Saturday, 17 November 2007

Bachelorhood is fucking great

"Women worry about the future until they get married.
Men don't worry about the future until they get married.

I can't remember exactly where I heard that, but it's a classic, neat little summary of wedlock these days.

Funny think is, I recently uttered it to a few (single) female colleagues, and there was nodding and agreement amongst them. Strangely enough, these are the same women who generally insist that marriage is more beneficial to men, and that women don't need it. The mainstream, female-dominated (or at least female-friendly) media has the same opinion. That's why reports of plummeting marriage rates are accompanied by opinion pieces in newspapers about how women are really great and independent now, and

Women always insist men need wives to take care of them, whilst women are perfectly fine on their own and independent.

There's no point in trying to correct them on this, such as by pointing out that women who often make this point are also likely to complain men are "afraid of committment" or whine that their long-term boyfriend still hasn't proposed. And it is pointless to point out that men and women, generally, do what is in their best interests, and women are the ones who read Bridal magazines, push for committment, dream of weddings and scramble for the tossed bouquet at their mate's weddings, whilst - even before divorce courts became as horrendously anti-male as they are now - men are either not too enthusiastic about marriage, against it or outrightly fearful of the whole monstrous institution. Likewise, don't bother asking why, if women are so fucking independent of us men, then why do they need big fat divorce settlements from their husbands? Or need to apply for child support?

Point these things out and women will just shake their heads and continue insisting us men are hopeless without women, that we need marriage more than they do, and that any man who doesn't want to get married is either gay, afraid of women or actually wants to get married but just doesn't know it.

The best thing to do when you women arrogantly insist that marriage is a patriarchal institution that is more beneficial to men than women, or that us men can't cope without a wife, or that a single man must be some sort of loser, etc, etc, is to just insist:

"Well, I must be some sort of bizarre anomaly because I seem to be doing quite fine living my own life rather than slaving away to fund some woman's early-retirement, and I'm strangely pleased that I have absolutely no chance of being financially ruined in the divorce courts, as opposed to an approximately forty-percent chance of that happening to me, which would be the case if I was married."


Anonymous said...

Just got done with dating a single mother. I was deeply in love with her, but saying goodbye was the right decision, as the feeling clearly wasn't mutual. She was just using me. I took care of her and her son in every conceivable way, and yet she stil wasn't satisfied. In, fact I was one of the only bf's she has had in a long time who actually tried (and was succesful at) caring for and bonding with her boy (who I hope does well in life, b/c he's a good little kid). Her own mother spent less time watching the kid (since his birth no less!) than I did.
The straw on the camel's back was when I caught her naked on the floor with her "co-worker". Why the hell on earth would I want to get married to that?
After breaking up with her, I started to examine her actions and behavior in retrospect. I eventually realized that her feminist ideology was something she used to avoid culpabiliity for her own poor decisions, all the while maintaining her status as a "victim".
It's a shame that she is under the sway of this horrible ideology (and also this image she has of herself as a party girl), because in the end, she's only hurting herself.
Regardless, of all this, I'm beyond her now, and I'm enjoying the freedom of bachelorhood once again. I don't think I'll date a single mom ever again, and after reading this and other MGTOW articles, I'm damn sure never going to get married.
Thank's for opening up another zombie's eyes, bro.

nascar man said...

The denial with females is amazing to behold. No matter how many examples you throw at them as to why marriage is a bad deal for men they will deny every one of them. They do not want to hear any of it. They don't want it to be true. They just want to live in some other reality. Some fantasy world. It's like a mental illness. The only thing they hear are the lies and the bullshit. That's all you can give them. Nothing else matters.

Anarchiste said...

If women do quite fine remaining single, then why don't they shut their bloody mouth and drop the subject once and for all?

Hmh said...

Just had a thought. A disturbing thought. Know how women will always check a guy out if he's going out with a pretty girl, but ignore him if he's on his own? How it seems like it's not about the guy, but rather about competing against the girl who he's with?

What if they've been trained to ignore their own natural instincts here and to associate guys on their own automatically with losers? What if this training is so strong that they can't break it... therefore if there are natural feelings of attraction toward a guy on his own, they can't understand these feelings, and therefore attack them (oh, and him too, whoopee). Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The last two women I dated were both, on the surface, independent and strong. but once I started dating them the truth came out. They absolutely needed a man and couldn't stand being alone. One of them told me she cried every night at home while she was alone. I've talked to other women and men at length about this issue and I've come to the conclusion that most women (with very few exceptions) can't live alone and don't want to.

Hmh said...

My last so-called girlfriend stripped my savings, my investments, and left me in debt. Oh and she got squarely between me and pretty well everything that I consider my life... she was basically a full blown 50's male chauvinist pig, except it was all gender reversed. She wanted me working in the office and then doing the housework when I came home... and cheering her on when she went out on a Friday night on her own.

Life as a bachelor since has indeed been fucking great. Women? Gotta love 'em. Females like the using bitch I've described - better gone, chaps. Get rid of them and don't look back.