Monday, 26 November 2007

Baby strike = blame the men

Baby strike? Blame the Invisible Man

Blame men? Oh my, that's not something women often say when it comes to any problem is it?

For fuck's sake.

Basically this woman is blithering on about how men should stand up and get involved in parenthood, suggests that we're probably either all irresponsible for not wanting kids or just content to reduce ourselves to sperm donors, and she ends by insisting that men "involve themselves in the whole messy business" (it's rather significant, not to mention hypocritical, that she moans men are shirking from the idea of parenthood even though she herself refers to parenthood as a 'messy business'.

For fucking starters, it is women who made childbearing solely a woman's issue. Abortion, childcare, childrearing, and so on...with the mantras of "it is up to the mother" and "my body my choice" with regard to when to have kids, whether to have them killed at the abortion clinic, whether to stuff them in a childcare prison, and so on, women made child-related issues solely their realm. They wanted us men out of the equation. Now they're pissed off we've gone?

And as for the idea of us men reducing ourselves to sperm donors, I think she'll find it was feminism, the attitude of the many women who followed it, and also politicians and their recent ruling in the UK that lesbians and single women can get IVF and use of sperm clinics, who have done that for us.

Can't she get her head round this? She can't. She simply can't shake off the automatic female reaction to blame men, and thus fails to mention any correlation between the fact that most men - despite it being hardwired into us to propogate - are reluctant to have children with the simple fact that we are indeed reduced to sperm donors and walking wallets, with no reproductive rights, only responsibilities at the whim of the child's mother.

I suppose it's at least commendable that she takes the time to actually ask what men want, but it's anyone's guess whether that's a serious suggestion she may actually listen, especially if she gets the answers she doesn't want.

Bascially, men didn't become invisible with regards to the issues of childbirth, women and the law just stopped paying any attention to us save for getting child support. After a generation of this, we're increasingly deciding to regard women and "their" children as invisible.


Anonymous said...

When a woman says she is sorry...

This woman knew he was not the father, and still wanted his money.

Anonymous said...
Violent, impolite woman: attacks man on show, blubbs away.

Horrible woman. Screams, shouts while the poor man is silent.
She is young and screams like a pro.

Of course he is not the father.

Can anyone imagine marrying such a screaming woman?

Anonymous said...

Feminism has always been about privileges of women: from the beginning it was a movement striving to give more rights and less duties to women and more duties but less rights to men.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back EB. Would be honored to give you a promotional page here at the Honor Network, though once everyone knows your back you won't need it much with MRAs. We could help though in the long term with the public large. If you are interested contact Perseus on the MGTOW Forum.

Davout said...

Moore said: "By absenting themselves from these debates, men are reducing themselves to sperm donors. Is that what men want?"

If a Nazi came along and said that Jews were horrible, then killed a bunch of Jews and found that all was not hunky dory vis a vis Nazi-Jew relations, would that Nazi be even remotely credible if he suddenly claimed to have a change of heart and asked "Why aren't the Jews debating me/What do Jews want?"

Most babyless Western women past thirty-five have only themselves to blame. The ONLY reason they are suddenly trying to involve men is because of the costs of raising children, NOT because of some repentance from their feminist ways.

Such women always put themselves first and everyone else second and I'm sick and tired of dumbfuck men playing the reluctant hero and rescuing these bitches from their baby rabies.

ColdHammer said...


Pass the beer and change the channel, Duncan; we're missing the football game!

Forget about this baby non-sense and drink, drink!

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Ever notice the women writing these articles are all childless feminist windbags?

I think these articles are cheap therapy for these dried out prunes, who have nothing to do but vent there frustration with there shitty life choices.

soul man said...

"Most babyless Western women past thirty-five have only themselves to blame. The ONLY reason they are suddenly trying to involve men is because of the costs of raising children, NOT because of some repentance from their feminist ways."

Exactly, these chicks don't give a rat's ass about what men want. They just want an ATM machine to pay for their kid.

Well boo freaking hoo now that men don't want to play that game when there is a better game on the TV and a fridge full of beer.

Anonymous said...

Duncan have a look at this: woman wants money despite never being married and claims that in 5 years she was the one who grew the wealth of the man to 700 million $.

``Mrs. Boteach was the woman behind the man,'' Hirsh said of his 52-year-old client. ``For almost a five-year period, Mrs. Boteach assisted ... in making a fortune in real estate and, at the same time, she ran the home. She cooked, cleaned, entertained world leaders and other dignitaries.''

Unbelievable. she assisted in making a fortune and cooked.

Wow, Really.

Do not marry and do not cohabit. They will always run for your money.

Anonymous said...

I get fed up hearing men whine on the BBC about how their big fat ugly wives have taken their kids away.

If men don't like the way the family courts work, then don't go around fathering children.

By the way whatever happened to the male pill? I think the leftie lesbians in the Government have simply banned it on the quiet as it would give men the same control over their reproductive capability as women.

Anonymous said...

Here in the USA the girls just get knocked up by the first anonymous thug who dampens her panties and then lets us responsible, generous taxpayers foot the bill of housing and feeding her and her bastard offspring for life.

Lovely system that leaves the skanks completely unaccountable for their piss poor choices in "baby's daddy" stud selection.

So us bachelors end up raising some a-holes fuck trophies via garnishment of our weekly paycheck and don't even get a yearly guilt fuck from the mothers or Fathers Day card from the children in thanks.

ChicagoMan said...

You know what, if you were to eliminate abortions (60 million in the US since Roe V Wade), the population of the US would be 20% higher and you would have eliminated the dwindling fertility rate.

Yes, abortion is the SOLE reason for declining birth rates

Anonymous said...

Irresponsible mothers:

Anonymous said...

Life is better with EB

You don't feel so alone.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am learning English. So, in the spirit of "narrative grammar structures" like

First of all...
After that....

I propose "female grammar structures" like

You should...(to a man)
Men should...
Men should...
Men should...
Government should...

"Should" must be followed by a verb who benefits women. For example,

"Men should pay for the children they are not going to see after divorce."

Or, if you are in a more advanced level of English:

"Government should punish men who want to be single because men should step up to his responsibility in doing whatever the woman wants."

(This is two "should", so you get an A in female grammar)

Why should I have children? Maybe I will have them, maybe not (probably not). But I have no obligation.

Beware when a woman tells that you "you should". She is trying to manipulate you to make you a tool to achieve her aims.

Hmh said...

Well... guys, to keep it on topic, I've just had a look at the original article. In fact a look at her photo was enough to tell me most of what I needed to know: she hasn't got a clue. Doesn't know men, can't understand men, cannot see things from a man's point of view. Instead all she's done - as Duncan points out so well - is once again a) hammer men and b) blame them for a mess they didn't make.
Me? I'd love to be a Visible Father, thanks. I'd really, really like to meet a nice girl, get along with her, raise a family, the whole bit. I can't. The available women are (nearly) all crazy, delusional, cowardly, man-hating idiots. Even the few good ones remaining are grounds for suspicion since I've seen too many crappy relationships or empty marriages where the woman is clearly to blame for what's going wrong. Oh, and as thoroughly pointed out by now, the system hates men (therefore hates me) and will make my life hell if I fall foul of it.
In short the only realistic option is to not buy in to the mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...,,2205132,00.html
Knock yourself up - a new how to guide for women.

wonderful, next will come demands to fund those women.

Anonymous said...

Knock yourself up - Duncan look at the reviews to the book at amazon.

It is unreal: women have forgotten what is the right way to have children. First marry young and then it will happen.

This society seems to be at the edge.

"I am a single woman considering motherhood."

LOL - so deluded.

"Knock Yourself Up is a fascinating, helpful guide to the wide world of single motherhood, as told by the funny and thorough Louise Sloan. I'm 32, and while not yet ready to take the plunge, I wanted to learn more about what might potentially be in my future. There are a lot of issues Sloan disucsses that I'd never considered, such as donor complications, talking to your child about where they came from, and the actual ins and outs of getting pregnant via artificial insemination"

But surely she will demand child support in one way or another.

"This book was a fantastic reference for anyone who is interested in becoming a single mother. The author and women interviewed came across as very honest and forthcoming with their stories. I found it a very useful tool in understanding the process. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever thought of becoming a single mother."

No wonder birth rate is down.

Anonymous said...

Single motherhood needs to be made illegal for the protection of the children.

Single mothers are bad mothers.

Anonymous said...

maybe in the future people will look back and ask: how could people be sooooo stupid?!

Of course children don't need fathers

"Hunter-gatherers didn't sit around fashioning nappies out of hemp; they were off and away, garnering the means of survival — a function that, by the way, remains the most useful role for a father. Ask any single mother what she most misses about having a man and her answer will be a man-sized salary; it is the absence of that, rather than of the man himself, that makes children go off the rails."

This woman is deluded: there is a reason why the single mother cannot earn as much as a man and even if she did, she could not care at the same time for the children.

Hmh said...

Anonymous 13:49 -

"I get fed up hearing men whine on the BBC about how their big fat ugly wives have taken their kids away.

If men don't like the way the family courts work, then don't go around fathering children."

You twit. Really. Don't you get it yet??


Living in a world where my desire to have and raise children also means taking a terrible risk - not merely with my life but also theirs - is a sick fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

Love to read your postings. Welcome back Bro. Here across the pond. The AP reported last week the growing alarm amongst Child Advocates for the growing abuse and murder of children. Where Biological Fathers are not present. It turns out children are 50 times as likely to be harmed when their Real Daddy does not live with them.

All this Bravo Sierra about its for the Good of the Children by the FemNags is a lie. All of it. Men's Rights Advocates are being proven by the evidence to be right all along. Give us custody, and see what happens.

We also see the fall out of Slut Feminism. As the US broke a record last year. There was 2.8 Million "Reported" cases of STDs. My guess is the unreported cases are 10 times that number.

So what do the FemNags at Pandagon and do? They attack the Abstinence programs intended to protect both Genders. The only proven way to stop the transmission of disease. And the disconnect from reality of US Women continues.

Baby Strike? Hell yes the Marriage Strike has taken hold with a vengence. And to make matters worse for US Women. Last year 12% of the Marriages with US Men were to Foreign Women. The Men in the USA are rejecting US Women.

As we say here. What goes around comes around.


Ex-Boyfriend said...

I used to date a single mom, and do you know something? The "single mom life" was making her miserable, to the point she started having suicidal thoughts. Then, when I came along and provided for her and her child, her outlook on life suddenly got a whole lot sunnier.

Fembots can say what they want, but if you look at reality, a woman needs a man like a fish neeeds...

Anonymous said...

Religion is ONLY thing that can reign in women It is no coincidence that one society became secular that women began actin the way they are now. I've never met a SINGLE decent woman who wasn't DEEPLY religious.

Anarchiste said...

In Germany, they are developing artificial sperm. Those women should be happy to hear about that. In the future, they will be able to have artificial babies for their own exclusive pleasure.
The one good thing about it is that no one will pay CS.

Daisy said...

My daughter adores her father. You will be missing out on a lot if you choose to ignore and belittle fatherhood, as apparently, you are trying to justify doing (and then conveniently blame women for your decision).

Anonymous said...

"The one good thing about it is that no one will pay CS."


Not necessarily. Women need money, so it will be taxpayers money (men's money).

Anonymous said...

50,000,000 abortions worldwide per year. Women are violent and evil murderers.

Anonymous said...

Quote:The one good thing about it is that no one will pay CS.
Don't bet on it !! Every tax payer and 'nobody in particular'- apart from the child- will suffer for this as usual.5K

ChicagoMan said...

Nope anarchiste, the women will find a way to sue the clinic making the fake sperm and win CS.

zed said...

Daisy said...

My daughter adores her father. You will be missing out on a lot if you choose to ignore and belittle fatherhood, as apparently, you are trying to justify doing (and then conveniently blame women for your decision).

Tell that to the thousands of dads forced out of their children's lives by vindictive mothers. Then, go join Fathers4Justice and put your actions where your mouth is.

Hmh said...

Daisy - how much of the blog have you bothered reading? Quite a lot of it is railing against a system that seperates loving fathers from their children. We're getting fucked over by the State, by the law, by the judiciary - this is not just against modern women.

How the fuck would you feel about having children AT ALL in a world where those kids can be taken from you at any time, without charge, trial or conviction? Even an Islamic court trying a wife can't do this.

ex-boyfriend said...

Daisy, I think (like a lot of other MGTOW types do) that fatherhood is a wonderful thing.
One of these days, I intend to have kids of my own. However, I've decided its NOT going to be with an anglosphere-raised, feminist-influenced, western entitlement princess. Marriage in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, is just a raw deal. I don't want to be fighting like a madman for the chance to throw my genes into a porky, constantly unpleasant, American girl. So I'm making my decision to build up my resources and education, and then jump ship on this piece of land they try to pass of as America.

Don't get me wrong, I love my country - but you have to remember that America is an idea, not a chunk of land, and wherever I go, I'll bring that idea with me.

Anonymous said...

When I was in highschool back 17 years ago I can tell you this much. I had been within an ear shot of a skank who was gossiping about her skank 10 year old sister who had gotten pregnant. Think about that, this 10 year old was doing the old in out. Now fast forward that 20 years when she decides due to being fucked in the head by feminist drivel from her preteen years on that somehow her used up cunt should be fetching to some sucker. I don't think so for me or for anyone who doesn't want to be near a sewage outlet of a vagina.

Burton said...

It's not simply feminism that is the problem, though it does gives the problem an ideological dilemma. There are simply too many females who see men as nothing more than walking ATMs, or worse. But now the "word" is out thanks to the internet and the marriage strike is swinging into full gear.

One wonders if the growing Muslim populace of Europe is a direct response to this state of affairs. European women have made themselves so unappealing to men that the birth rate is falling and is being replaced by other cultures who have not been totally wrecked by feminization.

Anonymous said...

Daisy, you misunderstand.
Fatherhood was a wonderful "construction", to use feminist parlance, that created civilization.
Fatherhood has been criminalized, wether you admit it or not.

And that's the deeds of women.
You have changed the world in a way it will never recover from.

But you shall never recognize that.

Which will simply make matters worse.

Can you see why there can be no dialogue?