing down MRA blogs. She started on my case because I opposed IMBRA and here as well. This bitch changes colors more than a chameleon. She comes off as a female supremacist in this post then tries to pass herself off as a peace activist when peace and harmony are the last things she and her ilk want.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Duncan.

The Internet was emptier without you and the MRA movement was weaker.

From now on, I will be reading you every day, like I used to do before your break.

Keep up the good job! It is really necessary.

Greetings from Spain (one of the countries more dominated by feminism).

B.R. said...

Welcome back, EB! I hope you enjoyed your well-earned break from blogging.

Now it's time to cluebat some femhags and manginas, heh. :)

Xaver said...

Ah, it’s great to see you back Duncan! I figured you’d return sooner or later. Your blog is one of my favorites and an asset to the MRA community. I’m also pleased to see posters like Paul returned.

The boys are back in town!

Anonymous said...

Thost sluts never realised this wondrous truth:

Had they kept their legs CLOSED, there would never have been a need to

1) Find out if they're impregnated

2) Skip along to the nearest abortion clinic if they were indeed knocked up.

3) Have the 'get rid of it' talk.

Modern empowered women... they want the cocks, but don't want the mess afterward.

By the way, most/all of EB's older posts are archived at EB's Wordpress blog site.

Anonymous said...

So a woman should not have an abortion, not ask for child support, and not expect a man to help? And you think she is wrong to have an abortion? Personally I would never had one; I feel very strongly that abortions are wrong. However, it takes two people to create a child, and two people to support said child. You chastize this woman in your blog for saying she would abort, but in another of your blogs you say a woman shouldn't ask for support. You are indeed a very sick individual.

Hmh said...

Anon 12:55 -

For fuck's sake. How many times do we have to repeat the message before it starts sinking in?

We have no rights concerning our own children.

As to the rest of your message, let's have a look shall we?

"So a woman should not have an abortion, not ask for child support, and not expect a man to help?"

In short: Yes. Why? Well, ask yourself: what's best for the child, and what's best for everyone else (society)? A legion of poverty-striken single mothers, kids raised with a shortage of the care, attention and resources that they need, and these same kids learning that fiddling benefits and petty crime is the default state of life? Or a properly functioning two-parent family, with both parents regarded as essential?

"And you think she is wrong to have an abortion?"

What if, after an initial period of shock, a surprising number of the guys here would be stoked to be a father? But as things currently stand, we don't have to be told about the pregnancy, we can't oppose the abortion (while accepting full custody and responsibility for the child), in short we have no legal rights to protect the lives of our unborn children. We have to take our women on trust alone.

"Personally I would never had one; I feel very strongly that abortions are wrong. However, it takes two people to create a child, and two people to support said child."

Fine, except everywhere you look, fathers are being pushed away by either the system or idiot women who either chose the wrong man or took a bad boy on as a project. Today's best future husbands and fathers are flatly dismissed as quiet, boring nerds. Or (and this is happening to a friend of mine) women are lying in order to get pregnant, in order to use a child to keep a man who would otherwise leave.

"You chastize this woman in your blog for saying she would abort, but in another of your blogs you say a woman shouldn't ask for support. You are indeed a very sick individual."

What gets me is the totally casual attitude that women seem to have towards these things. It really is like nothing actually matters, like they've got teflon souls and nothing bad sticks. As to asking for support, use a more realistic phrase: demanding support. It's not like we can say no, is it. Even if we were tricked into it, and this happens one hell of a lot more often than people are prepared to publicly say.

Modern women have been behaving badly for a long time and frankly it seems to be getting worse. If some male anger is coming home to roost, maybe there's good reason for it.

Anonymous said...

Dear 21 November 2007 12:55,

No darling, most women are sick because they act like spoiled brats up until the point they realise they screwed up and mistook sexual attention from pleasure bucks as love. They spurned the "puppy dog" and laughed at him in their youth only to realise in their old age they screwed up and it is now over for them. I see this going on all the time and with the way the truelly privledged gender acts. It is of little reason why I don't want to be around spoiled used up western skanks. IMBRA is just a hurdle to over come for men, we can do such, we have choices as we get older women don't. I don't discourage women from doing what they want, nor do I encourage them. Women will self destruct on their own narcissism and self adulation soon enough. Age 10 - 30 isn't that long. it's just 2 decades when you look at it. Once that age 30 mark is hit by a woman with high dick milage she's basically out of the running. And tough shit.