Saturday, 17 November 2007


Just to summarize a few little snippets of advice on how to survive being a bloke in the feminist/socialist UK:

1. Don't marry.


2. Don't co-habit.

In the UK, if you live with a woman for two-years, you are now all but married when it comes to what happens when you split (i.e. you are split from your assets and they're handed to your girlfriend, and you may have to pay her a portion of your salary forever more.) In Australia, I believe it's only six-months.

3. Don't have children.

Don't get me wrong, kids are great, and I'd personally love to be a dad. But unfortunately, children belong to women now. They are her nukes in her vast legally-backed arsenal of bombing you into financial submission. Women can have your kids aborted or just take them from you at any time, and your sole responsibility is to provide for them.

4. Never get a joint account, or a joint credit card, with a girlfriend.

Giving a girlfriend any access to your cash is like leaving your wallet unattended at a kleptomaniac-shopaholic's conference.

5. Ideally, don't even let a girlfriend know where you live.

They go nuts if you dump them when they expected you to pop the big (dumb) question.

6. Laugh at aging single career gals.

Yes, it's spiteful and mean to laugh at them as they grow old, lonely, childless, and realise that their sagging tits aren't attracting male attention like they did in their pre-sagging days, but what the fuck, you can be sure every aging lonely spinster in her younger, shag-happy years laughed at 95% of men who tried to flirt with her. Women have the relationship power in their younger years, men in their later years. If you're 30+, and have a good career and a stable income, wield that power as ruthlessly as 30+ women did when they were young and in their prime. Grind their fucking faces into the muddy bed they and their fucking liberation movement inadvertently made for them. Enjoy bachelorhood, but more importantly, enjoy it blatantly in the faces of spinsters on the off-chance they get an opportunity to look up from their desks as they busily slog themselves into an early grave at some shitty job they've long since stopped referring to as A Career.

7. Laugh heartily, and contemptously, if a single mother tries to flirt with you.

I know from personal experience that it's fucking hilarious seeing some single-mother skank's face drop when she realises a potential step-wallet for her bastard thug-offspring isn't taking the bait of possible access to her sloppy, used up, cavernous Hairy Highway To Hell.

8. Play Quake III regularly.

Yes, it's eight-years old, but hearing a guy with the deepest voice in the world bellow "Humiliation!!" after you've just pulverised someone into bloody chunks with a circular-saw is not only a great way to feel relief from the pressures of working in an office full of gibbering skanks, it's also way better than the stupid gay fucking Sims, or whatever the hell kids are playing these days.

Feel free to suggest your own snippets of advice.


Anonymous said...

long live Q3!

Davout said...

- invest moola in solid stocks/mutual funds etc.
- avoid taking loans and never pay in increments for anything.
- travel as widely as possible
- leverage traditional women vs. feminist women
- become an entrepreneur

Anonymous said...

"Don't have children."

I agree with all the points except Number 3, 'Don't have Children.' Through the miracle of medical science, it is now possible for men to have sons more or less by themselves. Artificial wombs and eggs are not far in the future, which will give men complete reproductive independence. Visit The Fertility Institutes' web site.

Potential parents can select the gender of the baby with almost 100%accuracy. Being a single dad is better than being a childless bachelor and having children is the only reason a man should ever want to get married anyway.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, try Doom 3 its a good ride and the graphics are better and the gamplay is the same more or less.

Hmh said...

Laugh my arse off Duncan!!

My snippet: take up an insanely expensive but gloriously fun hobby. Make sure that married men see you enjoying your freedom in the sun, and make damn sure that other unmarried men see the whole thing.

Duncan said...

"Hairy Highway to Hell".. that was gold :)

Anonymous said...

Duncan, I meant to say this before you went away: the single most important thing you can do is get out of that bitch-dominated office environment. Seriously, it will do more for your sanity than anything else.

I appreciate your reluctance to play along with the system. However, there's no sense cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Get well away from the 'service industries' and find yourself a job in the traditional economy. There are still plenty of fields out there that, due to women's innate defects, will always be male. Such as the merchant navy for example.

Try it, or something like it. I spent six miserable years since graduation trapped under the 'glass carpet' at the beck and call of bloody awful women who hated my guts because of my background and independence.

Now I travel all over the place, can speak of my career without shame, and can look forwards to a career where hard work and intelligence, rather the ability to grovel to some resentful scrubber, bring results. No more shame, no more games, no more soul-destroying smalltalk.

You can still play Doom 3.

Anonymous said...

Don't jump at everyones beck and call unless its someone who has truly earned and deserves your time and energy.

You're not a whipping boy for your employer, family, or married folks just because you have the luxury of more free time and disposable income. You do things on your own schedule when you fuckin feel like it and sometimes not at all.

If they don't like your cynical, apathetic attitude (that you rightfully earned after years of getting shit on) they will learn how to sweeten the deal enough to get you motivated or they can go piss up a rope instead.

Christianj said...

Duncan, great to have you back..

Straight Shooter said...

Concerning #7, hell yes! Don't date single mothers. Like Tom Leykis would advise, just don't do it. A LOT of them forced their men into fatherhood against their wills (and now they want to consider themselves victims of "patriarchical oppression"). If you don't believe me, check out any of the single mom related forums ( is a good one)and you will see that men are shit to them.

Anonymous said...

Advice point 9

How we as men treat other men has to improve, we need to openly and proudly support one another*

Buy an ex-service man a beer on rememberance day, march with fathers for justice, even if you dont have kids, they are fighting for your cause.

* As an added benefit when the miserable harpies see you holding the door open for the delivery guy, or openly caring for your brothers in a million other possible ways they go psycho.

The realisation that men have an enormous energy and capacity for kindness and graciousness that they are excluded from just kills them, its hilarious.

Duncan welcome back - you are a true legend

Max - Sydney Australia

Anonymous said...

Advice point 10 - Play Leapfrogg

Us blokes have time on our side - we can effectively leapfrog the current generation of feminists by saving up - getting rich - protecting our assets and waiting until we are 60 to marry and have kids with someone 30 years younger from a culture were feminism doens't exist.

Lets face it feminism and "western socialism" will be dead by 2030 anyway.

Stand on the sidelines and let it implode and come in after the dust is settled.

This may be the only way some remants of all that was good and decent about western life (i.e. pre-feminism ) survive - its almost our duty


Uncharted Thoughts said...

Educate yourself.

Be selective, reading books on basket weaving won't help you, but health, finance, and business are always good.

Only take advice from people who you look up to. IE don't take money advice from a homeless guy, take it from the rich guy. Women are poor sources of advice.

Know who to listen to, and practice spotting people who are lying and those who are telling the truth.

I find rich people can spot bullshitters a mile away. They grill them for breakfast.

If you can learn the skill of spotting liars or ignorance, your going to do well.

Mind the company you keep, associate with losers, they'll drag you down. Associate with winners they'll pull you up.

Arnold Z said...

"Hairy Highway to Hell". Wasn't that a hit single for AC-DC back in the eighties?

SEB said...


Firstly,welcome back!!, I must admit I thought you had been silenced by the feminazis!!!, but I am glad to hear that this was not the case, and that you're OK.

Yes, your advice is in deed correct.

When you hear of the all too common horror stories of decent men getting arse raped in divorce court, then being a bachelor may not be such a bad thing after all.


LordMacGregor said...

If you date, go dutch, and save the other half.

By the way, as I eat more than women by going Dutch they pay partly my dinner.

A few ago, there was an exception, my card got blocked and the girl end up paying the whole dinner. Very Fun.

Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back, Duncan!

Anonymous said...

Duncan, don't you want to marry a woman who went to Yale studying law, while at the same time knwoing very well and planning (!) not to work at all after having graduated?

Duncan, don't we men long for marrying such a woman?

It is sad that poeple let women go to university and did not force them to put their degrees to good use.

Long live girls schools:

"Girls at all levels of achievement in the single-sex schools received a benefit from the single-sex school environment in terms of heightened career aspirations, an effect unprecedented in any other portion of our study. Clearly, girls in single-sex schools exhibit a belief in their talent and potential that is measurable."

The vast majority of NCGS girls' school alumnae view having a rewarding career or profession as an integral part of their lives. These are young women who have learned to set high goals for themselves, and to give it their all in attaining them.

"All-girls settings seem to provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests, especially as they approach adolescence. Research has found that single-sex schools and classes promote less-gender-polarized attitudes toward certain subjects - math and science in the case of girls and language arts and foreign languages in the case of boys."

Hooorraayyy!!!!! Boys will learn such useful things like arts and languages, while girls will stop working at 25 years.


NotNOW said...

Great summary. Laughed my ass off as well.

I agree with becoming self-employed if possible. It is a whole different world. Take the time to research it thoroughly and train yourself accordingly. But the freedom is awesome and is easily worth the groundwork.

Anarchiste said...

Play the system in your favor. Take all that society can give you and give nothing in return. Learn to play the female game.

Anonymous said...


I forgot your e-mail address, so forgive me for asking you in the commnet section, but why is it that I am the only one I know discussing the VERY big 5 billion pound gorilla that women are SO damn butch, mannish and 'assertive' nowadays that men would have to be gay/ bisexual/ closet gay to want to marry or a lot of times even have sex with them. Even the hottest women today with the fact their so butch, I still feel no sexual attraction. Isn't there somewhere on the net where they've been talking about this? Or here at some point in the past? Am I losing my freaking mind?!? Give me link.. anyone.. PLEASE!!

And then tell me if you feel the same way or an experience you had with a butchy & told her, 'no thanks!'

Anonymous said...

Welcome back friend. You made the internet worth surfing again.

I can already hear the feminists screaming as if they are being raped.

Anonymous said...

Parody: Sluts and the city. Watch.


Anonymous said...

"Smart women get in charge of their own lives"


Anonymous said...

Sex and the city has an unbelievably negative impact on girls. They actually believe such a life is achievable and desirable.

Read this comment on youtube:
Omg me too. I have all the dvds and i watch like 3 episodes a night otherwise i cant sleep.every time i watch that last episode I cry soo much,i feel like i know them inside out-and am only 16! lol

16 and totally spoiled.

Anonymous said...


"Women are now putting their career first. By the time some women are ready to have a family they realize help might be needed. Women over 35 and trying to conceived for over six months is defined as infertile"

I long for such a woman. YESSSS, I do.

The man in this is really crazy.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, please have a look at this:

Woman gets fired (that happens pretty often for men) and makes a great fuss:
Attacks the manager, pulls all money out of his bank acocunt and so on.

The movie was directed by a man.

tba said...

Grind their fucking faces into the muddy bed they and their fucking liberation movement inadvertently made for them. Enjoy bachelorhood, but more importantly, enjoy it blatantly in the faces of spinsters....

I have an ide...and maybe one of our fellow MRA's can pick this idea up: we need to crete some MGTOW shirts that have the MRA Logo in the first. Think of how awesome it would be traveling in another city, state, or country and seeing some guy with a shirt that's emblazoned with the MGTOW road sign logo.

WE can start off with simple T-shirts with the colors of black, white, gray, yellow and red. Then maybe we can move on from there with hats, bottles, backpacks, etc that hvae the logo on them.

This is my idea nad I would LOVE to see this idea become reality. This would help give us an idea of how many MRA's who are MGTOW out there.

Anonymous said...

"Carrie chases after Big and beats him with roses. Poor Carrie. What happened Big?"

Beating men is always alright and the batterer needs to be pttied.

Anonymous said...

Sex and the city is the series/movie that shows how spoiled women today are.

Faustus said...

Reality said:

"..women are SO damn butch, mannish and 'assertive' nowadays that men would have to be gay/ bisexual/ closet gay to want to marry or a lot of times even have sex with them..."


Reality, I have been thinking & saying this exact thing for several years now. Lots of guys are just not willing to accept such female masculinity as readily yet. Give it time.

Hmh said...

Reality2007 - I hear ya man!! IT'S NOT JUST YOU. Around me in NZ are some of the most butch women in the world. Seriously man it's considered totally normal for a standard kiwi chick to hit 35 and just suddenly one day she goes BBBBLLLURRRTTT and avalanches into a poodlecut wearing land whale.

I see young (read: not quite indoctrinated yet) women walking by who've still got some of that natural gentleness that women used to have. They are damn fine, if only they'd stay that way!! They hit 25 and they've hardened against giving any of us poor desperate men even a glimmer of any kindness. They hit 30 and the long hair's long gone. 35 and she's an emotional wreck from letting her body go and now being let down the social strata because among women the most physically attractive are at the top of the social pile...

It's actually gotten so bad here that it's hard to pick between raging bull dykes and women who've been married for ten years - I'm not kidding, they are that butch. Maybe it's the last 30 years of feminism in this country telling them that they have to be strong and in command at all times (anything else is to be weak), but whatever it is, these females are instant soft-on material!!

BTW - a quick mental test: Next time you see an attractive woman, mentally put ten years onto her age. Does she still look good? Still feel like asking her out?

Resurrected phrase from the good old days of rear-wheel drive vehicles: "Big diff on that one"

Yep, the bar for acceptable female looks around here is pretty low alright.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

you must either hate woman or have extremely low self esteem. I also doubt you will publish this comment, since it seems the only comments you have posted are in favor of your opinion. Since I am quite sure I am not the only man to come across your blog and disagree with you, you must not post those who have a differing opinion. Just too sad...

MadMat said...

9. Get an Xbox 360 Elite, a 50" HD TV, a decent Dolby Digital surround amp, speakers and BioShock.

10. Sign up to X-Box live, get Halo3.

Hmh said...

Hi Duncan - I just had to drop you this piece of news. Regarding #3 - Don't Have Children - a fembot MP here in New Zealand, a woman named Sue Bradford, has successfully promoted a piece of legislation commonly known as the anti-smacking Bill. Most people, men and women, oppose it.

We've just had our first conviction.

A father came home from work, was told that his eight-year old had been acting up at school, went to the boy's room and threw him over on the bed and gave him three spanks on the bottom. A few days later, his wife took a photo of a bruise on the boy's shoulder and showed a friend who then called the police. He's been sentenced to probationary supervision and the judge told him that he'd got away with it in the past but that was over now.

What the fuck?? I mean, what the hell is the current government using for brains? Is there any further reason that they can give us to Avoid Women And Not Have Kids? Being a man these days means walking a goddamn tightrope every single bloody day. You can get done for sexual harrassment in a NZ workplace for a look, for fucks sake.

I feel gutted for this poor bastard. He's lost his cool just once and now he's a criminal for the rest of his life. Chances are that his marriage is pretty shaky right now and with this conviction, what are his chances of a fair divorce?

Duncan's right guys. Getting married and having kids these days is like playing Russian Roulette with a revolver that your wife has loaded.

Anonymous said...

tba:I have an idea...and maybe one of our fellow MRA's can pick this idea up: we need to crete some MGTOW shirts that have the MRA Logo in the first. Think of how awesome it would be traveling in another city, state, or country and seeing some guy with a shirt that's emblazoned with the MGTOW road sign logo.

Great idea.

You can go to this
site, upload an MGTOW image and order a tee shirt right now (they say they deliver within 14 days).

Duncan Idaho said...

hmh: "My snippet: take up an insanely expensive but gloriously fun hobby."

I like that idea.

Imagine living in a street full of spinsters. You could regularly come home from a shopping spree and brazenly haul from your car an armful of model trains, fishing rods, video games...anything costly relating to a hobby that a woman would dismiss as frivalous.

Let them watch and calculate how much you've just spent, and then let them try and divide that by how many pairs of shoes they could have bought with that amount of cash had you been stupid enough to marry one of them and give them access to your cash.

Hmh said...

Anon 13.02 - get a handle, please, it makes life a lot easier for everyone.

Since you don't agree with the blog, all I can think is that you are one of the lucky and smart men who've managed to steer clear of the bad women out there. My hat is off to you for managing to do this - and I do mean this because I only know one guy who hasn't been put through an emotional gravel crusher by some ex-girlfriend.

I think it's important to make a point here. A fundamental point: our crappy culture has basically manufactured the women we are complaining about. It'd take a female of remarkable perception and strength to defeat the conditioning that people get everywhere.

I personally have no problem with women's rights, or basic female nature. What I have a huge problem with is female privilege at the expense of men's rights, which is largely what this blog is about. Most of the men around me are in total denial, because admitting the truth about just how narrow their rights have become would be unbearable.

We have NO rights concerning reproduction.
We have NO rights against demonstrably false sexual accusation.
We have NO rights against female infidelity.
We have NO rights against blatantly manipulative and cruel women.
We have NO rights against being stalked by psychopathic women.
We have absolutely NO rights concerning being a parent to our own children.

The law automatically treats us as liars. We are surrounded by images of men derided, beaten, and humiliated. To cap it all off, every single time it gets worse we are told that it is OUR fault.

If you are still doubtful, google Eternal Bachelor and see if you can find the archived posts at Wordpress. Since you don't agree with the posts, have a look at the comments. Ignore most of these: read the stories of direct experience. If those can't get you to start thinking, I'm not sure what will.

Uzem & Luzem said...

Anonymous said:

"you must either hate woman or have extremely low self esteem. I also doubt you will publish this comment, since it seems the only comments you have posted are in favor of your opinion. Since I am quite sure I am not the only man to come across your blog and disagree with you, you must not post those who have a differing opinion. Just too sad..."

Duncan, where's your Fembot Bingo game when you need it? Let's see, in 3 sentences we've got:

1 instance of a cunt claiming to be a man - check

2 instances of not so subtle manipulation (did its manipulation actually succeed?):
it seems the only comments you have posted are in favor of your opinion - check &
you must not post those who have a differing opinion

& Bingo!:

3 instances of shaming tactics
you must hate women - check
you must have low self esteem - check
just too sad... - check

All this in 3 sentences!
That must be some kind of record.

Anonymous said...

I'll just repost what that previous anon person posted a link to another forum discussing marital rape laws (Singapore), since the link got truncated.

Apparently, if a husband had sex with his wife but the wife didn't really want to put out - it's RAPE.

Marital rape. Where's the conjugal rights for married men? Where's the 'one flesh' Christian metaphor for a married couple?

This is what you get when you get feminazis in academia, in the mainstream media, in legislature etc.

As for the advice for bachelors - live a fruitful life. Enrich yourselves and enjoy yourselves. Better and cultivate your inner and outer self, day by day.

Laugh at the feminazis, used skanks, shamers and entitlement princesses. Wake up those who are not wholly convinced about the MRA movement but are not wholly hostile against it either. Preach the MRA gospel to them.

Anonymous said...

you're an effin genius good, no great to see you're back

Anonymous said...


I am laughing all the way to the bank and every morning I wake up. I'm in my mid thirties, own two businesses, financially successful, creative in many ways with my hobbies, own my own home, never married, no kids, screwed and dumped a bunch of loser AW, no STD's, never got anyone pregnant. I couldn't be happier. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha you loser women who do nothing but take advantage of men, kill babies and abuse men and humanity. my middle finger is up at you.

shinobivega said...




shinobivega said...

There are a great many S&M queens who also offer Financial Slavery as a service. A fetish, as you will.

That only works when they're young and beautiful. I'd like to see these arrogant bitches milk all those walking piggy banks when they get all old and shrewish and ugly.

Just like the spinsters you mentioned, I'll be laughing my ass off when they lose their powers and all their oh-so-stupid financial slaves suddenly abandon them, leaving these arrogant skanks to fend for themselves. You can rest assured that 8 out of 10 of those girls who depended on that shit as their sole income will be sucking dicks at an office somewhere just to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

How about learn how to program your own games and sell it so you can get out of the office and into your own personal office away from these used up skanks? I can show you where to go and what to get to make this a reality. It'll cost though between 200$ and 900$ for the game engine and compiler -- also to note, it comes with a c-like language that doesn't require pointers or knowledge of how to manage memory, a time saver btw. You'll need some time to learn it and the various editors also might cost getting some extra equiptment and some knowledge of making figures with polymer clay too -- this stuff is great for making figures, taking three or four pictures of it at 90 degree turns and popping it into a 3d modeling program to make the initial model. The possibilities are endless but this is better than getting sucked in by some used up party girl who was shagged by 1,000 different dicks starting at age 10 -- they do start the in out even earlier than most people think.

Anonymous said...

This has a compiler and 3d engine strapped onto it. Commerical and Pro versions can be used to make professional games that you can sell.

It's between 200$ and 900$ for it. Depending on the version.

Carrara 6 pro is 197$ for a limited time it returns to 549$ after december 31st.

Carrara is a nice 3d modeling program I own it. It's great.

Books to look for would be virtual vixens (gives you good ideas for creating 3d models of people) they use females but obviously the same process can be used for making males or any fantasy creature you might want to make to drop into a video game or make skits to place on youtube, etc.

polymer clay sculpting can be learned from the book Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures by Katherine Dewey (this isn't out yet but will be of use since the author had published another book that was very good to learn from)

For the time being Fairies Gnomes & trolls by maureen carlson would due to learn to create 3d figures to throw into carrara to model with. I have this particular book, i can vouche for it being good enough. You can learn from it by reading what are good polymer clays to use. Personally, Super Sculpey is ideal if you are planning just to make figure models to be photographed with to throw into carrara for modeling purposes, if you plan something else, then other clays would have to be used. Personally I might mix it up a bit and actually create some OOAK figurines to sell on ebay just so I can further entrench myself in being self employed. I'm growing tired of the lawn business and am looking for something else, don't get me wrong nothing wrong with mowing lawns but it's not something I plan to do forever and let rot my abilities to program.

Anyhow, keep these tidbits to yourself, don't publish this, this is just to give you some ideas for escape from the office. Believe me, I know count my blessings that I never got a job at an office creating programs or maintaining them. I don't think I could have standed the office skanks for much more than a few months before going postal on them. Best of luck I won't be commenting for a while as I'm going overseas for a bit of much needed rest and relaxation.